The Haunted Chapter 148 Demon Of Resentment

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Chapter 148 Demon Of Resentment

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The lawless little treasure whom the evil god pampered and whom the entire God Realm was helpless with actually ran to the Mortal Realm. Yet the evil god did not manage to snatch him back immediately. This was regarded as the biggest recent news in the entire God Realm and many gods were watching the development of this matter secretly.


“No, you are not old, you are always young and the most beautiful one in my heart… The old person is me.” Tulong said quickly, saying everything from the bottom of his heart. Mage warriors usually live longer than ordinary people, not to mention that he was also a favoured one. He had served the Goddess of Time since his youth, and he was already more than a hundred years old. He was getting older day after day, yet his god was still youthful.


“What’s more, the evil god is truly… the old cow that eats tender grass. Yet they have never mentioned the evil god.” In order to make his god happy, Tulong didn’t care much about anything else. What’s more, after being a loyal believer for so long, Tulong also learned that the daily lives of gods were not as carefree, solemn and sacred as what many people thought.


There was a faint smile in the voice of the Goddess of Time, and her words were a little more playful, “…They wouldn’t dare. They only dared to gossip about me behind my back.”

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Not long after the light test, it was time for the traditional mid-term field practice for the Qin Shang Academy. During this time, students from different faculties would be randomly divided into different groups. The school would issue fifty practical exploration tasks. Each group would randomly select one task to complete, and evaluate based on the completed performance. It was completely uncertain which teammates each student would be assigned to and what tasks they would get. It was said that the Qin Shang Academy believed that students should have the ability to cooperate with different people and solve emergencies.


In Chi Yan’s group, there were the red-haired warrior girl Freida who used double swords as weapons; the pharmacist, Shirley, who followed Mr. Hodge’s practice and was god’s favoured one; the human archer boy Leiyun and the magician who specialised in earth magic, Kairuitan.


Their mission was to find and explore the remains of an abandoned fortress on the Horton Wasteland on the continent of Alpha, and bring back evidence of their adventure. This meant that Chi Yan would not be in school for at least one month.


So before setting off, he sneaked to the altar at the black tower of the forbidden land.


During this time, Tulong happened to be out to attend an academic conference on theological history research, so Chi Yan didn’t have the opportunity to ask his predecessor about other ways to summon gods. He lied down on the altar according to what he did previously, and whispered the sacrificial spell——He would definitely be trapped by the barrier formed by that sacrificial spell again, and stay on the altar until Ye Yingzhi was satisfied before being released.


But thinking that he had no other ways to see Ye Yingzhi for the next one  month, Chi Yan didn’t care about the problems with these small details.


Very soon, just like the last time, the figure of the god gradually appeared at the altar.


Chi Yan rushed towards Ye Yingzhi, hugged him and pressed him down on the altar. He laid on his chest as the other party embraced him, and began to talk about the things that happened recently in his life and that he was about to leave the school for an exploratory adventure.


When Ye Yingzhi heard that “there is no altar outside, I probably won’t be able to see you for a week”, he mumbled, “In fact, there is still another way. I will teach you how to draw a simple magic circle. When you are in the wild, as long as you draw the magic circle and read the incantation, you can summon me to appear, but the effect is of course not as good as that of the evil god’s altar.” In short, he didn’t want to expose the fact that he could appear at any time without summoning him. He was very satisfied with this type of summoning at the altar and sacrificial spell and he hadn’t enjoyed enough of it.

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Chi Yan responded happily, writing down the magic circle method. Suddenly he thought of something, raised his head and asked, “Yingzhi, what aspect of this magic circle doesn’t work well? Is it because you can’t appear in your true body? Or is it that you cannot appear long enough?” 


It wouldn’t feel good at all if he said he couldn’t hold Ah Yan personally, so it shouldn’t be this aspect that was not good; but if the reason was that he couldn’t appear long enough, then he couldn’t cosy up with Ah Yan for a long time, and it was not a good choice for a reason either.


Ye Yingzhi couldn’t think of any other areas to constitute “bad effect”. Considering that Chi Yan would be relatively tired during his adventure trip, and their time together might be limited, he reluctantly chose the latter, “Well, I cannot appear for a longer time as compared to the method at the altar. It’s not easy to reduce the divine pressure on the body when using the array.” Anyway, until then, at most he could coax Ah Yan and hug him a little bit more and he wouldn’t even know about it.


Chi Yan didn’t doubt his words. After all, he was still young and playful, and when Ye Yingzhi whispered sweet nothings into his ear, he soon laughed, kissed and flirted amorously with Ye Yingzhi again.


Ye Yingzhi smiled and laid on the altar watching Chi Yan have his fun, and waited until he was almost done before flipping him over and pinning him down underneath his body. Chi Yan was already a little tired, so he snuggled into Ye Yingzhi’s arms obediently and allowed him to do whatever he wanted, occasionally shrinking his neck and tilting his head in a coquettish manner.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Finally, Ye Yingzhi sent Chi Yan back to the dormitory. Just before Chi Yan drifted into his deep slumber, Ye Yingzhi kissed his forehead and reminded him, “Use my supernatural power when you are in danger, baby, do you remember how to use it?”


