The Haunted Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 Struggle

Translated by Nessie


The vampire took the greedy human from a relatively small sofa to the bed, and laid down beside him. He held the human in his arms and offered his wrist indulgently.


Chi Yan’s expressions calmed down and he was no longer eager for blood as before. He seemed tired from sucking and began to hold Ye Yingzhi’s arm to lick the bleeding wound. His eyes gradually closed. After a long time, he calmed down slowly in the comforting touch and embrace of the Prince. Chi Yan hugged the vampire’s arm tightly in his hand, pressed it under his face, and fell asleep.


Prince Eymer gathered his strength around the wounded wrist and the bleeding wound healed quickly. His arm was so smooth once again that there was no trace of the previous wound. He was reluctant to pull his arm out, so he maintained this posture for the human being to sleep holding it. At the same time he stretched out his other hand and lifted the quilt on the bed to wrap them up.


If he wasn’t too bored or needed to rest and fall asleep deliberately, he actually didn’t need sleep. However, the room was quiet at the moment except for the occasional crackling of the fire outside. The air and cashmere quilt were warm; and the human being in his arms was also warm and soft, holding his arm with full of attachment. Chi Yan occasionally mumbled in his sleep as if someone bullied him in his dream and made him unhappy; sometimes he curled up his mouth and laughed silently, unconsciously pressing his soft warm lips on his forearm.


All this was so wonderful. The vampire couldn’t help but feel sleepy. He just wanted to put his arms around the human being and have a good night’s sleep. He really fell asleep just like this, like a lazy human being at home on an ordinary rest day.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The sky gradually darkened. The fire in the outer fireplace glowed orange-red, but the inner room was completely dark. The vampire opened his eyes in the dark and turned on the bedside lamp. In fact, he could also see in the dark, but the human in his arms had been  whimpering and moving closer towards him.


The orange bedside lamp came on, and the warm light instantly filled the entire bedroom. The vampire put on a gentle looking face, took the human being into his arms, and gently stroked and patted his face, “Ah Yan, baby, wake up, what’s the matter?  You’re not comfortable?”


Chi Yan groaned and opened his eyes. His consciousness gradually became clear in the darkness. He looked at the person holding him with some confusion – it was dark and vague. He could not see anything clearly.


Since he couldn’t see, his other senses and memories of the other parts of his body became extremely keen. The feeling the other party gave him was so familiar, and his body clearly remembered how he was being taken into the arms by the other party again and again and slurped his blood wantonly.


Chi Yan hesitated for a moment, and tentatively asked, “His Royal Highness?”


The other party was silent for two seconds, then answered coldly, “It’s me.”


The vampire noticed that there was something wrong with the person in his arms at this time. His eyes were completely expressionless, as though he was blind. Prince Eymer stretched out his hand, pressed on his forehead and checked for a moment. The blood lead he left inside the human’s body and the blood he later fed him were burning the sacred power of the holy water remaining in his body. The sacred power was tenacious and unyielding, desperately resisting the vampire’s blood. These two forces struggled against each other, oppressing the optic nerve in Chi Yan’s body. It should be fine when the sacred power was completely expelled the next morning.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan was relieved after knowing the whole story. Who would have thought that Ah Yan could not see anything under the circumstances, and instead recognized him as Prince Eymer… he could only change roles at the last minute. But it was okay, after all, he could do it with ease.


“Why am I here?” Chi Yan showed some confusion, “…where’s my friend?” 


He had an appointment with Ye Yingzhi to meet outside the church. If Ye Yingzhi had not heard from him, he would have gone to find him. Moreover just before he fainted, he saw that figure… that was indeed Ye Yingzhi. 


Yet now he was sitting on Prince Eymer’s bed.


“Your friend?” The Prince’s voice remained cold and elegant. “Are you talking about that vampire hunter? He sent you to me.”


“He sent me here? Why?” Chi Yan’s voice was a little surprised and incredulous.


“Because I have planted blood lead in your body before, so that I can know your whereabouts at any time, but you drank their holy water by mistake today. The sacred power contained in the holy water started attacking the blood lead inside your body to get rid of it. Your body can’t bear the forces and so you fainted. That was my blood lead. That vampire hunter can’t save you, so of course he had to send you back to me.”


“Blood lead?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“En, a little trick. Otherwise, what if you don’t fulfill the agreement and run away? Where can I find you?” There seemed to be a smile in the voice of the vampire.


“Will you remove the blood lead after I fulfilled the 30-day agreement?”


“…Hmm.” The blood clan replied nonchalantly.


