The Haunted Chapter 85

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Chapter 85 Joy

Translated by Nessie


Chi Yan bit on the side of the vampire’s neck. But he instinctively didn’t dare to bite with all his strength. He gnawed and gnawed, changed a few angles, but only shallow teeth marks were impressed upon the vampire’s neck and a wet patch of saliva.


He was just like a little puppy, writhing and playing with no teeth. The Prince laughed, hugged him and whispered, “Are you playing with me? Are you kissing me? You little brat.”


Chi Yan retracted his mouth dejectedly. His dazed and expressionless black eyes “looked” at the vampire, fumbled and pulled down the other’s left hand that was on his back, brought it towards his mouth and bit his wrist.


However, the wrist was no better than the neck. He tried a few times, but this time he couldn’t even leave any teeth marks.


Chi Yan was even more at a loss. The burning sensation of the vampire’s blood and the sacred power of the holy water fighting each other in his body made him want to cry. His body was extremely uncomfortable yet he couldn’t find a solution. He started becoming less sober and leaned against the vampire’s arms, desperately absorbing his breath in order to alleviate the physical discomfort.


He leaned on the vampire’s chest, stretched out his hands around the Prince’s body and looked at him from the bottom up. His eyes were flushed and watery. He looked at the Prince pleadingly as he suffered great grievances and discomfort.


Prince Eymer reached out his finger and touched his nose. Then he leaned down and kissed his eyes gently, “Don’t look at me like that, it’s as if I bullied you again. You were obviously stupid to drink whatever other people gave you. “

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Although Chi Yan looked confused, he understood the Prince’s words. He closed his eyes, hugged the Prince around his waist and mumbled. The expression on his face became even more aggrieved.


The Prince poked his cheeks lightly, “Getting more pampered and weak. Can’t even endure this.”


Chi Yan rubbed his chest with his face lightly, closed his eyes and whispered, “Eymer, help me. Please, give me your blood. . Don’t leave me alone. I was wrong. From now on, I will give you all my blood and I will listen to everything you say.”


His words sounded so soft and obedient. The vampire felt his heart tremble, and couldn’t help hugging Chi Yan tighter and licked his teeth. He couldn’t tell if Chi Yan was awake at this time. If he was not awake, then how would he be so obedient and say so many things that pleased him ? Thinking of this, his thoughts wandered away. He remembered that it was also here that night, under this lamp and with Chi Yan in his arms. Chi Yan got up dazedly and gave him a gentle kiss, begging him to love him.


The vampire felt more and more unable to resist.


The Prince gave up. Chi Yan had never been willing to accompany him honestly and obediently. He had always brought upon himself all kinds of troubles, leaving him to help him clean up his mess. And everytime, he could only comply with his wishes, compromise with him and was even afraid that he wouldn’t be happy.


The Prince carried Chi Yan, walked towards his desk, picked up the silver knife and walked back carrying him.


He placed the human lying on one side of the bed wrapped in a quilt, and cut his wrist with a knife.


The smell of the dark and extravagant blood instantly filled the air. He didn’t need to take the initiative to hand over his wrist. The human being who smelled his blood quickly crawled out of the pile of quilt, knelt in front of him and held his bleeding wrist with both hands.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan was very careful. He stretched out his tongue and licked it cautiously, then raised his head and looked obediently at the Prince, awaiting for instructions. After seeing that the Prince was not unhappy and had no intention to stop him, he lowered his head and sucked the bleeding wrist wantonly.


Chi Yan sucked the blood happily. Prince Eymer took the quilt with his right hand and covered him. Then he stroked the top of Chi Yan’s head and the back of his neck. Chi Yan obediently accepted it.


Chi Yan drank Prince Eymer’s blood for sometime before falling asleep holding his wrist. The vampire tried to pull his wrist back, but found that the other party was holding it tightly. After realizing that the Prince was about to take his hand away, Chi Yan made dissatisfied nasal protests in his sleep. Prince Eymer gave up. He lifted up Chi Yan and placed his head on the pillow, laid down next to him and hugged him gently.


Anyway, it was good this way – you hold my arm, and I hold yours.


The next day, the Prince woke up as the sky just got brighter. He checked Chi Yan’s body and found that the sacred power had been eliminated. He thought for a while, slowly pulled out his numb left arm, turned over and took out the black ribbon from the drawer of the bedside table. He gingerly tied it around the eyes of Chi Yan worriedly –  who knew when this little brat would be waking up ?


Should he lie to him that it was just a dream ? Chi Yan probably wouldn’t be fooled. Moreover, it wasn’t good to be amorous during the day…the vampire licked his teeth and didn’t dare to admit that he was very tempted by the thought of it. Sigh….Anyway vampires were supposed to be sleeping during the day, and … there’s nothing bad about it.


Chi Yan woke up at about almost ten in the morning. He could feel the faint light, but could not see anything. His eyes seemed to be covered with something very familiar. Chi Yan reached out his hands and touched it. Sure enough, it was the black ribbon.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He instantly remembered that he was with Prince Eymer and everything that happened the night before – including how he hugged Prince Eymer, crying and begging him to let him drink his blood.


His face suddenly became hot. He groaned and covered his left face. After thinking about it, he took his right hand and covered his right face together. Although when he dreamt of Ye Yingzhi, he did many things that he felt ashamed of, and said many things that he normally wouldn’t even speak of. But that was in a dream after all and no one would know. It was completely different this time with Prince Eymer. This time he had completely embarrassed himself in front of the vampire.


