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“Food is our common ground, a Universal Experience!” – James Beard


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Hey guys! It’s me Day!

I am the editor for the Food Recommendations page and the manager of the the Red Oak Tree social media pages (below), so if you have any queries or feedback with those, do email me at

To some, food is a necessity for survival but to others it is an art. I am a huge foodie who really loves to eat (duh) and can’t do without food (another duh). I love trying and exploring new things and options, especially those which are limited edition/seasonal. However, sometimes I like routines and am pretty loyal to some of the places/brands like KOI and the Awfully chocolate!

I do this as a hobby and post when I can, especially after eating out/trying a new place so do stay tune because I will be trying food for you and telling you whether they are worth it or not. Also, these posts are solely based off the opinions of several people so it might (still) be biased as we all have different taste buds and preferences, so please be nice and objective about it.

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