There’s A Beauty 有 姝

There’s A Beauty

有姝 yǒu shú

Author: 风流书呆 féng liú shū dāi

148 Chapters

Ratings: 4/5

This novel is written by the same author of Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil and Lord Of End Of World. I really enjoyed reading Quickly Wear  and thought that the ideas in that novel is really interesting and unique. You can read my reviews of these 2 novels here at The Red Oak Tree. You won’t be disappointed with them.

The English translation is not completed and I really hope the translators will quickly help to finish English translation for this novel because it is worth it. The story is just too interesting to stop reading so I bit the bullet and read the rest of the chapters in Chinese raw instead.

In the third and fifth world, MTL may not accurately translate the novel as in the third world, the ML plays dual role; and in the fifth world, there are 2 You Shus (2 souls in 1 body) so it might get confusing. But fret not, I’ll provide spoilers here!

There are altogether 7 lives (worlds) or reincarnations – 6 ancient worlds and the 7th world is a futuristic world. The ML gets reincarnated (new body but same looks,  no memory of previous life) every 600 years except the last world which is like after 1000 years. The MC is reborn (new body or transmigrated into someone else’s body but same looks, retained memory of previous life) in every world until the end of the 4th world and 5th world onwards, his body never ages and never dies and he looks young around 16-18 years old all the time. He is human and he will die if he is killed, but because he is so powerful that probably nobody can kill him.

I’ll rate this novel 4/5 stars and wouldn’t mind reading it a second time! What I like about this novel is that:

1. It has the elements of ghosts, spirits and demons.

2. Every life is like a new story, very original but we already know about the main characters.

3. The MC does not have an easy life and winning all the time. Every life, he went through hardship in order to gain the power and the love of his life.

4. The MC is kind yet black bellied. He is hardworking and amassed a lot of power and yet is revered by many people.

If you don’t want spoilers then you can skip the write-ups below.


The MC is called You Shu (meaning ‘there is a beauty’). He is born with a super brain but unfortunately to survive in an apocalypse, a very intelligent brain is not very useful to control and fight zombies nor fill up the stomach. He is constantly hungry but managed to live until the age of fifteen. He was killed by a zombie and is reborn as a baby in an ancient world.

[ World #1 Forty Thousand ]

YouShu (YS) was reborn as a baby in ancient times. Even though he is a baby, he has memory of his previous life and understands things happening around him. Apparently baby YS is not doted upon by his father who had a dream and mistook that he is the reincarnation of his friend  (the debt collector ghost) whom he borrowed money from and had come back to ask him to return his money. Thus his ruthless and uncaring father only gave 42 silvers to look after YS. Once the 42 silvers are used up, YS won’t have anymore penny from his father anymore. YS’s mother is a weak woman who dared not visit YS but her 2 faithful servants managed to bring YS escape the evil clutches of his father’s favoured concubine. All these while, the debt collector ghost kept his eyes on YS as he thought that YS’s body should be his instead and he should be the one reborned, but the ghost was not powerful enough to take his revenge. YS meditated as a baby to cultivate his spiritual strength against the ghost.

When You Shu was 5 years old, he met an exiled Prince (ML) at a temple. He realised that the ghost was afraid of the Prince’s purple Emperor energy, which is deadly against ghosts and spirits. So YS sought refuge from the Prince by “selling” himself to him in a renewable contract. He had to stay near to the Prince at all costs so that the ghost will not attack him. He ended up sleeping on the same bed with the Prince every night and became the Prince’s little servant. They had a master-servant relationship which developed to a more intimate level over the years. YS refers ML as his Master.

Several years passed and You Shu is a teenager now. He got to know from a female ghost that there are 2 ways to collect the ML’s purple Emperor energy. The first way is through kissing, but the effect is not long lasting. The second way is through sexual intercourse where the effect lasts a lifetime. You Shu finally managed to get the purple Emperor’s energy one night when both he and ML got drunk.

Eventually, You Shu got the help of the female ghost who helped ML become the Emperor; his ghost friends helped him attack the debt collector ghost; and all the villains had their well deserved punishment.

Although the ML is now Emperor, he did not know what to make of his relationship with YS after that steamy night together. YS went to the palace to look for ML but was turned away by a jealous servant. He decided to tour around the country but was led away by a mysterious old man into a magical mountain where he stayed for 4 months reading books and cultivating. In fact, it wasn’t 4 months but 600 years!

