The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: No one can refuse a cute kitten! Nobody!

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This person shouldn’t be here.


The Marshal looked at his opponent calmly.


The Minister of Scientific Research still wore the same clothes as that day’s court session, but it was much cleaner than the somewhat embarrassing appearance at the end of the court session. His attire was probably well taken care of and even his hairstyle was deliberately done.


But anyway, this person shouldn’t be here.


This is a military residential area. Without the approval of the people inside, even the Minister of Scientific Research has no permission to enter.


After all, the imperial system separates the military and political affairs, letting them mutually restrain each other. The Marshal is in a sensitive position and holds a huge amount of military power in his hands. As a restraint, he wants to keep his family in the center of the political leaders’ vision. Under the eyes of the political party, the military people naturally want to provide the strictest protection for their families.


So this person should definitely not appear here.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at the Minister of Scientific Research and then at the direction he was coming from. After thinking about hte distribution of residents in this residential area, he immediately understood where the other party came from.  [please support the translator by reading this translated novel at !the. red. oak. tree. website.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

His tone was plain, as if to state a fact, “Looked for Marshal Kevin.”


The Minister of Scientific Research standing in front of them looked even more ugly.


After all, he is still a scientific researcher in nature. For a Marshal who is well versed in interrogation methods, putting pressure on this person and adding psychological hints is just like fun.


Most of the soldiers who interrogate others have dark and dirty hearts and they know very clearly how to proceed slowly. If they slow down, they will increase the pressure on the interrogated subject through hints.


The Marshal’s certain and plain manner was as if he knew everything.


The Minister of Scientific Research couldn’t help wondering if someone had been placed around him.


His face is very ugly.


When Ji Xiuyun saw his expression, he knew that he was right.


Unfortunately, this person didn’t know that Marshal Kevin sided with him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An looked at some small obese humans in front of him, then turned to look at Ji Xiuyun who was in a black military uniform. After thinking about it, he walked back to Ji Xiuyun’s feet and gently rubbed the other’s trouser legs to show his closeness.




Anyway, they are from the same family.


No one except me is allowed to bully Ji Xiuyun.


The Marshal lowered his eyes, watching Yue An who was meowing at him with his head up, bent over and picked up the little white hairball, letting Yue An climb his arm onto his shoulder and squat.


Don’t dislike the sleeves of military uniforms being trampled by small paws.


He patted the dusty area lightly, then stepped on his long legs and jumped straight over the research minister who was tightly staying in place.


“Where do we go?” asked the Marshal.


“Meow!” Yue An pointed to the road on the right.


The Marshal nodded slightly, turned and walked along the path Yue An pointed to.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An looked back at the person who was still standing there, thought for a moment, stretched out his paw and left a touch of spiritual energy on the opponent, making a mark.


As if Ji Xiuyun felt it, he turned his head slightly but did not notice anything unusual, “What did you do?”


“Meow.” Yue An rubbed the Marshal’s face perfunctorily.


The plush touch also carries the warmth of being irradiated by the sun.


So the Marshal who was perfunctory did not ask.


He just reminded Yue An, “People in that uniform are not good guys. If you see them later…”


The Marshal thought for a while and said, “Either beat them or run away.”


The uniforms of ordinary scientific researchers in the Scientific Research Department are not the same as the uniforms of high-level scientific researchers.


No matter where and in what era, there will always be things that represent privileges and hierarchical superiority.


Even the research department is the same.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The content of their work is only overlapping and most of the ordinary researchers are still doing research in a disciplined manner and making contributions to human society.


To give the simplest example, the take-out lunch box that Yue An used earlier was an invention made by a group of plant scientific research teams in the Ministry of Scientific Research.


After all, the Imperial Ministry of Science and Technology is still a holy place for biological researchers from the entire Eighteenth Great Galaxy of the Hinters Empire. In terms of achievements in biological sciences, if the Imperial Ministry of Science and Technology says they are second, no research institute will dar to say that they are first.


But no matter which industry, there will always be many crazy people who are desperate to pursue the ultimate. They don’t care about human relations or the law and they are even less concerned about reaching out and touching taboos.


The imperial law stipulates: Except for criminals who have been sentenced to death for the most heinous crimes, it is strictly forbidden to conduct live research on other innocent intelligent lives.


Cloning is not allowed to happen in any case. In order to prevent cloning technology from becoming a popular technology, after the living environment of mankind has stabilised, even cloning technology aimed at livestock has been directly destroyed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There will always be people who want to touch things that shouldn’t be touched. You must know that once a mature related industry chain is developed, it will be accompanied by a large number of population trading, human rights, human relations and social issues.


Wanting to manipulate the lives of others is a big taboo.


Once the arrogance hidden in human nature is released without scruples, it will become Pandora’s box and bring about the annihilation of the world.


Even today, with the rapid development of life sciences, mankind cannot lose the most basic awe of wisdom and life.


Those in the Scientific Research Department who were immersed in the forefront of biological sciences and eventually fell to the devil, scoffed at these legal provisions and ethics.


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The huge population of the Hinters Empire has always had no shortage of criminals who are sentenced to death. But most criminals have nothing special to praise.


— Such as SS-level genes.


The Marshal at the time came into their sights.

