The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Last Cat In The Universe!!!

Translated by Beanie


The concept of damaging the camera and damaging the camera by hitting it into a wall are completely different.


In terms of the material of the camera and the spacecraft wall, the required strength differs by more than ten thousand times.


A slap to put a hole in the spacecraft’s wall is only something that the Marshal who has been trained in the system and perfectly developed the SS-level gene body of the genetic optimisation level can do.


Although the generals looked at the delicate and soft little animal which looked cute, no one risked their lives to approach it.


Only the Marshal, who has the strength of several grades of ordinary humans dared to bring this little guy with him.


But you can watch from afar!


With regards to this cute little animal, as long as they are not hit by it, it would be fine.


As Yue An squatted in place, the small and exquisite communicator on his neck shook slightly, reflecting a bright light.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He looked up at the few humans who retreated directly to the door, but kept giving curious looks rather politely. Two seconds later, he shook his tail and turned his head to hum at the Marshal.


The Marshal leaned over and picked him up.


The soldiers who followed placed the blood sample back at the general’s orders and then neatly arrested the stiff deputy.


The Marshal also knew very well how the condition of the cold and rigid body of the deputy was caused.


Before, when Yue An went out to hunt in the rain, he would catch a lot of animals back in one breath. In order to prevent rot, he would freeze the meat and hang it on the branches outside the safety cabin.


As long as you don’t withdraw your power, the meat will still be frozen regardless of the wind and rain and will still be fresh when it is eaten.


Yue An felt that Ji Xiuyun’s hold was not comfortable enough and was attracted to the epaulettes. He thought for a while and when he tried to climb onto the Marshal’s cap to sit, he was hugged by the Marshal who had never reacted.


In the end, the extremely aggrieved creamy-white cat entered the pocket of the Marshal’s great cloak, only sticking out two small paws from the inside and poking out his small head.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal did not ask his deputy about the reason for his attempt to take his blood sample.


Without thinking, he knew that his SS-level optimisation gene must be coveted by many forces. Ji Xiuyun had long been accustomed to the endless secret schemes.


Even if the other party’s purpose is not just his blood sample, the subsequent interrogation is not the Marshal’s job.


So Ji Xiuyun chose to return to the conference room and continue the military discussion. 


The theme of this military meeting is not only about the content of the spy report, but also the eagerness of the emperor to do something on the border galaxy of the neighbouring country.


For the meaning conveyed from above, the military department strictly refused multiple times.


“This is just a test from the emperor for the time being.” The first general bluntly siad, “You defeated the eighteenth galaxy during the last emperor’s tenure. Now he also hopes that he can have achievements while in office.”


As Yue An was climbing on Ji Xiuyun’s leg at this moment, he rested as his ears trembled slightly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



Is feudalism restored?


Or is Ji Xiuyun’s country a constitutional monarchy?


Yue An faintly felt that something was wrong. He climbed onto Ji Xiuyun’s lef, put two small paws on the tabletop and saw a small flag on the tabletop at a glance.


The pattern on the flag is exactly the same as that on Ji Xiuyun’s military hat.


On the black background, pure gold and brilliant red outlined the appearance of a blooming flower.


Yue An has never seen such a flag.


Calculating the time based on the number of tails he has grown, he left the earth for dozens or nearly a hundred years.


During this period, a new country appeared, which was understandable. The rapid development of science and technology jumped directly into the age of the universe. With the poorer scientific knowledge, although he felt that the possibility was small, he could barely understand it.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But in this era of the universe, can a brand-new country become so strong that it can defeat a galaxy in just a hundred years?


Even if Yue An didn’t read much, he still knew how big a galaxy was!


Did other countries eat dry rice?


The more Yue An thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. He listened attentively to most of the meeting, but because of the general’s habitual way of refining important information, he never caught any more critical information.


At the end of the meeting, the quiet darkness outside the window suddenly lit up.


Several generals looked up and out the window, “The wormhole exit is open, and it will land in about three hours later. Marshal, let’s return to the frigate first.”


After hearing the words, Yue An followed and looked out the window.


What caught his eye was the plant half-lit by a star far away.


Emerald green clusters, blue oceans and wide rivers domineeringly decomposed the continental plates into irregular shapes. In high latitude areas with clear weather, several white snow peaks can be clearly seen.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

However, Yue An did not find the desert.


The vegetation coverage of this planet is extremely impressive and it is almost impossible to find large-scale exposed land.


“The Hinters Star, the capital star of the Hinters Empire.” Ji Xiuyun rubbed Yue An’s head and explained in a low voice.


Yue An’s eyes widened, jumping onto the desktop and anxiously patted the back of Ji Xiuyun’s hand. “Meow!”


“Meow! Meow!”


The Earth!


This is not the Earth!


This is not a spaceship to the Earth!


Ji Xiuyun couldn’t understand Yue An’s anxiety but he felt it.


After all his generals left, the Marshal handed over an input board to Yue An.


Yue An stretched his paw and poked a few characters on it.


Ji Xiuyun was startled, “Earth?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An anxiously meowed.


Ji Xiuyun’s face showed surprise, “Are you an earth creature?”




The surprise on the Marshal’s face solidified for a few seconds and he didn’t know how to speak.


Yue An turned around a few times anxiously, urging him by meowing.


“Yue An…” Ji Xiuyun reduced the surprise on his face. “Earth… the mother planet of mankind… has disappeared.”


Yue An looked at Ji Xiuyun for ten seconds.




