The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 This Operation Is Incomprehensible!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Ji Xiuyun looked at the secretary, and even felt that it was incredible that the emperor could disappear — the emperor who was less guilty than anyone else would disappear??


Ji Xiuyun didn’t bother to think about buying cat food with his blank magnetic card. He grabbed the emperor’s secretary and got directly into the car.


The two legion commanders who accompanied him today looked at Ji Xiuyun, and then at the secretary whose face was pale.




Ji Xiuyun couldn’t take care of them either. As soon as the door closed, he turned around and asked, “How long has it been? Where did he go missing?”


“Central Business District…” The secretary hesitated then said.


Central Business District…


Marshal Ji looked at the secretary for two seconds and reiterated, “Time!”


The secretary took a deep breath, “It’s been five hours.”


“…” Ji Xiuyun couldn’t believe it. How could this group of people hide the matter of the emperor’s disappearance for five hours before they came to him?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He did not hesitate to open the address book and send a message to Marshal Kevin, who should be in the military science department where the army was stationed.


During this period, he turned his head to look at the two legion commanders beside him, and said without hesitation, “Go and inform the transportation department to cut off the energy supply of traffic tracks No.2 to No.6, keep the No.1 track available for army use, and check all incoming and outgoing vehicles.”


He paused slightly, and when the communication was connected, he bluntly said, “Marshal Kevin, His Majesty is missing.”


The two legion commanders who were still a little bewildered took a deep breath. One turned around to communicate with the transportation department. The other went directly out of the car and hurriedly got a car from the Supreme Court without hesitation, rushing out.


Marshal Kevin was stunned for two seconds, and asked the same questions as Ji Xiuyun, “Location, time.”


Ji Xiuyun’s answer is different from that of the secretary, “Central Business District, black market, five hours.”


When Marshal Kevin heard it, his face turned green.


He turned his head to look to the side, unable to see the high-spirited secretary at all, and cursed, “Trash! How could he let this happen!”


As soon as Marshal Kevin finished speaking, he hung up the phone neatly, picked up his uniform and went to order the soldiers.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun glanced at the secretary who did not refute that the location was the black market, entering a series of special military instructions on the operation console of the vehicle and setting the address. The vehicle quickly slid out of the parking lot and drove out at the highest speed.


“Whose ideas was it?” Ji Xiuyun asked.


The secretary lowered his eyes and shrank aside, not daring to say a word.


Ji Xiuyun’s voice raised slightly, “Letting him go to the black market, and hide this from the military after he disappeared. Whose idea was it?”


The secretary whispered, his head hanging low, “His Majesty said that he wanted to see it.”


“So you let him go?” Ji Xiuyun said coldly, “Whose idea is it to hide this from the military?”


Beads of sweat appeared on the secretary’s forehead.


“Prince Kells, Prince Gary, Grand Duke Rodney…” Ji Xiuyun looked at the secretary whose head was getting lower and lower as he reported the names, his eyes cold as if they were ice.


Ji Xiuyun has been a Marshal for more than 20 years, and the previous emperor granted him the rank of Marshal.


The emperor worked hard all his life, and his greatest ambition was to be able to expand the territory of the empire a little further, and he made perfect preparations for that. After Ji Xiuyun became the Marshal, he gave him absolute trust and let him go to expand their frontiers, finally taking more than ten years to successfully conquer the eighteenth galaxy.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There is no need to worry about logistics, no need to worry about supplies, no need to worry about public opinion and the safety of the rear. During the dozen years of conquering the eighteenth galaxy, Ji Xiuyun fought his most comfortable and worry-free battle.


Unfortunately, in the second month after the eighteenth galaxy was confirmed to be included in the empire’s territory, the elderly emperor died.


After the emperor passed away, the original heir died unexpectedly. The high-level political leaders of the empire had a fight for power. In order to fight for more power in the new era, the royal family suffered a lot of casualties.


Finally, in order to prevent the empire’s foundation from being shaken, they put the 31-year-old Johnson Hinters, the youngest son of the emperor who had not been considered as a candidate for the heir, to the throne.


