The Haunted Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 Words From The Heart After Being Drunk

Translated by Nessie


Chi Yan pushed Ye Yingzhi’s hand down.


What time was that already, the vampire was still seducing him. He turned sideways and pushed the shoulder of the Prince, “Ye Yingzhi, give me my clothes. I don’t know where you threw it yesterday.”


The Prince got out of bed and took a set of clothes from the closet and handed it to him: “This is the newly tailored ceremonial suit. Try it on and see if it fits. Time is too tight, if it doesn’t fit, I’ll have to ask Mrs. Alberta to make some simple alterations. We’ll tailor more of these once we get the right size and fit.”


Fortunately, the blood clan seemed to be a race that was advancing with the times, and the ceremonial suit was also a simple modern western style, rather than the medieval style that seemed strange in this modern times. After Chi Yan was dressed, he stood on the ground, and Ye Yingzhi half-knelt in front of him to adjust his trousers, then he stood up and lowered his head to arrange his cuffs and neckline. Finally he squinted his eyes, looked up and down at Chi Yan and said, “Great! We’ll use this size and fit in the future to tailor your suits.”


The Prince quickly changed into a similar style suit as Chi Yan. After putting on his shirt and buttoned up, he deliberately stretched out his hand in front of Chi Yan and asked, “Ah Yan, can you help me fasten the cufflinks?”


Chi Yan took it naturally and lowered his head to arrange his cuffs. After fastening the cufflinks, he knelt down and straightened his trousers as what the Prince had done for him just now. Then he straightened up and arranged the collar for the Prince.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

When the Prince lowered his eyes, their sights were locked on each other. The vampire whispered softly, “Ah Yan, you will be responsible for all these in the future, okay? I will also be responsible for you.”


Chi Yan looked up at him, pursed his lips but did not answer. He didn’t know what he thought of but his face was a little red. The Prince lowered his head and kissed his forehead.


At eight o’clock in the evening, the well-dressed vampire guests arrived at Prince Eymer’s castle one after another.


This banquet was originally a welcome banquet for Chi Yan, but a week ago, Mr Butler suggested to His Royal Highness to have an engagement ceremony at the banquet. The vampire prince agreed immediately. Anyway, he had already given Chi Yan his ring.


The castle prepared fresh blood for all the guests. The blood clansmen drank blood and socialised while waiting for the appearance of their master. They were very surprised that Prince Eymer, who had always been mysterious and powerful, suddenly wanted to hold a banquet in his castle. What was even more important was the news that His Royal Highness was going to be engaged to a human being.


They couldn’t believe it at all. If it wasn’t the time and the main character that was wrong, then they would have thought that it was an April Fool’s Day joke. However, Prince Eymer never made a joke, and no one dared to make a joke, so this could only be true. Even if the bride was still a human being, His Royal Highness would definitely be the first to possess the human bride and transform him into a vampire during the wedding. The strength of the vampire was generally affected by the transforming vampire who first possessed him. After being possessed by Prince Eymer, this newly transformed vampire bride would naturally become a very powerful vampire.


So the blood clansmen were very curious and began to wonder what kind of human being the bride was and how sweet his blood was that made their legendary Prince Eymer so mesmerised to even be willing to marry him. Vampires rarely hold weddings, because love is inherently erratic, and the hearts might change one day. Moreover, considering the long lifespan of the blood clansmen, no one could guarantee that they could be together with their spouses forever. They would form short-term partnerships instead, but they rarely entered into marriage contracts.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

When Mr. Butler found the master of the castle, His Royal Highness was still frying beef tongue in the kitchen, while the bride-to-be was standing beside him, staring at him eagerly, “Not enough, make more. Yingzhi,  can you put more garlic? “


The vampire prince threw a few cloves of garlic into the pot without changing his expression.


Gray stood at the edge of the kitchen and knocked gently on the door, “Excuse me, Your Royal Highness. Please forgive me for disturbing. The guests are already here, you might perhaps want to take Mr. Chi to change into his suit.”


