Thrive in Catastrophe 绝处逢生

Thrive In Catastrophe 绝处逢生 jué chù féng shēng Author: 焦糖冬瓜 jiāo táng dōng guā 98 Chapters + 2 Extras Ratings: 5/5 I didn’t expect this novel to be so good. This is a very good BL novel!!! I love this novel so much! 5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🖐 Highly recommended! The setting of this novel is a futuristic… Continue reading Thrive in Catastrophe 绝处逢生

Death Progress Bar 生存进度条

Death Progress Bar 生存进度条 shēng cún jìn dù tiáo Other Title: 死亡进度条 sǐ wáng jìn dù tiáo Author: 不会下棋 bú huì xià qí  CantPlayChess 167 Chapters Ratings: 4/5 I picked this novel after reading several 5 stars positive reviews about it. Took me almost 2 weeks to complete all 167 chapters this time round! This… Continue reading Death Progress Bar 生存进度条

The People Who Are Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead

The People Who Are Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead 说好要杀我的人都看上我了shuō yào shā wǒ de rén dōu kàn shàng wǒ le Author: 酒矣 jiǔ yī 123 Chapters Ratings: 3/5 This is a cat lover’s bl novel!!! Somehow I kind of suspect the author is a cat lover and this novel is probably her… Continue reading The People Who Are Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead

Seizing Dreams 夺 梦

Seizing Dreams 夺梦 duó mèng Author: 非天夜翔 fēi tiān yè xiáng 165 Chapters Ratings: 4/5 I feel so recharged and invigorated after reading this bl novel about a group of young and promising youths who had to deal with real life’s challenges. Reading this book is like stepping out into a different world of dreamscapes.… Continue reading Seizing Dreams 夺 梦

The Emperor’s Strategy 帝王攻略

The Emperor’s Strategy 帝王攻略 dì wáng gōng lǜe Author: 语笑阑珊 yǔ xiào lán shān 191 Chapters + 10 Extras Ratings: 3.5/5 “The Emperor’s Strategy” is the 4th book of a series of BL novels with interconnected universe. Which means to say that the characters which appeared in this novel also appeared in the other 3… Continue reading The Emperor’s Strategy 帝王攻略

Jiang Cao Ge And The Spirit Weapon

Jiang Cao Ge And The Spirit Weapon 魂兵之戈 hún bīng zhī gē Author: 水千丞 shuǐ qiān chéng Ratings: 5/5 158 Chapters + 9 extras If Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation, Mo Dao Zu Shi can be such a successful BL novel that has animation, manhua and the Chinese drama “The Untamed”, I don’t see why not for… Continue reading Jiang Cao Ge And The Spirit Weapon

Husky And The White Cat Shizun

Husky And The White Cat Shizun 二哈和他的白猫师尊 èr hā hé tā de bái māo shī zūn Author: 肉包不吃肉 ròu bāo bù chī ròu Chinese Drama: 皓衣行 Hao Yi Xing Immortality 311 Chapters + 39 Extras Ratings: 5/5 ⚠️Warning: Mature Contents, Rape, Violence, Gore Don’t get fooled by the title and cover of this book ! This… Continue reading Husky And The White Cat Shizun

Nan Chan 南 禅

Nan Chan 南禅 Author: 唐酒卿 Tang Jiu Qing 126 Chapters + 3 extras Ratings: 5/5 A bl novel fan recommended me Nan Chan sometime last year. Thank you for your recommendation, this is truly a captivating xuan huan fantasy BL novel! Nan Chan is an enchanting story about a deity and a demon who amidst… Continue reading Nan Chan 南 禅

Yu Wu 余污

YuWu 余污 Other titles: Remnants of Filth, Stains Of Filth Author: 肉包不吃肉 Meatbun 197 Chapters Ratings: 5/5 ⚠️ Warning : gore, violence, abuse, torture, prepare tissue box Don’t judge this book by it’s cover!!! Under this very dull book cover is a very powerful heart-wrenching love story that is packed full of emotions – angst,… Continue reading Yu Wu 余污

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