All these while when YS was in the magical mountain, ML finally realised that the only person he yearned for and truly loved is YS. He searched the country for YS but couldn’t find him. He conquered 9 territories just to look for him, but in vain. It was a torturous life long wait for YS who never returned. In the end, ML died with his eyes opened, still hoping to see YS one more time.

The legend of the great king who conquered 9 territories just to look for his beloved You Shu, who never returned, was passed down for many generations.

[ World #2 Painted Skin ]

When You Shu descended the magical mountains, he was shocked that 600 years had passed!  In this life, he is known as Zhao You Shu and had parents and a rather rich family. YS was baffled and thought that there is a mistaken identity, so he sent his ghost minion to find out the whereabouts of the original Zhao You Shu. In the end, all his efforts pointed to him being the one.

In this life, the ML is reincarnated as the 9th Prince. Due to his star signs, he is thought to be the reincarnation of the legendary Emperor of War who conquered 9 territories 600 years ago to find his beloved. Since young, the 18 year old Prince suffered from nightmares chasing someone blurry, causing him to have insomnia at night  and thus having a cold and foul temperament. The Emperor had sought treatment for him and almost even wanted to search the country for anyone called You Shu who fits the bill for the person in the 9th Prince’s dream.

YS and ML finally met one day at a tea house after YS’s black bellied cousin introduced him to the Prince. To the Prince, it was love at first sight. To YS, since Master has a new life and has lots of helpers, he is no longer needed. It would be best to fade away from his life and let his Master live a new life instead, while he shall keep in his heart the sweet memories of his past life. But the Prince just wouldn’t let YS out of his sight. YS is indeed the person he had been waiting for all his life! He gets panicky when YS is not by his side. Finally, the Prince found the identity of that blurry person he had been chasing in his dream!

YS was devastated when he found out how his Master had searched and waited for him all his life during their previous lives and how his Master died with his eyes opened. He vowed that in this life, he will make it up and never to leave Master ever again, no matter what!

During this time, both the Prince and YS became the target of a demon who skins pretty girls and wears their skins. YS’s sensitive nose to the smell of rotting flesh enabled him to identify this demon no matter what form or skins it took.

Just as YS thought that he had finally killed the demon, war was brewing in the battle front. YS followed the Prince to war. He used his spiritual abilities and won the war easily without suffering heavy losses.

When both YS and the Prince returned to the kingdom, YS learnt that the demon is not dead yet. Apparently this demon’s rotting flesh attracts dogs. The rotting flesh latches itself on the animal once its skin is destroyed. YS finally managed to identify the demon wrapped in the skins of several noble ladies and kill it.

The Prince eventually ascended the throne to become the Emperor and both of them lived a very long life until they grew old and both died.

[ World #3 The King ]

After the ML grew old and died, You Shu also grew old and died. But the funny thing is, his soul is young as in 17-18 years old! And he found himself in the 18 levels of hell. In the Chinese mythology, it is believed that once a person dies, the soul will either go to heaven or hell. In hell, there are 18 levels. Each level has a small king. And depending on the type of Karma committed, the soul will be dispatched for appropriate punishment.

Since You Shu “does not belong to this world”, as he came from the end of the world (Apocalypse), the punishments don’t apply to him. But he needed to get out of hell and find his lover!

While in hell, You Shu wondered where had his lover been reincarnated. Due to ML’s purple Emperor energy, he had probably gone to heaven ?

Next to You Shu was the soul of the corrupted Magistrate Zhao You Shu, who is the descendant of the previous Zhao You Shu. As he was a very corrupted official, his soul (the person is not supposed to die yet) was taken to hell to be punished. But the punishment was too harsh that his soul died and dispersed. The ghost officials mistook You Shu’s soul as the corrupted Magistrate Zhao You Shu so they brought him back to his body in the mortal world.

Thus You Shu exited hell and go to the mortal world, and was reborn in the body of corrupted Magistrate Zhao You Shu.

The entire Kingdom was very corrupted, from low level officials all the way to the Emperor. This is because of the very corrupted Yan Luo Wang (Hades  / King of Hell) who made changes in the wheel of rebirth – such that greedy souls get reincarnated into humans again, instead of animals. As a result, the kingdom was full of corrupted officials.

But Heaven is aware of this corrupted Yan Luo Wang (King of Hell) and had in fact sent ML (he lost his memory of his last life) to become the newly appointed King of Hell. The corrupted old King of Hell is thus imprisoned.

The new King of Hell is a very busy man who tried to punish the greedy and corrupted souls, rectify the wheel of rebirth and reform the human world!

