The Last Cat In The Universe

The Last Cat In The Universe

The Last Cat In The Universe


🌺Translated by Beanie  🌺


Author: 醉饮长歌

During his patrol, Ji Xiu Yun, a marshal of the Empire, was ambushed and went missing. When he returned, there was a pure white creature crouching on his army cap.

Through genetic testing, it was determined that this cute and delicate little fellow was a creature that had faded away with the humans’ mother planet 2000 years ago—a cat.

The last cat in the universe!

The people of the Empire were frenzied!


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 (by Counting Aries)

Chapter 2 (by Counting Aries)

Chapter 3.1   3.2  (By SilverNekoScanlations)

Chapter 4 (by Fantasy World Online)

Chapter 5 (by Fantasy World Online)

Chapter 6.1  6.2 (by Fantasy World Online)

Chapter 7.1  7.2 (by Fantasy World Online)

Chapter 8 Retreat ? What Are You Retreating For !?

Chapter 9 The Last Cat In The Universe!!!

Chapter 10 Number of viewers: 49.6 billion

Chapter 11 Gave You The Tooth To Nail Onto The Wall!!!

Chapter 12 “Sillily”

Chapter 13 Will People Like You Have Cats?

Chapter 14 Yue An: Cat Abuser. Reported.

Chapter 15 Our Marshal Was Defeated?

Chapter 16 Young Man, I’ll Burn Your Hair For Free!

Chapter 17 What’s The Difference Between A Cat And A Salted Fish?

Chapter 18 The Network Is Tied Together And Meeting Is Fate

Chapter 19 Fate Is Wonderful

Chapter 20 No One Can Refuse A Cute Kitten! Nobody!

Chapter 21 Actually, I’m Here To Buy Cat Food

Chapter 22 Marshal Kevin: I Am Telling You That I Am A Knowledgeable Person!

Chapter 23 Fuck! Scared This Old Man To Death!

Chapter 24 Smell What Cat! Cannot Smell!

Chapter 25 Want To Catch Me Even If You Are Not Half Of Ji Xiuyun’s Level!

Chapter 26 Definitely Choose To Forgive Him!

Chapter 27 Never Thought About It!

Chapter 28 You All Are Thinking About Making Me Angry To Death

Chapter 29 Unexpectedly, You Are This Kind Of Marshal Ji ?

Chapter 30 Are They Insane?!

Chapter 31 Naughty Fellow

Chapter 32 Livelily Deduce What It Means To Lead A Cat Into The Room

Chapter 33 It Can Be Said That It Is The Essence Of The Drama

Chapter 34 Am I The Kind of Cat Who Will Give In for Catnip?

Chapter 35 “As Long As You’re Human It’s Fine”

Chapter 36 How You Dare!

Chapter 37 Let You Dislike Me For Being Ugly! I Will Make You Ugly Later!

Chapter 38 Marshal, You Are A Beast.

Chapter 39 “Dad!”

Chapter 40 So Beautiful! So Obedient! Such A Big Child!

Chapter 41 Feeling Hollowed Out

Chapter 42 “His Majesty is Missing!”

Chapter 43


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  1. I can’t use Google translate for the last chapters… I understand that it’s for protecting, but it’s impossible to read..

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