The Haunted Chapter 92 The Blood Clan

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Chapter 92 The Blood Clan

Translated by Nessie


Chi Yan and Ye Yingzhi flew back to Sophis at noon the next day.


He once again realized the power of this unknown dark world. The vampire’s plane crossed the border smoothly without any hindrance. Chi Yan remembered that his passport was still kept in the dormitory, and he didn’t even have a visa when he was kidnapped to the castle. He was like the vampire’s smuggled food.


Chi Yan had to take three exams which were spread over the exam weeks, starting from June 9th to June 20th. He still had time to revise the last two exams but the exam on the morning of June 9 was a bit urgent.


Ye Yingzhi knew that he was wrong and had behaved mischievously to have kept his lover in the coffin when his lover was going to take his exams soon. He didn’t let him go until the plane was about to take off at noon the next day. He remembered that Chi Yan said that he couldn’t fail his course so he told Gray to secretly pay attention not to let Chi Yan fail the exam.


Chi Yan didn’t know of Ye Yingzhi’s secret instructions to Gray. After arriving at Sophis late that night, Ye Yingzhi wanted to take him home with him, saying that he would get up the next morning to prepare breakfast for him and then personally send him to the exam.


Chi Yan was very touched, but he knew that he would be easily distracted by the vampire until the next morning before rushing to the examination hall. So he rejected the vampire after careful consideration, “No, I can’t calm down when I’m with you.”


Ye Yingzhi raised his hand and promised: “This time I will definitely not bother you or disturb you. Please come home with me.”

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan raised his head and kissed his lips gently, “Give me some time and wait for me, let me study hard, and let me think about it, I will return to you once my mind is cleared up.”


His eyes were clear and his expression was serious. Ye Yingzhi touched his lips where Chi Yan had kissed and relented, “Then you think quickly.”


Ye Yingzhi sent Gray away and drove Chi Yan back to his dormitory personally and watched him walk in.


Chi Yan returned to his dormitory, took out his tablet and started revising for his exams. He studied for a while until three o’clock in the morning, slept for a while and then woke up again at five o’clock to continue studying. By seven o’clock, he felt that he had almost completed revising. He read all the notes one round and practised the questions in the past years’ papers. Then he went to bed to sleep until 8.30 am before getting ready to go for his exams at 9.30 am.


The education system here was particularly lovely. The students were not required to calculate the final result for this exam. They only needed to write down the approximate calculation methods on the paper, and the passing marks for all the courses were 50 points.


Chi Yan didn’t know how Ye Yingzhi asked for leave from the school on his behalf. The reasons he told Jiang Tian and other friends here were “I’m sick, I’m recuperating at my uncle’s place.” After he finished the first paper, he met Jiang Tian at the school cafe. The first sentence Jiang Tian asked him was, “Have you recovered?”


Chi Yan nodded, “Yes”


Jiang Tian asked worriedly, “Can you handle the exams? You missed class for so many days.”


Chi Yan replied sincerely, “I overestimated it.” If he had known earlier, two hours of studying for the exam was sufficient. He could have used the remaining hours last night to make up for his sleep.

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

Jiang Tian chided him with a smile and then suddenly remembered something, “Chi Zi, your visa should expire soon? When are you planning to return home?”


“I will return once the exams are over.” Chi Yan stirred the coffee in his hand and looked up at his friend, “We will keep in touch again when you return home.”




After the exams, before Chi Yan checked his own results, Gray had already obtained them and presented it to the vampire prince. “Your Royal Highness, His Royal Highness’s grades are very good, and I didn’t need to cheat for him.”


Ye Yingzhi nodded, “Ah Yan passed all his exams?”


“Yes.” Gray looked at the powerful vampire in front of him and hesitated, “One more thing…”


“Ah Yan booked a ticket to return home? You want to tell me this?” The vampire prince’s expression was still calm. He rubbed the ring on his left ring finger, which was put on by Chi Yan – their engagement ring. He hadn’t told Chi Yan that they were officially engaged that day.


