The Haunted Chapter 90 Castle Anecdote

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Chapter 90 Castle Anecdote

Translated by Nessie


All the blood clan servants in Eymer’s Castle could see the sweetness and sadness of His Royal Highness.


His Royal Highness was not like this before. In the past, he was emotionless, cold and indifferent to everything. When he was bored, he would sleep in his coffin for hundreds of years.


But since His Royal Highness came back this time, he hadn’t slept in the coffin for an entire month.


All these changes were attributed to the human he brought back.


All the vampires in the castle saw it: when His Royal Highness hugged the human to sleep and sucked his blood; and when the human would always say, “I don’t have an appetite, I don’t want to eat, let me go back or I’ll go on a hunger strike so that you don’t have healthy blood to drink. Ye Yingzhi, I’m really serious this time, and it’s useless even if you forcibly carry me to a restaurant.” But as long as the human sat at the dining table, he would obediently finish up all the food cooked by His Royal Highness. His Royal Highness’s face would show obvious sweetness and joy. But when the human was upset and kicked up a fuss, His Royal Highness would feel upset.


Mrs. Alberta, who was in charge of logistics in the castle, whispered to Mr. Butler, “I’m sorry, I don’t see how unhappy the gentleman brought back by His Highness is, and I don’t think that gentleman doesn’t like His Royal Highness.”


This vampire lady, who had lived for thousands of years, believed that she was very sensitive to human feelings. According to her observations over the years, no one could sleep soundly with an annoying person every night; and no one could have an appetite when having meals with an annoying person every day. One might pay special attention to a person due to hatred, but when one liked a person, his eyes would always follow the other party unconsciously.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This human gentleman was obviously the latter case. It was evident when he and His Royal Highness were in the same space, their eyes would always lock onto each other unconsciously. They both couldn’t take their eyes off each other and no one spoke, until His Royal Highness got up and bridal carried his human back to the bedroom, the silence and lingering atmosphere would be broken.


This young human who had only lived for more than 20 years, was lonely and helpless in the vampire’s castle. The “person” who was closest to him was the culprit who plundered him and forcefully monopolised him for three days. The affectionate Mrs. Alberta sighed secretly. On one hand, she said that Chi Yan was “such a pitiful human bride who was kidnapped by a vampire and imprisoned in the castle just like in the movie script”. On the other hand, she willingly became an accomplice of the villainous prince hoping that His Royal Highness could win the heart of his little sweetheart as soon as possible. This was the first time His Royal Highness, the Prince, had shown unconcealed affection to someone and had brought him back to his territory in the past thousands of years.


All the vampire servants in the castle knew that the poor and weak human was destined to not escape the clutches of His Royal Highness. It was just a matter of time. But even they did not expect that the human would lose after only four days of persistence. On the fifth night, he  had completely “crumbled” and “eaten up” by their Royal Highness. His Royal Highness Prince Eymer did not deliberately conceal this. In fact, he made a commotion out of it. Although the blood clansmen in the castle usually pretended to work hard and not gossip and care about the private affairs of their master, this news spread quickly throughout the castle.


And they also knew that since that day, His Royal Highness’s feast had never been interrupted.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Therefore, when they saw the human being arguing with His Royal Highness during the day, they couldn’t help but sigh. Human beings were really indecisive creatures and loved to deceive themselves.


Mrs. Alberta asked Mr. Butler, “Gray, do you think we should start preparing for their wedding? We have to prepare early, at least half a year in advance. We’ve got to draw up a guest list and send the invitations. His Royal Highness’s wedding is going to be a very grand event.”


Gray pondered for two seconds and then nodded, “Then let’s start preparing, thanks for looking into it.”


They didn’t even ask their Royal Highness.


Gray thought to himself that they could handle the preparations for the wedding. Anyway, His Highness wouldn’t care about which vampires he would invite to the ceremony. As for the Princess’s invited relatives and friends, they would have to plan it later and they might have to activate members of the law enforcement teams for protection. Of course, His Royal Highness would have to decide on the final venue, decorations, layout, dress style, ring style, flower type and other matters.


He told his thoughts to Mrs. Alberta who praised Mr Butler, “You are really an organized and thoughtful butler.”


Gray responded humbly, “These are my duties. I have no experience in organizing weddings so I’ll need some of your guidance.”