However, Chi Yan took it that he had agreed, secretly thinking about asking Ye Yingzhi about this once he left this place


The blood vessels in his body started beating suddenly and then he felt a burning sensation as if his body was burning up. That was the blood infused by the vampire inside his body, burning the remaining sacred power of the holy water.


Chi Yan felt a little uncomfortable, but he took it as the sequelae of the coma. At first, he didn’t care, but asked curiously, “You… how did you save me?”


“It’s nothing,” Prince Eymer gently stroked the back of his neck and said casually, “When those sacred powers are evenly matched with the blood lead inside your body, they will try to attack and remove it. If you can’t bear it, you will faint, and your body may be damaged. As long as you drink my blood and use a more powerful force to completely suppress the sacred power, your body will calm down and you will be fine. “


“…Thank you.” Chi Yan muttered with his head hanging down. That meant, the other party gave him his blood? He drank Prince Eymer’s blood? His body subconsciously became more restless because of this thought and began to crave for the vampire’s blood.


But Chi Yan hadn’t realized his body’s desire yet. He was worried about another thing, “I drank your blood? Wouldn’t there be a problem? For example, becoming a vampire…” He seemed to have heard that if he drank the blood of a vampire, he would become a vampire.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After speaking, he felt a bit rude to ask and lowered his head embarrassingly, which revealed more soft nape skin on the palm of the vampire.


The vampire prince seemed to be very pleased by his words. He gently squeezed the soft flesh on the back of his neck, chuckled, and explained to him in a good mood, “How could that be? For a human to become a vampire during the first possession will require the vampire to suck a large amount of the human’s blood until the human dies due to excessive loss of blood. And at that moment when the human stops breathing, the vampire has to let the human drink his blood. Even so, the first possession has a great chance of failure, and the human may even die or become a living dead who only knows to hide in the dark to hunt humans and suck blood, and then be wiped out by hunters.”


He hugged the human being in his arms and gently pressed his teeth against the other side’s neck, “…Although I have sucked your blood many times, but when did you end up dying? When hadn’t I given you two mouthfuls of my saliva after sucking your blood so that you could recover faster ?”


“You’re such a brat without a conscience,” he murmured. “Every time I suck your blood is not as much as the amount you drink my blood, each time drinking so much. You had it better. Once you drink my blood, you just wouldn’t let it go.” He complained, but his tone hadn’t a hint of resentment, but more like sounding pampered. Even if Chi Yan were to demand more blood, he was more than willing to give.


Chi Yan’s face became a little hot. He felt that Prince Eymer’s attitude was particularly strange today, but he had to admit that what the other party said was the truth. The most bizarre thing was that when Prince Eymer complained that he had greedily sucked his blood, he felt a scorching thirst in his throat uncontrollably, longing for that delicious liquid to nourish it.


He still wanted to drink. Wanted to drink his blood. The blood of the vampire, Prince Eymer.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan couldn’t help make a swallowing movement. After waking up, he was taken aback by his own thoughts—he was actually longing for the blood of the vampire prince. Was he crazy?


The vampire had been watching his expression, his eyes darkened when he saw it – it had been six or seven hours since Chi Yan last drank his blood. Those blood should have been expended by now, so Ah Yan wanted to drink blood again? If he wanted to drink his blood, would he come and talk to himself? Would he come to beg for it himself? If he was not satisfied with him, would he act like a pampered brat or lose his temper ?


There were just endless thoughts that made him feel so cute, and even vaguely looked forward to it. His eyes were soft and smiling when he looked at the human being.


Chi Yan couldn’t see the other party’s expression, let alone guess the other party’s thoughts. He had only one thought in his mind currently, that was to drink blood, to drink blood, to drink Eymer’s blood… his body instinctively recalled the dark, sweet taste, although he himself couldn’t remember the first time he sucked blood. .


His body trembled slightly, struggling to fight the thought of sucking blood. Although he didn’t know what was going on, he didn’t want to be a monster addicted to blood. How could he suddenly crave to drink the blood of a vampire, it was so strange. He desperately pulled his consciousness and attention back from Eymer, desperately imagining the taste of duck blood and pig blood in the hot pot… But it was useless, he still yearned to drink Eymer’s blood, longing for his blood.


He knelt and sat in Eymer’s arms, his eyes were reddened from the struggle with the desire to suck blood. His eyes became bright and moist. The dissatisfaction of not being able to get the blood of the vampire made him so uncomfortable that he teared up.


Chi Yan finally couldn’t restrain himself. He groaned in pain, put his hands on Prince Eymer’s shoulders and bit his neck with his head sideways.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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