“Wait a minute, Ah Yan wants to eat beef tongue. We’ll talk about it after he finishes eating it.” The vampire replied unhurriedly “You can preside over the matters at the banquet. Ah Yan and I will just show up briefly.”


Ye Yingzhi had discovered that Chi Yan would be very meek when he  was full and then it would be easier to persuade him. Therefore, if he wanted to get his way, then he ought to prepare delicious food in advance to coax his lover.


Gray nodded, and left quietly after saluting. The vampire prince turned off the fire, put the fried beef tongue on a plate, carved a radish flower, and served it with green broccoli cooked in warm water. He placed the freshly cooked dish in front of his lover, then poured grape wine for the two of them.


“Eat more vegetables. Drinking some wine, it is good for your health.” He persuaded softly, “Don’t worry, a new day has just begun for those vampires.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Of course, he knew that Chi Yan would get drunk easily. Even if it was just a glass of ordinary fruit wine with a little alcohol content, he would become dizzy. This was exactly what the vampire wanted.


It was ten o’clock at night, His Royal Highness finally appeared in front of the guests with the human being whom they all wanted to see. He stood in the middle of the corridor on the second floor and nodded to the guests in the hall downstairs. He did not stand in the middle of them. The human next to him leaned on him weakly, his cheeks flushed, and he seemed to be obedient and dependent on him.


Ye Yingzhi squeezed Chi Yan’s hand and whispered, “Ah Yan, show them the ring on your hand.”


When Chi Yan ate beef tongue for supper, he was coaxed by Ye Yingzhi to drink two large glasses of wine. His thinking became dull and the vampire even helped him change his clothes just now.


He heard the Prince talking to him in his ear, so he subconsciously lifted his face to look at him and flashed a big smile with two dimples on his cheeks. He was stunned for a moment before realising what the vampire was saying. Then he turned his head, smiled and raised his left hand to the hall below.


Ye Yingzhi was dazzled by his smile for an instant, and his heartbeat speeded up. After a moment of daze, he quickly grabbed Chi Yan’s waist, pinched the soft flesh of his left waist and whispered, “Silly Ah Yan, don’t smile anymore, don’t laugh. Come, come here, turn your head and look at me, look at me.”


He relaxed as he watched Chi Yan turn his face to look at him. He took out a black box and slipped it onto his lover’s hand and persuaded, “Be good, open the box and take out the ring. Put it on for me.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“This is an engagement ring, which I specially created. It is a pair with the one I gave you before. Both are silver. Will you choose the style of the wedding ring?”


He spoke in a low voice, stretched out his left hand and both sides of his ring finger to make it easier for Chi Yan to put on the ring for him.


Chi Yan followed his instructions slowly, then raised his head and smiled at him after wearing it, as if waiting for a word of praise.


The vampire couldn’t help it anymore. He grabbed Chi Yan into his arms and pierced his fangs into his neck. Exchange of blood was originally part of the engagement ceremony, but he really couldn’t resist it. Chi Yan looked so seductive to him since the time when he finished the beef tongue happily.


Cheers of congratulations erupted noisily and joyfully from the vampires in the hall.


The human in his arms also seemed to be infected by these emotions. He put his arms around the Prince’s neck gently and whispered happily, “Ye Yingzhi, I like you so much.”


He saw the Prince widened his eyes to look at him, and then smiled shyly and brilliantly. After the vampire finished sucking his blood, he immediately kissed the corner of the vampire’s mouth.


Ye Yingzhi couldn’t wait to pick up the human being right now and hide him in his coffin.


But the ceremony was not over yet. Since the opponent was just an ordinary human, according to the ritual, the last step in the exchange of blood was for him to puncture the end of the index finger of his left hand and let his human bride suck the blood from the wound on his fingertip.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The vampire’s throat moved and looked at his lover. Ah Yan was now drunk like this, thinking about it, this ceremony was such a sweet torture to him. It was indeed a test for him.


