The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Retreat? What are you retreating for!?

Translated by Beanie


Although the medical soldiers have repeatedly assured that the marshal is back to normal health, the generals of the First Legion who served as captains on various frigates all still want the marshal to rest for a day.


The marshal stayed with Yue An in his room all day.


Other than the room, they had nowhere to go anyway. After they returned to the battleship, they directly opened a wormhole. Now, the entire fleet has entered the wormhole passage.


Within a day, the generals will leave the wormhole near the Imperial Star, and enter the Imperial Star’s gravitational path for the final landing.


Yue An held the spirit stone given by the marshal and lay on the marshal’s lap.


Although Yue An is a monster, his nature as a cat always makes him find a warm place to take a nap.


The spacecraft is at a constant temperature, and there is no particularly warm place. So the places where Yue An stays most often is the marshal’s lap and on the bed where the marshal sleeps.


People who are in good health are always warm, in the words of the elders in the clan, they are full of yang.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun belongs to the type with very strong yang energy — although his standard indifferent face always makes people feel ocld, his body warmth is something cats like a lot.


The marshal was not polite to the generals, and rested since he said so. He stayed in his room all day, watching Yue An gnawing on the energy stone. After gnawing on the energy stone, Yue An went to tear down those large boxes of small snacks.


Ji Xiuyun finally found the joy of feeding Yue An.


The feeling of the small cat stretching out two paws to hug his hand while it ate was very… warm.


Not only the feeling of the small tongue licking his finger, but also the feeling of his hand touching the soft small belly, and also the feeling of the feeling of the two paws touching the skin, all these makes people spontaneously feel ease and happiness.


Yue An, who was being fed, also felt like he was in heaven.


There is a person to feel, a person to take care of him, a person to warm his bed and even a thigh to sleep on, it couldn’t be any better!


Although the big thigh always liked to take advantage of him by rubbing his belly, it’s alright since the food fed was very delicious!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Thinking about the more delicious food he could eat once he returned to Earth, Yue An couldn’t help lifting his tail.


On the morning of the second day, Yue An poked out his small head from the warm bed. As soon as he looked up, he saw the marshal, who had finished dressing up and was sitting upright in a chair.


Yue An’s movement was small, but it was still very obvious in the excessively quiet room.


Ji Xiuyun turned his head and glanced at him, “Awake?”


“Meow.” Yue An responded softly, got out of bed and squatted on the blanket, stretched out his paws, licked them and washed his face.


The marshal was already used to the little furball stealthy coming into his bed at night to sleep.


In the safety cabin before this, he had already told Yue An off multiple times. However, after repeated prohibitions, Ji Xiuyun chose to bow his head to the fluffy forces that exposed his belly.


To this day, he has been able to say good night and good morning to Yue An who got in the bed very calmly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After Yue An licked finished his fur, he turned around and ran to the box with unfinished snacks, pulling out a bag of snacks he had never tried before and ran to the marshal’s feet while dangling it from his mouth.


Unexpectedly, Ji Xiuyun refused to feed him.


“Not today.” The marshal lightly tapped the translucent panel in front to him, “There is a meeting later.”


Several generals on the frigate sent some important reports to the marshal’s light brain as the outlines and materials for military discussions that day.


Those reports were simple and straightforward, without the euphemism of official documents, and from the words, you could perceive the neat military style.


The marshal sat at the simple desk in the room, looking at the virtual documents floating in the air.


Yue An still does not understand the text. After jumping onto the table with a snack bag in his mouth, he stretched out his claws and tried to touch the floating virtual documents. After finding that it was only a holographic projection, he uninterestedly retracted his claws and went back to the marshal’s lap, giving a small yawn.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The marshal’s uniform was fully solemn black, with dazzling gold spreading on the edges of the buttons and cuffs.


The decoration from the center of the military hat to the brim of the hat looks like some kind of flower. The pure gold and the bright red are entwined. It is very beautiful. The large cloak epaulettes hanging on the back of the chair are also decorated with golden tassels, which are hanging on both sides, catching the cat’s attention.


When Yue An watched the wisps of tassels, his tail swayed steadily, and he couldn’t help but want to stretch his paws, Ji Xiuyun stood up first.


He gently placed Yue An on the table, looking down at Yue An, who was squatting on the table and looking up at him. After thinking about it, he took out an energy stone from the cabinet and stuffed it into Yue An’s arms.


He is going to the conference room of the main ship for a meeting. It is better for Yue An to stay in the room with a peace of mind and eat the enrgy stone.


Such a large battleship, if you want to find another one, it would be a big project.


What’s more… The spy has not been completely removed in the few days when he was missing. 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

At least judging from the reports sent now, there is still something hidden deep on this warship that has not been found.


“Be obedient, don’t go out.” After Ji Xiuyun said this, he realised that there was other than him and his deputy, no one else could enter. He paused, opened the drawer again and took out a small diamond-shaped decoration.


The main part of this decoration is a beautiful and clear sapphire, which is much darker than Yue An’s eyes. The gem holder is gray and seems to be fully handcrafted. The overall look is very beautiful.


This decoration is very small and slightly larger than the thumb cover. It looks like a pendant, because there is a necklace attached to it.


But looking at the size, it should be for people to wear.


Ji Xiuyun rolled the necklace roughly twice, “Wear it.”


Yue An tilted his head, avoided Ji Xiuyun’s hand and refused.


“Communicator.” The marshal explained briefly, and demonstrated, pressing the sapphire in the middle. A communication request popped up on his light brain.


Yue An obediently stretched his head over.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The creamy white hair covered the thin chain, leaving only the small pendant swaying slightly on his chest.


“Alright, I’ll go to the meeting.” The marshal scratched Yue An’s chin.