“I know this already, go ahead and prepare the plane.”


Chi Yan sat in the large seat, feeling the plane taking off and gaining altitude. He closed his eyes. He knew that soon he would leave the southern hemisphere completely and return to his hometown. He didn’t want to run, nor did he intend to lie to Ye Yingzhi. He really just wanted to think about it.


His heart moved when he met Ye Yingzhi.  Everything fell into place so quickly that he couldn’t really get angry with him. He couldn’t refuse Ye Yingzhi’s requests, and didn’t want to be separated from him. He just wanted to give him all he had. He even wouldn’t mind sleeping in his coffin. No matter what, if Ye Yingzhi liked it, he was willing to accompany him to sleep in the coffin every day. Chi Yan had never liked anyone before. He just felt that the people around him were not like him when they were in love. He didn’t know if it was normal for him. He felt that he had to figure out his heart and mind before giving a reply to the vampire. Just staying with Ye Yingzhi mindlessly because of his desires didn’t seem like he was being responsible enough for the both of them.

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

He took the opportunity during the exam revision period to send out applications for several summer internships. One of them notified him to go for an interview the day after tomorrow. The salary for two months of the summer internship was not much, but it was enough for him to pay for the round-trip air ticket to Europe and the visa. He was already an adult and it would be too embarrassing to still ask his parents for money to visit his vampire lover abroad.


Chi Yan was thinking about this when the flight attendant came over and asked him what drink he wanted.


Chi Yan replied that he would like to drink tea. The flight attendant listed the names of the tea and asked him what kind of tea he would like. Chi Yan finally settled on Longjing tea. The tea was served hot along with a small plate of dried fruits.


Chi Yan bowed his head and thanked her. His air tickets were all booked by the state agency responsible for overseas education and exchanges. It was the standard norm to book the economy cabin of a Chinese airline, so he took Air China back and forth. The day before his flight, he received a text message from the airline notifying that he was eligible for an upgrade and he was directly upgraded to first class when he checked in.


Such temporary free upgrades was a good thing and it also happened from time to time, which was not too strange. Although Chi Yan didn’t know the reason for being upgraded, he still accepted it with pleasure. It was best to be comfortable during this ten hour journey home.

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

Before taking off, he sent a message to Ye Yingzhi and told him that he was returning to China to think about their affairs before looking for him again. After sending it, he was a little scared. He didn’t know if Ye Yingzhi would be angry or how he would react, so he called the operator directly and cancelled his Australian mobile phone number. He comforted himself that Ye Yingzhi would know how to contact him. If he didn’t contact him, then he should have acquiesced to his wishes and gave him time and space to consider.


However, Chi Yan never expected that after getting off the plane, he pulled his luggage out and saw the vampire standing in the airport lobby waiting for him.


It was midsummer in China. His Royal Highness was wearing a simple pair of black trousers and a white shirt. The sleeves of his shirt were slightly rolled up to his elbows. He was dressed in ordinary clothes, but he was tall and was extremely handsome. He could easily attract attention just casually standing in the hall.


Mr. Butler lowered his hands and stood respectfully behind him.


Chi Yan opened his mouth and froze in place.


The vampire had already seen him and quickly walked towards him, taking the luggage in his hand naturally like picking up an old friend who had just arrived. He asked Chi Yan in a concerned tone, “Are you tired ?”


“Why are you… here? Ye Yingzhi, didn’t you read the text message I sent you?”


Yes, I saw it. And found that you even cancelled your phone number. You little brat, dared to do things but dared not to take responsibility.


The Prince turned his head to look at him and smiled, “Yes, I saw it. I totally agree with your opinion. So yesterday I asked Gray to buy a house in the country. You can slowly think about it, I will accompany you.”

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

“But I feel that I like you very much whenever I see you…I can’t calm down and think about it.”


