The Haunted

The Haunted


Hi there, I hope you’re doing well. The Haunted is one of my favourite BL horror novels and I picked it up to translate so that many other bl novel fans may get to enjoy it too.

It hadn’t been easy to translate this novel as firstly the MTL for this novel is really bad and it’s almost impossible to understand. I spend many days and night sitting down, editing and translating the chapters.

If you love the effort I’ve put in, your comments of encouragement or coffee contributions for me to maintain this website will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much and love you all! 😘


🌺 Nessie 🌺



I am sadden to know that some websites are stealing my translations and reposting them in theirs and they don’t even give me any credits to my work. They are not only stealing mine, they are stealing others too.

As a result, every time when I spend those long tedious hours translating this novel, I felt half-hearted knowing that these thieves will continue to do so.

If you see any chapters that are password protected, the passwords are in the form of th<chapter number>, for example, th114.


Table of Contents

Please click here for previous chapters 1 – 65.

Chapters 32-65

Chapter 66 The Righteous Hunter

Chapter 67 Disguise vs Reality

Chapter 68 Promise Fulfilment

Chapter 69 The Second Meal

Chapter 70 Nothing Happened Today

Chapter 71 Infected

Chapter 72 Attack

Chapter 73 Seventeenth Law Enforcement Team

Chapter 74 Uneasy

Chapter 75 Innocent Friends

Chapter 76 The Second Exchange Condition

Chapter 77 The Morals of a Gentleman

Chapter 78 Dream From The Heart

Chapter 79 Cloudy Day

Chapter 80 Special Existence

Chapter 81 Reason

Chapter 82 It’s Another Peaceful Night

Chapter 83 Returning The Blood

Chapter 84 Struggle

Chapter 85 Joy

Chapter 86 Fox Fake Tiger

Chapter 87 Countdown Three Days

Chapter 88 Countdown

Chapter 89 Coffin

Chapter 90 Castle Anecdote

Chapter 91 Words From The Heart After Being Drunk

Chapter 92 The Blood Clan

Volume 4 – Reincarnation 4 [The World Of Yin and Yang]

Chapter 93 Haunted

Chapter 94 The Person In His Heart

Chapter 95 Gift

Chapter 96 Seeking Help

Chapter 97 Clues

Chapter 98 Entering The Village

Chapter 99 Nuo Shen Temple

Chapter 100 Dolls

Chapter 101 Faking God and Devil

Chapter 102 Contract

Chapter 103 Gathering Yin Array

Chapter 104 That Person

Chapter 105 Patriarch

Chapter 106 Going Home

Chapter 107 Warm Up

Chapter 108 Strange Things

Chapter 109 Taking Medicine

Chapter 110 The Burial

Chapter 111 Retribution

Chapter 112 Chi Yuan Shan

Chapter 113 Chi Rong

Chapter 114 Sending Of The Dead 

Chapter 115 Conjecture

Chapter 116

Chapter 117 Who Are You? 

Chapter 118 A Visitor In The Middle Of The Night

Chapter 119 Moving The Village

Chapter 120 The Red Diamond Prince

Chapter 121 Funeral

Chapter 122 Visitors

Chapter 123 Photos

Chapter 124 Farewell

Chapter 125 The World Of Yin And Yang

Chapter 126 Sharpening The Knife

Chapter 127 Accompany You

Chapter 128 He Is Waking Up

Chapter 129 Nightmare

Chapter 130 Heart Knot

Chapter 131

Chapter 132

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