The Haunted Chapter 93 Haunted

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Volume Four

Reincarnation Four – The World of Yin and Yang

Translation by Nessie Lee

Chapter 93 Haunted


In the dark, empty corridor, Chi Yan walked alone. The sound of his footsteps was particularly clear in the silent space.


The only light came from his mobile phone.


Chi Yan felt a little uneasy in his heart. He started to regret that he came over so hastily without much preparation. He had never told Song Jin, even if he told Song Jin, he might not believe it—in fact, he was also afraid of ghosts, and he often had to face it.


The light from the mobile phone went out suddenly, and the entire corridor became totally dark. Chi Yan put away the phone that turned off automatically for no reason, and stopped in place. He could feel something approaching.


A little hand tugged his clothes timidly, Chi Yan looked back and saw a little girl pulling him in fear, as if afraid of something. She begged in a low voice: “Uncle, can you take me out of here? It’s so dark, so cold, and I’m so scared.”


Chi Yan swallowed his saliva, looked nervously at the little girl pulling him and whispered, ” Okay.”


He could feel the tension in his throat muscles. He knew that he shouldn’t agree at this time, and agreeing was equivalent to sending seven or eight tenths of his life to the ghost’s hands, while only two or three points remaining were still held by him. But if he didn’t take the risk to lure the opponent to reveal his weakness, he was not sure if he could control this thing. Unlike its appearance, this is not any small ghost.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Fighting with people or ghosts were all about schemes and trickery. Being tricked by others or being tricked by ghosts, it’s all a dead end.


After receiving the approval, the little girl got closer to him, pointed to the small porcelain bottle hanging on his chest and asked, “What is that hanging on uncle? Can you take it down and show me?”


Chi Yan smiled and nodded again, “Okay.”


He put his hand on his small porcelain bottle, and slowly, little by little, took the black string and untied the porcelain bottle from his neck.


He knew that this evil spirit was afraid of his porcelain bottle, so it deliberately tricked him to remove the amulet from his body.


He also guessed that this thing might also trick him and make his porcelain bottle fall to the ground by mistake. That, he couldn’t bear it.


So Chi Yan stretched out his hand and placed the porcelain bottle firmly on the window sill beside him.


The moment Chi Yan’s hand released the porcelain bottle, an evil aura emanated from it.


The ghost at his feet let out an unexpected painful roar. Its eyes turned red and two rows of blood tears flowed down from them. Its limbs were stretched, and its head looked up at Chi Yan with vengeance.


Its voice became extremely stern, piercing painfully into his eardrums, “…what are you?”


“I am a human.” Chi Yan smiled and pointed to the porcelain bottle, “It’s just that thing was used to suppress me.” The ghost displayed an expression of disbelief.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan was very clear, and didn’t dare to waste time. He quickly kicked that thing onto the ground with one foot, reached out to stick the prepared talisman seal on its chest.


Seeing that thing disappeared into black smoke, Chi Yan heaved a sigh of relief, retrieved the porcelain bottle and put it on his neck carefully. He turned on the mobile phone flashlight to illuminate the road in front of him and left the building.


The dark clouds dispersed, and the moonlight shone on his face.


He didn’t lie. He was really just an ordinary human, except for being born in the Chi’s family and having a body constitution that attracted evil spirits.


He was the eldest son and eldest grandson of a Taoist family clan (天师世家), but his body had a natural aura of ghosts, spirits and evil.


That porcelain bottle was given to him by that person, and it could indeed help him suppress his ghostly aura and avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble for him.


Song Jin and his wife were waiting for him outside. When they saw him coming out, Song Jin rubbed his hands to meet him and asked anxiously, “Chi Zi, are you okay? Have you resolved it?”


Chi Yan tilted his head, raised his head and flashed him an innocent smile, “Uncle, can you take me out of here?” 


Song Jin hadn’t reacted yet, his wife Tao Juan Juan had already yelled in fright, pointed to Chi Yan after looking for some time before realizing that the person in front of them was Chi Yan. She rushed up and gave him a series of smacks.


