Sickly Tyrannical 病 虐

Sickly Tyrannical 病 虐

Sickly Tyrannical

病虐 bìng nuè

Author: 墨囚 mò qiú

96 chapters + 2 extras

Ratings: 2/5

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

Violence, torture, blood and gore, smut, BDSM, rape, abuse, Stockholm syndrome

This novel is just like its title – sickly tyrannical. The plot is rather flat, very much abusive and violent from cover to cover (except the last few chapters and extra chapters). I didn’t read of any hint of sweet romance (for at least the first 92 chapters), the love between the main couple is very twisted and sick type of romance built on pain and abuse.

I read this book out of curiosity as to what sort of book it is and how abusive and violent can the story get; and to challenge myself if I can complete reading this novel.   I’ll rate this book 2/5 as it’s just not my cup of tea, the plot is boring and sadistic and I don’t see any hint of light (freedom) at the end of the tunnel. The only interesting character in this novel is the dog, Peanut! He stole the show! Hahaha! 😂


Fang Yunsheng (MC) is a good for nothing  20+ year old young man and he was raped by his stepfather, ShangFan and given a job by him as a counsellor at a primary school.

One day on his way back home, he saw a youth at the garbage dump and out of pity , he brought him home. He cooked meat for him and brought him to school with him. His kindness gave the youth some expectations and longings.

Little did he know that the youth, Ye CanSheng  (ML) is the second son of a Mafia. He was brought up in a twisted way whereby he equated abuse, torture and pain to love and affection. He spent his childhood training on an island as an assassin to protect himself. His trainer tortured and murdered his students, hence YCS escaped and rescued the other students. Thereafter those 4 students whom YCS rescued vowed to stay loyal and were committed to him for life.

A squabble between YCS and FYS triggered YCS to rape, torture and imprison FYS. Chapter 25 made me cringe in disgust when YCS tattooed his name on the inner thigh of FYS. Yet despite all these torture, chained and imprisonment, FYS felt pity and sympathy for YCS. He was hopeful to change YCS’s behaviour for the better. He even felt YCS did all these out of obsessive love for him and forgave YCS for all the atrocities inflicted upon him. Oh my… this is precisely what made me feel so sick about this novel. This is just a classic example of Stockholm syndrome and what went on inside the mind of the victim. Like me, the victim values freedom too, but this is something that people like me cannot comprehend – feeling sympathetic and love for the perpetrator.

FYS had already accepted his fate of being imprisoned forever by YCS and was in love with YCS. Unfortunately, just when the couple were beginning to trust each other and their relationship was turning for the better, FYS was abducted, raped and imprisoned by his stepfather, ShangFan. ShangFan injected drugs into FYS so that his body became weak and his nerves numbed. ShangFan fell in love with FYS’s father several decades back but regretted not making him his own before his father died in a car accident. Thus he’s imprisoning FYS now as his father’s substitute. 🙄🙄🙄 I tell you.. everyone in this novel is sick… 🙄

Compared to the treatment between YCS and ShangFan, I felt that ShangFan was more humane to the extent that he was willing to reduce the frequency of injection of drugs and he even treated FYS’s wounds. But FYS felt disgusted with ShangFan since he didn’t love ShangFan and ShangFan treated him as his Dad’s substitute. FYS preferred the painful torture inflicted by YCS instead, because to him, the pain inflicted on him was out of love. What’s wrong with all these characters???!!! 🙄

My thoughts are that if FYS valued freedom as in do the things he yearns to do, he might have been better off being with ShangFan. ShangFan is a rich businessman and what he was after was to satisfy his lust. FYS could perhaps negotiate with ShangFan for some freedom, afterall, ShangFan gave him a job at the school. But if FYS valued love, then he should choose YCS which he did. If I were FYS, I’d choose ShangFan since I value freedom than be someone’s crazy obsession and live in captivity.

Eventually, YCS rescued FYS but this time, the torture inflicted on FYS intensified and was even more gory. He ruptured FYS’s left Achilles’ tendon so that FYS was unable to escape. Duh..didn’t he know FYS was abducted by ShangFan? Despite FYS’s pledge of love and to stay in captivity by YCS an entire lifetime, YCS proceeded to rupture FYS’s right Achilles’ tendon.

At this point, FYS was already too tired. His hope for freedom one day and his will to live had long been broken. He’d rather let his blood drip dry and let his life fade away.

At this point, I’d like to believe that he died actually in Chapter 90. But the author continued that FYS woke up again but this time, the treatment by YCS was not as extreme as it previously was, which I felt is really pointless for the novel to continue after Chapter 90 especially when freedom is nowhere in sight.

I watched a Japanese movie once on YouTube a few years back, I cannot remember the title of this movie… I think it’s called “Kidnapping” (2013) and it was about a cleaner who abducted a young school girl and imprisoned her in a container house. He raped her and the girl gradually grew to love her abductor. The girl’s parents, relatives and friends reported her disappearance to the police and they posted pictures of her in hope of finding her. Before the abductor got caught by the police, he quickly returned to set the girl free. At least she’s one lucky girl.

English Translation: Completed

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