The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 Why Are You Always Free!

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Yue An is as tired as a dead cat recently.


The poor little cat was worn out by Ji Xiuyun both physically and mentally.


Marshal Ji forced the cat to practice every day. He couldn’t do anything in his free time. He could only lie on the sofa with his white belly facing the ceiling. Even his eyes became blank.


Yue An was a little bit unsure about whether Ji Xiuyun really wants him to adapt to his human form quickly, or if he is just doing extreme training for the purpose of making him too tired to go out..


Today is very rare. Ji Xiuyun went out because he had something to do. But instead of going to the military office to sit in his office, he had other activities


This means that he has no time to physically beat Yue An in the name of practical training, or put on the virtual helmet in the military headquarters to tire Yue An.


Yue An’s learning progress in the past few days is quite amazing. There is basically no problem with his actions in human form, and his fighting skills have made great progress. As for his speech — the fastest progress is his cursing and ability to act cute.


Ji Xiuyun, the shameless shovelling official, was able to reject the cute cat’s coquettish offensive and insisted on continuing with his miserable and anti-cat training.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An felt that it was unbelievable for a while, but when it was too difficult, he gave up treatment altogether.


Today, Yue An finally got to stay at home with free time, and finally remembered his long-lost live broadcast career.


He was lying on the sofa right now, with his belly exposed, his tail flicked leisurely, and he lay down like a salted fish while playing with his light brain.


The live broadcast was hovering at a very suitable distance in front of him. Word bubbles came up one after another. The audience was crying while telling him how difficult life was to live without a cat.


[Without the smell of a cat, life is no better than death.]


[With no cat, the sky feels like it is falling apart.]


[Can’t live without the cat.]


[Crying, I was spoiled by the live broadcasts everyday. I felt uncomfortable if I didn’t see the cat all day.]


Yue An tilted his head and didn’t have any special thoughts about these comments.


Although he had a feeling of being a ruthless scumbag, Yue An is no longer short of money now.


Various toys and games based on his image have been put into production.


This kind of entertainment products is not like the Internet, and there is no wall for the sale of toys and games. The markets are all over the interstellar and the sales profit is considerable. Yue An laid at home every day to earn money. He completely became a small rich cat. Even Ji Xiuyun couldn’t compare to him. Of course, this is not under the name of Ji Xiuyun, but under the premise of various fixed industries.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An rolled over, from lying on his back to lying on his stomach, the interface of the light brain also fell and continued to roll until it steadily stopped at the proper distance in front of him.


After commenting, the audience in the live broadcast room will  just chat and make jokes to entertain themselves.


They can talk about food to planting to current affairs and politics. They will also occasionally talk about investment and financial management.


There are a lot of people at the elite level in the live broadcast room of Yue An. They are able to safely stay at the top of the comment area without being quickly covered as a privilege of this class.


This title can be obtained by spending at least 50 million yuan on the platform every month.


It is said that many people came not to look at Yue An, but at the various small classes taught by these big guys when they chatted, and some people even took notes seriously, trying to mingle with the big guys.


Yue An played the little game recommended by the audience in the live broadcast room with his tail, not even bothering to move his paws.


[There is another big news today.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Our planet has been like this recently, there is big news all day long.]


[There was an arrest at a large-scale drug planting base the day before yesterday, and they are following up on it. It’s big news all day long.]


[… I overestimated you. It’s normal if you don’t work in the entertainment industry and don’t pay attention to this. You can see the StarCraft News Entertainment Edition.]


There is always big news in the Hinters Empire recently.


The military section just came out. Soon after Marshal Ji Xiuyun was attacked and disappeared, the social section published the news of the last cat in the universe, and then the legal section suddenly released the news of the Imperial Supreme Court being in session. This matter has not subsided yet. It also released the news of the large-scale illegal transaction underneath the Central Business District of the Imperial Star’s Imperial Capital.


Just a week after the military cracked this large-scale illegal transaction case, another big news broke out in the entertainment section.


The wife of Marshal Kevin, a famous star in the interstellar world, Mrs Ellie, the Flower of the Gem, described intimacy with a strange man during the filming of the commercial on the 31st planet of the Second Galaxy.


Along with this news, there was also a long list of photos that were secretly taken.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Paparazzi, a profession that has been there for countless years, still hasn’t been beaten to death by the torrent of time. Instead, it has become more unpredictable because of the development of technology.


This has also created a situation in which pretenders are becoming more and more popular among people in the entertainment industry.


Regarding the opinions on this news, it is inevitable that there will be quarrels about portrait rights and privacy issues, and then the discussion about the news itself. 


[I’m back after reading it, can ew organise a group to fish out information from Marshal Kevin?]


[I do not care! Our Ellie is so beautiful!]


[Poster above, that’s a strange man. He is only thirty.]


[Don’t say anything else. That little brother looks really nice.]


[Little fresh meat! Small child! Little cutie!]


[Marshal Kevin: I don’t think it is like this.]


[Is this age difference a bit too big…]


[Don’t think about the age difference, these two faces are pleasing to the eye when they are put together.]


[Wait, did you so smoothly accept the fact that Mrs Ellie might have cheated?!]


[Marshal Kevin: No]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An put his tail down, watched the game over the panel, raised his eyes and glanced at the comments, followed by a glance at the news.


He was stunned as soon as he saw it.


–Isn’t this the fake photo he took when he was staying with Mrs Ellie two days ago?


[Mrs Ellie said there will be a press conference to clarify.]


[Hey, I zoomed into the photo. How come such a beautiful little brother has never been exposed??]


[I also zoomed in…]


[You… Do you think this little brother looks a bit like little Yue An?]