She didn’t have much strength and Chi Yan also realized that his joke was too much, so he kept saying sorry, and dodged her attacks, but not running away completely. Song Jin quickly stepped forward and took Tao Juan Juan aside and hugged her in his arms and comforted her.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After a while, Tao Juanjuan calmed down. She used her hand and gestured the height of a small child and asked Chi Yan in a low voice, “Chi Zi, that one… that one you pretended just now, was it resolved?” Her voice was very soft, as if she was afraid of disturbing something.


Song Jin had asked this question earlier, but Chi Yan didn’t mind Tao Juan Juan asking another time. He affirmed again, “Fortunately, it’s not as powerful as I thought. It’s resolved.”


Tao Juan Juan was relieved.


The night in the early spring was still cold. Song Jin urged the two of them to get in the car and leave the place.


Song Jin and Tao Juan Juan were both Chi Yan’s high school classmates. Song Jin was Chi Yan’s best friend at that time. When he was dating Tao Juan Juan, Chi Yan acted to cover for him. Later, Song Jin and Tao Juan Juan applied and enrolled in the same university. In order to take care of his mother and grandfather, Chi Yan applied for another university which was also in City R, and not far away. So the friends didn’t break their contact .


After graduation, Chi Yan stayed in school to continue his postgraduate studies. There was still half a year before his graduation. Song Jin applied to the local public security department for his long-cherished ideals. His family helped a little and he successfully became a policeman after graduation. Tao Juan Juan was a medical student and graduated a year later than them. She was currently an intern in a hospital. R City was not a big city after all, and competition in all aspects was not fierce and life was very stable here. Tao Juan Juan and Song Jin got married immediately after graduation. Fortunately, they didn’t mind Chi Yan and took care of him who was still single. They often asked him to join them for meals at their home every other day.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Two weeks ago, Tao Juan Juan was sent by the hospital she interned at to a suburban hospital for an exchange and internship program for three months. This hospital in the suburbs was divided into two districts: the eastern district and the western district. The western district was the main district. Most doctors and patients were concentrated there. The main facilities in the eastern district were only an office building and an inpatient department. It was only a 20 minute walk between the two districts. However, as R City was just a small city, most patients would choose to go to other famous public hospitals in the main city. Moreover, the hospitals in the main city had beds available for hospitalization, thus the spill over to the western district suburban hospital was even lesser. As a result, this hospital did not have many patients, making the place feel deserted.


Tao Juan Juan had just started working and had no experience. Although the work in this hospital in the suburbs was more relaxed than the original hospital she worked in, it was too far away from the city .The senior doctors in the main city were reluctant to come, so this exchange work fell on her lap. She was assigned to work in the western district’s  Inpatient Department.


She was put on the night shift a week ago. Tao Juan Juan was afraid of the cold and brought a blanket over, but she forgot to bring the blanket over from the office in the office building. At about one o’clock in the middle of the night, she felt too cold, so she talked to her supervisor to let her go to the office building to take her blanket. Her office was on the fourth floor of the office building. After she took the blanket out and locked the door, she heard a faint cry from upstairs, but the fifth floor was just the equipment and storage room. Even the lights along the corridor were not turned on. It was impossible to have anyone upstairs. She felt a tremor in her heart at that time. She didn’t dare to look, so she ran downstairs. The office building was an old building, and there was no elevator. When she ran to the entrance of the corridor, she was gently pulled back. She turned around to look and saw a pale looking little girl whose height was around her waist. The little girl raised her head and asked her gently, “Sister, I’m very cold, very dark and very scared. Can you take me away?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Tao Juan Juan was terrified at that time. She had heard a lot of strange stories about hospitals when she was in school before, so she was a little guarded in her heart. Before she went to work, she had asked Chi Yan to prepare a bunch of ghost-expelling talisman, contain-the-spirit type of talisman, safe and peace talisman, etc. in her pocket. She didn’t know whether they would be useful or not but at least they could comfort her psychologically. She didn’t expect to encounter this kind of evil spirit so soon. She was so scared that she took out all the talisman in her pocket and threw them all at the other party along with her blanket, and then took the opportunity to break free and run away.


She was so scared that she had a high fever that night. After waking up, she told Song Jin about it. Song Jin helped her apply for sick leave. The Song and Tao families busily looked for relationships and managed to quickly end the exchange work for her at that hospital. Her supervisor agreed to let her return to her original hospital after she recovered.