Ye Yingzhi held his hand quietly, “Then just continue liking me and never be sober. This is what I want.” 


The airport was bustling with lots of activities and Chi Yan was not used to the hustle and bustle after returning from the sparsely populated Oceania. He felt very conscious that others were looking at them behaving lovey dovey, so he pulled Ye Yingzhi aside and asked, “Did you drive here? Let’s talk in the car.”


Ye Yingzhi was clearly prepared this time. He handed Chi Yan’s luggages to Gray and told him to drive back. Then he led Chi Yan into another car. As soon as they got in the car, he took Chi Yan’s hand and pressed it on his left chest, and said seriously, “Ah Yan, I am just like you. I still think you casted a spell on me, otherwise, how could I be so obsessed whenever I see you? Other than you, I couldn’t think of anything else.”


He put down Chi Yan’s hand, put his forehead against his lover’s and clasped his fingers, “Don’t worry, let’s think about it together, and it doesn’t matter if we think about it forever. Until then if we still don’t understand, then let’s not think about it anymore.”


As Ye Yingzhi said, Chi Yan really thought about this for some time and he eventually forgot about it.


After graduating from his bachelor’s degree, Chi Yan applied for postgraduate studies in an European university because of Ye Yingzhi. After graduating from postgraduate studies, he married the vampire prince in the castle. Chi Yan lied to his relatives and friends that he met Ye Yingzhi while studying here. After the arduous efforts of him and His Royal Highness, Chi Yan’s parents finally approved of their relationship. 

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

On the wedding day, Chi Yan’s parents took him aside and whispered, “Xiao Chi, your wife has a lot of friends, so many people came. It seems that your in-laws are not ordinary. You should be careful in the future to be more tolerant of your wife and be careful yourself not to be bullied.”


Chi Yan looked at the house full of vampires and listened to the words of his parents. Finally, he understood why he felt scared so frequently as it was all hereditary. He comforted his parents and replied, “You have seen it before, Ye Yingzhe treats me very well. He cooks for me every day and he will not bully me, please don’t worry.”


At night when Chi Yan’s parents returned to their rooms in the evening, Chi Yan’s father muttered to his wife, “I had a strange feeling that I’m marrying off my son.”


Chi Yan’s mother echoed his sentiments, “Yeah, I have this feeling too, it must be an illusion.” 


The two looked at each other. Chi Yan’s father waved his hand, “Forget it, don’t bother about him anymore. It is finally a relief to raise that stinky boy into a big man now. It’s time to let his wife take care of him in the future.”




Chi Yan stayed in Europe to work after graduation. After the two got married, Ye Yingzhi would feed his own blood to Chi Yan every month. Because of his blood, Chi Yan always maintained a youthful appearance. The years didn’t leave any traces on his appearance. It was easy to get by when one was young but it was not easy to explain this youthful appearance after 40 years of age.


Ye Yingzhi suggested that he retire and spend more time with him in the castle.

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

After thinking about it, Chi Yan agreed. Although he looked youthful outwardly, he could feel his gradual exhaustion internally. His physical strength was not as good as when he first met Ye Yingzhi. He knew that most part of his life had already passed, and compared with his immortal lover, the time he could spend with him was running out. They had been living together for 20 years, and at most 30 to 40 years later, he might have to take a step first to leave him.


Chi Yan asked Ye Yingzhi how he spent the thousands of years before he met him. Ye Yingzhi calmly replied that he watched the sun rise, watched the sun set, and laid in the coffin to sleep. Hundreds of years passed just like this. It didn’t make sense to wake up and look at the world, so he slept again and hundreds of years passed again.


Chi Yan hesitated for a long time and asked him if he had ever thought about what he would do after he was gone.


