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Chapter 87 Countdown Three Days

Translated by Nessie


It was already ten o’clock at night when the bus arrived at the parking lot in the city center of Sophis. The street was very quiet and there were almost no pedestrians or vehicles in sight. The temperature was a little bit low. A gust of wind blew, and Chi Yan covered his clothes tightly. The temperature had dropped again. It wasn’t this cold before he left Sophis two days ago.


He walked out of the bus parking lot with Jiang Tian, whipped out his mobile phone and looked at it. The car he had reserved for should be arriving soon.


Chi Yan stopped and said to Jiang Tian, “Da Jiang, I won’t be going back to the dormitory with you. I told my dad’s friend about what happened while on our way back. That uncle was very worried and asked me to go to his place today. “


He thought for a moment then added, “He is on leave tomorrow and wanted to take me out to play. I don’t have any class on the first day of school, so I might not be back for the next three days. Please don’t worry about me.”


This “uncle” was a made up character when he stayed with the vampire prince previously, and he didn’t expect to use it again.


Sure enough, Jiang Tian didn’t suspect anything, “Then be careful, and send me a message when you arrive. Have fun tomorrow.” After speaking, he waved his hand and walked towards the bus station alone. He had never thought that his friend was going to meet a vampire.


Chi Yan remembered the way to Prince Eymer’s manor. He could even instruct the driver easily to send him to the front door of the building in the middle of the night.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Gray was taken aback at his late-night visit. He opened the door to let in the human who was already freezing cold, “Why are you here at this hour ?”


The warmth in the house quickly warmed up his body. Even then, Chi Yan still walked a few steps towards the fireplace. He took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Jiang Tian to inform him that he was safe. He had foreseen that he would not be able to see anything in the next few days, including using his mobile phone. “I’d like to see Prince Eymer. I have something to say to him. Would you please help me inform him ?”


Gray let him sit on the sofa and brought him a cup of hot black tea. “Please wait a minute, I’ll inform His Royal Highness.”


Chi Yan nodded and took a sip from the exquisite porcelain teacup while sitting on the sofa. He realized how strange and presumptuous his behavior was, running over like this so abruptly.


A short while later, Gray walked out of the room on the second floor and made a gesture to Chi Yan.


The black ribbon was still hung on the handle in front of the door. Chi Yan reached out to take it, blindfolded his eyes and then slowly pushed open the heavy wooden door in front of him.


This time he stood at the entrance of the door and did not continue to move forward. He did not wait for the bedroom door to close automatically as he usually would. Instead, he turned around, stretched out his hand, groped for the door handle and closed the door. Then he leaned against the door, revealing the thin white back of his neck in an inviting and enticing sacrificial gesture. He was like a small deer which voluntarily placed itself on the altar and displayed its fatal weakness for the viewers to enjoy. He didn’t know what to say, but he knew that the Prince would have seen him the moment he entered the door. 


Sure enough, he heard the footsteps of the Prince moving quickly towards him. Immediately before he realised it, the vampire placed his left hand around his waist, and his right hand stroked the back of his neck, pressing him hard against the door.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The fangs pierced in.


Chi Yan put his right arm in front of his forehead to restrain himself from making a sound but he still let out an unbearable moan. The feeling of being sucked this time seemed to be much stronger than before.


Chi Yan thought he was going crazy. There was no reason for him to do this, but he just wanted to find an excuse to let this vampire suck his blood.


He was sure that this was not a sign of him being addicted to having his blood sucked as Ye Yingzhi had said. He just wanted to find a way to get close to the Prince who was rumoured to be hostile and difficult to get close to. It didn’t matter if it was just to let him suck his blood. He was not disgusted. He welcomed it and would even do it voluntarily.


He wanted to get more intimate with the vampire prince before forgetting.


It took a long time for the Prince to pull out his fangs, and while he was healing the wound with his thumb which was soaked with saliva, he asked indifferently, “It’s so late. Why did you come over to let me suck your blood so obediently ? Is there any matter?”


Chi Yan didn’t answer but turned around, reached out his arms to hug the vampire. He raised his head slightly and kissed his cheek, like a little animal that was eager to please people.


The Prince gave a soft “um” from his nose, and he could hear that he was not dissatisfied. In fact, the Prince enjoyed this feeling very much.


“Your Highness,” Chi Yan relaxed and whispered as he rested his head on the Prince’s shoulder, “I met a group of vampires who attacked people while on my way back tonight. Can you help to punish them?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Prince chuckled then suddenly picked Chi Yan up in a bridal carry, walked a few steps to the sofa and sat down embracing him in his arms. He stroked the back of his neck and whispered softly, “Is it just for this?”


“It’s just for this matter? En?” He repeated again, whispering softly, “I don’t believe it. You came so willingly and obediently to offer me your blood and kisses just for this ? I don’t believe it.”


Chi Yan didn’t know how to answer for a while. He opened his mouth and was about to answer when the Prince lifted his left hand and gently stroked the ring on the ring finger. “Don’t you still have a vampire hunter friend? You have his ring so why would you bother to come to me for such a matter.”


Chi Yan did not speak and Prince Eymer was silent for a second. Then he suddenly said, “I just remembered…he gave you the ring, did he propose to you? Have you accepted it? You came here to hug me and kiss me, you little brat, does your boyfriend know? Will he be upset? Oh, so you know he can’t do anything even if he knows? After all, he can’t beat me.”


Chi Yan seldom heard Prince Eymer say such a long string of words that were mean and mocking. His touching show of kisses and hugs became reasons for his ridicule.