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The SS-level gene body is so precious that it is enough to make those madmen who are tired of human body scientific research get rid of their skin and take care of them, rushing directly to the miltiary headquarters to snatch people.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t want to remember what he experienced in the two months after being taken away by the scientific research department.


He overturned the test bed to make things worse and was finally able to return to the army. Since then, he has always gritted his teeth and rushed to the front of battlefields. However, he became a Marshal of a country in his seventies. Even in the history of the Hinters Empire, the founding emperor did not have his fighting power.


Even Marshal Kevin who has supported an era was promoted to Marshal at the age of 122.


What is Ji Xiuyun doing this so desperately for?


In the beginning, it wasn’t to protect himself — at least he was excellent and well-received. The group of people in the scientific research department who had been thinking of him all day couldn’t directly attack him, they could only think of a way from the side.


Therefore, the Marshal knew very deeply and clearly what the group of people at the top of the scientific research department were doing in private.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

None of the experiments that were explicitly forbidden were allowed to fall.


If they hadn’t done research on the SS-grade gene body and didn’t know his physical strength, Ji Xiuyun felt that he would definitely have to rush to the test bench directly, and there would be no chance for him to observe the situation and secretly flop.


Ji Xiuyun does not reject people who are sincere and seeking truth and knowledge but he hates the few people in the Imperial Research Department and even looks at the entire research department is not pleasing to the eye.


Except for those who tried to harm him, no one dared to come in front of him to brush up on his presence.


“Those people are also thinking about you.” The Marshal walked forward, thinking of the strong-worded document that he didn’t know who sent him under the name of the Scientific Research Department before and reminded, “If you go out alone, be careful. One point, don’t be captured.”


Yue An jumped off Ji Xiuyun’s shoulders, turned to look at the serious face of the other party and couldn’t help sitting upright.




The Marshal was quite satisfied that his cat had listened to him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He was even happier to find that his cat took him out to enjoy food.


For so many years, the Marshal had cultivated a good technique for quickly adjusting emotions. At this moment, the unpleasantness of facing the annoying face of the Minister of Scientific Research for a day has also disappeared. With the delicious food nearby, he felt a joy that was unable to be restrained.


Ji Xiuyun couldn’t help rubbing Yue An’s head and was pushed away by Yue An’s paw who was immersed in the meal.




Eating is eating, what are you doing with your hands!


The Marshal looked blankly at Yue An who lowered his head and was eating in small mouths and reached out his hand to pull the plate in front of him.


Yue An: ???


“I’ll feed you.” The Marshal said and then picked up the knife and fork to cut the meat on the plate into the size of a little finger cap then poked a piece and handed it to Yue An.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An looked at the small piece of meat, then at Ji Xiuyun and then stretched his head to grab the piece of meat.


The restaurant that was recommended by those overlord VIPs tasted quite good. The Marshal restrained from overeating, but Yue An ate the recommended dishes unambiguously.


The universe is so big, eat this one today and that one tomorrow.


After eating the food in the Imperial Capital, there will be other cities, and after eating the food in the Imperial Star, there will be other planets.


Yue An nestled in the Marshal’s pocket and licked his paws, feeling that this place was simply heaven.


The Marshal took his cat home.


The sky was dark, the light of the stars was a bit dim and the small stone lamp in the yard exuded a light and soft light.


Usually at this time, the Marshal should be galloping in the virtual training room or on various battle platforms.


But today, he wants to rest.


Yue An was put in the Marshal’s pocket and went directly into the bedroom and then was thrown on the bed with the clothes.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The little white hairball nestled in the pocket for a long while before struggling to emerge as a small head from under the excellent texture of the uniform jacket.


He looked at the empty room, then at the bathroom door where the sound of water came from and then ran to the side of the box he had torn out and pulled a piece of energy stone out.


Then he went to the living room and got a light brain.


When Marshal Ji walked out with the towel on, he saw the little white hariball sitting on the carpet obediently, raising his head and the azure cat eyes met his gaze.


Yue An’s cry was muted and sticky, “Meow.”


Every time he meowed with this coquettish voice, he was mostly asking for something.


Ji Xiuyun, who has made rapid progress is the understanding of cat language, stared at Yue An calmly.


Yue An patted the energy stone next to him and then stretched out his claws to push the light brain forward.


Then he acted coquettishly again.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal looked at the energy stone and glanced up at the tattered box that was still full in the morning. By this time, there were not many boxes left and he understood the meaning of Yue An at once.


“Want to buy energy stones?”


Yue An’s ears stood up all at once!




To buy energy stones, you have to go to the offline black market.


The Marshal glanced at his schedule, “Tomorrow, we’ll go.”


Yue An ran on his short legs to the Marshal’s side, rubbing his bare calf, “Meow~”


The Marshal said, “You are not allowed to go.”


Yue An’s movements stopped all of a sudden.


He looked up at the Marshal, didn’t make a sound, turned his head and jumped on the bed and rolled into the soft quilt.


Early the next morning


The Marshal had just changed into his uniform and walked to the door. Yue An rushed up to him.


Ji Xiuyun’s footsteps stopped at the door.


The Marshal looked at his claws holding his arm tightly without intention of leaving, howling heart-piercingly when he touched him, as if he was abusing a cat and was silent.


Yue An met his calm faze, licked his little nose, howled and silently hugged his arm with his four claws tighter.


No one can refuse a cute kitten!


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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