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Chapter 150  Rumours from the Lower Realm

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Chi Yan did not expect that three-quarters of his teammates had discovered that he had used Ye Yingzhi’s power. He thought for a while and decided to take Leiyun’s suggestion and go to Tulong to inquire about the situation.


Mr. Hodge had just left when Chi Yan passed by, and the two of them just missed each other. Chi Yan walked into the office of the old dean. Before he could speak, Tulong seemed to already know the purpose of his visit. He winked, smiled and said, “Hodge was here just now. I told him that I have given you a magic weapon to protect yourself and the immense power was the effect of it.”


Chi Yan was stunned for a moment, unable to react for a moment, “Teacher…?”


Tulong waved at him, “It’s okay now, you can go back. Remember to sing the same song as me. I believe in you.”


Chi Yan returned to the dormitory and saw the black bird. The black bird suddenly flapped its wings and flew in front of him, “Chi, Chi, Chi Chi, I know what the test you mentioned last time was. ”


Chi Yan sat on the bed, and Blackbird began to tell him about the test in detail.


Chi Yan nodded after listening, “That makes sense.” So, just like last time, Teacher Tulong helped him cover up and escape.


After thinking for a while, he remembered the source of the rumour. This rumour was most likely fabricated by the group of people outside the Gate of Chaos since they knew very well about the Black Tower and the Gate of Chaos, and would have deliberately included him in it to divert attention. Although it was still unclear what they were trying to do by sneaking into the Black Tower to open the Gate of Chaos, but since they failed to achieve their goal, they would not give up easily and would most likely try to sneak in again.


Chi Yan had been pampered since he was a child, so he was naturally unhappy with the group’s behaviour of setting him up as the target of the rumour. His blood boiled and made a stupid decision – he decided to guard the altar every day starting from tonight, and when those people came back, he could secretly see who they were and report it to Teacher Tulong.


He waited at the altar every night for seven consecutive nights but the infiltrators did not appear. Instead, the evil god was very happy. On the eighth day, Chi Yan felt that he could no longer hold on. When he was in the God Realm, he could at least drink jade dew and divine wine which helped his body recover quickly and eliminate fatigue. But there was none of these in the human realm so he had a hard time.


When there were only two of them together, he didn’t care about his image and face. He hugged Ye Yingzhi pitifully and acted coquettishly like he did when he was a child. Ye Yingzhi felt so distressed that he went back to the God Realm to get him jade dew to feed him. Chi Yan drank it and felt that his physical condition improved instantly. He hugged Ye Yingzhi and kissed him affectionately.


As a result, Chi Yan stopped going on the ninth day after realising how stupid and difficult it was to wait for the group of people. The poor evil god was still holding on to the Jade Dew in the God Realm, waiting for his little sacrificial treasure to summon him.


On the tenth day, Chi Yan went to the theological history class and sat next to Andy.


Andy told him excitedly, “It is finally not Mr. Hodge today! Mr. Hodge went out to attend an academic conference, and the second-year teacher Du Jin is coming to teach us!” He exclaimed with an expectant expression.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan was a little confused, “Is there any difference?”


Andy said, “Both my brother and sister studied at Qin Shang Academy. In the senior class, they spoke highly of Mr. Du Jin’s classes. They all said that his classes are very interesting. He can tell a lot of anecdotes and short stories about the gods in the Realm of Gods. He is not like Mr. Hodge who follows the textbook.”


Just as they were talking, Mr. Du Jin walked in.


Chi Yan listened attentively and expectantly at first, but gradually realised that something was wrong.


“…We just said that the God of Art fell in love with the God of Sound, but he couldn’t get what he wanted. There is another story and I guess Mr. Hodge has never told you. The superior god, that is the Evil God who has always been revered in the lower realm, has a human lover. The Evil God loved him so much that everyone in the upper realm knew about his lover. Once, the Evil God took his lover to participate in an exhibition organised by the God of Art. Some gods saw them kissing intimately behind the statue in the garden of the God of Art. The evil god’s eyes were filled with unprecedented tenderness, pampering and possessiveness…”


Chi Yan patted Andy quietly, “I said…”


Andy was listening with great interest, staring at Teacher Du Jin intently, and replied without looking at Chi Yan, “Wait, let’s talk about it after class.”


Chi Yan tried hard to recall the incident and realised that what Du Jin said was true! He did not make it up. At that time, Ye Yingzhi hugged him and hid in the corner behind the statue. He didn’t notice that the other gods saw them… Ye Yingzhi should have noticed them, but he didn’t care about them and about his image at all. He was just concerned about making himself comfortable and happy! How infuriating.


Compared with Mr. Hodge’s boring class, the students obviously preferred these anecdotes told by Mr. Du Jin. When they got to the exciting parts, they kept urging him to continue telling them more. By the end of the class, everyone felt that they still did not have enough.


After class, Andy finally responded to his friend, “Chi Yan, what were you trying to tell me just now?”


“Just…. I just wanted to know if Teacher Du Jin always teaches like this?… Talking about the evil god and his lover. Didn’t Mr. Hodge says that the evil god is a superior god, and out of respect, the lower realm rarely talks about him?”


