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Chapter 117 Who Are You?

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“Do you still remember He Jia Village?” Chi Yan asked, “Since hearing about Lin Zhu’s death at the beginning, I felt an uncanny familiarity. The situation in He Jia Village was similar. Many people died and their corpses were nearby, but the living people around them didn’t see the dead bodies. It was like they were blinded and everyone thought that this person was still alive.”


He then told Xu Rui about Chi Rong’s matter, “Until I confirmed that the “Chi Rong” whom I’ve met since coming back was already a dead person, I connected the situation here with He Jia Village. The same is true for Lin Zhu. He was already dead, and what Xiao Xin saw when she came back was actually a dead person. But no one realised this until his soul disappeared for some unknown reason and that he couldn’t become a ghost before the others found his dead body.”


Chi Yan shared his observations and conjectures for the past few days. Xu Rui’s voice became solemn after hearing it, “You mean that this place has become a world of Yin and Yang, just like He Jia Village?”


“Yes, but I’m not sure how much it has developed now. When I went to He Jia Village, there were no more living people. The situation here should be slightly better, at least Yingzhi ge ge, your uncle and his people should not be killed easily. But then the situation here may also be more serious. There are so many Taoist masters here, yet they can’t tell whether the people around us are dead or alive… Those Taoist masters who came at about the same time as us should at least be alive when they arrived here, but from Ma Tian’s situation, among these people, someone has already been killed,” Chi Yan said.


He paused and continued, “Just now, my grandfather suddenly said that he wanted to see me. I got news that my Grandpa is in a coma. Yingzhi ge ge has arranged a car to send me back. I plan to go back and take care of Grandpa immediately after seeing my grandfather. The current situation is very dangerous. Xu Rui, I think you and Xiao Xin should also leave with me as soon as possible.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Let me talk to Xiao Xin.” Xu Rui did not make a decision immediately and advised Chi Yan over the phone, “You too, be careful, Young Master Chi.” 


The two hung up their phones and the car stopped outside Chi’s house.


The old butler led Chi Yan into the ancestral house where his grandfather lived.


The house had a history of more than three hundred years. It had a wooden structure with high beams, but as there were very few windows, it felt dark and cold inside. The butler closed the door and left after he sent Chi Yan into the house.


There was a wooden table in the room, and on the chair behind the wooden table was a person sitting on it with the back of the chair facing away from the table. He turned around and faced Chi Yan when he heard him walk in.


Chi Yan was so shocked that his eyes opened widely and his jaws dropped. He let out a low cry of disbelief after seeing his face.


The person sitting right in front of him was not the grandfather whom he rarely met, but his father Chi Yuan Shan, whom he met a few days ago and had just passed away. The Chi Yuan Shan in front of him didn’t look withered and sallow like just before his death. He looked more energetic, but just about ten years older overnight.


Chi Yan took a step back vigilantly and stared at the person, “Who are you?” 


The person didn’t answer him. He looked at him and suddenly smiled, “Ye Yingzhi actually let you come over. Chi Lin Sheng’s soul had been in the Ye family house all this while, and it disappeared completely not long ago. He knew about Chi Lin Sheng’s matter, yet he dared to let you come to see me. I originally thought of using other methods, but looks like now I don’t have to. “

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Lin Sheng was Chi Yan’s grandfather. What this person said proved that he was neither his grandfather Chi Lin Sheng nor his father Chi Yuan Shan. He was a thing that was using his father’s body.


Chi Yan didn’t have time to think about the meaning behind his words, but asked guardedly, “Who are you?”


The man beckoned to him, “Xiao Yan, I am your great grandfather. You met me when you were a child, but you forgot all these years after you left?”


Great grandfather…His great grandfather, his father’s grandfather. Didn’t he pass away when his mother was still pregnant with him? It was impossible for him to have seen his great grandfather, but the person in front of him said that he had seen him before… Then he could only mean that he had appeared with another identity.


After connecting the dots, Chi Yan suddenly realised that the person he thought of as his grandfather when he was a child was actually always using Chi Lin Sheng’s body. And he happened to be this “great grandfather”? It’s like now he used some unknown methods to possess his father’s body? 


Yingzhi ge ge might have known about the situation a long time ago, so that was the reason he encouraged him to go over and find out the truth?


Chi Yan didn’t dare to think about it any more, and there was no point to pursue those matters of the past now and get distracted. He calmed down as he verily believed that Yingzhi ge ge should already be prepared, and nothing bad would happen.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“In the past, you have always impersonated Chi Lin Sheng? You also know that my father was poisoned with Gu? You killed Chi Rong, and you were the one who wanted to kill me too? You called me here this time to kill me and take over my body?” He stared at the man in front of him who claimed to be his great grandfather and asked straightforwardly.


Regardless of whether this person was his real great grandfather or not, if he was really not Chi Lin Sheng, then it was easy to understand why he would secretly support his father being manipulated by Gu worms.


His father was the eldest son of Chi’s family and had some influence in the family. If he was sober, he would have discovered the strangeness of his own father after some time. He would suspect that someone else was possessing his father’s body. If he and the elders of the clan found out the truth, then he would not be able to conceal his secrets even with Chi Lin Sheng’s body.