Chi Yan didn’t know that the vampires had already started arranging his wedding. He didn’t even know how many vampire servants there were in the castle as most of them worked at night – cleaning the castle, taking care of the flower garden, preparing food…These tasks were all completed at night, and by that time he had already been carried back to the bedroom by Ye Yingzhi. During the day, most vampires went back to their rooms to sleep, leaving only a few people to do ” day shift”.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In fact, because of his arrival, the vampire prince had also increased his daytime activities, becoming a “day and night” vampire. In order to meet the needs of their master, Gray had arranged more vampires to work during the day and paid them extra day shift allowance.


That morning, Chi Yan woke up from the arms of the Prince as usual. He blinked his eyes, closed them again, and pushed the Prince’s chest, “Ye Yingzhi, what time is it, go and make breakfast, I’m hungry.”


“I’ll go later.” The vampire opened his eyes slightly to check the time, “It’s already eleven o’clock, baby, let’s just have lunch, okay? We can sleep for another hour.”


As he spoke, he pulled up the quilt covering the two of them, and closed his eyes with his arms around his lover’s warm and tender body.


“Okay.” Chi Yan replied softly, rubbing against the vampire, closing his eyes completely and preparing to continue sleeping. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. After all, his awake and sleep time this month had become more and more similar to the blood clan’s. It was usually one or two o’clock in the afternoon when they had their breakfast and lunch, and dinner and supper at eight o’clock in the evening. After that, he would return to the room with the Prince and stayed together until noon the next day. Although this was decadent and unhealthy, it was really cozy indeed.


Chi Yan finally understood why there was this Chinese phrase called “fooling around”, wasn’t he just messing around with vampires now.


When he was about to fall asleep, Chi Yan suddenly woke up and became alert. He asked the vampire beside him, “Ye Yingzhi, what’s the date today?”


“O..” the vampire replied, “Let me see…looks like it’s the 6th of June.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

His answer was inaccurate. Chi Yan stretched out his hand and touched his mobile phone. It was already June 7th. It was obvious that the vampire next to him was blinded by lust, totally indulged and addicted to the gentle feeling of being in love and completely oblivious of the world around him. His Royal Highness, the Prince, was still living his yesterday.


Chi Yan sat up suddenly, “Ye Yingzhi, my exam week is about to begin! I remember that my first exam seems to be on June 9th.”


He had fooled around too much with this vampire these days.


He didn’t know what was going on either. He was angry and scared at first, but that day, he realised that the very delicious meals he ate every day were actually cooked by the Prince himself, so he softened and took a small step back… As a result, he was coaxed and almost forced by this calamitous vampire and developed an intimate relationship with him again. And in fact, he even enjoyed this…was he hopeless? After being locked up in the castle, his Stockholm syndrome seemed to worsen.


Chi Yan felt like a derailed man with no willpower. All along, he knew that school was the home and his studies should be his main focus. His Royal Highness the vampire prince was not a good person. He had lied to him before, but Chi Yan couldn’t resist the temptation of the other party. He was seduced for one whole month and did not return to his studies. Now that his exams were just round the corner, he started regretting. It was time for him to take the exams.


Ye Yingzhi sat up and hugged him from behind, lowered his head and kissed him on the back of his neck, “Don’t worry, it’s okay, I can tell them to exempt you from the exams. How many marks do you want?”


This was even more annoying. This vampire was so powerful and lawless that he could even pressure the school to do anything.


Chi Yan said dryly, “I don’t need grades to exchange courses. I will be exempted if I return to school, so long as I can pass.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But this was not the point. He turned around and said to the vampire, “I have to go back to school to take the exam. This is a matter of principles.” He had to be a responsible person. Although he had fooled around with the vampire for so many days, he had to go back to take the exams, otherwise even if he got the credits, he would still feel guilty and uneasy.


Ye Yingzhi thought for a while, put his chin on his shoulder, and promised, “Okay then. I will arrange a plane to take you back tomorrow afternoon. But baby, I also hope you can promise me something.”


“What?” Chi Yan turned his head and looked at him.


“Sleep with me in the coffin tonight.” Ye Yingzhi whispered, “Also, the castle has been preparing to hold a banquet to welcome your arrival and it should be held tonight. You have to attend as my partner.”


Chi Yan’s body froze suddenly, “…Are all vampires?” He was shocked by the news of the banquet and forgot to pay attention to Ye Yingzhi’s wish to sleep in the coffin together.


“Don’t be afraid.” Ye Yingzhi rubbed his waistline and comforted him. “We only need to show ourselves briefly, and then we can go back to the coffin to rest. I know that you are returning to school tomorrow so I’ll not make things too difficult for you.”


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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