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Chapter 86 Fox Fake Tiger

Translated by Nessie


Chi Yan didn’t even realize it. Whenever such things happen, his first reaction now was to contact Ye Yingzhi. He had already subconsciously regarded the other party as a trustworthy and reliable existence, although sometimes in his heart, the other party was an “unreliable, timid and not very skillful vampire hunter”.


There was no signal on his mobile phone. Chi Yan regretted that when he first arrived, he chose the most affordable package from an operator with the worst signal in order to save some money. At that time, he thought he would only be around the school and the dormitory, and he didn’t have to go to remote places often. How would he have known that he would be so unlucky.


His original mobile phone was smashed by the low ranking vampire when he was in Sydney. But when he left Prince Eymer’s manor that time, Gray gave him a new mobile phone with a reissued calling card. He only needed to download the apps that he frequently used from the  app store and log in to his accounts.


When Gray handed him the phone, he calmly said that the phone was “a compensation from the blood clan”. But Chi Yan didn’t think that the blood clan would be so meticulous and kind. He needn’t be told whom it was who had ordered the old butler to do this.


His mood was a bit complicated. He clearly remembered how he was forced to accede to the 30-day blood-sucking agreement with the Prince, but then Prince Eymer’s attitude had always been better than he had expected. A lot better.


His blood sucking movements were gentle most of the time, except he appeared to be a little too eager occasionally. Every time he would change a variety of ways to prepare meals for him, and then patiently feed him a little bit at a time. He would also take him into his arms, embrace him, sink his teeth into his neck, then gently lick his wound, call him baby, and ask him if it hurt, and if it felt comfortable…

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Whenever Chi Yan thought about this, he would quickly shake his head and dared not to think about Prince Eymer. He wondered if he was suffering from Stockholm syndrome since he even had a good impression of the vampire who sucked his blood. He also warned himself not to be fooled by appearances as this might probably be the gentle method used by this old vampire to treat his prey. He didn’t forget that Alex was also his warm and friendly neighbor and classmate in the beginning  before he was exposed…


But there was a little voice in his heart that protested. All the other blood clansmen had said that the Prince had never sucked blood directly from the human body before. They all said he was hostile and indifferent to strangers; but the Prince sucked blood directly from his body every time. He also fed him and even let him wear his clothes…..


Whenever Chi Yan had his blood sucked by Prince Eymer, or even when he heard his voice, he would feel hot on his face, and his heartbeat would speed up. Whenever he left the Prince’s manor, his heart would feel hollow and empty. And this time, this feeling reached its peak after the Prince fed him his blood.


Chi Yan felt disgusted with himself. He felt like a cowardly middle school boy having a secret crush on the prettiest and most popular girl in school – “the school flower”. But this pretty girl never had meals with others and never studied with others. Yet she was willing to have meals with him, studied with him and even went home together with him… Did she also think that he was special?”


However, Prince Eymer was not that simple beautiful girl. It would be better for him to stop these bizarre thoughts. He was probably suffering from Stockholm syndrome, and when their agreement was over, the Prince would erase his memory and he would leave the Prince… and then he would be cured.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He didn’t even dare to confide these thoughts to his vampire hunter friend. What would he expect to tell Ye Yingzhi, “Yingzhi, there’s something I want to confess to you. Sometime ago, I have been having dreams about you, but these dreams are not easy for me to describe. But now, I am very fond of Prince Eymer and I think…I like him. Can you tell me what’s wrong with me? Will I become normal again after I leave and have my memory erased ?”


Ye Yingzhi would probably be shocked and overwhelmed already when he heard the first half of the sentence. Maybe he would break off their friendship.


Chi Yan didn’t understand how quickly he had degenerated this way after coming to this capitalist society. Not only did he have amorous dreams about his friend, he also developed an unspeakable fondness for a vampire in reality. He was such a scum. He didn’t know if this counted as him sticking his foot on two boats at the same time.


It was precisely he wanted to escape these feelings and bizarre thoughts that he participated in this two-day surfing trip. Who would have thought that he would encounter this again.


He probably had a grudge against vampires in his previous life.


Jiang Tian was seated beside him and asked about the situation of the vampire bandits.


Tony sat down on the empty seat behind them and explained, “It is said that there are vampires lurking in the mountains and forests. They will appear on the remote roads at night where few cars pass by. They will stop the car and then suck the blood of the people in the car. Then they will erase their memory and let the people go. But there were people who happened to hide and escaped this catastrophe without having their memories erased, so the rumors about these ‘bandits’ spreaded. But we don’t know how true these stories about gods and ghosts were and so nobody really takes these rumors seriously.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“I didn’t expect it to be true,” he murmured, “the blood robbing bandit.”


