The Haunted Chapter 151

Chapter 150◀︎Table of Contents▶︎Chapter 152 Chapter 151 Empire 🌺 Translated by Nessie  🌺   Please do not copy or re-post my translation. You can support me by reading my translations for “The Haunted” at my website.   Chi Yan couldn’t bear to listen any more and quickly used “the lecture is about to start”… Continue reading The Haunted Chapter 151

My Husband Is Suffering From A Terminal Illness

老攻身患绝症[穿书] Author: 不会下棋 Can’t Play Chess 175 Chapters Ratings: 3/5 If you are looking for modern day romance, transmigration, glitzy entertainment industry and rich and powerful ML, then this is the novel you’re looking for! “My Husband Is Suffering From A Terminal Illness” has many positive reviews. A BL-fan told me that she read it… Continue reading My Husband Is Suffering From A Terminal Illness

Rebirth Of The Golden Marriage

重生之金色婚姻 Author: 困成熊猫 Trapped Into A Panda 80 Chapters + 4 Extras Ratings: 3/5 If you are looking for fluffy romance, a little smut, rebirth, wealthy, handsome and doting ML, then this is the BL novel for you ! This novel is about the MC, Lin Yu Tong who was in a relationship with a… Continue reading Rebirth Of The Golden Marriage

Sa Ye 撒 野

Other Title: Run Freely / Set It All Free Drama: Chasing The Light 左肩有你 Author: Wu Zhe 巫哲 145 Chapters + 5 Extras Ratings: 5/5 “I like you very much,” Gu Fei said, “I will always like you until you no longer need me to like you.” Jiang Cheng looked at him with his mouth… Continue reading Sa Ye 撒 野

In Love With An Idiot

In Love With An Idiot Other Titles: You’re In Love With An Idiot / Yet You’re In Love With An Idiot 你却爱着一个傻逼  nǐ què ài zhe yí gè shǎ bī Author: 水千丞 shuǐ qiān chéng 123 Chapters + 5 Extras Ratings: 4/5 ⚠️TAGS include: mature, rape, incest, violence If you have enjoyed reading Beloved Enemy,… Continue reading In Love With An Idiot

New Times New Hell

New Times New Hell 新时代,新地狱 xīn shí dài, xīn dì yù Author: 林知落 lín zhī luò 134 Chapters + 10 extras Ratings: 3/5 As the title of this book suggests, this novel is about hell in modern times. Often times when we mention hell in the context of Chinese mythology, we think about the 18… Continue reading New Times New Hell

Little Mushroom 小蘑菇

Little Mushroom 小蘑菇 Author: 一十四洲 yī shí sì zhōu Fourteen Continents 89 Chapters Ratings: 5/5 Earlier I was reading “Copper Coins” for the first 30+ chapters, then I thought the dynamics and romance between the ML and the MC was was too slow burn for me.  Then I started reading “Antelope and the Night Wolf”… Continue reading Little Mushroom 小蘑菇

Years of Intoxication 一醉经年

Years of Intoxication 一醉经年 yí zuì jīng nián Other titles: Intoxication Author: 水千丞 shuǐ qiān chéng 78 Chapters + 3 Extras Ratings: 4/5 ⚠️TAGS include: angst, abusive relationship, mature content, rape Years of Intoxication is about a toxic relationship between a scum gong, Song Ju Han (SJH) and an introverted engineer, He Gu.  He Gu loved… Continue reading Years of Intoxication 一醉经年

True Star 巨星

True Star 巨星 jù xīng Author: 万灭之殇 wàn miè zhī shāng 4 volumes and 342 chapters! Ratings: 4/5 ⚠️Warning: smut, mature content, harem, rape That’s the reason I’ve been so quiet this entire week! Haha… 😂 I was halfway through Chapter 9 of “The Earth Is Online” but the story was challenging my intellect so… Continue reading True Star 巨星

Lawless Gangster 不法之徒

Lawless Gangster 不法之徒 bù fǎ zhī tú Author: 黑水白山 hēi shuǐ bái shān 79 Chapters + 4 Extras Ratings: 3.5/5 I finished this Chinese bl novel after 2 days of binge reading. ~SPOILERS~ Xiao Li and Qi Xiu Yuan met for the first time when Xiao Li tried to talk to Qi Xiu Yuan to… Continue reading Lawless Gangster 不法之徒

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