Ye Yingzhi looked at him, pondered and finally asked tentatively, “Ah Yan, have you ever thought of becoming part of the blood clan and be with me forever.” He wouldn’t bear turn his lover into a cold blooded vampire when he was still full of life and vitality. But one day if Ah Yan were to leave him forever and go to a place where he couldn’t find him, then he was naturally more willing to keep his lover forever in this way, by his side.


Ye Yingzhi waited expectantly for the response from his lover, but Chi Yan shook his head and looked at him with a painful and dazed expression on his face, “No. If I have a long life, what becomes of me if one day you don’t want me any more ? What if you ignore me and don’t respond to me? Ye Yingzhi, I will always love you forever. If you don’t love me anymore one day, I can only wait for you all the time… Wait for you to look back at me once. I don’t want to, I don’t want to be like this…it’s just too torturous.”


He shook his head, his eyes were filled with pain and struggle as if he had already foreseen such a scene. Ye Yingzhi hugged him with a pained heart and comforted him, “Why would I not want you”, “I can’t live without you at all”, “Ah Yan, don’t doubt me” “Be good, don’t worry, I will always be here”……

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

After a long time like this, Chi Yan gradually calmed down, but since then Ye Yingzhi didn’t dare to mention this again. At least now the person was by his side and belonged to him. He would always hold his Ah Yan and never let go.


The years were long and quiet, and the two of them spent another forty springs and autumns together in the old castle.


When the spring came another year, Chi Yan realized that he might not be able to hold on to the time for the lotus to bloom.


Knowing that his life was about to come to an end did he realize that he had such a strong desire to monopolize his lover. He hoped that Ye Yingzhi would fall in love with another person in his long lifespan, preferably someone who would be willing to become a vampire to accompany him, and then forget him, so that he would not be lonely. But whenever he thought of this possibility, his heart hurt a lot. That was his Ye Yingzhi, and he didn’t want to share him with anyone else.


During the years when they were together, Ye Yingzhi had only sucked his blood. He didn’t even want Ye Yingzhi to suck other people’s blood again.


Chi Yan remembered a movie called “Gattaca” that he had seen before. In the movie, the main character #1 always relied on the blood provided by main character #2, hair samples and other things provided by the main character #2 to disguise as him. The movie ended with the main character #2 preparing to commit suicide. Before committing suicide, he deliberately left a variety of blood and hair samples for main character #1, enough for him to use for decades.


He was inspired by this. With Gray’s help, he collected some of his blood every day and stored it in the castle, and specifically told Mr. Butler to only tell His Royal Highness about this after his death.

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

If Ye Yingzhi drank a little at a time, the amount of blood he left behind could probably last him a few years ? At least one year should be enough, right? He regretted that he hadn’t thought of this earlier, otherwise, he would be able to leave enough blood for Ye Yingzhi to drink for decades.


…. Then, would it be at least a few decades after my death, he would still think of me, would he still belong to me?


It was a pity that he didn’t have much time now. His body did not allow him to lose too much blood every day, and even Ye Yingzhi was cautious not to suck blood like he did in the past.


Thinking about it this way, Ye Yingzhi seemed to have not drunk his blood for seven consecutive days.


Chi Yan laid on the bed, thinking vaguely.


Chi Yan was getting weaker and weaker these days, and the doctor advised him to stay in bed. It was an ordinary human doctor who treated him. He was surprised at his exhausted interior that was inconsistent with his youthful appearance, but he was frightened of the master’s power and did not dare to say it.


Chi Yan managed to get up from the bed, leaned on the wall, and walked slowly along the stone steps to the cellar where the coffin was placed. He had already thought about it. When he died, he must occupy Ye Yingzhi’s coffin, so that even if the vampire fell in love with other people in the future, he would not be able to bring that person to their coffin which contained lots of their tender loving moments.


One hundred and seven steps, he walked back and forth countless times in these decades. This time was probably the last time, and he walked for a full hour.


Finally, Chi Yan supported the edge of the coffin and couldn’t move.

