The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Gave you the tooth to nail onto the wall!!

Translated by Beanie


The Marshal’s uniform has not yet been taken off.


In the picture, a soldier in a dark and solemn military uniform leaned back on the warm yellow single-person sofa. He slightly lowered his eyes and looked at the cat on his lap. His hands were gently rubbing the exposed belly of the small animal. The little guy reached out to him. A paw seemed to be trying to play with his badge.


The sunlight spilled in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Even though the expression on the soldier’s face was cold and alienating,  it was still quietly plated with a soft glow by the sunlight in the room.


Light and dark, cold and warm.


It’s like a wonderful painting.


The audience watching the stream held their breath for a while.


Then the next second, the picture went black.


Woo — Wow!!!!!


Turned off unexpectedly!!!


The audience hit the table sadly, and their hearts broke.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

So beautiful!


It’s so beautiful!!


In the Hinters Empire, the masses of people with an account on the star network were in the tens of hundreds of billions. However, no one has ever been able to associate the terms “Marshal Ji Xiuyun” and “beauty” together.


Ji Xiuyun rarely appears in front of the media. He is always stationed in battlefields and military camps. That is, his mecha named Silver Blade has more photos circulating on the Internet than he himself.


And in the rare few times he appeared, he had either just gotten off the battlefield, or he was on his way to the battlefield.


At that time, every nerve and every cell in his body was tense and almost no reporter could hold on for more than three minutes in his state.


The praise of the young marshal’s numerous achievements is always accompanied by words such as “blade”, “god of war”, “iron and blood” and “the body of the ten thousand swords”.


Among the reporters who have faced the Marshal directly, the mentally weaker ones would always describe this general as cold-blooded, domineering and brutal, who was born on the battlefield and lived on the battlefield.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The word about beauty is never associated with the Marshal.


But after seeing the picture just now, people seemed to understand the beauty of steel at that moment.


Appreciation of beautiful things was suddenly interrupted and while regretting the enthusiasm for creative creation burst out at the same time!


In the interstellar era, resources are abundant and the ability to survive is large. Except for war-torn areas, most humans have a very high degree of satisfaction with material needs.


When material needs are highly satisfied, human beings pay more attention to the pursuit of spiritual entertainment and self-worth.


This is an era when talents in the entertainment and art industries are shining brightly.


The admiration of the imperial marshal and the longing for the creatures of the ancient Earth made such a group of artists who have been chasing love and dreams to the death ecstatic.


But the one person and onecat who unconsciously stirred up a frenzy were staring at each other in the living room at this time.


“I forgot.” Ji Xiuyun was the first to admit his mistake.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Not only did he forget that Yue An didn’t know how to use the light brain, he also forgot that Yue An couldn’t understand the writing of this era.


After all, the communication between him and Yue An hasn’t actually been hindered too much.


Yue An understood the scene more of less when he saw it.


He rolled over to show his belly, his four paws hugged the MArshal’s hand and rubbed it comfortingly, “Meow…”


Ji Xiuyun scratched his chin, picked up the camera that had fallen on the ground and then opened the page of the social platform on the bracelet.


In other words, no one believes it. The Marshal’s private account has been open for decades, with hundreds of billions of fans but only a few dozen pieces of content.


Scrolling down, there was a good news about the battles around the galaxy on so-and-so planet.


It is precisely because it is used the least that it ranks last on the light brain.


But he didn’t expect it to be opened one by one by Yue An and inadvertently clicked on the live broadcast option.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun looked at his homepage and watched the four-minute live video recording that was automatically sent out by the system just now.


This screen recording perfectly destroyed the formation of his previous content, but his content-related data has risen extremely well.


This is the most widely used advanced social platform on the entire Star Network.


It is said to be a social platform, but it is actually a very wide range of intellectual copyrights covering all walks of life. Platform services include publishing, uploading, promotion and copyright protection.


Including audio and video, text, academics, pictures and other aspects, it is a very prosperous comprehensive platform.


The form of live broadcast is not uncommon on this platform, it is even the norm.


Normality means that there is already a mature industrial chain.


The Marshal’s gaze fell on the delete button of that video, hesitating.


Yue An was lying on his lap, with his belly spread out, meowing.



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun randomly responded but still chose not to delete it. He clicked on the account on the viewership page, glanced at the amount above and then paused slightly.


“These.” The Marshal stretched out a finger against Yue An’s chin and slightly forced him to turn his head to look at the screen, “They gave you money, can you understand?”


“Meow.” To Yue An, numbers are still understandable.


The Arabic numerals have not changed.


He counted and was surprised to find that there were eight digits!


Eight Digits!!!


Didn’t he broadcast for only a few minutes?!


You can buy a set of houses in the third ring of the imperial capital!


“What do you want to buy?” Although Ji Xiuyun asked like that, he didn’t stop his hands. Instead, he directly opened up the snacks sales page on the Star Network.


Yue An glanced at the price and his paw patted the back of the Marshal’s hand without hesitation.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



Give me all!


At this time, Ji Xiuyun seemed to be able to understand cat language, so he simply bought two packs of each of the best selling snacks on the first page. Among them, Yue An had eaten some on the spacecraft and said that he liked them very much. The Marshal added ten more packs to the cart.


Yue An preferred spicy food. Although other flavours are also delicious, but the spicy food was eaten up by Yue An on the first day after returning to the battleship.