Back in the mortal world, You Shu had to clean up the mess created by the corrupted magistrate Zhao You Shu, otherwise, for real, he will have to be the one to receive punishments from King of Hell. Through his intelligence and hard work, You Shu eventually managed to win the trust of his people in Sui Chang County. He even managed to predict the impending calamity that led many countrymen homeless. As he spent all his funds and money purchasing supplies to store in preparation for the calamity, his county did not suffer too badly. His people were deeply grateful to him.

Due to his reputation as a righteous official, the King of Hell came to visit You Shu quietly and helped him in several ways. You Shu was so scared that the King of Hell appeared every so often wearing a mask and he had to pretend that he couldn’t see him. (Remember that You Shu can see spirits ?) The King of Hell is not stupid anyway and found that You Shu can actually see him, but he enjoyed seeing You Shu’s silly ways pretending that he couldn’t see him.

Eventually, You Shu dropped the game and both of them became very good friends. Although You Shu loved and remembers his lover, he thought he wouldn’t mind a very close friend like The King of Hell either.

The corrupted Emperor passed on and the mysterious 5th Prince ascended the throne. You Shu was asked to go to the Palace to meet the Emperor and get a new position in the capital city.

When You Shu finally met the Emperor, he found his lover! But what about The King of Hell ?

Clever You Shu eventually learnt that the King of Hell and The Emperor are actually the same person. The Emperor, the Eunuch and some of the officials are also officials from Hell. They came to the mortal world to reform the kingdom. The Emperor is able to pretend to be doing his work physically in the palace and at the same time become The King of Hell to appear in front of You Shu.

The lovers lived a very long life and died together on the same day.

[ World #4 Making Animals ]

As the 2 souls were about to be separated, ML quickly hugged You Shu’s head and poured his purple Emperor energy into his mouth and told You Shu to stay alive and don’t miss him before they were separated. Gosh! I was so touched and almost teared up. This is one of my favourite arc of the novel.

ML disappeared and You Shu found himself again in ancient times again. He was tricked by a couple of kind-looking mother and daughter and ate a meal cooked by them only to be turned into a small little fluffy white puppy.

The old woman knows black magic to turn humans into animals. Strong men will be turned into bulls; women will be turned into horses and children will be turned into sheep. Then she will sell them for money. But You Shu is a bit special and turned into a cute small little fluffy white puppy!

As the girl brought dog You Shu out to play, she was rather abusive causing You Shu to groan. The sound attracted some officials who thought that this dog was rather special and rare. They brought it back to the palace to the Emperor hoping to gain some favour.

The Emperor decided to give the dog to the 7th Prince who is crippled and cannot walk. But the 8th Prince saw the cute puppy and wanted it. The Princes’ concubine mother was biased and tried to get the puppy for the 8th Prince but the Emperor said to let the puppy make it’s choice.

You Shu was shocked to see the 2 Princes looking so alike his lover ! At first, he was so excited he wanted to run to the 8th Prince. But after some careful thought, he remembered this is not the temperament of his beloved lover as his lover will not take someone else’s things by force. What’s more, the 8th Prince has no compassion for his crippled brother who is sitting on the wheel chair, trying to take away the puppy meant to be given to him for companionship. So puppy You Shu chose the 7th Prince ! Well done, puppy You Shu!

The evil concubine mother is the real birth mother of the 7th and 8th Princes. But due to the advice of her evil brother who told her she can only support 1 child to get the throne, she decided to support the 8th Prince and schemed to poison the 7th Prince, slowly leading to his death.

Puppy You Shu sensed the evil scheme to poison the 7th Prince and felt very sad. Luckily puppy You Shu and the 7th Prince had tacit understanding and developed a way to communicate with each other.

Puppy You Shu also enrolled the help of his ghost friend to help them. And over 2 years together, You Shu treated his lover’s legs due to poison. He also become the most important pet in the kingdom.

And the Emperor only trusted the 7th Prince to be his heir, but unfortunately, the 7th Prince is unable to walk, but if the 7th Prince is able to walk, he will succeed the throne.

Due to some jealous and evil revenge of a noble lady, who was hoping to be betrothed to the 7th Prince, You Shu was thrown out of the palace. The 7th Prince was so distraught that he almost went crazy losing You Shu.

But You Shu decided to take the opportunity to find the old woman who turned him into a dog. He had to drink her blood in order to become human again. He eventually found her and managed to save the other human beasts and brought the woman to the magistrate.

