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Chapter 151 Empire

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Chi Yan couldn’t bear to listen any more and quickly used “the lecture is about to start” as an excuse to pull Andy away.


Steffen Academy is a relatively special existence in the school. Its students are all magicians, warriors or scholars who have achieved a certain level of cultivation and are even slightly famous. They are inextricably linked to various imperial forces on the mainland. Steffen Academy was designed by a famous design master from the Xiyuan continent. It looks unremarkable from the outside. The overall building is in the shape of the “sun” Chinese character and is only four stories high. It had a traditional charm. But when entering it, one would find that it was a place with unique beauty. The “mouth” part above the word “日” is dug down four levels, and the underground layer is completely hollowed out. In other words, there is an entire open-air courtyard on the underground layer. One can directly see the entire sky and receive sunlight.


The academy often invites famous people from all walks of life to give lectures. As long as they get the news, other students can register to attend.


Today’s speaker is the great court magician of the Omega Empire.


Chi Yan saw Leiyun, and sat down next to him with Andy. He was stunned when he heard the speaker speak – he remembered this voice. He heard it before at the altar that night. The voice belonged to one of those people who tried to enter the Gate of Chaos. He could remember because the voice was sharp and distinctive and was still fresh in his memory.

At the same time, Chi Yan noticed that Andy’s body suddenly froze.

“What’s wrong?” he asked his friend.


“Nothing.” Andy pursed his lips and shook his head slightly, but his face was still pale.

It wasn’t until the end of the lecture that Andy took the lead and hurried to a secluded place in the back mountain, and used magic to cast a forbidden barrier around him and Chi Yan. Then he covered his eyes as if he collapsed and said softly, “That person… is that person…I remember his figure and the sound of him casting the spell, he was the one who killed my mother.”


His father was just a minor nobleman in the Omega Empire, but his mother was the only daughter of a famous imperial minister who had just retired. He was only nine years old at the time, and his parents separated due to emotional discord. He and his brothers and sisters took advantage of the break to go to his mother’s place for vacation. That day, he felt wronged when his brother and sister were playing outside, so he ran back to his mother’s room alone to seek comfort. His mother was also a magician, but her talent was mediocre. When she realised something was wrong, she hid him under her bed and cast a hiding spell to hide him.

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He watched helplessly as the magician wearing a black robe covering his head and face broke in from the window, chanted a spell in a high-pitched voice and killed his mother.


What made him even more desperate was that all his relatives, including his father, hurriedly covered up the matter. Even though they knew that his mother was murdered, they only symbolically tracked down the perpetrator without really putting any effort into it to find the real murderer.


Ten years had passed in the blink of an eye, and this incident had become a thorn in his heart. He did not expect to meet the murderer again on such an occasion.


Chi Yan comforted his friend for a long time, then sent him back to his dormitory. After that, he returned to his room with a heavy heart and told Blackbird about what he had seen that day. He didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence. He had been stupidly guarding the altar for eight days without finding any clues. Unexpectedly, he found the suspect at the lecture, and the other person happened to be a blood enemy of his friend.


“I have changed my mind. I don’t want to just report this to Teacher Tulong. I want to find out for myself what their purpose is in trying to get close to the altar and the statue.” 


“Whatever you want,” Blackbird replied, anyway, it didn’t matter how hard Chi Yan tried. “But you can consider bringing your friend named Andy into the team. I believe his goals are the same as yours. You can also seek help from Teacher Tulong, I think he will support you.”

After Blackbird learned that Tulong was a believer of the Goddess of Time, he vaguely guessed that the old man might have already known about the relationship between Chi Yan and Lord Eymer.

With the help of Blackbird and the information told to him by Andy and Teacher Tulong, Chi Yan gradually gained a more comprehensive understanding of the lower realm.


The human world was not as peaceful as what he saw initially. There were two main continents in the lower realm, called Xiyuan Continent and Dongyuan Continent. The empires on both continents are at loggerheads with one another and their officials are corrupt. At the same time, each empire was ambitious and tried to annex the other country, to rebuild the splendour and glory of the once unified Holy Empire. Under such circumstances, people from different classes see great differences in life and extremely unequal opportunities. The narrow and backward small village where Chi Yan was born was not unique either. In addition, there were some smaller continents, such as the Alpha continent where they were located. It was a relatively neutral place and stayed out of the matter. The conflicts in various aspects were not as sharp as those on the two continents. Therefore, Chi Yan, who was in the academy, had never felt the problems in reality.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After realising all these, Chi Yan suddenly thought of his mother. The figure of his mother had already blurred in his memory. His heart became heavier and heavier for no reason.


