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Chapter 147 Rumour

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It was common knowledge in the lower realm that the Goddess of Spring was bold, lively and liked to share happenings in the God Realm with believers; whilst the Goddess of Time was quiet and reticent, and never spoke extra words to believers.


But in fact, when lonely and bored, this goddess would quietly share some secrets with believers whom she loved and trusted. Tulong had indeed heard the goddess talk about how the evil god spoiled the human child in his temple before, and he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t imagine what kind of person he would be.


After speaking these three sentences, the breath of the Goddess of Time disappeared again, leaving Tulong shaking on the spot.


As what the Goddess of Time had said, she deliberately sent this message as a reminder as she did not want to watch her faithful believer who had served her throughout his whole life to be involved in some unwarranted disaster because of the lack of key information. She also knew that many gods knew about this but chose to wait for things to change. They didn’t reveal any news to their followers because they were unsure of the evil god’s wishes, such as the Goddess of Spring who was always thought to be willing to share information.


Then Tulong quickly returned to the meeting room of the main tower, where the scene took place.


In the meeting room, Tulong observed his colleagues in silence and closed his eyes silently. The situation was getting more and more complicated, but he couldn’t say anything. If he understood correctly what this implied…… god, this was too scary.


The dean of the Close Combat Department next to him was slightly dissatisfied, “But we only detected that the young man had a reaction to the test paper this time. If we didn’t start with him, there would be no clues.”

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“I didn’t approve of this method earlier on.” Tulong opened his eyes and answered flatly. “It is a clumsy method and it is easy to make mistakes. It may not be effective either. Instead, it may reveal too much information to the other party. I said earlier that if those intruders are prepared, they must have more than one way to escape this set of tests.” 


The dean of the Close Combat Department kept quiet.


At this moment, the chief dean looked at Tulong and asked, “Did your God reveal anything else about this incident?”


Tulong closed his eyes again and shook his head slightly.


He heard the chief dean murmur softly, seemingly unintentionally, “…This is really strange. God did not say anything about the invaders who tried to break into the altar of the evil god, but instead deliberately paid attention to a young man and relieved him.”


The gods would not tell lies to their own believers, but the believers themselves might not be truthful. Tulong understood that he couldn’t close the gap and everyone present had similar doubts. They chose to trust him now only because of the reputation he had accumulated over the years. He knew the reason, but he couldn’t explain it to them.


The old dean had a faint bitter taste in his mouth. He felt as if he had shouldered on an extremely heavy burden.




In the next few days, Chi Yan found that no matter where he went, someone was secretly looking at him. He didn’t care too much either as he thought it was just because he was picked out during the new element test. That test did not have any follow-up effects except the old dean Tulong would call him over from time to time to help with some experiments. There wasn’t much work to do to begin with, but there was plenty of tea and fruits to eat every time he went.

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Soon it was the day of the divine light test. Chi Yan and Andy made an appointment with each other to walk to the test venue together.


Chi Yan felt that something was wrong with Andy. Sure enough, after a while, the young man couldn’t help it, hesitated and asked him, “Chi Yan, have you heard the rumour about the divine light test in the academy recently?”


“What rumour?”


“They said, there is a student who sneaked into the forbidden area at the back of the mountains and kissed the idol of the evil god in order to gain favour.”


“What?!” Chi Yan almost jumped up.


Andy looked at him, feeling baffled as to why his friend had such a reaction – astonished, and somewhat….angry?


He tentatively continued, “They also said that the elemental test two days ago was just an excuse to find out who entered the forbidden area and contacted the evil god’s idol…” 


At this point, he looked at Chi Yan again cautiously, “……So, Chi Yan, did you really kiss the evil god’s idol?”


“Of course not!” Chi Yan denied immediately, trying to conceal his panic after hearing this rumour, “How could I do such a thing? Moreover, if this rumour is true, Mrs. Fufu and the other deans won’t let me come back.”


He wouldn’t kiss the evil god’s idol. After all, that idol was just a stone and didn’t look like Ye Yingzhi.


He would rather kiss the true body of the evil god.


Although the rumour was very unreliable, the protagonist of the rumour still pointed towards him. Other than feeling troubled, Chi Yan still had an unspeakable sense of comfort – even if it was just a rumour, even if it was only an idol, the suspect who kissed Ye Yingzhi was still himself.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Andy let out a sigh of relief, “I think so too. This rumour is so nonsensical.”


Chi Yan couldn’t help remembering the questions that Mr. Hodge asked him at the main tower meeting room that day. What Andy said reminded him that he had to find out what the test that day was. Although this rumour was false, the test that day was probably not as simple as testing the affinity of the new element.