In the interstellar era, the life span of human beings has increased, and the period of growth and adulthood has also been lengthened a lot. At the age of thirty-one, he had just entered his teenage years.


This young man hadn’t even taken any lessons that the emperor should have. Ji Xiuyun still clearly remembered the panicked and dazed look when the little emperor was enthroned at the coronation ceremony.


Those political bigwigs standing next to the little emperor were quite clear about what it meant by having distant relations and people close to them attacking. They told the little emperor all the time that to appease Marshal Ji, he should be close to him and trust him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As for Marshal Kevin, who has been stationed in the Imperial Star for a long time, in order to prevent the little emperor from trusting Marshal Kevin too much and leaving their control, the tone of this group has become: this person is not worthy of trust, and this person’s merits are not as good. The other Marshal is more outstanding. This man is old and can’t protect you anymore. The Marshal wouldn’t last long, so it is better for him to live a good life.


Coupled with the heroic aura of Ji Xiuyun, the little emperor simply agreed to all those people’s methods to please and appease Ji Xiuyun.


He pretended to be close to Ji Xiuyun, and Ji Xiuyun was also smart. So he followed with a gesture of respect.


Only respect for the little emperor alone. He has never shown a good face to the other high-level officials.


On one hand, he knew very well that he did not have the possibility of being permanently stationed in the Imperial Star. In order to prevent him from betraying him directly with his troops outside, it was only natural for the government to rein him back in.


On the other hand, it was because the high-level group of politicians fooled the little emperor while still keeping the people from the Scientific Research Department, disgusting him.


What’s more, how can you talk about real feelings with people who play politics?


He’s afraid that he won’t even know how he died.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But it is different for Ji Xiuyun, who wanders outside all year round.


Marshal Kevin was very concerned about the little emperor who had been controlled and could only approve the proposal and open his own private bank to appease all parties. However, the natural prejudice and the group of dignitaries brainwashed the little emperor all year round. In his ears, the things Marshal Kevin repeatedly mentioned are nothing more than a faint reminder of how Marshal Ji is.


The military’s position is sensitive and could not intervene too much in political affairs. Ji Xiuyun was even more out of reach all year round, and over time, Marshal Kevin also chose to give up treatment.


But this does not mean that they will allow the politicians to fool around!


Letting the emperor go to the black market and have him missing for five hours before telling them?


What do these people want to do??


Let the emperor go missing and then usurp the throne as a matter of course??


Ji Xiuyun has not seen the little emperor since he returned to the Imperial Star this time. The energy stone was a big deal before. In the past, the little emperor who was too timid to sleep would definitely immediately come to find him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

At that time, seeing that only the secretary was sent, Ji Xiuyun thought that the little emperor had finally grown a little bit, but in the end he could still go missing in the black market?


Ji Xiuyun closed his eyes, feeling that this was unbelievable.


What an incomprehensible operation this is.


If you leave others in the black market and lose them and don’t immediately seek military help once they go missing, this group of people are either stupid or evil.


They’re more likely to be stupid and evil.


Ji Xiuyun knows that there are many powerful stores in the black market, but not all of them belong to the powerful.


Will the people in the black market stop doing bad things just because they are in front of the emperor?


Of course not.


Suddenly, the Central Business District of the Hinters Imperial Star was under martial law, and all the stores and customers were evacuated.


Not only that, the traffic of the entire Imperial Star was stopped, and the military personnel were investigating every traffic port.


Marshal Kevin arrived first, stepping directly into the area the martial law took effect and disappeared from the eyes of the onlookers.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An was pressing the young man who suddenly appeared in front of him to the ground with a paw, avoiding a thin light that suddenly came in.


Both the boy and Yue An were a little stuck.


The boy didn’t expect that the people who just wanted to catch him would suddenly use a lethal weapon.


And Yue An still didn’t understand what was going on — he had no problems with the shopping journey, and the few people outside were obviously targeting the crying boy.


