BL Dramas

Recommended Chinese BL Dramas

  1. Addicted (adapted from Are You Addicted by Chai Ji Dan)
  2. Beloved Enemy (adapted from Beloved Enemy by Shui Qian Cheng)
  3. History 3 Trapped (Taiwan BL Drama)
  4. Uncontrolled Love (Taiwan BL Drama)
  5. Advance Bravely (adapted from Advance Bravely by Chai Ji Dan)
  6. The Untamed (adapted from Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu)
  7. Nirvana in Fire (bromance)
  8. Lan Yu (adapted from A Beijing Story by A Beijing Comrade)
  9. Sleuth of Ming Dynasty (adapted from The Fourteenth Year of Cheng Hua by Meng Xi Shi)
  10. Guardian (adapted from Guardian by Priest)
  11. Immortality (adapted from Husky And The White Cat Shizun)
  12. Word of Honor (adapted from Faraway Wanderers by Priest)
  13. Sha Po Lang (adapted from Sha Po Lang by Priest)
  14. Silent Reading (adapted from Silent Reading by Priest)
  15. I Told Sunset About You (Thai BL Drama)
  16. Chasing The Light (adapted from Sa Ye by Wu Zhe)
  17. Seizing Dreams (adapted from Seizing Dreams by Fei Tian Yue Xiang)
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