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Chapter 149 Divine Power

Chi Yan had a dream. He dreamt that when he had just become an adult, Ye Yingzhi was sitting on a long bench in the garden, holding him on his lap and whispering into his ear. In the garden of the temple, there were large tracts of snow-white, pale pink, and pale purple double-petaled flowers. There were two tall sacred trees next to the bench. There were also clusters of snow-white flowers on the sacred trees. A gust of wind blew and the flowers fell from the trees scattering on them and on the benches.


He could vaguely perceive that he was dreaming, but in the dream he couldn’t help thinking of his lover, and softly called out the other person’s name in his heart…


Then he heard his lover whisper in his ear, “Little fool, you have fallen into the monster’s trap. If you don’t wake up now, your teammates will die.”


Chi Yan suddenly woke up from the dream.


That’s right, he was still in the Horton Wasteland, among the abandoned ruins. He was originally travelling with four teammates, how could he have fallen asleep suddenly?


His body was drowsy, his eyelids were too heavy to open, as if he was caught in a nightmare, Chi Yan struggled to open his eyes, and when he saw where he was, he was stunned – they were in an underground hall which was built with rocks in the abandoned fortress. The walls on all sides were dilapidated and all his teammates were lying on the ground, as if they had fallen into a deep sleep. A vine, emitting black gas wrapped tightly around their bodies, trapping them firmly. He looked down at himself, and sure enough, a black vine almost as thick as his upper body was wrapped around his waist, circling down and binding his calves together.

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Chi Yan could distinguish the demonic aura in it. This demonic energy was unusual and seemed to have the effect of confusing people. The reason why they fell into a deep sleep should be related to this demonic energy.


He tilted his head and looked at Kairuitan who was closest to him. The usually resolute earth magician frowned at this time, his face was hideous, and he seemed to be experiencing something extremely painful in his dream. Freida, Leiyun, and Shirley were further away from Chi Yan, and there were rocks obstructing in the middle, so Chi Yan could not see their state, but they would not be much better.


He turned his head to look to the other side. The black gas formed an ellipse, and the middle of the ellipse condensed into a mirror-like thing, but at this time the mirror was foggy, and nothing could be seen clearly.


Chi Yan remembered the voice he heard just now. Was Ye Yingzhi reminding him that they had fallen into a trap?


He remembered what Ye Yingzhi said at the altar that night, “I’m protecting you, just because you are still too immature, too young, and have not fully grown…”.


The other party knew all this, but only gave him a reminder, and left the rest to him to handle.


Ye Yingzhi was watching him grow up slowly.


The black vines on his body seemed to sense something, and they became tighter and tighter; the expression of Kairuitan, who was next to him became more and more painful; and there weren’t any response from their three teammates who were a distance away.


The situation could no longer be delayed, and the only way Chi Yan could think of to rescue everyone was to quickly and completely eliminate the thing that trapped them.

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He closed his eyes and concentrated on feeling the familiar and immense divine power. Although he wanted to rely on himself most of the time, in the face of immediate crisis, he still had to rely on Ye Yingzhi’s strength.


The principle of this was the same as that of God’s favoured ones. They possessed traces of their respective God’s breath and blessings, and they could borrow the power of their Gods. However, the traces of their God’s breath were limited, and the power that they could leverage was also extremely limited. Even so, ordinary people would not dare to offend those favoured by the gods easily. However, the evil spirit aura on Chi Yan’s body was extremely strong. As much as he wishes, he could mobilise almost all of his God’s power to the extent that it was as if his God was personally present at the scene.


Ye Yingzhi once told him, “You are equivalent to half of my existence”, and that was not just sweet words to coax him.


Chi Yan closed his eyes and felt the familiar power enveloping him warmly, gradually pouring into his body, as if Ye Yingzhi was gently hugging him and gradually becoming one with him…


He slowly opened his eyes, his body was filled with the aura and divine pressure of the evil god. His black eyes were vaguely gloomy, emitting a faint golden light.


The vine that was entangling Chi Yan felt that something was wrong and loosened its grip, as if it wanted to withdraw, but Chi Yan didn’t give it the chance. He covered the black demonic vines with his left hand in the air, and slowly poured power into it – all the vines were fixed in place in an instant. Although it was just an instance, it seemed like a long time had passed. There was a mournful cry in the stone hall, and in the next second, the demonic vines under Chi Yan’s palm started to break, disintegrate and shatter like dominoes.


The shattered vines turned into black smoke, and gradually condensed into a human figure. Just as the human figure took shape, it started shattering once again from its heart, and finally completely turned into black smoke, fell to the ground, and was blown away by the wind.


After confirming that the crisis had been completely resolved, Chi Yan slowly let out a sigh of relief. He closed his eyes gently to let the power of the evil god in his body to slowly dissipate. He stood up and walked towards his teammates, waking them up one by one. .


He vaguely informed the others of the dangerous situation they were in just now, only saying that they were bewitched by a monster. He happened to get rid of the confusion and woke up in time. As he had seen the way to deal with this monster, he was able to defeat it. Freida was worried if Chi Yan was all right and asked if he was injured in dealing with the monsters. Kairuitan thanked Chi Yan with his loud voice and praised him for his resilience and quick response, and patted his shoulders with his big hands. Leiyun reminded the rest that they had to be more careful, urging their teammates to hurry up on the road. Xue Li didn’t seem to have regained her senses yet. She occasionally glanced at Chi Yan silently.