The boy whispered in a tearful tone, “You… you save me. I know you belong to Ji Xiuyun. I know Ji Xiuyun’s communication number, I will tell it to you!”


The boy recited a series of numbers as soon as he finished speaking.


It is indeed Ji Xiuyun’s communication number.


“Meow.” Yue An patted the white-faced teenager. The soft and warm paw pad lightly patted his face. By the time the teenager had recovered, the white cat sitting on his chest had opened the car door and gotten out.


Within a few seconds, he heard the screams of people from outside.


The teenager distinguished the voices carefully, feeling that the screams sound like they were from the people trying to catch him, but he didn’t dare to move. He sat quietly by the car door holding his breath, and looked around the car uneasily.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The structure of the car is quite simple, it is clear at a glance that the only special thing is the huge shopping box in the car.


This shopping box is for customers who bought goods in large quantities from the stores in the Central Business District, and who do not need delivery and are taking them home directly.


It seemed that he was lucky enough to accidentally run into Ji Xiuyun’s cat who went out to buy something.


The young man, who is today’s imperial emperor, Johnson Hinters, hugged his knees tightly, constantly celebrating the fact that he was lucky.


He looked around, and when he saw the cat-shaped optical brain placed on the operating platform in the car and the unlocked operating platform, he paused slightly and moved his fingers lightly and finally did not touch them.


The cat named Yue An was still outside. He can’t leave it behind and run.


Thinking like this, the teenager heard many chaotic footsteps once again, and clenched his fists nervously.


Yue An easily defeated the group of people who were chasing the teenager with weapons, and then looked up at Marshal Kevin who had rushed into the parking lot. He was stunned and meowed at him.


Marshal Kevin didn’t expect to see Yue An here.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He looked at the petite white cat, then looked at the people around the cat who were defeated and in a faint, and the weapons in their hands that were scattered all over the floor. He waved his hand to let the soldiers continue to the black market, and then squatted down. For a moment, the person was stunned by Yue An.


“They came to catch you?” Marshal Kevin asked.


Yue An took two steps back and turned to meow at Marshal Kevin.


Marshal Kevin thought for a while and followed Yue An.


The young man hiding in the car heard a set of footsteps getting closer and closer, and he shrank until his neck nearly disappeared.


He heard the sound of the car window being tapped gently, and his eyes were red, as if he was about to cry in the next second.


Marshal Kevin simply opened the car door and stretched out his hand to support the boy who fell out when the door opened, letting out a sigh of relief.


“Your Majesty, you are alright.”


The young man turned his head abruptly and looked at Marshal Kevin in his uniform. He suddenly relaxed, jumped up and hugged Marshal Kevin, crying out in relief.


Yue An looked at the young man who was crying until he was out of breath, and then at Marshal Kevin, whose eyes were dead when he patted the young man on the back.



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

His Majesty?




Just after arriving in the Central Business District, he and his First Legion Commander were surrounded by reporters who were not afraid of death as soon as they got out of the car.


Ji Xiuyun swept his eyes over them coldly, and the reporters all shivered, and one after another gave way to him. But in the next moment, the kind-looking first legion commander blocked him.


“Hello! Can you tell me a little bit about this incident? The traffic in the entire imperial capital is still, which has a great impact on people’s lives!”


“Is it so important that both Marshals were dispatched together? Thank you.”


The commander of the First Legion looked at the reporters.


What can he do?


Surely he can’t tell them that the little emperor disappeared?


Where would you put the face and credibility of the military and political parties in this matter?


The first legion commander, who was used to this scene, had a calm ace without any change. He glanced at the Marshal who was not ready to help him at all without a change in expression, and sighed lightly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Some people reported that someone in the Central Business District is conducting large-scale illegal transactions.”


He opened his eyes solemnly and said some nonsense.


“There may be a hot weapons battle later, I hope that all of you will cooperate and leave as soon as possible.”


As soon as his voice fell, everyone felt a crash under their feet, as if something had exploded under the ground.


Commander of the First Legion: …




I was only just talking about it?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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