My Husband Is Suffering From A Terminal Illness

My Husband Is Suffering From A Terminal Illness


Author: 不会下棋 Can’t Play Chess

175 Chapters

Ratings: 3/5

If you are looking for modern day romance, transmigration, glitzy entertainment industry and rich and powerful ML, then this is the novel you’re looking for!

“My Husband Is Suffering From A Terminal Illness” has many positive reviews. A BL-fan told me that she read it and it was quite good. English Translation has been completed and lastly, this author also wrote “Death Progress Bar” which I had read and given it a 4/5 rating.

This novel is about Xie Yang who died in an apocalypse and transmigrated into this modern world. To be exact, he had transmigrated into a cannon fodder character of a novel which he had read in his previous life, before the apocalypse happened. The cannon fodder character which he had transmigrated to was the 20 year old Xie Yang who had just joined the boy singing group called IUD. His father had sold him to marry the villain in the story, Qiu Xing. In the novel of the story, since he was the cannon fodder and not the male protagonist, he later died in a car accident.

Knowing the secrets and backgrounds of the other characters, timeline, plot and outcome of the novel, Xie Yang was determined not to become the cannon fodder. The first thing he did was to hug the golden thigh of his rich and powerful but terminally ill husband, Qiu Xing and get rid of all the other characters that schemed to harm him. I assure you, this novel has a happy ending HE!!!

Romance was a bit slow-burn due to the ML being a tsundere. The ML was terminally ill and wouldn’t live long and the fact that he had to manage a large corporation. Thus his outward appearance was cold and stern so that his scheming relatives and the others would take him seriously. I wouldn’t call him a “villain” though as the synopsis of the novel had put it this way. This power couple started warming up to each other about Chapter 75 and they got really sweet and cute, working together to stamp out those who schemed against them.

I feel that the MC, Xie Yang is a Gary Stu character – he’s good looking, is endowed with several positive character traits, has many talents like music and acting, has a good business acumen, is intelligent and has a strategic mind. He is married to the super rich and powerful Chairman of a large corporation who helped him all the way. He himself also worked hard and become the Chairman of his own entertainment company. His strategies and plans were carried out successfully most of the time and it was like his life was charmed and would not be harmed easily. And best of all, he is blessed with a super ability for purification ! 

This novel is light-reading and I binged-read it all the way! But, I honestly won’t read again. There’s a high chance you might love this novel since there are many readers who loved it and gave so many positive reviews and high ratings.



Xie Yang died in his original apocalyptic world and transmigrated into a cannon fodder character in a novel that he had read before the apocalypse happened. 

In the novel, the male protagonist was a handsome actor, Feng Qilin and the female protagonist was Mu Zhouyi who possessed a golden finger. This golden finger was an alien system that had implanted itself inside Mu Zhouyi’s brain and enabled her to beautify her appearance and her voice, enchant and attract others towards her. Qiu Xing was Feng Qilin’s sick but wealthy and powerful uncle. Xie Yang’s father sold him to Qiu Xing for marriage for RMB 500 million. The original Xie Yang character was shy and timid. In the end, after Qiu Xing helped Feng Qilin take over the Feng family business and died, Xie Yang also died in a car accident. Apparently there were other characters who had schemed to kill him.

When Xie Yang transmigrated, he had just joined the boy singing group, IUD and was being sabotaged by one of the members, Mo Bin. It was inevitable the the group had to be disbanded eventually and Xie Yang promised the other 2 members, Tong Jian and Ke Lan and their manager, Hu Biao a beautiful IUD 5th Anniversary and farewell concert if they joined his company which he was going to set up. On the other hand, Xie Yang negotiated with his husband, Qiu Xing to forward the remaining RMB 200 million to him instead of giving it to his father for selling him. With the money, he paid for the IUD’s 5th Anniversary concert, produced the last IUD’s album which reaped a good sum of profit and set up his entertainment company, Yang Xing.

Qiu Xing was a tsundere. Although he looked cold on the outside and easily irritable, he helped Xie Yang whenever he asked for help like sourcing for office space, recruiting talents, tailors to design and make the IUD’s performing costumes and so on. Xie Yang didn’t take Qiu Xing for granted either, he invited him to attend his concert and was also genuinely concerned about Qiu Xing’s health.

“I will always stand in your camp and unconditionally support you. Your enemy is my enemy. What you want to do is what I will do.” ~ Xie Yang

“Xie Yang, remember what you said today.” ~ Qiu Xing, Chapter 31

The couple got closer when both of them visited Mother Qiu at the sanatorium (about Chapter 73) and had to put up an act that they were close and intimate. They both shared a bed. Subsequently, Xie Yang’s sincerity and loyalty in treating Qiu Xing as his spouse encouraged Qiu Xing to come out of his emotional shell. Qiu Xing discovered that he had fallen in love with 

Xie Yang and decided to seek treatment for his illness whilst Xie Yang occasionally secretly treated Qiu Xing’s illness using his purification ability.

During this time, Xie Yang’s popularity in the entertainment industry was climbing very fast but he was also very guarded against the Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger which could potentially intoxicate and infect the masses when she sings. Xie Yang wouldn’t allow Mu Zhouyi to infect Qiu Xing as she did according to the novel. Luckily Xie Yang’s ability levelled up quite fast and managed to curb Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger which eventually changed host and planted itself inside Xie Yang’s brain. Xie Yang refused to allow the golden finger to control him since he needed to continue to treat Qiu Xing’s illness. He managed to shut down the golden finger in his brain. But the golden finger could be quite sneaky at times so Xie Yang decided to destroy it by consuming the black energy from the golden finger. The golden finger was eventually destroyed and its bountiful energy enabled Xie Yang to level up his purification ability which eventually almost cured Qiu Xing’s illness. Qiu Xing’s illness was eventually cured after a surgery.

The rest of the novel was littered with sweet fluffy romance between this rich and powerful couple, drama of Qiu Xing’s relatives attempting to take control over the company and other characters who tried to harm the couple but failed. 

English Translation: Completed

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