The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 The Decision is Yours! Meow Meow Meow!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Everyone in the elite troops felt a little ashamed.


They are all the reserves of Ji Xiuyun’s active troops. The leading soldiers of the regular troops are all captains at the lowest rank, and they were mostly made up colonels.


In any case, they were a group of people who had received military merit and medals.


Standing in front of the most elite troops of the empire’s eighteen galaxies, three groups were cleanly defeated by just one person, one teenager today!


Although only fifteen people were in a class, which was just enough to form a raid team formation, it was three groups!


The soldiers have now started sweating!




How shameful!


The people in the elite troops felt panicked — there were soldiers under them in this training room!


And this person was different.


This was about the face of their Marshal!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In the entire empire, who didn’t know that the two Marshals of the Empire would fight as soon as they had a chance?


So up to now, these simple men have always insisted that Marshal Kevin was so eager to send his child to their Marshal because he wanted to first show off his military merits along the way and also wanted to see if their Marshal would make any mistakes. How resentful! He came to leech off the Marshal’s one-on-one teaching!


See how nice our Marshal is.


They thought.


Being generous and cherishing talent. When he saw a good young talent, he was even willing to share the Silver Blade.


Much better than a certain well-known narrow-minded Marshal.


But no matter what they think, they still haven’t been able to beat this young man, who looked like a human version of the Marshal’s cat and rumoured to be a little white face brought into the army by Ji Xiuyun.


Later, as the ranking of this young man named Yue An in the virtual battlefield area climbed, and his smooth and amazing operation when using the Silver Blade, this group of soldiers gradually changed their tunes.


Most of them were people on the previous overall rankings. They had gone through the battlefields where gifted students from major military academies gather. They had been the geniuses from those military academies. Naturally, they know very well how difficult it is to break through the battlefield rankings of the virtual community.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Basically, it was hard work for half a month before you were defeated and returned to square one.


So they know very well how difficult it is to climb steadily like Yue An — especially since Yue An had a 94% win rate in the process.


So Yue An’s name gradually changed from “that little white face” to “that guy” and finally became “that young man”.


The likes and dislikes of this group of soldiers are very clear. Although their first impression of him was very bad, as soon as Yue An showed his splendour, they gradually lost a lot of their prejudice.


Some people have even begun to think about how to cooperate with and convince this young man to join their regiment when he joined the army.


But they never expected that Yue An would be parachuted to the position of the Marshal’s deputy!


The ill feeling of this group of men surged again.




Getting your officer position through the backdoor!


He is definitely here to easily get military merits!


So when they saw Yue An passing by the training ground while eating, a group of people would try to provoke him.


Yue An’s reaction at that time was very flat, and at first glance, he was just like Ji Xiuyun.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After eating a few bites of the fruit in his hand, he wiped his hands carelessly and said shortly, “Oh. Bring it on.”


Then he defeated the three elite squads as steady as Mount Tai.


After he finished, he asked calmly, “Are we fighting again?”


Yue An touched the faint wetness on his forehead, a little uncomfortable and a little unhappy.


His discomfort came from cats’ dislike of moist and sticky feeling, and his happiness also came from his cat’s nature.


He found a prey that could struggle under his claws for a while.




It is only interesting if they could fight back.


Yue An thought, and then asked again, “Are we fighting again?”


No one responded.


The atmosphere was a bit heavy.


That’s because the people in the elite class felt very embarrassed and felt a little skeptical of life.


“I’ll come, I’ll come!” The third legion commander strode into the training ground, took off his jacket, and stood directly in front of Yue An, “Yue An, let me fight you!”


Yue An looked at the commander of the legion who took the initiative to send himself to the door, and smiled slightly, “Okay.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

His smile made everyone in the training grounds freeze.


But they quickly reacted.


The elite squad that had been defeated badly respected the commander of the Third Legion.


Worthy of being the commander of the legion!


Worthy of being the Marshal’s confidant!


This is where the Marshal is looking!


Very good!




They must applaud him!


Outside the training ground, two steps away, their colleagues, the Second and Fourth Legion Commander, who had once volunteered before were watching them. Their faces were full of pain.


Young men.


Still so innocent, not knowing how sinister society is at all.


This person may have fought you no less than ten times.


At that time, you were still driving a mech and he was still a cat. He had already defeated you many times.


“Sigh…” The second legion commander sighed heavily.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The commander of the Fourth Legion patted him on the shoulder.


“Why did little Three… rush to be beaten.” The commander of the Second Legion looked at the two people who were already fighting inside and sighed heavily.


“It’s ok, it’s not little Seven.” The commander of the Fourth Legion smiled. “Little Seven has worked hard recently. If he is still defeated in front of so many people, his mentality will definitely collapse.”


It’s better to send little Three to fight little Seven. It would be better for two people to lick each other’s wounds than to be alone.


The commander of the Fourth Legion thought so, feeling that he was really sorry for the physical and mental health of his colleagues.


The commander of the Second Legion looked at the Fourth Legion commander who had a very sinister smile on his face, and felt his head aching.


