The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 Smell what cat! Cannot smell!

🌷Translated by Beanie 🌷


Ji Xiuyun, who knew his teacher’s temperament, put the warm milk in his hand in front of Yue An and touched Yue An’s little head.


In order to make it easier to drink milk, Ji Xiuyun also deliberately found a cup with a larger mouth so that his cat’s head will be able to get out of the cup.


Yue An glanced at the milk in front of him and then at Ji Xiuyun and slapped his paws on the table.




I was pinched!


His paw swas pinched and the milk in his cup had not been drunk!


Yu An’s was filled with dissatisfaction.


Ji Xiuyun sat down and looked at him for a long time, but didn’t understand what Yue An meant.


Marshal Kevin drank the milk with a smile and looked very happy at the slightly distressed look of his student.


He knows what Ji Xiuyun’s character is like.


Because of the high position of the youth, Ji Xiuyun always has to keep his face straight and vigorous to ensure that his prestige is not provoked. Most of the time, he keeps his fce cold and scares people to walk around him far away like a living Hades.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Even in the army where Ji Xiuyun was left, people believed that what the media said about him was a murderous lie, which is enough to see what Ji Xiuyun looks like to outsiders on weekdays.


At this moment, it is a good thing to be able to see his student relaxed and engaged and to feel that his popularity is grouwing.


Human beings are still human beings and they can live a little more lively and comfortably.


Yue An is still meowing at Ji Xiuyun, his voice was soft, making people feel soft.


Marshal Kevin listened to the meow and saw Ji Xiuyun staring at the small hairball in front of him with a serious face, trying to understand Yue An’s meaning through his body language and movements.


But the answer is obvious. He cannot understand.


Marshal Kevin took another look at Yue An, who was waving his little paw angrily and after a moment of doubt, he went into a daze.


He thought for a while, stretched out his hand and opened it in front of Yue An, saying, “I… let you pinch it back?”


Yue An meowed loudly and together with Ji Xiuyun, turned to look at Marshal Kevin.


The milky-white kitten stepped two steps back in disgust and sat down on Ji Xiuyun’s hands.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Looking at his regretful teacher, Ji Xiuyun lifted the cat in his hand and placed it on the empty seat on his left then passed the milk over.


Marshal Kevin looked at Ji Xiuyun and then at Yue An, who lowered his head and licked the milk in the cup and said “Oh Ho” in his heart.


When did his student take care of others like this?


Oh no, there’s a cat.


But it’s almost there. They’re all intelligent forms of life anyway.


Yue An buried his head in the cup full of sweet milk, his ears flicked and the tail behind his buttocks dangled.


When he lifted his head from the cup, there was a little milk on the face of the cute cat and he licked it cleanly off with his paws.


Marshal Kevin decided not to worry about the changes of his student. He quickly grabbed a plate of his favourite dish from Yue An’s claws then scooped a full spoonful with a spoon and ate it.


Yue An watched Marshal Kevin who was robbing his food and this set of actions made the cat unable to reach, watching as the whole dish was reduced by half!


Yue An turned to Ji Xiuyun and said, “Meow!!!”


Look at him!!!


You don’t care about him!!!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun’s action of picking up vegetables paused slightly and suddenly a sense of himself being caught in the Shura field between his subject and old mother appeared.


He was in a dilemma for a while, and after rubbing Yue An’s head, he silently looked at his teacher.


Marshal Kevin still had the dish in his hand, watching with interest as Yue An turned his head and complained.


After Ji Xiuyun looked over, he immediately put down the plate in his hand and smacked his lips, “How come you are like raising a young girlfriend, becoming soft when she acts like a baby?”


“…” Ji Xiuyun was silent for a long time before correcting him, “Yue An is a boy.”


Marshal Kevin was taken aback, “…Do you like boys?”


Ji Xiuyun didn’t bother to care about him.


Marshal Kevin’s image outside is calm and reliable like a mountain. But in fact he is a chatterbox in private.


Especially in front of Ji Xiuyun, he talked about both military and political things, when he talked about it, he can talk a lot.


Marshal Kevin still stayed at Ji Xiuyun’s house and talked to him about everything — mostly Marshal Kevin spoke and asked questions while Ji Xiuyun listened and answered.


Yue An lay on Ji Xiuyun’s leg, yawning with his tail dangling, enjoying his skilful chin scratching technique.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It’s so cool to live like a god.


The sun was already sinking when Marshal Kevin left and Yue An, who did not care about current human affairs slept soundly next to Ji Xiuyun with his belly spread out.


“That’s right.” Marshal Kevin said to Ji Xiuyun before he left. “When you are in court for the second time, don’t show your skills to the guy from the scientific research department.”


Ji Xiuyun nodded.


Marshal Kevin paused and said, “I have to pretend to be a fool with those old guys, lest they really think it’s me threatening them, causing them to try their best to throw me out of the Imperial Star.”


Marshal Kevin did not reject this kind of sacrifice for the country. When he became a soldier, he was ready to die on the battlefield.


But he was unwilling to be forced to death by others.


Who doesn’t really want to live?


He has family!


“If there is any situation at that time, let’s see and cooperate with each other, I’ll go first.” Marshal Kevin waved his hand, looked around the house through the surveillance and then very skilfully cut off the surveillance covering the residential area, getting rid of the probe.


When Yue An woke up, he looked up and didn’t see the other person who blocked him. He yawned somewhat happily, got up and shook himself.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun took the military helmet and put it on the white kitten, who did not have a head as big as his own.