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After clearing this monster, they did not encounter any major threats and returned to the school to hand in the task.


The five of them said goodbye, but Leiyun did not leave. He made an excuse to follow Chi Yan back to the hostel.


“Chi Yan, you have to be careful and think about how to deal with the others.” Leiyun said suddenly after the two of them walked a distance.


Chi Yan looked puzzled at his teammate, “Be careful of what?”


“When we were in the underground ruins, Freida, Shirley and I were all awake when you woke up. We could see everything that was happening outside, but we couldn’t move. All of us saw how you dealt with the demonic vines. You had the aura and pressure of the evil god on you. If I guessed correctly, you used the power of the evil god to exterminate the monster. All these while you have been hiding your ability, which is no wonder why this makes the others suspect you and become an uncertain risk factor. Freida believes in you, and she wants to protect you, so she won’t say it. As for me, I think what matters to me is the fact that you saved my life so I am not bothered about what type of power you have used, and I won’t say it. But Shirley is God’s blessed one, so she may be more concerned about this ‘unstable factor’. I think there’s a high chance that she is going to tell Mr. Hodge. And with Mr. Hodge being meticulous, he’s not going to let this matter go.”


Mr. Hodge was Shirley’s mentor for being God’s blessed one.


“So Chi Yan, you’d better figure out how to deal with it in advance. Freida and I are willing to support you if you need it; you can try to talk to Mr. Tulong first, if the old Dean Tulong is willing to believe you, then things might be easier.”


In fact, with the magic treasure guarding his body, Leiyun woke up earlier than Freida and Shirley, so he saw the scene when the demonic aura created the mirror in a flash – in it was a majestic snow-white palace he had never seen before. The magnificent palace stood high on the nine-layered jade steps, as if overlooking the gods of the world; in front of the palace, someone flashed by.


Leiyun had seen records about this type of monster which fed on the resentment of its prey, knew its habits, and guessed that the monster’s first target was Chi Yan. So what flashed in the mirror should be the scene of Chi Yan’s important people. He himself was actually the fifth prince of the Lanqin Empire. After his mother’s death, he concealed his identity to study at the Qin Shang Academy in order to avoid assassination attempts. He had seen countless wealth and honours in the world since he was a child, but he couldn’t remember where this majestic and magnificent palace was. He couldn’t help being curious about Chi Yan’s origin. Since he had come here by hiding his identity,  he could understand Chi Yan’s situation, and would not deliberately inquire about his identity..


And while they were talking, Shirley told Mr. Hodge about the matter. She vaguely felt that it was not good to expose the secret of her saviour, but she had been studying under Mr. Hodge and had heard of the rumours before. In addition to that, the aura and pressure of Chi Yan at that time was so powerful that she thought she had better inform Mr Hodge and let him decide. If Chi Yan really stole the divine power from the Evil God statue, it would be terrible and must be stopped as soon as possible.

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After Mr. Hodge heard about this from Shirley, he went to Tulong immediately and reported the news to the old dean.


Tulong looked unsurprised at Mr. Hodge, who was standing in front of his desk and remarked slowly, “I know about this. I gave him a magic weapon that can temporarily borrow the power of the evil god to save his life.”


In fact, of course, he didn’t know about it, but he wasn’t surprised when he heard that Chi Yan was able to use the power of the evil god to a great extent.


“How is that possible?” Mr. Hodge murmured unconvinced, “According to Shirley’s description, his ability to invoke divine power far exceeded the ability of ordinary God-Blessed Ones. Even those who have served their Gods for hundreds of years couldn’t borrow so much divine power!”


Of course. Even for a god, the amount of power given to his partner or believer will not be the same. The partner possesses the secondary card and can swipe all the divine powers at will, while the believer takes only two or three coins that the god occasionally tossed out. Thus, the powers that can be dispatched by the two are very different.


Tulong knew it very well in his heart, but he didn’t know how to explain this to his stubborn vice president. In the end he could only sigh, “That’s what it is. Hodge, I hope you can trust me again, and stop being hard on that young man.”

“…Okay.” Mr. Hodge finally nodded. Tulong was also his teacher once and had given him much valuable guidance over the years. He trusted his character and conduct as well as his judgement. Therefore, although he was still full of doubts, he reluctantly suppressed it.


But this was not the first time. He thought to himself that the young man had many suspicious points that he could not explain, but the old dean insisted on safe-guarding him.


“Also, Hodge, don’t forget that you are going to attend the academic conference in Dong Yuan Continent from next week. I will arrange for Du Jin to stand in for your class temporarily.” Du Jin was a second-year theological history teacher.


“Understood, I will remember it.” Mr. Hodge agreed and left. Although he disliked Du Jin who was full of bullshit, there really wasn’t any other theological history teacher in the academy who had time to stand in for his class. And he had to admit that that bullshit guy’s theological history class had always been more popular than his.


Well, a lot more popular.


Mr. Hodge cursed bitterly in his heart – that bastard who amassed his popularity by telling the love history of the evil god and his darling in class…it was vulgar, and lowered the professionalism of the entire academy. 


Thinking of Du Jin in his mind, he gradually forgot about Chi Yan.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


Chapter 148◀︎Table of Contents▶︎Chapter 150


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