BL Novel Reviews

BL Novel Reviews

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D : Drama  N : Novel  A : Animation  M : ManHua  T : Translated English   (Ratings/5)

 Book Reviews

  1. Are You Addicted? (D+N) (5/5) [T]
  2. Advance Bravely (D+N) (4/5) [T]
  3. Beloved Enemy (D+N) (3/5) [T]
  4. Rebirth of A Supermodel (N)(4/5) [T]
  5. Years of Intoxication (N)(4/5) [T]
  6. True Star (N)(4/5)
  7. Heavenly Official’s Blessing (N)(5/5) [T]
  8. Lawless Gangster (N)(3.5/5) [T]
  9. Waiting For You Online (N)(4/5) [T]
  10. Reborn Into A Hamster For 233 Days (N)(3.5/5) [T]
  11. Professional Stuntman (N)(4/5) [T]
  12. War Prisoner (N)(3.5/5) [T]
  13. The Earth Is Online (N)(4/5) [T]
  14. Sha Po Lang (N)(5/5) [T]
  15. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (N+A+M+D)(5/5) [T]
  16. Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil (N)(5/5) [T]
  17. Ugly Empress (N)(4/5) [T]
  18. Thrive In Catastrophe (N)(5/5) [T]
  19. Death Progress Bar (N)(4/5)
  20. The People Who’re Supposed to Kill Me Fell For Me Instead (N)(3/5)
  21. The Scum Villain’s Self Saving System (N+A)(3.5/5) [T]
  22. In Love With An Idiot (N)(4/5) [T]
  23. My Little Poplar (N)(3.5/5) [T]
  24. The Haunted (N)(5/5)
  25. Cold Sands(N)(4.5/5) [T]
  26. Rebirth Of A Movie Star (N)(3.5/5) [T]
  27. Don’t Pick Up Boyfriends From The Trash Bin (N)(2.5/5)
  28. Kill The Lights (KoreanBL) (N)(3.5/5) [T]
  29. Seizing Dreams (N+D)(4/5) [T]
  30. Reborn As My Love Rival’s Wife (N)(3/5) [T]
  31. Blooming Flowers, Silent Sorrow (N)(3.5/5)
  32. Jiang Cao Ge and the Spirit Weapon (N+M)(5/5)
  33. The Emperor’s Strategy (N+A+M)(3.5/5) [T]
  34. I Like Your Pheromones (N)(3/5)
  35. Lord of End of World (N)(3.5/5) [T]
  36. Number One Zombie Wife (N)(5/5) [T]
  37. I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in Another Cultivation World (N)(3.5/5)
  38. The President’s Wife Is A Man (N)(3/5) [T]
  39. There’s A Beauty (N)(4/5)
  40. Winner Takes All (N)(4/5)
  41. Desharow Merman (N)(5/5)
  42. Fox Demon Cultivation Manual (N)(3/5) [T]
  43. Silent Lover (N+M)(3/5)
  44. Sickly Tyrannical (N)(2/5) [T]
  45. Husky and the White Cat Shizun (N)(5/5) [T]
  46. Yu Wu (N)(5/5)
  47. Superstar Aspirations (N)(3/5)
  48. Kaleidoscope of Death (N)(4/5) [T]
  49. The Wife is First (N+M)(3.5/5)
  50. Nan Chan (N)(5/5) [T]
  51. Hua Hua You Long (N+M)(2/5) [T]
  52. Thousand Autumns (N+A)(4.5/5)
  53. You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale (N)(3.5/5) [T]
  54. Little Mushroom (N+D) (5/5) [T]
  55. FOG[eSports] (N+M) (4/5) [T]
  56. New Times New Hell (N) (3/5) [T]
  57. Sa Ye (N+M+D) (5/5)
  58. Rebirth Of The Golden Marriage (N) (3/5) [T]
  59. My Husband Is Suffering From A Terminal Illness (N) (3/5) [T]
  60. To Rule In A Turbulent World (N) (5/5) [T + MTL]
  61. The Golden Stage (N)(3.5/5) [T]
  62. Silent Reading (N)(4/5)
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