The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: “Sillily”

Translated by Beanie


Yue An protested against the Marshal by showing him his fluffy buttocks.


Ji Xiuyun resisted the urge to rub that fluffball.


“I’m doing it for you.” The Marshal said affectionately. “You don’t know how to read, you can’t even buy things.” He explained his reasoning.


However, Yue An turned to meow at him, not appreciating it.


You can buy it for me!


Where did you come up with so much nonsense!


Ji Xiuyun thought for a while, and then said, “If you don’t know the words, you can’t understand the food recommendations. The same goes for buying energy stones on the black market.”


Yue An shook shamefully.


Ji Xiuyun couldn’t always be with him all the time. After all, he was a marshal of a country and his position was high. Naturally, his responsibilities were equal to his position.


Yue An knows this well — even his first master, that little girl, has to go to school while carrying her schoolbag during workdays, let alone the marshal of a country.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An is not the kind of ordinary cat that would be lonely to death when the owner is absent. He has a very clear understanding of Ji Xiuyun being busy with work in the future.


Letting someone translate the food names and recommending it and asking someone to help buy energy stones on the black market is alright once or twice, but obviously unrealistic to ask for help every time.


Ji Xiuyun looked at Yue An’s slightly dangling tail tip and continued, “If you don’t know how to read, you don’t even know how to make money.”




Yue An stood up, shaking himself.


I will learn!


Isn’t it just learning how to read?


Back then, under the gaze of a large group of children like those of wolves and tigers, he learned!


It’s just learning again!


Yue An held his small chest up and patted a paw in front of him childishly, looking at the booklet for preschool children education.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Then the book made a sound, “The sun.”


Yue An was frightened and he jumped onto the corner of the sofa, staring at the book as if facing an enemy.


The Marshal turned to look at him then reached out and tapped a word above.


Yue An looked at the Marshal who was expressionlessly demonstrating by poking the words above one by one.








Yue An, “…”


Okay, okay, I got it!


Ji Xiuyun watched the cat who had been frightened and curled into a ball, uncurl and run back, poking at the audio books.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After setting the parameters for the protective cover of the audio book, he turned his head satisfied and continued to think about the problem of the cat climbing frame.


The light pen is a very useful tool for interior design and environmental design.


It can paint directly in the air and you can see what you have painted by wearing special glasses.


The strokes drawn by the light pen have very good sensitivity. After choosing the built-in material effect and colouring, you can seen the effect after the decoration is completed by looking at it through the matching glasses.


Generally speaking, after you have a rough design idea on the paper, you can compare the actual design with the light ratio.


But no matter how good the light pen is, it cannot stand the Marshal’s lack of design ability.


Wearing glasses, Ji Xiuyun wandered around the not-so-large living room twice, referring to the merchandise patterns of the cat climbing frames and crookedly painted over half of the living room.


After designing, the Marshal, who always have a mysterious amount of self-confidence turned his head to look at Yue An who had completed six sets of questions on the protective cover and removed more than 30 bags of snacks.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Then Ji Xiuyun gently placed one lens of the pair of glasses in front of Yue An’s eyes.


Yue An, who was eating a biscuit and learning the words on page 7 was taken aback, “Meow?”


The Marshal leaned over the picked him up, “Come and see.”


Yue An poked his head out curiously.


The Marshal asked flatly, “How is it?”


Yue An looked at the bunch of crooked lines and stopped talking.


Ji Xiuyun turned to look at him.


Yue An remained silent, “…”


Ji Xiuyun stared blankly at the white dumpling in his arms for a long time before speaking again, but the topic was very far off, “What do you want to eat at night?”


“Meow.” Yue An turned to look at his snack.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“You haven’t tried the staple food of Hinters.” The Marshal reminded him.


Yue An turned his head back and rubbed Ji Xiuyun’s chest.




Take me to eat!




Ji Xiuyun nodded faintly, then put the lens back in front of Yue An and turned his little head to the cat climbing frame he drew.


He asked again, “So, what do you think?”


Yue An was stupefied.


The Marshal’s tone was calm and unwavering, “The staple food of Hinters star tastes very good.”


Damn it!


Why are you like this!


Why don’t you give me a chance to say that it is ugly!?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Although his heart was filled with extremely fierce fluctuations, Yue An still rubbed Ji Xiuyun’s chin, expressing his approval which was very contrary to his intentions.


“Well, I think it is good too.”


The Marshal was finally satisfied.