He decided not to talk about this topic anymore, turned his head and looked at the situation on the training ground. He was just about to ask the Fourth Legion commander about what he thought but was forced to swallow the conversation in the next second before he shook his head and left the training ground.


The news that the commander of the Third Legion and the Marshal’s new deputy had a draw spread widely among several legions.


After learning about this, Ji Xiuyun just patted his cat’s head, thought about it, but still didn’t say a word.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He wanted to say that it would be better to fight with the legion commanders in the virtual training room in the future.


But when he thought about it, if the legion commanders couldn’t figure it out and rushed to get beaten, Yue An would just keep beating them and it wouldn’t matter.


Legion commanders also needed some pressure to make progress, right?


Moreover, Yue An is very excellent and about to go to the battlefield. Hiding is for outsiders, his people don’t have that need.


Yes, exactly.


Nothing is wrong.


People would only make progress through setbacks and defeat.


Marshal Ji lowered his bottom line again and again without knowing it, and happily took his cat to eat.



Yue An thinks that something is wrong recently.


This problem is mainly seen in two particular army commanders.


During this period of time, the two men analysed him fighting every legion commander who had returned to the garrison and fought them several times, both in reality and virtually.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The two of them always looked like they were observing secretly, as if they were not in their own army, but as if they were thieves.


Yue An was lying on the wing of a reconnaissance plane on the tarmac, enjoying the sunshine.


The milky white hairball lay on his belly, soft like a ball of cotton candy, lying lazily on the iron grey wing with the sunlight falling on him and reflecting bright colours.


The two commanders who had been abnormal for a whole week stood under the wing, and looked up at the wing.


They couldn’t see Yue An’s figure from below, but they knew that he was there.


The two legion commanders hesitated.


Yue An shook his ears and heard their conversation clearly.


“The cat is here, did you find it?”


“I can’t find it.”


“Then I think he hasn’t left yet. We guessed right.”


“Why don’t you ask him?”


“How do you ask him?”


“How do I know how to ask him?”


The two commanders looked at each other, and couldn’t come to a conclusion for a long time.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An listened for a while, then turned over to evenly warm up, spreading out flatly. Even his ears were flattened.


Just after lunch, Ji Xiuyun asked him to go there to wait. The salted fish, Yue An, had been basking in the sun for more than an hour, but still didn’t see Ji Xiuyun come over.


On the contrary, those two perverted commanders who were trying to steal him recently came.


There was something wrong with the two legion commanders. Even Yue An, who didn’t know much about human behaviour could see it.


Yue An felt that Ji Xiuyun must have seen it too, but the old god Ji Xiuyun seemed to be completely unaware.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t say a word and Yue An was even lazier to say anything. They just watched the two of them. Besides, he was a cat that looked cute from all 360 degrees.


Yue An waved his tail in boredom, thinking about who he should fight when Ji Xiuyun was busy.


— Yue An has no interest in Ji Xiuyun’s endless military meetings and tactical discussions. Ji Xiuyun couldn’t accompany him at this time, so Yue An naturally wants to have some fun on his own.


That’s right, the fun is beating up the soldiers in this garrison.


From legion commanders to ordinary soldiers, Yue An is basically the one who dominates the training ground.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It’s just that there have been very few soldiers recently, and those at the colonel level and above would always come to him to fight.


Among them, a certain third and seventh legion commanders, who are more frustrated and braver, would come most frequently.


Although their ending was always bad, the results of this training was still good.


At least now someone would go to the cafeteria with Yue An.


However, because Yue An would have dinner with Marshal Ji who had been busy all day most of the time, they would bring him to the cafeteria and they would have lunch together.


Among the people, a certain third and seventh legion commander would bring him to eat most frequently.


Yue An thought a bit more about it and decided to fight with the first legion commander who always put on a calm gentleman-like face today.


It was nice to scare people.


For example, when people go to bed at night, they would lay out their blanket and find that there was a cat in the quilt!


Although this may have caused Ji Xiuyun to be unable to find his cat before going to bed and sending messages to several legion commanders one by one inquiring about the whereabouts of his cat with a black face, Yue An is still quite happy with scaring people this way.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

So far, he has scared several legion commanders.


Among them, a certain third and seventh legion commander, who were also full of vitality, were the most frequent victims.


After thinking more, Yue An turned over and got up with a snort, preparing to take the initiative to find Ji Xiuyun on his short leg.


He had just jumped off the wing and stared at the two legion commanders who had not yet come to a conclusion.


“Meow.” Yue An said hello politely.


The commander of the Fourth Legion was stunned, and couldn’t help but reply with a meow.


The commander of the Second Legion turned his head to look at him and his face was obviously showing how he could not bear to look at the commander of the Fourth Legion.


“Cough.” The commander of the Fourth Legion responded with a light cough.


Yue An stepped away on his short legs, ready to go around them.


But the commander of the Second Legion stopped him.


“Yue An.”


Yue An looked at him.