After hearing the footsteps of the vampire, his face turned even redder. Chi Yan sat up, squeezed the bed sheet under his hand anxiously, lowered his head and said softly to the vampire who was already very near to him, “I’m so sorry, yesterday… I drank so much of your blood.”


Chi Yan really hoped that Prince Eymer had completely forgotten about all the things that he did and all the words that he said the night before, but this was obviously unrealistic. He could only pretend that he had forgotten about them, and at the same time comfort himself that Prince Eymer would have known not to take his crazy antics to heart. Afterall, he had lived for thousands of years and what sort of situation hadn’t he encountered before ? Prince Eymer wouldn’t put his silly behaviour to heart, so he shouldn’t worry too much.


The Prince didn’t speak but Chi Yan could feel his eyes on him.


Chi Yan became more and more uncomfortable. In order to resolve his embarrassment, he took two steps towards the vampire. When he got closer to him, he raised his neck, exposing the thin and fragile skin between the neck and the faintly visible thin blue blood vessels. He didn’t speak, but he thought the vampire would understand what he meant.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The vampire’s cold fingers touched his neck and rubbed it gently, “I remember you said yesterday that from now on, I can drink all your blood.”


He leaned down and took the person into his arms, his sharp teeth pierced the soft human skin in an instant.


The sweet, fragrant and warm taste, the taste of a loved one – the feeling was like becoming one with the person in his arms. He closed his dark black eyes contentedly, took out his teeth after a long while, and let out a long breath.


He licked the tooth marks and wounds between Chi Yan’s neck, and deliberately left a bit of teeth marks that had been bitten by his fangs untreated. He felt the human tremble in his arms and teased, “My poor little one, was what you said still counted?”


Chi Yan didn’t dare to provoke him, and didn’t want to admit it. He was at a loss and was unsure whether he meant the words that he had said unconsciously or not… So he turned his head and answered ambiguously,  “..….I’m going home in two months.”


Then you’re planning to leave me ? The vampire’s unretracted fangs pierced into the back of Chi Yan’s neck again. He heard a short, painful grunt from him and quickly eased his movement. He maintained the posture of holding the back of his neck, sucking blood and refusing to let go.


Really… a little bastard who lied just to make people happy.




After lunch, Prince Eymer asked Gray to send Chi Yan away. He was so cold and calm as if nothing had happened, and did not mention what happened the day before.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan heaved a sigh of relief but he felt empty in his heart. It was as if he had lost something. He actually…kind of wanted the vampire to ask him to stay just like the previous few times, and even use some means to force him to stay. He had secretly hoped that the vampire would force him to admit what he said unconsciously the day before was true.


This thought startled him, as if something that had been wrapped inside his heart was suddenly touched and ripped open.


Chi Yan didn’t dare to think about it anymore. He contacted the vampire hunter once he returned from Prince Eymer’s manor. Ye Yingzhi’s words were exactly the same as those of the Prince’s, and that he was unable to do anything about the vampire’s blood lead and the sacred power in his body. He had guessed that the blood lead was infused by the Prince, so he sent Chi Yan there and asked the Prince for help. Chi Yan didn’t know why but he felt a little disappointed after hearing the same answer as what the Prince had told him before.


There were four days left to the end of Chi Yan’s school vacation. After he returned to the dormitory, Jiang Tian visited him and asked him about his trip, and then invited him to a nearby bay town for a two-day surfing trip.


To be honest, Chi Yan thought his trip was pretty good except for being caught midway to attend a strange blood clan’s sacrificial ritual and almost died becoming the sacrifice; and accidentally drank the holy water and almost injured his body. He just needed a normal trip to relax now. Besides, he didn’t know how to surf, so learning new skills would be a good way to focus his attention and not let his mind wander and think about those things.


He happily accepted Jiang Tian’s invitation. During his two-day surfing trip, Chi Yan did not think about those matters related to vampires. His only regret was that he hadn’t mastered surfing skills when he returned.


The southern hemisphere had gradually approached winter, and the day turned dark earlier than other times. They boarded the bus back to Sophis from the bay town at 5 o’clock in the afternoon so that they could reach Sophis city at about 8 o’clock. The bus would be driving through undeveloped mountains and forests during most parts of the journey, and there would be no traffic jams. However, there were so many twists and turns on the mountain roads that made people feel dizzy. Chi Yan had already experienced it when they first went to the bay town.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In order to avoid motion sickness, he slept once he got up the bus.


Suddenly, there was a violent crash in front of the bus, and it stopped abruptly. Chi Yan jerked his head and woke up.


Outside the window was a dark forest, the left side was the mountain, and the right side was densely packed vegetation and trees. There was fog in the mountains and forests, and the only light was the headlights of the bus, which made everything looked shadowy and unclear.


Chi Yan turned to Jiang Tian and asked softly, “What’s the matter?”


Jiang Tian shook his head and took off the headphones, indicating that he didn’t know what was going on either.


They heard the driver cursing and swearing. A classmate who sat on the left side of the aisle swallowed nervously. His name was Tony and was Jiang Tian’s acquaintance. He was a member of the school’s surfing club and often participated in surfing activities. He had been to the bay town many times before.


At this moment, Tony turned his head mysteriously to look at Jiang Tian, and said in a low voice, “It’s over, we may have encountered the legendary ‘bandit’.”


“Bandit?” Jiang Tian was puzzled, “What is that?”


“It is said that they are vampires hiding in the mountains and the wild, and they wander in groups.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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