Yue An squinted his eyes and raised his chin to let the marshal scratch it, lazily meowing.


Ji Xiuyun put on the cloak on the back of the chair, turned around and left the bedroom.


Holding the energy stone, Yue An didn’t hesitate to get into the snack box that he has been thinking about for a long time. The material of this box was not the same as the carton or snacks that Yue An liked before, but it was small, narrow and tactile. It is soft and there are some air holes on the top. It is simply tailor-made for kittens and cats, and it exudes an atmosphere which attracts cats all the time.


Yue An has eaten up a box yesterday, and now he jumped into the empty box and was having fun tossing and digging holes happily.


Yue An’s little furry paws poked in those vent holes. After playing enough, he turned over, his four paws hugged his tail and he gnawed several bites.after chewing, he felt that there was no taste in his mouth, and then remembered the energy stone he kicked into the corner.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He let go of his tail, took the energy stone into his arms again, opened his mouth to reveal his small fangs and started gnawing.


As the spiritual power in his body was filled, Yue An found that not only did his spells become more powerful, but also his physical fitness.


Simply put, his claws are sharper, his explosive power of his legs and feet has become very powerful, even his fur appears smoother and even brings a little aura in the dark environment.


Such a change made Yue An see the cool future where he could move mountains and seas with a wave of his hand, making him become more affirmed that he must hug Ji Xiuyun’s thighs tightly.


It is said that Ji Xiuyun is in his hands! There is a vein of energy stones on the planet!!


One whole planet!!


Energy Stones!!!


Even if you don’t dare to eat it finish, you have to eat for a hundred and eighty years to finish it!!


As he thought happily, he gnawed the spirit stone while wagging his tail.


At this moment, the door of the room was opened.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An’s ears trembled lightly and he looked towards the door through the hole in the box.


To his surprise, it was not Ji Xiuyun who came in, but his deputy who he had only met twice.


The first time was on the screen in the safety cabin, and another time when Ji Xiuyun was abandoned in the cockpit.


Yue An had a bad impression of this startled deputy, especially when the other person tried to forcibly pick him up and touch him despite his wishes while in the cockpit, the impression became even worse.


Yue An licked the energy stone, watching what seemed to be a device opened by the deputy after entering the room, and then began to search and test around the room.


It’s not like coming to help fetch things or tidy up the room, Yue An thought and licked the energy stone in his arms again, his round eyes looking at the young man who was looking around the room without blinking.


Yue An looked around and saw that the young man found a hidden cabinet.


The more secure the hidden cabinet seemed, the more likely the blood sample stored in it was collected from Ji Xiuyun’s body from the medical room.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Blood is a very important medium whether scientifically or spiritually.


Even the medical soldiers who checked Ji Xiuyun’s body must operate under Ji Xiuyun’s eyes throughout the entire process. The remaining blood samples were either damaged on the spot or sent to someone else after the pre-study work was done. The follow-up operations must also be performed with Ji Xiuyun watching and a detailed report is required.


Seeing that his deputy picked up a tube of blood, Yue An narrowed his eyes and put down the energy stone. The next second, he disappeared from the box.


When Ji Xiuyun handed the disguised communicator to Yue An, he didn’t expect that Yue An would actually use it.


So when a communication request popped up in the middle of the military discussion, the Marshal frowned slightly.


The generals underneath looked down, as if they hadn’t seen anything.


Ji Xiuyun connected to the communication channel.


Yue An’s big cat face appeared in the picture, and his round blue eyes looked curiously at the camera flying out from under the sapphire.


The Marshal paused and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The generals thought that he was asking the one who had just spoken, but when they looked up, they found that the Marshal was asking the cute little animal he brought back.


They hadn’t seen this little guy with their own eyes, but when the Marshal returned, he brought a little animal with him. These generals who served as captains of the frigate knew well.


Although the outstanding leaders who are like a hundred man army on the battlefield are curious, they are also very calm and fail to show their emotions. But their eyes are fixed on the communication projection displayed by the Marshal generously and they didn’t move.


Yue An heard Ji Xiuyun’s voice coming from the sapphire and opened his mouth to the tiny camera, “Meow!”


The kitten who didn’t know how to operate the camera, slapped the camera with one paw very simply and stuck the camera on the wall in front of the deputy’s face very accurately.


The outstanding leaders sitting on the military bench saw that with the little guy’s slap, the communication screen went round and round, and finally flashed the frightened face of the Marshal’s deputy, followed by a “crack” and the camera went black and fell.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun narrowed his eyes, and the first general in the first seat swiftly called out the monitoring of the Marshal’s room.


There was no one on the monitoring screen, and there was no small creamy white dumpling, everything was normal.


The Marshal stood up suddenly when he swept the boxes in the corner that had not been moved.


The generals got up and followed without hesitation.


When the group of soldiers who got together and could easily frighten ordinary people went into the Marshal’s room, the first thing that they saw was the Marshal’s deputy fixed in place in a posture that wanted to escape. In front of him was a hidden cabinet that had been pulled open and he was still holding a tube of blood in his hand.


On the wall in front of him, a scrapped miniature camera was firmly embedded in the wall.


They scanned the room and saw that on the desk, there was a small guy whose whole body was in a big snack bag, leaving only a milky-white tail dangling outside.


As if aware of their arrival, the little guy withdrew from the bag, shook his hair and gave them a soft “meow”.


The screams were very boring.


But the generals under Ji Xiuyun looked at the camera that was still firmly stuck on the wall and looked at the delicate, cute and soft little guy on the desk. When the other party jumped off the desk and walked over, they all hurriedly took a step back.


Yue An: ???


Retreat? What are all of you retreating for?


Don’t you want to touch a cute kitten?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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