But if Chi Yuan Shan was controlled by Gu, then the situation would be very different. When his mind was being manipulated, his temperament changed drastically. It would be difficult for him to notice any strangeness with his father Chi Lin Sheng. He needed not worry of being discovered for impersonation. Besides, Chi Rong’s mother had no ambitions. She manipulated Chi Yuan Shan in order to get his “love”. After Chi Yuan Shan was poisoned with Gu, he only favored and was biased towards Chi Rong’s mother and Chi Rong. He would not be manipulated to do other things and cause trouble.


“Don’t worry, I can’t possess your body. As long as Ye Yingzhi tells me how to use the ghostly energy here to prolong my life, I will let you go.” That person who was possessing Chi Yuan Shan’s body replied. Then he closed his eyes and ignored Chi Yan.


In the past, he wanted to kill Chi Yan and control his soul, since it was easier to control the dead than the living, and it was the best bargaining chip to negotiate terms with Ye Yingzhi. But he had changed his mind. This child seemed to be more important to Ye Yingzhi than he thought. He didn’t know what Ye Yingzhi had up his sleeves but he wouldn’t make a move on him yet lest he risked not getting the method to prolong his life.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Can’t possess his body? Ghost air? Chi Yan frowned. Is this place really like He Jia Village, filled with ghost air? Why did he say he couldn’t possess his body?


Chi Yan tried to ask that man, but he ignored him, closed his eyes and leaned on the chair to rest his mind.


Chi Yan suddenly remembered something. When he was four or five years old, a century-old evil spirit sealed by the Chi family’s ancestors escaped and ran to his house, trying to snatch and possess his young body. He could still remember that feeling of coldness running down his spine and that digging feeling in his head. At that time, it was so uncomfortable that he cried. Then that cold and chilling feeling suddenly disappeared. When he grew older, he remembered this matter and asked his mother. His mother said that the Chi family member who traced the whereabouts of that evil spirit said that the evil aura in his body was too strong, yet it could harmonize very well with his own soul. As soon as that evil spirit tried to possess his body, it was swallowed up by the evil aura in his body instead.


So maybe it was also because of the evil aura in his body that this person couldn’t take possession of his body? He had occupied the bodies of his grandfather Chi Lin Sheng and his father Chi Yuan Shan. If supposedly, he could only occupy the bodies of the descendants of the Chi family, then naturally he would support Chi Rong’s mother and Chi Rong into the family. Afterall, he needed to prepare himself a usable “body container” to contain his own spirit.


Then it made sense that he killed Chi Rong. He might have a premonition that his grandfather Chi Lin Sheng’s body has reached its limit and could no longer be used. Chi Yuan Shan’s body was not ideal since he was manipulated by Gu for many years and his body was no longer young and energetic. So Chi Rong was of course a better choice. But Chi Rong’s body turned into a dried up corpse so he had no choice but to live in Chi Yuan Shan’s body temporarily while waiting for the method to continue his life.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“You know that Chi Rong was dead, but the others saw him and thought that he was still alive? You know that many people here are already dead and are in the same situation as Chi Rong. This place is about to become a yin and yang topsy-turvy world?” Chi Yan wanted to know if all these had anything to do with this person in front of him.


“Chi Yuan Shan” opened his eyes and glanced at him when he heard “yin and yang topsy turvy”, then closed his eyes again and kept silent.


Chi Yan couldn’t help asking, “Why are you so sure that the Ye Family knows of the way to prolong your life?”


The person answered him this time, “Chi Lin Sheng’s soul had been out of his body for so many years, and the Ye Family also had a way to preserve it. This indicates that the Ye Family’s ghost skills are indeed extraordinary. Moreover, with Ye Yingzhi’s appearance, he should have died long ago, but he has been hanging around half-dead for so many years, and the ghost energy on his body is exactly the same as the ghost energy coiling around here. It is getting heavier and heavier, and the only explanation can only be that he has the method of using the ghost energy of heaven and earth to continue his life.”


At this moment, the door was gently knocked three times, and a cool and gentle voice sounded from outside, “Ah Yan, the car is already waiting outside, it will send you back to see Grandpa, you come out quickly.”


Chi Yan looked back and opened the door hesitantly.


The door was pushed open and Ye Yingzhi stood outside the door. He lowered his head and stroked his face, “Did Ah Yan find out everything that you wanted to know?”


“…No.” Chi Yan lowered his eyes aggrievedly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi chuckled lightly, “It’s okay. Let me talk to this gentleman for you. Go quickly now and wait for ge ge to see you.”


Chi Yan wanted to ask him about Chi Lin Sheng and the ghost air to prolong lives; he wanted to ask him what he knew before, did he know that his grandfather was no longer there, and this spirit that used his body claimed to be his great grandfather inexplicably; he wanted to ask him if he knew about the topsy turvy of the yin and yang situation here and what were his countermeasures…but it didn’t seem to be an appropriate time right now as that unknown thing was still waiting in the room.


In the end, he raised his head slightly and kissed Ye Yingzhi’s ear, “Yingzhi ge ge, don’t hurt my father’s body, will you help him bury his body?”


Ye Yingzhi looked at Chi Yan with dark black eyes and touched his lips, “Okay.”


No matter what thing it was, Yingzhi ge ge certainly won’t lose.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chapter 116◀︎Table Of ContentsChapter 118

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