Chi Yan nodded dazedly.


Three days later, the five-person team embarked on an adventure. As the pets of some nobles’ children were extremely powerful monsters, in order to ensure fairness as much as possible, the academy mandated all students not to bring their pets along. Chi Yan had no choice but to leave the black bird in the dormitory.


It was said that the team members were randomly assigned by the system, which also guaranteed the basic balance of the strength of each team. For example, in Chi Yan’s team, only he and the archer boy Leiyun were new students, whilst swordsman Freida, the earth magician Kairuitan and Pharmacist Shirley had studied in the academy for at least a year, so they had experienced such an exploratory and practical activity once before. Moreover, the location of the tasks assigned by the academy was not too dangerous. Every location had a high-level wind or space magician teacher to respond, and once they received a distress signal from a student, they would rush quickly to rescue.


The Horton Wasteland was predominantly wilderness and plains, which was not easy to hide, and correspondingly, it was not easy to be attacked. Of course, there were creatures such as monsters that were difficult for the novice teams to deal with in the wasteland, but they just needed to be careful to avoid them. As a result, they might be alarmed along the way, but there wouldn’t be any real danger.


Ten days after the departure, they would be able to enter the fortress ruins soon according to the map if there weren’t any accidents. They stopped and rested, preparing to recharge their energy before entering the fortress the next day.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Since the start of this journey, Chi Yan didn’t find any chance to meet up with Ye Yingzhi. After the team settled down that night, he couldn’t hold back and felt the urge to take action. His heart itched for a long time but he couldn’t find the chance to act alone, so he finally had to give it up. After tucking himself inside his sleeping tent, he couldn’t help trace the pattern of the magic array that Ye Yingzhi taught him with his hand on the ground.


Unexpectedly, Ye Yingzhi appeared just after he finished tracing the array!


“…I haven’t chanted the spell yet.” Chi Yan looked at his lover in a daze. All the tents were very close to one another, and the tents were made of thin materials. As the space inside the tent was small, they were worried that the teammates would find out. Chi Yan didn’t intend to actually call Ye Yingzhi out.


“…But I felt that someone was calling me. There was probably something wrong with the summoning process.” Ye Yingzhi lied. He wouldn’t admit that he had been staring at Chi Yan, looking for opportunities to show up at any time, and then hurriedly responded to the summon as soon as he saw Chi Yan started to draw the array.


“Ah Yan, you are too tired lately, you need to sleep well.” The god took his lover into his arms and gave the other party no chance to speak. He gently covered his eyes with his hands like what Chi Yan did when he was a child. “Go sleep, I’ll be here with you. Don’t worry, no one will find me here.”


Chi Yan did not resist. He missed this breath and this embrace so much, it seemed that he had slept in this embrace for a few reincarnations, and he would not get tired of sleeping in this embrace for no matter how long. He closed his eyes lightly, pressed his hands against Ye Yingzhi’s chest subconsciously, and soon fell asleep.


The evil god looked at his sleeping lover, and slowly closed his eyes lightly.

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As what he had said, none of the other team members nearby noticed that just before they were about to enter the fortress, the evil god had already mixed into their team’s camp.


However, the brief appearance of the god did not bring luck to this team.


After entering the abandoned fortress, the journey became more and more treacherous. The dark fortress was full of dangers, and there might be hidden monsters or mutated beasts that were hungry for their prey. They were more adapted to this cold and dark environment in the ruins than this young team. This was their home field and they were natural hunters.


The five members in Chi Yan’s team stumbled all the way cautiously, and finally collected enough materials as proof of their adventure exploration after fifteen days. They were ready to embark on their journey back to the academy. By this time, the faster-moving teams had already returned to the academy and submitted their reports. If they failed to return on time, their scores would be deducted accordingly.


After completing the task, although the team members started to relax, they felt the urgency to quickly embark on their return journey. As a result, they failed to notice in time that they had long been targeted by something powerful — perhaps it was not very correct to say this, but it was possible that that thing had already targeted them the moment they entered the ruins, just that it was waiting for the best time to strike.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It was a wise monster, born out of the powerful resentment lingering in the ruins. It could be said to be the most powerful master in this fortress ruins. It was wise, could think, and knew how to lure its prey into the traps that it had set up.


As this monster was transformed by resentment, it had another special characteristic – not only would it kill its prey, it would also confuse its mind before its prey died, and let it call out its most important person in the bottom of its heart. The image of the victim’s most important person and their previous bondage would appear in the mirror of grievance woven by the monster through black magic. After that, it would hurt the victim (referring to the prey’s most important person) through the mirror of grievance. At worst, the victim would be killed, otherwise it would be corroded by the devilish energy, and experience extreme pain. After the victim (referring to the prey) had awakened from the illusion of watching his most important person suffering from injury and extreme pain, the monster would kill him and absorb his strong resentment when he was dying as food to increase its strength.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


Chapter 147◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 149


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