During this time, the 7th Prince almost recovered and had been building his strength to walk.

You Shu finally reunited with his lover who was esctatic that his lovely doggie turned into a human !

The evil-doers in the palace were punished and the 7th Prince ascended the throne as the Emperor.

The Emperor ruled the kingdom for many decades until he is old and wrinkly, but You Shu’s appearance never changed. He still looked young and tender, but he had to wear make-up to keep up the his appearance of growing old. The Emperor built a huge mausoleum and died satisfied knowing that You Shu will accompany him to sleep in the mausoleum for 600 years until his next reincarnation.

[ World #5 Judge Lu ]

陆判 refers to the underworld judge whose surname is Lu.

An evil ugly woman found a powerful treasure – the Yin Yang Pen which can shift souls. Judge Lu granted her 3 wishes in order to obtain the Pen.

One of her wishes is to turn herself into the most beautiful lady in the kingdom, thus becoming the Emperor’s favourite concubine.

But her son was born extremely ugly and stupid and has a rotten life. Her son died when he is 3 years old. The woman went to look for Judge Lu to save her son again for the second wish. This time, Judge Lu stole a precious body from the mausoleum where You Shu had been sleeping for 600 years. You Shu’s body is thought to be “dead”, yet this precious and special body is very well preserved and good looking and even contained the purple Emperor energy, causing Judge Lu to mistake that You Shu is the dead emperor.

Judge Lu poured yellow  spring water (a special kind of water from hell) into You Shu’s “dead” body and shrunk him to become a 3 year old child. Then he transferred the soul of the woman’s son to the new body.

This new 3 year old boy’s body is very cute and very good looking. But this body belongs to You Shu. His soul is still sleeping inside the body and not awaken yet.

Over the years, the Prince, whose name is Ji You Shu grew up to be a very handsome man (because the body is You Shu’s), but has a very rotten character, womaniser, bad temperament and very stupid. In order to make him clever, the woman used her last wish and asked Judge Lu for help.

When Judge Lu was cleansing the Prince’s smelly body (the dirt and filth belongs to the rotten Prince), he was shocked that the soul that lies inside this body is a very powerful person (You Shu) and he will be in trouble once he awakens. Frightened, Judge Lu hurriedly fled.

But since his concubine mother had schemed to remove all contenders for the throne, the Emperor had no choice but had him become his heir. The Prince ascended the throne as Emperor Chun

The new Emperor Chun was cruel, useless and unable to rule the Kingdom, as a result the people were unsatisfied and planned to usurped the throne.

General Meng Chang Ye (ML) appeared with his army and nearly killed Emperor but spared his life after hearing about the hidden treasure of the royal family.

On the way to search for the treasure, the useless Emperor angered the General that he gave the Emperor a tight slap, finally waking up the sleeping You Shu. During this time, when Emperor Chun fainted or sleeps, You Shu will wake up.

The woken up You Shu was shocked and puzzled why his doting lover was slapping him. Only to find out much later that there is another smelly soul living inside his body.

General Meng was surprised too over the two different personalities and looks of the eyes from the same person. He believed there are 2 different souls inside the body and fell in love with You Shu.

When the Emperor wakes, General Meng had the urge to knock him unconscious and torture him to fainting so that You Shu may wake up. The other generals and soldiers were puzzled by the actions of their chief – treating the emperor like treasure one time and the next time, pushing him away like dirt.

When the army reached the mountain, 19 of the men and You Shu entered the cave, which is actually the door to hell.

Interestingly after going You Shu and the late Emperor’s Mausoleum built 600 years ago. Precisely here, the underworld Judge Lu stole You Shu’s body.

General Meng and the other 18 soldiers were awed by the Mausoleum and discovered that the treasures belonged to You Shu and the late emperor. And the late emperor looked like General Meng. Nevertheless, You Shu told General Meng to take all the treasures. They also found the preserved ugly corpse of the original Emperor Chun inside one of the coffins.

You Shu used his talisman and managed to capture underworld Judge Lu who confessed all his wrong doings, including sucking away the meritorious aura of the late emperor, resulting in You Shu’s lover being reincarnated into a rough and burly General instead of a royalty.

Eventually, Judge Lu received his punishment and You Shu managed to expel the soul of Emperor Chun out of his body into his original the preserved ugly corpse. You Shu also took possession of the precious powerful treasure – the Yin Yang Pen which is capable of doing soul-shifting.