Yue An showed his small head from under the helmet, shook his head with his ears erect.


The two cat’s eyes were still a little dazed due to sleepiness. They looked at Ji Xiuyun, staring with round eyes, “Meow.”


“There was no training yesterday, I will make up today.” Ji Xiuyun said.


Upon hearing this, Yue An retracted his head and lay under the helmet, as if preparing to sleep again.


The Marshal stood aside, turned on his helmet ruthlessly, took his furry cat and ran to have a fight with his army commanders.


The consequence of Ji Xiuyun doing this was that Yue An faced his butt at him for the next three days.


Expect for the fact that he could feel a pile of fluff sinking into the warm bed when he was sleeping, the Marshal had not touched his cat for three days.


Even the specially customised cat-shaped light brain failed to please his cat.


The Marshal who couldn’t touch his cat is in a bad mood.


During the second session of the Military Tribunal, the Marshal, who was in a bad mood, looked at the Minister of Scientific Research with a particularly sinister look.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In the past two days, the Minister of Scientific Research, who had been so devastated by the movement in the black market and the blame from above felt that he would be cut into two in the next second when he was stared at like that.


In the final analysis, he is a scientific researcher. In terms of importance to politicians, he is incomparable to Ji Xiuyun and his imperial high-level roots. Now he is caught in the middle and turned into cannon fodder that is not good for either side. There is no other way than to face Ji Xiuyun directly.


Yue An took advantage of Ji Xiuyun’s busy schedule and played live broadcasts for several hours every day. After eating a lot of different food, he developed a little bit of longing for freedom.


Not every restaurant that is high-priced and has delicious food has takeaways.


Yue An collected a long list of restaurant addresses in the live broadcast comments and decided not to order takeaway today and went out to eat in the restaurant.


The little white hair dumpling quickly ate up the remaining snacks, hung the small cat-shaped light brain that Ji Xiuyun gave him before on his neck and walked out of the house with his short legs.


There are still two cars parked in the Marshal’s garage.


Yue An glanced at the bright red car that the Marshal never touched and felt that this car was tailor-made for him.


From the front to the rear of the car, the feeling of “look at me, see me and come kiss me” is everywhere.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An thought for a while, touched his light brain and sent a message to Ji Xiuyun.


Ji Xiuyun quickly connected.


Yue An “meowed” at Ji Xiuyun’s holographic image.


The Marshal looked at him in silence and the overly bright red car driving beside him.


That car is not Ji Xiuyun’s taste, of course, because this car was given by Marshal Kevin, saying that it was to prevent him from wearing black all day long and the red colour matched his complexion.


The question is who needs a red car to complement their complexion?


Is the car worn on one’s body?


So this car has been kept in the garage and has not been driven out.


Yue An raised his paw and patted the car door.


He doesn’t have permission for this car, so he has to ask the Marshal for it.


Ji Xiuyun was sitting in the dining room near the court at the moment. Next to him, the first legion commander who accompanied him in the court session and Yue An, who had been talking to him again two days ago, strongly defeated the seventh legion commander in a dozen games.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Now this little young man was tempted to stop when he saw the petite figure of Yue An and he jumped behind the first legion commander for a second when he saw the holographic projection.


The Marshal wanted to mention the fact that Yue An had ignored him for three days but because the two subordinates were around, he had to silently hold back his words.


“Are you going out?” Ji Xiuyun asked.


Yue An shook his tail, “Meow~”


“Pay attention to safety.” Ji Xiuyun didn’t ask too much and directly gave Yue An the permission to drive the car and then reminded him, “When the live broadcast is on, I can know if there is an accident.”


Yue An was startled, licked his little nose and softly meowed.


Ji Xiuyun went into a daze for a while, as if he could hear something from the soft voice.


This is… the cold war is over?


The Marshal thought and his gloomy expression from the morning eased slightly.


“You must pay attention to safety.” The Marshal reminded once again, “If someone wants to take advantage of you, don’t be soft.”


“Meow!” Yue An promised.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The restaurant that Yue An is going to visit today is a famous ancient earth restaurant in the Imperial Capital.


He is quite interested in this type of storefront.


This store opened by a lake on the outskirts of the Imperial Capital, facing the water by the mountain and everything in it was made of logs. Except for the boss and the chef, the service staff here are all robots, which solved the worries that special guests will have when they come to public places to the greatest extent.


Yue An scanned the robot waiting at the door and was led into a box after transferring the money.


The boxes were small and the building was made of pure wooden frames. There is a wooden channel beside the table, with running water in it. The dishes will be placed on wooden boards and floated through the running water in the wooden channel.


Next to the wooden canal, there is a robotic arm made of wood, which is specially used to put dishes on the table from the wooden canal.


Yue An looked at the menu on the desktop and found sadly that he still couldn’t understand the names of those literary and artistic dishes.


Why can’t it be called a crude and delicious name like braised pig’s feet, fried pork, vinegar, potatoes, sweet and sour pork ribs!!


While thinking about it, Yue An opened the live broadcast and asked the audience present.


As soon as the live broadcast started, Yue An ignored the group of people who were smelling him and clocking in today. As usual, 62 new accounts of the scientific research department that were persevering and threw them into the blacklist.


Our Ji Xiuyun is in a lawsuit against your Minister!


Smelling what cat!


Don’t suck!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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