Chi Yan choked but argued, “No, he treats me as a friend only. And I treat him as a friend too. We are just friends. He gave me the ring to protect me. Like this time, if not for the ring he gave me, you would probably never be able to drink my blood again.”


“Then I must really thank him.” The vampire’s voice was cold and elegant, with a hint of carelessness that soaked to the bones. “Just  friends? The friend who put on the ring for you ? Didn’t you dream of that friend of yours and called him hubby in your dreams ?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He took the human into his arms affectionately, but what came out from his mouth was not at all like that. It was as though he wanted to pry more information out from Chi Yan. “Little brat, you think I didn’t hear of the words that you said in your dreams when you were asleep ? You forgot who embraced you and covered you with a quilt when you stayed here overnight? So you are in love with each other? And now you’ve met with some difficult situations yet you came looking for me instead. Why, huh? Be good, tell me why?”


Chi Yan turned his face away. He felt both chill and heat in his heart at the same time. He guessed he also couldn’t explain it clearly. He couldn’t explain his dreams. In reality, he treated Ye Yingzhi politely as a friend, but in his dreams, that man who looked exactly like the vampire hunter, acted so intimately with him, like his lover. So naturally, he  accepted those scenes in his dreams.


He was wrong. Ye Yingzhi had always been a reliable, considerate and trustworthy friend. He had rescued him many times before. He felt particularly guilty dreaming about his friend in this manner. It was really wrong of him. It was all his doing and he did say those things in his dreams. It would be a lie to say that he didn’t feel anything for Ye Yingzhi. Even he wouldn’t believe it himself. So there was really no excuse.


Chi Yan remembered the most important purpose of coming here, and he suddenly felt that these were not important anymore. It didn’t matter what Eymer thought about him liking Ye Yingzhi or not. Anyway, there was not much time left for him and this vampire. Instead of arguing and explaining, it was better to cherish the remaining time.


He got up from the Prince’s embrace, sat next to him and hugged the vampire from behind. Then he slowly leaned his head on the back of the Prince “…Your Highness, I came to say that there are only three days left before our agreement ends. You said that when the agreement is over, you would let me leave completely.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

If it weren’t for the sudden realization that this agreement was about to end, he might still be fooling himself and the other party. He might never admit it that he was reluctant to leave this vampire – the one who was known by all to be cold, ruthless and cunning; the one who until this day, he hadn’t even seen his face yet.


The vampire’s body stiffened, and then smiled. “Oh, this. Sure enough, you are only worried about this. Don’t worry, I will abide by the agreement and let you go safely and completely.”


He turned around, pushed the human back onto the sofa, pressed his body on top of him and sucked his blood wantonly again.


This time the vampire bit very hard. Chi Yan took the pain head on, not groaning as he usually would. He knew that once he showed some discomfort, the Prince would relax his strength.


The sofa was small. After the vampire pulled out his fangs, he laid on it side by side with the human. The vampire embraced the human whose blood had just been sucked. After Prince Eymer had his fill of blood, Chi Yan asked the questions that had been in his mind. “Eymer, when the agreement is over, will my memories be erased? Memories about the blood clan, the agreement and about… you?”


His back was towards the sofa as the Prince embraced him from behind. The Prince who had just drunk blood was always easy to talk to. His voice was soft and gentle. “What about you? Do you want to forget? Baby, I can promise you, it’s up to you to decide .”


Chi Yan was silent for a long time. Then he softly replied, “Forget about it. Eymer, let me forget about it.”


The Prince rubbed his teeth on the back of Chi Yan’s neck, lifted himself nearer to his ears, smiled and said, “I knew it, you hate me.”


He was smiling, but there was no joy or anger in his voice. He was neither happy nor angry, as if it was just a natural and trivial matter. 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan felt his heart hurt suddenly.


Not hate…but…like you.


I like the vampire whom I shouldn’t even be liking . I fall in love and the love can never be reciprocated.


He never dared to show it and never dared to be honest with himself.


He heard the vampire say casually, “I know, I will let you forget me.”


Anyway, there is Ye Yingzhi. Anyway, there is a human being whom you like. Anyway, you both can’t be “friends” for a lifetime. Be friends first, then become lovers, and slowly penetrate…In any case, the future is still bright. It doesn’t matter if you forget about me temporarily. You will still love me, you can only love me.


The Prince raised his hand to caress his lover’s lips, his eyes deep.


Chi Yan’s eyes darkened under the black ribbon. An unspeakable sourness spread in his heart suddenly. Sure enough, the Prince wouldn’t mind if he forgot him or not. He was nothing but just a delicious snack. In the past, the Prince didn’t consume blood directly from the human body, but since there is a first time, there will be a second and a third time. Maybe he will have more and more delicious snacks in the future, until he forgets the taste of his first bite.


I don’t remember you, you don’t remember me, fair enough.


He didn’t even have the right to complain. The other party generously gave him the option to choose. It was he who asked for oblivion. Since he couldn’t obtain it, couldn’t monopolise it, then it is better to forget and become strangers.


Chi Yan closed his eyes, pressed his hand tightly on the pattern of the sofa under him, and restrained his emotions. He turned over, put his arms around the Prince’s neck, raised his head and gently kissed his Adam’s apple. He flashed a shallow smile and said, “Your Highness, for these three days, I am yours… I belong to you, entirely, belong to you……”


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Translator: Next chapter… catching the vampire’s pants down!!!! 😂🤣LOL!!!


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