The commander of the Second Legion thought for a while, and asked, “Are you Yue An? I mean… the person…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Before the commander of the legion finished speaking, he was interrupted by a call from behind him.


Ji Xiuyun had arrived.


Marshal Ji squatted down, picked up his cat, and said, “You’ve been waiting for a long time.”




Yue An stretched out his paw to pat Ji Xiuyun’s face to show that he didn’t mind, but then looked at his dusty paws, thought for a moment and wiped them on Ji Xiuyun’s coat before patting his face.


Do you really think your paws would be clean once you wiped them?


Ji Xiuyun felt very helpless.


But he did not appear to be unhappy. Instead, he reached out and grabbed his cat’s paws and gently pinched their soft pads.


Then he raised his eyes to look at his two commanders.


“You are here… ?” He didn’t finish his words, but his meaning was obvious.


“Marshal.” The commander of the Second Legion nodded, opening his mouth to reply.


 But when the words came to his lips, he swallowed abruptly.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He suddenly realised that if their guess was true, what would happen to the little hairball that was so valued by their Marshal and the Marshal who protected the little hairball would be unthinkable.


The commander of the Second Legion recalled that Ji Xiuyun had told them that if they said anything they would die. His eyes flashed, and the responsibility and burden of it instantly overwhelmed his curiosity.


He shook his head at Ji Xiuyun, made a gesture of zipping his mouth close, and pulled the commander of the Fourth Legion to leave.


“They guessed it.” Ji Xiuyun squeezed the cat in his arms and stood up.


The cat in his arms slipped into his coat indifferently, found a familiar spot, grabbed his neckline, let his small head poke out and meowed softly.


He didn’t know if he completely trusted Ji Xiuyun’s decision, or if he really didn’t care about the exposure of this incident.


Ji Xiuyun trusted his commanders very much. The second, fourth and fifth commanders all saw Yue An fight with their own eyes, and so far they hadn’t said a word.


This matter was also stopped before they asked.


They had conducted a preliminary investigation on their speculation. When drawing their conclusions, the overall situation was considered. It seems that they have adjusted quite well.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji habitually assessed the pre-war state of his legion commanders and left the hanger with Yue An and walked to the mecha field.


Yue An watched Ji Xiuyun lead him straight to the deepest part of the field.


The silver-gray streamlined body of the mecha was displayed in front of the person and cat, and they couldn’t be more familiar with the mecha presented in front of them.


The God of War’s mecha, the Silver Blade.


Yue An’s head turned around, and this time he saw another mecha next to the Silver Blade.


It was very similar to the Silver Blade’s body, the main colour was a black that was easy to camouflage, and the main lines at the top were slightly dim and blue.


“Mine.” Ji Xiuyun pointed to the Silver Blade, then pointed to the mecha next to it, and said, “Yours.”


Yue An’s little furry head was raised high, looking at the mecha. The cat looked a little surprised, even his mouth was slightly opened, revealing his white jade-like fangs.


The same style as the Silver Blade.


Who knows who made it.


It was definitely expensive.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The cost of a small part was tens of millions, and a can of paint was eight million. He felt that the full set of design and equipment of the operating system could not be obtained without paying a billion.


The price of the overall build was unthinkable. The 80% of the price of the Silver Blade was paid by the monarch, Ji Xiuyun himself paid for the other 20%.


However, for the construction of the second Silver Blade, and the fine-tuning for Yue An, the price could not compare to the cat’s current savings.


This is probably the gap between the nouveau rich and the old rich, Yue An thought in a daze.


Ji Xiuyun poked Yue An’s head lightly and asked him, “What do you want to name it?”


“Meow!” Yue An stretched out his front paws and hugged his fingers.


Ji Xiuyun narrowed his eyes, “Meow?”


Yue An patted him, “Meow!”


“Okay, think about it slowly.” Marshal Ji walked under the black mecha and asked again, “Would you like to go up and take a look?”


Yue An waved his paws excitedly, “Meow!”




This kind of mecha that is full of the smell of metal, no matter the look or smell, it is extremely suitable for him!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Marshal Ji activated the mecha from outside and brought Yue An into the unnamed behemoth.


The first thing Yue An did after he went up was to activate the system and click on the AI naming module. Before Ji Xiuyun could react, he entered a string of characters and quickly clicked OK.


The decision is yours!


Meow meow meow!


Feeling that he was being super cute that day, Yue An waved his tail happily, sweeping it across Ji Xiuyun’s belly through a layer of fabric.


Marshal Ji was scratched by his tail, and reached out to hold the cat’s tail in his arms through his coat.


He looked down at him as Yue An looked up at him, his eyes sparkling as if he was asking for praise. After hesitating for a long time, Ji Xiuyun said without any guilt, “It’s a lovely name.”


Ji Xiuyun silently looked at the happy Yue An and thought that the name he gave would cause the media to kill him. So, he decided to go back and look through his books to find a better external title for the mecha.


He couldn’t let the media reporters yell “Meow Meow Meow” every time they report on the battle, right?


Are they so shameless?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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