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi was cooking porridge for his lover during this time, but when he returned to the bedroom with the porridge, he found that his lover was gone. He quickly guessed the whereabouts of Chi Yan. After he hurried down, he saw his lover holding the edge of the black coffin with both hands. 


After hearing the sound, Chi Yan slowly raised his head, looked at him with innocent black eyes and said softly, “Yingzhi, carry me in. You promised to give me this coffin.” He still acted like a child even at this age.


Ye Yingzhi also had a premonition. He smiled and like he had always done this before, he carried his lover and placed him gently inside the coffin. They looked at each other’s eyes tenderly, “Be good baby, let hubby hug you.”


Chi Yan laid inside the coffin looking and smiling at him. His smile revealed two big dimples.


He proudly flaunted, “Yingzhi, I left something for you. When you leave, Gray will help me hand them to you.” 


His Royal Highness bent down and kissed his forehead gently, stretched out his hand to tidy his sideburns, and said casually, “Are you referring to the blood you left behind? I have finished drinking them.”


Chi Yan opened his eyes wide, and looked at him feeling a bit upset and disappointed.


He originally thought that he could at least make his lover miss him for a year.


The vampire chuckled and kissed his lips. Of course he wouldn’t leave behind his precious Ah Yan’s blood.

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

He asked his lover softly, “Ah Yan, are you still unwilling to be with me forever?”


Chi Yan only felt very tired. He slowly closed his eyes, slowly shook his head and said very quietly, “No…it’s too uncomfortable…waiting for you…it’s too uncomfortable.”


Ye Yingzhi only felt great sadness in his heart. He didn’t know why. Ah Yan always thought subconsciously that he would not want him one day, would ignore him, and he could only wait for him.


“Why would I let you wait for me…” he murmured, slowly submerging his whole body into the coffin. He held Chi Yan in his arms, traced his lover’s eyebrows and eyes with his lips for the last time. Then from his left sleeve, he took out the silver knife that had been hidden inside, and quickly slashed Chi Yan’s left wrist.


Chi Yan was agitated by the pain, and opened his eyes again to look at his lover, “Yingzhi… Do you want to drink blood… Why don’t you use teeth…” 


The fresh blood dripped and slid down the blade, soaking the entire spine of the knife.


Ye Yingzhi smiled gently and comforted him. He lowered his head and gently licked his bleeding wrist, watched the wound healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, raised his head and smiled at Chi Yan. Then his right hand quickly raised the knife soaked with his lover’s blood and impaled his heart.


He pulled out the knife and threw it aside. The blood of the vampire gushed out all of a sudden, staining his hands.


The vampire lowered his head, gently cupped his lover’s face with his pale hands stained with blood, smiled and said, “Ah Yan, it’s okay, I will go with you, I will always be with you.”

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

“…But. Ah Yan, Promise me, promise me. If there is the next time, accompany me to eternity… OK?”


Chi Yan hugged Ye Yingzhi with all his remaining strength, tears already covered his face unknowingly, “…I promise you, no matter how long, I will always be with you…”


His voice gradually faded and his eyes shut slowly. A teardrop slipped down from the corner of his closed eyes, and finally disappeared.


The blood clansman hugged his lover in his arms, laid down, and placed the two of them in the usual sleeping posture. A pale hand stained with red blood stretched out from the coffin. Slowly, and slowly, pulled the coffin lid upright and closed it.


This time, everything fits tightly without leaving any gaps.


Since the day he became a blood clan member, he knew that the only way to kill himself was to pierce his heart with a silver weapon dipped in the blood of his lover. If he had never fallen in love with anyone, then he would never die.


But he fell in love with someone, so he willingly left with him.


Ah Yan, you are gone, this world has no meaning to me.


The black coffin closed forever, and the vampire put his arms around his lover and closed his eyes.

Translated by the Red Oak Tree

Translator: This is no doubt my favourite arc in this novel. *sniff sniff*.

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