[Don’t say I haven’t felt it yet. If you say it like this…]


[White hair and blue eyes, like the petite, small, fine cat?]


Yue An looked at the comments and was finally willing to open his mouth and softly meowed.


Can they look alike?


Yue An proudly thought, that nice little brother is me!


[Little Yue An thinks so too. I don’t know if this brother is a newcomer in the entertainment industry.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[If he is, I will watch Ellie’s press conference later. If I can clarify that they do not have an affair, I will become a fan.]


[Wouldn’t it be beautiful to smell the cat while looking at the kitty essence?]


[Hahaha maybe wait for the press conference later. That is to say, this might be a rookie in the studio.]


Yue An looked at these comments and guessed what Mrs Ellie was probably going to do.


Oh, naive humans.


Yue An patted his belly, stretched out his paws and hooked out the snacks that he had bought several days ago but had not had time to eat and opened the package.


The reporter will come out later and scare you to death!


Mrs Ellie’s press conference was quite lively, and most of the media in the entertainment circle showed up.


Mrs Ellie didn’t tell them much, she just got to the point.


“I know what everyone came for today.”


Mrs Ellie’s expression was calm, her manners were still graceful and reserved, and her mental state looked very good. There was no sign of panic caused by the big news.


“First of all, we will hold legal responsibility for the fact that the weekly newspaper secretly photographed and made false reports. Secondly, I will explain the identity of the teenager in the photo that everyone is so concerned about.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“I met him on the 31st film and television planet a month ago. Because he looks like Yue An — yes, the cat, so I chatted with him for a while and we gradually became familiar with each other.”


Mrs Ellie’s words were too suggestive, and the crowds were so scared that they fell to the ground.


What was going on with this routine of making a declaration of true love and cheating?!


Marshal Kevin, are you okay, Marshal Kevin??


Take a snapshot and look in the mirror to check if there is faint green light on the top of your head??


“He is an orphan and not old enough to leave the orphanage. He only has a number and no name.”


“As we all know, my husband Kevin and I have been married for more than a hundred years, but we have no children because of the busy work schedules of both parties. Our best childbearing age is about to pass.”


Mrs Ellie paused, and the audience watching the live broadcast of the press conference also stopped thinking for two seconds.


Two seconds later, they came back to their senses, carefully thinking, how did these two sentences sound so different.


After that, the glamorous woman with the title of “The Interstellar Beauty” showed a gentle and brilliant smile to the camera, just like the warmth of the sun in winter.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“So my husband and I decided to adopt this child.”


Mrs Ellie said, “Today is the day my husband will take him to do his identity registration.”


Yue An was stunned when he heard these words, and the top of his ears flicked slightly, and he heard squeaking sounds coming from the window on the second floor.


As soon as he heard this sound, I knew that the dignified imperial Marshal had come through the window in broad daylight again!


Yue An moved his paw and quickly turned off the live broadcast. He abandoned the bewildered audience in the live broadcast room and looked up at Marshal Kevin who came in through the window on the second floor.


Marshal Kevin carried a bunch of fake materials that were made in advance, waved at him from the second floor and shouted with great joy, “Son!”


Yue An shook himself and didn’t want to bother with him.


Marshal Kevin came down from the second floor, packed up the snack bag next to Yue An and threw it away, picked up Yue An who was lying on the sofa, and weighed him.


Then, like an old father who hadn’t seen his son for a long time, he said, “You’ve grown thinner.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An: …


Wake up soon.


Since this cat started to use energy stones, his weight and body shape have already been fixed.


Don’t add drama by yourself.


Marshal Kevin didn’t know that his paternal heart was not appreciated at all.


He held the soft and warm cat in his arms, and did not rush to leave, but asked Yue An, “Do you want to go out to play?”


Yue An flicked his ears and turned to look at Marshal Kevin.


Marshal Kevin rubbed Yue An’s little head, “After registration, Dad will take you out to play!”




Yue An turned over and sat up, looking at Marshal Kevin intently with two blue eyes.


Marshal Kevin smiled and stretched out his hand palm up in front of Yue An, and asked him, “Going to play mecha, will you go?”


Yue An did not hesitate to put a paw on Marshal Kevin’s hand.


Go out!


Doing anything is better than being beaten by Ji Xiuyun!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

One person and one cat perfectly reached a consensus. After changing his clothes, he climbed out of the window and walked away calmly.


Yue An’s humanoid name was registered as Yue An. Marshal Kevin and the newly registered kitten in his household registration book, with the strange gaze of the household registration staff, went through all the formalities in a serious manner.


But the two people never expected that when they had just stepped into the military mecha training ground, they would run into the new Silver Blade design sketch, which had its latest physical form handed to its Master so that its value could be perfectly determined.


Marshal Ji looked at the two men with dumbfounded faces. His eyes moved from his teacher and finally fell on Yue An.


He immediately guessed what these two were here for.


He is too familiar with Marshal Kevin’s routine.


When Ji Xiuyun was still under him, he discovered that Marshal Kevin had only one way to coax children.


— I will take you to play mecha?


“Come to play mecha?” Marshal Ji asked calmly.


Yue An, who had been beaten for a week, almost meowed.


But he stubbornly held back his instinctive impulse, nodded to Ji Xiuyun with a sullen face, and responded in a rounded tone, “Yes.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Very good.” Marshal Ji nodded, “I just happen to be free, I will be your sparring partner.”


Yue An: …


I don’t want to practice with you!


Why are you free all the time!


The Marshal is doing nothing all day long. Why has the military insisted that it hasn’t collapsed until now?


Yue An feels that it is simply incredible.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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