He rubbed Yue An’s head and while his expression and tone of voice did not change, he emotionally said, “Stupid.”


Yue An was confused again.


Let me tell you.


People like you, if they were on Earth previously, you would have long been scratched to death by many cats.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t even notice that he was taking revenge on this cute little cat again.


The Marshal had bad taste. He always likes to tease others about some innocuous little things then stares at the other party’s uneasy look using his serious look.


The commanders of the seven legions directly under him are the hardest hit people for many years.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Now, the Marshal thinks his saviour cat is particularly interesting. Compared to the seven legionnaires who have been trained into people extremely used to it, no matter how he teases them, they would only look at him with a poker face. Not as interesting as the cat.


Ji Xiuyun sat back on the sofa holding Yue An and ordered a bunch of things that Yue An couldn’t understand.


Then, taking advantage of this period of free time, he sorted out his letters and piled up a mountain of communicators while stroking the cat.


“Thanks to you…” said the Marshal.


In the past, it was a miracle if he could have more than ten unread letters in his communicator.


Now because of Yue An, the messages from people who had his communication number popped up one after another.


Most of them came to ask him about Yue An.


For those letters which have nonsensical titles, the Marshal didn’t even open them and simply deleted them.


Within the bunch of inquiries, there is a title that is quite unique.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The sender is the Ministry of Information Security.


There was an attachment to the message and the attachment read “Final Review Manuscript on the Publication of Cat Information”.


To summarise, they hoped that the Marshal will look through it and if there is anything that needs to be modified, please reply.


The Marshal paused and instead of clearing it out directly and ruthlessly like other news, he opened it.


Then he neatly crossed out a lot of information about the hunting methods and diet of cats in the cat subfamily.


Only those furious large carnivorous cats are left within the information.


The materials that mentioned that the cats of the cat subfamily are very weak in combat power were also crossed out by him, leaving only the relevant outlines about being close to humans and being one of the most popular pets of humans on ancient Earth.


All in all, the overall look of hte remaining information will only make people think that cats are petite and flexible, cute and soft on the outside and very close to humans, but they are carnivorous animals.


There is a certain risk, but Ji Xiuyun, who is known as the god of war, takes the risk.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

People will not regard such risks as risks.


Ji Xiuyun deleted the information while considering Yue An’s peculiarity.


First, it is to give ordinary people a little psychological preparation so as not to cause panic among the masses when some terrible power erupts more in time.


Then, the Marshal replied to the email of the information security department with a large amount of deleted materials.


As for the mood of the person who received the reply, it was not in the Marshal’s consideration.


The Marshal is very busy.


He has to consider Yue An’s education, how to make cat climbing frames, where to take Yue An for dinner, the military meeting afterwards and how to explain to the empire what happened during his disappearance and how he managed to come back unharmed…


As the Marshal thought, he kept clearing his inbox.


Then he saw a sender who was very familiar and couldn’t help feeling disgust when he saw it.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun blankly opened the letter from the Ministry of Scientific Research and looked at the letter from the top that strongly demanded that he hand over the legacy of the ancient Earth to the country. He gave a rare sneer and categorically replied, “No.” After that, he deleted the message very decisively.


The Marshal had a deep hatred with the Imperial Research Department.


This has to be traced back to the physical examination when the marshal was young, only forty years old and a colonel and officially incorporated into the Imperial Expeditionary Army five years ago.


At that time, the young marshal had just accompanied his parents to the Imperial Star from his home planet, where the naturalisation of the military was not strict. He had not tested his genetic level in detail before. Anyway, the backward instruments of his home planet would only show whether he was qualified.


In the interstellar era, the genetic level of most human beings is maintained between C and E. For those B and above, they can basically take the military path.


A grade is considered excellent and S grade is considered the top.


Marshal Kevin, the shield of the empire, has the top gene rank of S rank.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Although it is true that you can rely on breaking through the physical limit with certain drugs to improve your genetic level, not only are the drugs rare, but just breaking the physical limit once is almost equivalent to letting a person die once.


The only person who has relied on their own strength to improve their genetic level have been the founding emperor of the Hinters Empire.


And the innate SS-level gene body, looking at the entire universe, it is uncertain if there are more in other countries. However, as one of the most powerful countries in the universe today, they only have one SS-level, which is Ji Xiuyun.


The people in the Imperial Research Department were excited at that time and regardless of the military’s reputation, they directly brought Ji Xiuyun back to the research institute.