Andy looked at him with an evil smile, “Have you ever heard of what is called ‘A secret known to everyone’? The evil god and his little lover belong to this kind of secret known to everyone. This is Mr. Du Jin’s best story. He tells it to every class of students. When we are in the second grade, you can hear more in his class after the first grade. Mr. Hodge is a favoured one of the Spring Goddess. His actions will affect the Spring Goddess, so he is usually extra cautious in his words and deeds, making sure not to make any mistakes. But Teacher Du Jin is just an ordinary human being, and he is relatively informal, so he can just say it doesn’t matter. No god will deliberately deal with a mortal, or his reputation will not be good no matter how it spreads.” He said it as if he knew the gods very well.


“Since Teacher Du Jin is not a favoured one by the gods, where did he hear these rumours?” 


“If you think about it this way, with the evil god doting on his lover like this, the other gods can’t help it but share it with their followers and their favoured ones. When God’s favoured ones and believers hear of this kind of news, they can’t help but tell the people close to them privately. Teacher Du Jin works in the seminary of our school and is very popular. So naturally he will hear a lot of these stories.”


Andy thought that Chi Yan was interested in the evil god and his lover since he had so many questions suddenly.. After all, the most powerful god in the imagination of humankind in the lower realm, which symbolises evil, actually dotes on a human being. This naturally arouses people’s interest and attention.


It was rare for his friend to show such great interest in something, so Andy began to tell him everything he knew, “…and there’s another very interesting story, perhaps Teacher Du Jin will tell us, or maybe he won’t tell us when we are in the second grade. After all, there are so many interesting things in the God Realm, and there are new things every year. My brother has never heard of this story, but my sister heard him tell it and she told it to us. The gender of the evil god’s lover is a bit vague. In most rumours, he appears as a man, but it is said that once, the evil god held a banquet in his temple, and his lover was seen wearing a silver dress and sitting alone on a garden bench. He seemed to be fast asleep, with white petals falling gently on his body. He was so beautiful…”


This is also true. But Chi Yan swore it only happened once! Unexpectedly, it spread to the lower realm. The Moonlight Goddess had a certain gender cognitive disorder and thought he was a girl, so on his eighteenth birthday, she knitted a gorgeous long dress with moonlight and gave it to him as a birthday gift.


Everyone in the God Realm knows that the Moonlight Goddess has gender cognitive disorder. The most classic story was her love story with the God of War. The Moonlight Goddess was a relatively traditional and conservative god. She always thought that the God of War was a heroic female, so she hesitated for a long time after falling in love with him, and then finally made up her mind to bravely pursue the “beautiful sister” in her eyes. Although the two had a comedic ending and resolved their misunderstanding, they actually made a lot of jokes along the way, adding a lot of gossip topics to the after-dinner chat in the God Realm. Under such circumstances, Chi Yan could only accept the goddess’s kindness and clarify that he was a male. He would not be dissatisfied with the skirt since it was a gift from the Moonlight Goddess.


But he didn’t know why Ye Yingzhi was so crazy to want to see him wear the dress. He even told Chi Yan that he will also wear a dress to show him. But Chi Yan didn’t have such strange hobbies and was not interested to see Ye Yingzhi wear a dress. In the end, he wore the dress to satisfy Ye Yingzhi’s curiosity for one night. 


Chi Yan remembered that when he put on the dress, he didn’t look like what Andy had described. Instead, he looked like someone who was easily bullied. Unlike the prim and properly attired Goddess of Time or the confidently attired Goddess of Spring, when he put on that moonlight dress, he looked very thin and weak, as if he could be bullied at will. That day, Ye Yingzhi bullied him so hard that he felt Ye Yingzhi had gone too far, so he fought back the next day. Ye Yingzhi realised that he was wrong, so he let Chi Yan beat him up.


Chi Yan didn’t expect that the lower realm would actually know about this incident. But luckily they didn’t know about him beating up Ye Yingzhi.


After Andy finished speaking, he sighed and said again, “I don’t know how beautiful and charming the evil god’s lover is, to the extent that the evil god is bewitched immensely. However, it is said that the evil god is very possessive of his lover and won’t let him go out of  the temple alone, so we probably won’t be able to see him.”


Chi Yan looked at him silently: Wake up, the person you are talking about is actually your old classmate standing in front of you. Stop hypnotising yourself, just open your eyes and look at me, okay?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

However, Andy could not hear Chi Yan’s inner voice, and continued to speak, “…Oh ya! There is also a particularly exciting story about the lover beating up the evil god. It is said that a few gods witnessed the incident about the human beating up the evil god in the temple’s garden. It was just like a little cat slapping the human with its paw pad. The evil god just sat there and allowed him to beat him up with a doting look on his face. As his lover was beating him, he suddenly slipped and fell but was hugged by the evil god in his arms.”


Chi Yan: …The version you heard seems to be different from what I experienced. Your spectator filter is a bit heavy.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


Chapter 149◀︎Table of Contents▶︎Chapter 151



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