After using the court magician as an entry point, they discovered through investigation that the purpose of those people trying to enter the altar was to use the power of the evil god rarely seen in the world to realise their ambition of launching a war to annex neighbouring countries and eventually unify the continent. During this period, after Teacher Tulong’s suggestion, Freida, who was an orphan and was adopted and raised by a martial arts master, and Leiyun, the anonymous fifth prince of the Lanqin Empire, joined Chi Yan and Andy’s team to do the investigative work.


As the old dean Tulong had been protecting Chi Yan, he was questioned by some of his colleagues. In the process, he did not trust his colleagues around him as much as before. The matter had already involved the imperial forces on the mainland. He was worried about alerting the enemy, so he discretely instructed the students to “play nonsense” without leaving any trace – maybe it was not considered nonsense. They had already discovered many problems, and these young people were filled with justice and enthusiasm. Moreover, they had the protective backing of the most powerful god.

Chi Yan sneaked away to the altar again at night. He asked Teacher Tulong for other ways to summon gods, but the teacher said that he had no other way. He usually proactively listened for the gods’ summons and had never tried to “summon a god”. In fact, after hearing his question, Dean Tulong’s expression was strange for a moment, but he quickly covered it up. So Chi Yan still had to use the old method to summon Ye Yingzhi.


Today, because he had something on his mind, he didn’t fall asleep. He quietly rubbed Ye Yingzhi’s chest without saying a word, as if something was bothering him.

Seeing him like this, Ye Yingzhi’s heart almost broke into pieces. He would give Chi Yan whatever he wanted, he just couldn’t resist rubbing him into his heart to coax him.

But Chi Yan wouldn’t say anything, so he could only coax patiently, “Baby, A Yan, what’s wrong? You don’t seem happy today?”


Chi Yan buried his face in his arms, hugged his waist, and said listlessly, “I’m thinking, it would be great if I were the king. I will definitely let my subjects live a good life.”


These words sounded innocent and childish but Ye Yingzhi couldn’t bear to laugh at him. Instead, he said, “Then let me take you somewhere.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As he spoke, he took Chi Yan’s hand, hugged him and left the altar. He transformed into a black dragon in the sky, and flew away into the distance carrying Chi Yan with him.

Ye Yingzhi took him and flew to the northernmost point of Dongyuan Continent. Chi Yan looked down, and the continuous snow-capped mountains, black and cold fortresses, and large tracts of pine forests gradually appeared in his field of vision.

Finally, they stopped in front of a solemn black castle. Chi Yan slid off the dragon, and Ye Yingzhi resumed his human form and led him forward. The castle was built on top of a mountain. It occupied an extremely large area and was majestic. The end of it couldn’t be seen. All the soldiers wearing black armour kneeled respectfully on the ground and bowed their heads to salute them.


“What is this place?” Chi Yan asked curiously, looking around at the decorations and furnishings in the castle.

“This is the palace of the Eastern Dark Empire. The God of Darkness’s hobby is to be an emperor in the human world, so he established this empire and became the supreme ruler of the country. You said you wanted to be king, so I just borrowed this country from him. Now I am the emperor of the empire.” Under the influence of God’s magic, the humans in the lower realm could not find out that their emperor had been replaced, nor would they notice anything strange.


“What about me?”


Ye Yingzhi leaned down slightly and looked at his lover, “You are still too young and have too much to learn. I will not let you fool around in the lower realm. You should learn from your imperial father first. Study hard and then talk about it.”

“Imperial father?” Chi Yan looked at Ye Yingzhi and his eyes widened.


“Yes.” a smile appeared on Ye Yingzhi’s lips. “In my setting, I am a young king who has always been single, unmarried, and has no heirs. You are my adopted heir from the clan. In the eyes of others in the lower realm, I am your uncle and your adoptive father. So you can call me whatever you want –  uncle, father, godfather or adoptive father, my little prince.”


There was a hint of teasing in his black eyes, “Don’t forget it.”

Chi Yan was about to cry because of his shamelessness. He was obviously an old god who had lived for who knows how long, but he still set himself up as a “young king” and took advantage of him in terms of relationships. Ye Yingzhi is really bad.


Ye Yingzhi looked at his angry but speechless expression. He smiled, lowered his head and kissed him gently on the eyes. He reached out and picked him up and carried him directly to the study, “Come, godfather will tell my little prince about the situation in our country.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chapter 150◀︎Table of Contents▶︎Chapter 152


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