Those people in the scientific research department usually pretend to be dead to do experiments. They did some inhuman experiments in private. Even if others don’t know, can Ji Xiuyun, who has seen and even experienced part of it not know?


They dared to think about using Yue An but didn’t think if they had that ability.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Unlike him, who has a high genetic level but is still human, Yue An is not a human nor is he an ordinary cat. He is one who gnaws on energy stones without blinking.


If Yue An is unhappy and wanted to use thunder to blast the entire scientific research department away, Ji Xiuyun didn’t think that it was a problem and would even feel happy.


The group of senior officials in the Imperial Research Department didn’t have good ideas and the conflict with the military and military scientists didn’t arise suddenly.


The Marshal had already broken relations with this group of people and allowed them to keep their reputation with the media.


The whole empire knew that the Silver Blade of the God of War was not pleased with the Imperial Scientific Research Department. If there were problems that the military scientists could not solve, he would rather go to a reputable private research group than go to the Imperial Scientific Research Department.


Refusing to hand over Yue An to the other party was just shredding their relationship more.


The Marshal looked at the prompt page after the deletion was completed and slowly pulled the new account into the blacklist.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Opening the list of blacklists, all of them are neatly named as the accounts of the Imperial Research Department which is very friendly to people with obsessive compulsive disorder.


Yue An sat on the Marshal’s lap, poking at the children’s education book in front of him conscientiously, without being distracted by Ji Xiuyun’s movements at all.


Then the Marshal looked at his cat and in just twenty minutes, he learned two pages of words and did the related question in the question bank of the protective shield system, successfully getting ten packs of snacks.


The more IQ Yue An shows, the more amazing it is.


He turned his head to look at Ji Xiuyun, the ten packs of small snacks lined up and two blue cat eyes clear and bright.




Yue An is proud!


So proud that his tail pointed straight up!


The Marshal thought for a while and rubbed Yue An’s head, praising him, “Awesome.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Even though the Marshal used a perfunctory tone to praise him, he has already been accustomed to this way of speaking and accepted the compliment very nicely.


The white cat brought the unopened snacks into Ji Xiuyun’s hands, rolled over to show his belly and dangled his tail, waiting to be fed.


The Marshal opened the packaging bag, clicked on the previous social page and paused after looking at the various copyright requests sent to his account by the platform in the background.


It seems that he still has to consider getting a light brain for Yue An and opening an account.


However, the light brain and account need to be bound to an identity certificate. Taking Yue An’s current public identity, it is obviously inappropriate to obtain an independent identity certificate.


Moreover, Yue An didn’t recognise all the words right now and the idea of giving him an identity account alone was unrealistic.


So it still has to be put under his name.


At that time, he will have to go to the Household Registration Section to apply for a light brain and account attached to him, specifically for Yue An.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal though, and put the contents of his hand into his mouth very easily.




Ji Xiuyun recovered from his thoughts and as soon as he lowered his head, he saw the accusing eyes of Yue An.


“…” Oops.


With a stern face, the Marshal pretended to find nothing wrong, then took some snacks and quickly fed Yue An, changing the subject.


“Yue An.” The Marshal dragged the light screen in front of Yue An and pointed to the terms above, “Copyright application.”


Yue An nibbled on his snacks, “Meow?”


“I will give you money and you can see if you want to agree.” The Marshal pointed to one of the messages, “This is a copyright application for your product image.”


Then he moved to the next one, “About the commercial copyright application for your photo portrait.”


“It’s about you…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal counted down one by one and stopped at the last one, “Regarding the commercial copyright application for your derivative works.”


“Meow.” Yue An poked the last term suspiciously.


“Just use your image…” Ji Xiuyun clicked on the sample page for him.


The words stopped abruptly.


One person and one cat looked at the little yellow picture of the Marshal in military uniform and the beautiful boy with cat ears and tail on the sample page and fell into dead silence.


Ji Xiuyun: …


I knew I shouldn’t have changed the subject.


I should have chosen to watch Yue An howl and be hit in the chest by his little pink paw.


Gee, it’s a mistake.


Yue An: …


What’s wrong with you humans??


Believe it or not, I can backhand you with my claws!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Teach you what is honesty, friendliness, cat love and dedication!


One person and one cat did not speak.


The scene was very embarrassing.


After a long time, the Marshal raised his hands first, rubbed the head of the cat in his arms and reported the image.


Then as if nothing had happened, he calmly pressed the rejection button for Yue An.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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