This matter should have ended. Unexpectedly, Tao Juan Juan started having nightmares after that day. She always dreamt that she returned to the dim stairwell of the office building and then was pulled back by a cold hand. The little girl gently raised her face and asked her, “Sister, can you take me away?” 


Initially on the first two days, the dreams were the same. But on the third day, when she turned her head back uncontrollably, she saw the other person’s pale face dripping with blood and tears, looking at her vindictively and screaming, “Why don’t you take me away?! Let me go with you!”


Tao Juan Juan was so scared that she almost had a nervous breakdown. She didn’t even dare to sleep and almost had a mental breakdown. Her parents were so anxious that they wanted to take her to the temple to see if she was haunted by an evil spirit. Song Jin remembered that there was no need to look for others. The temples and Taoist temples might not be credible and there was a possibility that they could be deceived. Moreover, Tao Juan Juan couldn’t hold on any longer and Chi Yan should have a way, so he decided to look for Chi Yan’s help.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It had been less than a week since Tao Juan Juan bumped into that evil spirit. Chi Yan was busy with his essay at school. He didn’t know until Song Jin called him to talk about it. After learning the news, he hurried to Song Jin’s house and ascertained that Tao Juan Juan should have been entangled with that thing.


Chi Yan’s research on these supernatural techniques was limited, and he also knew that his knowledge and ability were limited, so he had not much idea about the evil spirit that was bothering Tao Juan Juan. But he knew that to untie the bell, he had to tie it. No matter what happened, he had to find that evil thing in order to get rid of it, and then Tao Juan Juan’s problem would naturally be resolved.


Chi Yan knew that he couldn’t delay this matter as things might change if he procrastinated and who knew what that thing would do to Tao Juan Juan. Besides, Tao Juan Juan would be mentally tormented by the nightmare, so he immediately decided to go to the office building of the western suburban hospital in the wee hours of the morning to resolve that evil thing. That was how the previous scene came about.


Chi Yan had been friends with Song Jin and Tao Juan Juan for many years. They had known one another for seven years since high school. Ordinary couples still had a seven-year itch, so it was rare for friends to stay together for such a long time. They had a tacit understanding with each other, and there was no need to say more. Song Jin asked Chi Yan whether he would go back to the school dormitory or go home. After getting a reply, he sent Chi Yan downstairs to his house. Tao Juan Juan was very grateful and invited him to their house for a meal during the weekend. Chi Yan agreed and said goodbye to Song Jin and his wife and asked them to go back to have a good rest.


Chi Yan lived with his maternal grandfather. The house was not too small with three bedrooms and two halls. As there was only the grandfather and grandson left, the apartment looked extremely empty. It was almost three in the morning, everything was silent, and Chi Yan opened the door lightly, not daring to disturb the old man’s rest.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The light in the hallway was still on. Grandpa must have left the light on since he knew Chi Yan hadn’t returned home after he went out.


Chi Yan entered the door quietly and turned off the light. Then he entered his bedroom, closed the door, and started to clean and wash up.


It was late, and Chi Yan hadn’t been idle for the day. He had run to the suburbs to resolve the ghost and his spirit was very tense. He felt drowsy lying on his bed and fell asleep before long.


Naturally, he didn’t see it. A dark shadow slowly pushed open the door of his bedroom and crawled in from outside. Its limbs were very long and it looked like some weird and soft beast, but it had a human face with red eyes dripping bloody tears.


This was that resentful ghost with a very sullen spirit. If Chi Yan were  awake, he would definitely know that this was the evil spirit he encountered on the fifth floor of the office building in the west side of the hospital, and the one that had entangled with Tao Juan Juan before.


He didn’t really get rid of this evil spirit earlier on, instead he was entangled by it.


The thing approached slowly, little by little, getting closer and closer to the bed.


However, it did not notice that there was another dark figure on the owner’s bed, lying behind the human being and embracing it tightly.


The dark figure noticed this annoying spirit, so he temporarily let go of his sweet human being, got up slightly and waved his hand.


The evil spirit let out a silent wail and it truly and completely disappeared into the air.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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