He had to quickly finish the ritual and end the engagement ceremony as soon as possible. Ye Yingzhi decisively cut his left index finger with the nail of his left thumb, pressed the blood-stained finger tip to the human’s lips, lowered his head and coaxed him softly, “Be good, Ah Yan, help me lick it. Lick this and then we can go back to rest and sleep.”


Chi Yan was drunk and was definitely easy to persuade. Without hesitating, he nodded and put the bloody index finger into his mouth. He was familiar with the smell of this blood. He deliberately licked the bleeding fingertips with the tip of his tongue.


The vampire’s dark gaze was locked onto him. Chi Yan felt it and raised his eyes to look at the vampire with a soft, trusting and unsuspecting smile.


Chi Yan liked to smile and laugh when he was drunk. He was not stingy with them at all when facing Ye Yingzhi.


It should be over. He couldn’t wait anymore.


His Royal Highness sullenly glanced at his butler. After getting an affirmative answer, he looked at the guests in the hall and gestured greetings to them, then he bridle-carried his lover in his arms and left, leaving behind the joyous  and congratulatory cheers in the hall.


He believed that Gray and the others would entertain these guests.


Chi Yan didn’t wake up until the moment before he was carried into the black coffin in the cellar. The Prince placed Chi Yan on the ground. Chi Yan raised his head to look at him and said, “Ye Yingzhi, why are we here? You said we were going back to rest and sleep. You lied to me, you lied to me again.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi knew that his lover was young and naive now, and his thinking was straight and simple. He could only coax him, “Ah Yan, I didn’t lie to you. You promised me in the morning that we’ll sleep in the coffin today. Did you forget?”


Chi Yan thought for a while, and it seemed that this was the case, although he didn’t understand why he agreed in the first place. At that time, he probably wanted to make Ye Yingzhi happy, and if Ye Yingzhi liked it, he wouldn’t mind sleeping with him in the coffin. He nodded, “Then we will sleep in the coffin today.”


The vampire opened the lid of the coffin, pushed his lover in and then laid down himself. In the dim cellar, the figures of the two of them were gradually submerged inside the dark coffin. A pale and slender hand stretched out from the coffin, and the silver ring on the ring finger of the left hand reflected a faint light under the candlelight. The hand slowly pulled the coffin board upright and closed, leaving only a gap for air circulation.


Inside the black coffin, His Royal Highness, the Prince, sighed softly, “…Baby, I love you too…”




It was a long time later, Chi Yan gradually woke up. He could feel that he and the vampire were hugging each other tightly and intimately. The surroundings were dark and the space was small and closed. Ye Yingzhi must have tricked him into the coffin again.


His consciousness gradually returned, and he started remembering what happened when he was drunk. He couldn’t resist and bit the side of the vampire’s neck.


The vampire prince soothed him instead, “My sweetheart, you’ve woken up? Does your head hurt? Drink some water?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

A thermos cup was handed over to Chi Yan in the dark. Chi Yan took a sip after unscrewing the lid. The temperature was just right, it was a little sweet, it was honey water.


What Chi Yan just wanted to say was soon forgotten.


After a while he hesitated and asked, “Ye Yingzhi, are you going to turn me into a vampire?”


In any case, exchanging rings in front of so many vampires didn’t seem like a simple ritual. He could not pretend that he had forgotten about what happened or could not guess the meaning.


Ye Yingzhi kissed his auricle and answered, “No.”


He gently embraced the worried human being into his arms, “The first possession is tantamount to killing you with my own hands. I will neither do it nor bear it.”


Immediately, the vampire smiled lightly in his ear, “What’s more, you are so gluttonous, how could I bear to turn you into a vampire who couldn’t taste his food ?”


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


Translator: The final chapter for this arc coming up next. The coffin shall be closed forever.


Chapter 90◀︎Table Of ContentsChapter 92


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