The Earth is gone, what about the cats in my clan!


They were so smart they couldn’t be killed!


Human beings are so fragile in the age of the universe the giant nine-tailed cats should definitely have no problem!


But Ji Xiuyun’s words did not finish.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After reacting to Yue An, he continued, “It has been more than two thousand years, and no creatures on Earth except humans have been spared.”


Yue An was stunned.


The Marshal thoughtfully did not disturb him at this time.


He guessed that Yue An probably lived when the Earth hadn’t disappeared, because of the unusual spatial fluctuations or small wormholes, he could have crossed the time dimension by chance and reached the planet where they met.


As for how Yue An adapted to a barren star that is so different from the Earth’s environment, Ji Xiuyun did not know and was too lazy to guess that any creature can always  burst out with amazing power when faced with the possibility of death.


What’s more, Yue An possesses quite astonishing abilities himself.


It took Yue An ten minutes to recover from the fact that the teleportation array brought him thousands of years in the future after he stepped on it.


After such a long time, the cats in the family are probably either immortal or dead.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He didn’t know how many of them were left.


Although when he first rushed to become immortal, he knew that this kind of time passing was human nonsense, but it must be experienced. However, it is the first time that he is facing this situation head-on and the more open-minded he is, the more he can avoid being upset.


Ji Xiuyun looked at the milky white hairball that has always been vigorous and playful and stretched out his hand to scratch his chin.


Yue An lightly rubbed the big warm hand and meowed feebly in reply.


The Marshal didn’t know how to comfort him.


Fortunately, Yue An’s misery did not last long.


The milky white hairball spread out his belly and rubbed it for a long time as the human gently stroked him, like he was no longer depressed. He turned over and suddenly remembered that they were in the room and he had gnawed through an energy stone halfway before throwing it in a corner.


Things have changed in this world, and people’s feelings are indifferent. Only the energy stone and his belly was still warm.


“Meow.” Yue An returned to Ji Xiuyun’s big cloak pocket and stretched out his head to urge him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun has learned more and more about Yue An’s various behaviours.


“Want to go back?” he asked.


Yue An shrank into his pocket, replying with low spirits, “Meow.”


Ji Xiuyun simply put on the cloak, rubbed Yue An who was in his pocket, got up and left the meeting room.


The guard waiting outside the meeting room silently followed the Marshal.


The meeting room is separated from the marshal’s room with a cockpit and a training area.


As they passed through the corridor of the training area, two men in military uniforms different from those of ordinary soldiers came to face each other. When they saw Ji Xiuyun, they were slightly taken aback and stepped away and saluted.


The Marshal, who used to only slightly nod and walk past without narrowing his eyes, actually stopped in front of them today.


Then he took out a bunch of white… huh? Isn’t this the little animal they didn’t know?


Ji Xiuyun said, “Science class.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Yes! Marshal!”


“Is there a backup archive of the genetic sequences of Earth organisms?”


“Yes! Marshal!”


Yue An shook his ears when he heard the key words and woke up from the dry state of hanging on the Marshal’s hand.


Originally, Ji Xiuyun wanted to get Yue An’s permission after returning to the Imperial star then go to the large academy of sciences with sufficient information to do a genetic test for him.


But after knowing that Yue An might be an Earth creature, the meaning of his existence is very different.


In the era of the universe, human beings who have lost their true origin parent star have a fanatical obsession with everything about the ancient Earth.


Even if it is of no use, a spacecraft bound for space will always carry a copy of the Earth’s data.


This is faith and is their root.


“Yue An, are you willing to do a genetic test? You only need a piece of hair.” Ji Xiuyun raised Yue An to his eye level.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An looked at Ji Xiuyun’s eyes and saw that they were full of maganimity.


Unlike ordinary cats, the more at peace they were, the more unlikely they were to shed hair and it is also difficult to pull off their root hairs. Among those present, except for Ji Xiuyun, who is serious, none of them can live without understanding Yue An. They want to be safer. The forced extraction of genetic material is basically an impossible task.


Yue An thought for a while, seeing that Ji Xiuyun was his future owner, a paw was stuck on the Marshal’s cheek and then he rubbed it.


A few shiny white cat haird fluttered on the sleeves of the Marshal’s black military uniform, making them particularly conspicuous.


The Marshal took only one and handed it to the scientists in front of him.


“Check the Earth Gene Bank. I want the results before landing.”


The two soldiers who were scientists were very flexible. As soon as Ji Xiuyun said this, he immediately realised a possibility. His eyes were bright and he looked at the little hairball that had retracted back into the Marshal’s arms and then took the hair with a howl that was difficult to keep in, turned around, “chuckled” and left without a trace.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


November 8 2017 of the interstellar calendar


Ji Xiuyun, Marshal of the Hinters Empire, returned safely after nearly a week after being attacked and going missing. When the Imeprial star appeared in front of the media after landing, there was a snow-whote, cute and delicate little creature sitting on his military cap.


Under the doubts of hundreds of media and trillions of live broadcast viewers, he answered questions from military news officers.


“This is a cat.”


The Marshal hugged Yue An, who had sat on his military cap and faced the media gathered on both sides of the exit of the landing field. There were 18 galaxies in front of the entire Hinters Empire and trillions of live viewers. In face of this, Ji Xiuyun announced the genetic sequence of this little guy.


“It is a treasure left over from the ancient Earth, the home planet of mankind.”


“The only thing left in the entire universe, the last cat.”


The last cat in the universe!!


The people of the empire are boiling!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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