General Meng and You Shu lived together for several decades until General Meng passed away and both of them are buried back into the same underworld Mausoleum where You Shu slept for another 600 years.

[ World #6 Medical Techniques ]

600 years later, You Shu awaken and released underworld Judge Lu whom he had imprisoned him on a stone gate.

In this arc, You Shu’s lover is a Prince and not the Emperor. And You Shu took on the identity of Song You Shu who had just passed on after committing suicide in a river. As both he and that Song You Shu looked alike, everyone mistook him for Song You Shu so You Shu had no choice but to clean up the mess.

There was a scandal involving Song You Shu’s brother who is a doctor. In the end, Song brother died of punishment and Song You Shu inherited the medical hall which is laden with past scandals. A few doors away is the medical hall of a famous doctor, Zhou Miao Yin who had in fact time-travelled from the modern world.

Her medical techniques are modern but sometimes it’s hard to try to do modern surgery without modern tools and equipment like x-ray machines and so on.

Miao Yin is highly regarded in the province and a trusted doctor of the Prince (he’s the ML!!! ) who is suffering from a mysterious heart illness. He does not have much time left to live.

In order to win the trust of the Prince and treat his lover’s illness, You Shu and Miao Yin competed their medical techniques. Everyone sneered and laughed at the good-looking young teenager thinking that he’s just a kid. Actually, You Shu would have been about 3,000 years old by now. 😂

In the end, before the competition ended You Shu is clearly the winner and Miao Yin conceded defeat. The Prince’s illness is actually under black magic casted by a 600 year old demon who is currently residing in the palace.

In fact, most of the royalties including the Emperor and Empress Dowager are demons and spirits. You Shu managed to expose them all and exterminate the demon.

Another prince ascended the throne and recruited someone similar to You Shu to be the Country Advisor. 20 years later, before he died, he warned his heir never to touch anything belonging to his uncle, The Prince (ML). Everyone revered and is afraid of You Shu.

The new Emperor was wicked and his conceited Country Advisor thought he was very powerful until he finally met the grandmaster You Shu later before the new Emperor’s coronation.  The wicked Emperor and Country Advisor plotted to murder the Prince and You Shu but was punished by You Shu in the end.

You Shu eventually appointed the new Emperor to ascend the throne whilst he and his beloved Prince retreated to live in peace in the province together with the Prince’s 4 other brothers.

When the Prince died, You Shu accompanied him again in the Mausoleum. But this time, You Shu’s body is immersed in the yellow spring water which preserves his body and helps him amass energy.

[ World #7 Time ]

About a thousand years later, a spacecraft landed on Mother Earth looking for precious energy stones. In this futuristic world, energy stones are currency.

General Ji Chang Ye and his men discovered the Mausoleum with You Shu submerged in amber transparent liquid. The General fell in love with the youthful-looking You Shu and wanted to bring the body back but eventually decided against it. Before he left, he installed spying robots and cameras to monitor You Shu.

When You Shu awaken, he found that Mother Earth is not like what it was before. Mutants, strange animals and plants now survive on this planet. There is no trace of humanity. To prepare for the new world, You Shu started killing the beasts to make his talisman and amassed magnetic field for power.

A spacecraft crashed onto earth and everyone died. Clever You Shu planned to leave earth after storing all his belongings in the Mausoleum into his space ring. He fiddled with the modern gadgets and got the rescue team to bring him to new galaxy. There, he claimed memory loss as a result of the accident and assumed the identity of An You Shu.

He stayed in a University and studied acting since his physique if graded F – the worst type of physique. General Ji Chang Ye’s physique is graded SSS and he’s highly regarded as the defender of mankind in the new galaxy.

JCY was delighted and awed when he saw his beloved emperor, You Shu waking up and lusts after his beautiful naked body.

The General started woo-ing You Shu and proposed to him for a hand in marriage but the Grandfather Ji refused to let the general marry You Shu. You Shu told Grandpa Ji that he will regret one day and will kneel and beg for him to marry his grandson.

In this world, You Shu is a super powerful since he can control magnetic field which nobody can. He can even remote control Mechs using runes.

Eventually, he is the galaxy’s most powerful man and married his lover, Ji Chang Ye who lived until 900 years old.

The story finally ended at the next arc, World 10 when ML is reincarnated as a movie producer and You Shu came for audition. Hahaha… I just don’t want this to end! 😂

English Translation: In Progress

Read it here:

1. Chapters 1-7

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Chinese Raw:

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