To Rule In A Turbulent World

乱 世 为 王  lùan shì wéi wáng Author: 顾雪柔 gù xǔe róu Chapters: 75 Ratings: 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Tags include: Ancient China, war, agriculture, 1v1, happy ending, political struggle, mature content This novel is so breathtaking that I can’t put it down. I wonder why I didn’t read this earlier. I highly recommend this novel!… Continue reading To Rule In A Turbulent World

Sa Ye 撒 野

Other Title: Run Freely / Set It All Free Drama: Chasing The Light 左肩有你 Author: Wu Zhe 巫哲 145 Chapters + 5 Extras Ratings: 5/5 “I like you very much,” Gu Fei said, “I will always like you until you no longer need me to like you.” Jiang Cheng looked at him with his mouth… Continue reading Sa Ye 撒 野

Thrive in Catastrophe 绝处逢生

Thrive In Catastrophe 绝处逢生 jué chù féng shēng Author: 焦糖冬瓜 jiāo táng dōng guā 98 Chapters + 2 Extras Ratings: 5/5 I didn’t expect this novel to be so good. This is a very good BL novel!!! I love this novel so much! 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🖐 Highly recommended! The setting of this novel is a futuristic… Continue reading Thrive in Catastrophe 绝处逢生

Are You Addicted ? 你丫上瘾了

Are You Addicted? 你丫上瘾了 nǐ yā shàng yǐn le Author: 柴鸡蛋 chái jī dàn 314 Chapters + 4 Epilogues + 24 Extras Ratings: 5/5 ⚠️TAGS include: mature This is one of my favourite Chinese BL drama and novel written by Chai Ji Dan!!I have read the novel at least 3 times by now and I… Continue reading Are You Addicted ? 你丫上瘾了

Cold Sands 漠上寒沙

Cold Sands 漠上寒沙 mò shàng hán shā Author: 牡云岚卿 mù yún lán qīng 41 Chapters + 4 Extras Ratings: 4.5/5 If you have enjoyed War Prisoner, Ugly Empress and Sha Po Lang, you will love this breathtaking bl novel too! The story plot is rich, the love is intoxicating and the English translation has been… Continue reading Cold Sands 漠上寒沙

The Haunted 邪 祟

The Haunted 邪祟 xié suì Author: 大圆子 dà yuán zǐ 140 Chapters + Extra stories Ratings: 5/5  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ This novel is a hidden gem! If you have enjoyed reading Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil, you’ll definitely love this novel too. The similarity between “The Haunted” and QWTFOTD is that… Continue reading The Haunted 邪 祟

Desharow Merman

Desharow Merman 德萨罗人鱼 dé sà luó rén yú Author: 深海先生  shēn hǎi xiān sheng Mr Deep 116 Chapters Ratings: 5/5 ⚠️ TAGS include: mature, violence, gore, cannibalism, incest, rape, paedophilia For all the smuts, dark and guilty pleasures with a thrilling and engaging storyline, this bl novel is 5/5 stars!!!  🤩 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Desharow Merman has… Continue reading Desharow Merman

Thousand Autumns 千 秋

Thousand Autumns 千秋 qiān  qiū 山河剑心 shān  hé  jiàn  xīn (Animation) Author: 梦溪石 mèng  xī  shí 128 Chapters + 13 Extras Ratings: 4.5/5 WOW!!! The animation is so cool! I quickly started reading this novel and this is truly a very good Xian Xia cultivation BL novel!!! I never felt bored once, although the romance… Continue reading Thousand Autumns 千 秋

Jiang Cao Ge And The Spirit Weapon

Jiang Cao Ge And The Spirit Weapon 魂兵之戈 hún bīng zhī gē Author: 水千丞 shuǐ qiān chéng Ratings: 5/5 158 Chapters + 9 extras If Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation, Mo Dao Zu Shi can be such a successful BL novel that has animation, manhua and the Chinese drama “The Untamed”, I don’t see why not for… Continue reading Jiang Cao Ge And The Spirit Weapon

Number One Zombie Wife 第 一 尸 妻

Number One Zombie Wife 第一尸妻 dì yī shī qī Author: 金元宝 jīn yuán bǎo 376 Chapters Ratings: 5/5 If you have enjoyed reading about apocalypse like “Thrive In Catastrope” , “Lord Of End Of World” , you will certainly enjoy “Number One Zombie Wife” because I’m rating this bl novel 5 / 5 !!! /… Continue reading Number One Zombie Wife 第 一 尸 妻

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