Ji Xiuyun has always been keen on this aspect.


Yue An looked at the balance that had barely moved and then at who continued to buy food for him. He stood up and stepped on the Marshal’s thigh, with two paws on the other’s chest he meowed.


“Huh?” The Marshal stopped and leaned back slightly, “It’ll be delivered in half an hour.”




Yue An meowed and showed his small fangs.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun held the paws of the kitten on his chest, cast his eyes down and stared at Yue An for a long time suddenly feeling blessed.


“Want to buy energy stones?”


“Meow~” Yue An’s two cat eyes shone.


The Marshal looked cold and met the blue eyes but couldn’t control his crazy hands to squeeze Yue An’s cheeks.


“That is not for sale.” He said.


Energy stones have not been put in the market on a large scale as an ordinary civilian resource because of its rarity.


But because it is naturally pollution-free, durable and has sufficient energy, large-scale military, civilian and livelihood industries are able to apply for reimbursement from the empire based on their performance every year.


As the imperial star of the empire, Hinters has a large population but has always maintained a very good natural environment. A large part of the reason is because the resources used in industry and people’s livelihood are either from solar energy or energy stones.


Although people still use electricity, the source of electricity is solar energy and energy stones which is clean, green and pollution-free.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Due to various reasons, ordinary people cannot easily buy energy stones. Even if they buy it by chance, there is no equipment on the market that allows them to use the energy stones.


Therefore, energy stones are not for sale and it can be regarded as one of the resources monopolised by the state.


Since Yue An didn’t get a satisfactory answer, he immediately stopped massaging Ji Xiuyun, kept his claws and belly and huffily ran over to the carpet by the floor-to-ceiling windows, rolled over and rested in the sun.


The Marshal was not annoyed that he was abandoned, but continued to buy snacks for Yue An.


No one would tell the Marshal which snacks taste good or which small businesses sell delicious snacks.


Therefore, Ji Xiuyun had to choose according to the sales volume and bought no less than a hundred different kinds of snacks.


Afterwards, he seemed to have thought of something. After entering a bunch of information in the search bar, switching to his account to pay and placing an order, he closed the various interfaces in front of him then turned his head and looked at the hairball under the sun that had a halo of sunlight, as if surrounded by sunlight.


“Energy stones…” Ji Xiuyun said slowly, “It’s not impossible to buy it.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Upon hearing this, Yue An’s ears stood up and he turned to look at Ji Xiuyun.


The Marshal just looked at him quietly.


Yue An was very attentive. He quickly returned and rolled around on the Marshal’s lap, respectfully meowing to the Marshal.


He put his two small paws on Ji Xiuyun’s legs and stepped on them. Even his meows became coquettish and he was very stubborn. At first glance, it looked like he was a very indecisive person.


The Marshal looked at Yue An and said, “There is a black market.”




Then you can buy it for me!


Wouldn’t you say that there is a black market?


What’s the point of making others hope for it!


If there are people like you in our clan, your teeth will be pulled out and nailed onto the wall!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As one of the highest commanders of the military, in order to ensure his money source and status, the emperor generously gave him an energy  mining star.


Although Ji Xiuyun never cared about the mining star, he still has it under his name.


Therefore, when the person in charge of the mining star submits the account book every month, he will attach the energy stones proportional to the monthly income along the way.


Before this, Ji Xiuyun basically gave all of them to the generals under him to build up reserve military strength.


Although putting energy stones on the black market can make a lot of money, for the Marshal, tens of thousands of dollars are not enough to exchange for the lives of his soldiers.


Part of the reason why the army led by Ji Xiuyun is called the invincible army of the gods of war is because the Marshal has used energy stones for the army for years without selling them.


Thinking of this, the Marshal turned his head and looked at Yue An who could not help but begin to step on his relaxed thighs.


–Oh, he already knows how, this habit of cats is called kneading for milk.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun held two furry paws, feeling that the small paw in the palm of his hand was still habitually opening and closing, he couldn’t help but run the pad of the paw.


He asked, “I give you fifty energy stones every month, is it not enough?”




Of course, for things like energy stones, the more the better!


Ji Xiuyun seemed to understand what Yue An meant and he calculated the price, “But the little amount of money you have is only enough to buy ten pieces.”


Yue An, “…”


So I’ve already eaten millions of dollars?


Yue An couldn’t help buy start to seriously think about whether he should continue to do live broadcasts.


He feels that he can earn hundreds of millions a day when he sleeps on the live broadcast.


The Marshal looked at the thoughtful cat and was just about to reach out to touch his head when he heard the doorbell ring.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It was the snacks delivered by the courier robot, much faster than expected.


Ji Xiuyun brought along the snacks and about a dozen books that seemed particularly good at first glance.


Yue An’s sleek cat eyes looked at Ji Xiuyun, waiting for him to feed him happily.


As a result, he watched Ji Xiuyun put all the snacks aside and then even put a transparent protective cover over the snacks, lock it and then opened one of the books in front of Yue An.


“Learn to read, learn one page and I’ll reward you with five bags of snacks.” the Marshal said.


Yue An was confused.


That’s not what you said when you bought snacks!


Ji Xiuyun ignored Yue An’s accusing glance, picking up the light pen again, he began to wonder how the cat climbing frame could be perfectly placed in the living room.


By the way, his expressionless face encouraged Yue An, “Come on.”

The Marshal paused and added, “You are a cat.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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