In the venue of the divine light test, Mr. Hodge and the others naturally heard this rumour.


The rumour was half-true and half-false, and it quickly spread amongst the students who had to go through the upcoming divine light test. Almost everyone had heard of it and had vague impressions that there was an idol of the evil god that had god’s power, and this had secretly caught the attention of some students.


“I said earlier that the last test was not safe.” Tulong reiterated his point. “Those people must have known the true purpose and intention of the test, and doing so directly exposed Chi Yan. They are now using that kid to divert attention.”


But nothing could be done now to help the situation. Tulong had a very bad premonition in his heart because of the results of the last test, that group of people had been watching Chi Yan secretly. They were fearless but they didn’t know that this seemingly ordinary young man had a very powerful backing. But if they really angered the evil god because of this, then it wouldn’t be a matter of a few people or a group of people.


The divine light test venue was divided into two floors. Those on the second floor could see the situation on the first floor. The old dean Tulong and Mr. Hodge were all seated on the second floor, watching the situation of the light test for the new students below.

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On the first floor, there were two passages on the east and the west. Under the organisation of the school’s academic affairs teacher, the freshmen entered the divine light test area one by one to receive the divine light inspection. Those who did not meet the conditions would leave directly from the west passage. The students who met the conditions would stay behind, while some of them would be taken as disciples by god’s favoured ones who were seated on the second floor.


As most people couldn’t bear the divine light, especially the pressure of the gods present in the divine light, the actual detection time was very short and very simple. The test only required the students to approach the divine light zone. Most people found it instinctively difficult to get close to this zone, and the closer they could get, the higher their affinity for the light.


The situation was almost the same as previous years, and there were very few new students who had the potential to become the favoured ones.


Soon, a familiar figure appeared in Tulong’s vision. He saw Chi Yan approaching the divine light zone without any difficulty. Bathed in divine light like a real god, Chi Yan’s expression was calm and indifferent, and the divine light fell on him softly, forming a faint halo.


There was no doubt that, as he expected, this young man had an extraordinary affinity with God’s light.


……After all, this person grew up being pampered by the high-ranking god.


Tulong knew that Chi Yan did not fully demonstrate his abilities. He should be able to move freely in the divine light, but he did not walk into the center of the divine light zone, but stopped at the edge. Even then, such a performance was already rare.

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The students who saw this scene couldn’t help whispering, “Look, he is really close to the divine light…”


“Did he really sneak into the forbidden ground and kiss the evil god’s idol? Can’t be right? If this is true, how could the chief dean and the others let it go?”


“Maybe they didn’t have evidence..….”


Even Mrs. Fufu and the others who were standing aside were shocked and exclaimed, “The affinity of such a fit… this is just like living in the God Realm……”


Tulong was the only person present who knew the truth. But he still couldn’t say anything about it. Not only that, according to the wishes of the Goddess of Time, he might also need to help the young man to do some cover-ups to prevent him from getting into more trouble.


Thinking of this, the old dean of the seminary spoke flatly and said, “No wonder, my god was very concerned about him before. Let him follow me in the future.”


Those who had the potential to become god’s favoured ones would practice with favoured ones until they truly became favoured ones recognised by the gods.


Mrs. Fufu and others all knew that the Goddess of Time deliberately rescued this young man the last time, and they didn’t feel surprised when they heard Tulong say this. The students below all secretly envied Chi Yan’s good luck. After all, the old dean Tulong was a very famous god’s favoured person, and even a rare prophet of gods. His reputation even exceeded that of the chief dean of the Qin Shang Academy.


Chi Yan also liked the old man who always prepared tea and fruits for him, so he happily accepted the arrangement.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The purpose of his wanting to be the favoured one was very simple. He just wanted to learn more ways and spells for humans in the lower realm to summon gods. It would be too embarrassing if he had to summon Ye Yingzhi that way every time. But there were few relevant records in this regard. He learnt later that the things and spells related to the gods were passed on by word of mouth by the blessed ones.


But there were also a lot of people who remembered the rumour. They looked at Chi Yan with doubt and uncertainty—kissing the idol of the evil god or something sounded a little unrealistic and many people didn’t take it seriously at first. But seeing this rare result, they began to wonder if this new student had really sneaked into the forbidden area to get close to the idol…


Tulong did not expect that after returning from the light test venue, he was called upon by his God again.


The voice of the Goddess of Time was as soft as ever, except with a hint of sadness this time, “Tulong, you shouldn’t have said that at that time…”


Do you know, now all the gods know about it. They talked about me behind my back, and said that I am blinded by a ghost, I am very daring, an old cow eating the tender grass, and I suddenly wanted to snatch the evil god’s person.”


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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