The driver was a burly middle-aged white man. He parked the bus nervously and warned everyone not to open the doors or windows and not to get out of the car. Judging from the sound just now, the bus had clearly hit something, but he didn’t dare get out of the bus to check. As a veteran who often travelled on mountain roads at night, he had obviously heard the rumors too.


The fog in the mountains and forests was getting bigger and bigger. The thick white fog blanketed the entire bus.


The driver looked at the unusual fog, turned off the engine and all the lights inside and outside of the bus, hoping to cover the bus in this way. Some passengers tried to call the emergency number for help, but they discovered that their mobile phones had no signal.


The driver got out of the driver’s seat and whispered to everyone not to make any noise or turn on any lights. Suddenly even the white lights emitted by the electronic devices disappeared, and the whole bus became silent in total darkness. Only everyone’s breathing sound was audible.


Chi Yan faintly heard the sound of rustling in the fog. He frowned and turned his head to look. He saw a dark shadow leaning on the window on his right. A pale greenish white face with long fangs was pressed against the window facing Chi Yan.


The vampire’s dark red pupils looked greedily at Chi Yan and smiled at him maliciously.


Chi Yan was caught off guard and looked at the vampire. He resisted diverting his gaze and touched his throat quietly. He tried to stay calm and slowly raised his left hand.


There was a ring that Ye Yingzhi had placed on the ring finger of his left hand.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He said it was a token, and it might come in handy.


Chi Yan didn’t expect that it would come in handy so soon. He didn’t know if it would work. He tried his best to hide his nervousness and pretence, worrying that he would be exposed. He calmly and deliberately waved the ring face with the thorns and roses pattern at the vampire.


The vampire’s dark red pupils suddenly widened.


Chi Yan thought for a while, and then directly stuck the ring face on the glass so that the vampire could see clearly.


He suddenly realised that his behavior was a bit risky. This was a token from a vampire hunter after all, and he didn’t know anything about this group of vampires. What if they had enmity with Ye Yingzhi’s family and his actions might lead to a backlash? Tony said these vampires would only plunder blood and would not kill humans. Chi Yan guessed that they spared human lives so as not to bring too much trouble to themselves. And what if showing off the ring was likely to bring more disaster to all the people in the bus and he didn’t have the ability to protect everyone.


Just as Chi Yan regretted his impulsive action, the vampire fell from the bus.


There were rustling of branches in the thick fog and barely audible sporadic voices conversing in English.


Everyone inside the bus waited in fear with the driver leading them. They communicated their panic and anxiety with their companions using their eyes and body movements. Some of them also saw the monsters sticking to the window just now—more than one, but they didn’t know what it was. After more than ten minutes, the thick fog gradually dissipated, revealing the bright moonlight on the horizon.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The driver calmly took out the spare flashlight, opened the front door of the bus and got out to check – everything was normal. It was as if the collision, thick fog and rustling dark shadows were just his illusions.


He returned to the bus, rubbed his hands, mumbled a few words, then started the engine again, turned on all the lights inside and outside of the bus, and drove along the familiar route as usual. Half an hour later, he turned on the music again. Everything was fine so far, and it probably wouldn’t be long before he could get home safely.


The bus regained its vitality once again with the soothing country music playing in the background.


The mobile phones had signals again and the passengers called their relatives and friends or talked about their strange experiences on social media.


Chi Yan sent a message to Ye Yingzhi, thanked him for the ring, and took the opportunity to ask a question that he had always wanted to ask. “Will my memory be erased once my agreement with Prince Eymer is completed ?”


In the past, he wasn’t bothered about this matter, but after Bai Qiu asked him this question, he couldn’t help thinking about it. He was not as unaffected as he used to be when he was with Bai Qiu.


“The decision of this matter rests with Prince Eymer. If he doesn’t want you to forget it, then you will not forget it.”


“I see.” Chi Yan lowered his head and sent another message, “There is one more thing, Yingzhi, can you not report this incident about these wandering vampires and just help me take note of the aftermath?”




“I want to ask Eymer for help.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He knew that it was his own waywardness and his own sentimentality.

In the past, Ye Yingzhi asked him to ask Prince Eymer for help but he was never willing. This time he decided to take the initiative to ask him.


Anyway, I am destined to leave. Anyway, I am destined to forget.


Anyway, I don’t have a lifespan of a hundred years, and will only be with you for a short while.


So I want to know at least at this moment, while I can still remember, if I am a little special to you, if I may have the right to be a little wilful with you.


Eymer, I gave up.


Whether it’s Stockholm syndrome or something, I seem to have some…


Chi Yan closed his eyes and stopped thinking. He put away the phone, leaned on the cramped seat, and tilted his head to the right.

The bus entered the downtown of Sophis. The dim orange street lights on the side of the road reflected on the windows together with his face that looked loss.


He did not dare to face his heart clearly and frankly after all.


Those three words, he wouldn’t even think about it.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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