The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Will People Like You Have Cats ?

Translated by Beanie

Ji Xiuyun didn’t take this matter to heart, although he felt a little embarrassed.


But Yue An will not become a human being.


…No, actually, he will.


Yue An backed off, a little bit cautious.


The Marshal pulled the page back to the top, “Do you want to agree?”


“Meow!” Yue An held the Marshal’s hand with two paws and directly clicked on the confirmation button.


The Marshal paused, holding the cat’s small paws with his hand and rubbing them twice.


He knew the word ‘confirm’ so soon.


Ji Xiuyun has a kind of emotion that his cat has grown up smart, like his family.


He even completely forgot that Yue An had already read a dozen pages of vocabulary books.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal glanced at the camera that was resting on the desktop after it was turned off, put it aside, got up and prepared to go upstairs to take down the light brain before leaving. Along the way, he picked up the audio book and put it down on the sofa beside Yue An, “Keep learning.”


Yue An, who has already prepared to be stroked, was confused.


People like you!!


How can you raise a cat?


Yue An left the book and kicked it aside unhappily. After eating the rest of the snacks in one breath, he lazily sat down and rolled around on the sofa, curling up. His sofa cushion rolled all the way to the ground.


When Ji Xiuyun took the light brain down, he saw Yue An curled into a ball.


Yue An’s little head stuck out from the cat ball to stare at him, and then rolled away two more times.


The Marshal was speechless.


This is really stupid.


Yue An didn’t feel like it was stupid at all and even felt that it was very beautiful.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He doesn’t want to learn.


Learn until he is hungry.


Yue An meowed to the Marshal as a greeting then walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window, narrowed his eyes in the sun and curled up into a warm and soft ball. His ears which are comfortable to the touch also folded.


A cat is a creature that can sleep for 16 hours a day. Only four of the sixteen hours are truly deep sleep. At other times, they are just dozing off.


Yue An feels that he should maintain his habit and dignity as a cat, being a cute little creature who can lie lazily and sleep in the sun.


The Marshal watched Yue An’s series of actions of finding a comfortable spot before quickly going to sleep. He was silent for a while, but he still didn’t bring the cat back to let him learn more every day.


Yue An likes to take a nap in a warm place. He is very aware of this habit.


The Marshal silently turned the doorbell to silent mode with its lights on. Just after the adjustment was complete, the doorbell lit up.


He opened the door, refused the help of the robot and gently moved the package delivered to the door into the living room. Even the sound of unpacking the box was too soft to hear.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In the package, there are logs and pure natural herbal paints that the Marshal bought in large quantities.


There is a very light aroma on the log, making it smell very fragrant.


The log that Ji Xiuyun bought is an expensive herb, which is usually to help patients with severe insomnia.


The natural aroma of this kind of wood has the effect of calming the mind and the atmosphere. It is the gospel for insomnia patients. For ordinary people, it can calm the mind and nourish their energy. It is also a kind of auxiliary wood that is very beneficial to stabilising one’s mental power.


However, the growth environment of this wood is harsh, and the ecosphere requirements for its own growth environment have become abnormally high. Thus, it cannot be commercially produced, resulting in it being sold for high prices.


Every time the Marshal went to the battlefield, he would go to a house built purely out of this wood in his army residence for two or three days to clear his mind and adjust his state. He knew the effect of this kind of wood very well.


Ji Xiuyun thought, I bought this kind of wood because since Yue An likes to sleep, sleeping on this wood would definitely be very comfortable and enjoyable.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

With such thoughts, the Marshal, who didn’t have a bed made from calming wood, simply ordered a pile of logs and prepared to make a cat climbing frame with this wood as the main body for Yue An by himself.


Even the glue and paint that are used to bond the wood are natural products that exude a light fragrance of flowers and plants.


The Marshal’s hands-on ability was inversely proportional to his painting skills.


The lines he draws are crooked and twisted but the movements of dividing the wood are neat and clean, with a clear mind like flowing water.


The advantage of the rapid advancement in technology is that this kind of work can be done quietly and will not disturb others’ rest.


The seasonal changes of the Hinters Star Imperial City are not obvious.


Every day has 28 hours and the sun is up for more than 16 hours.


The movement of the sun is not fast, but it can’t stand the Marshal indulging in work and being unaware of the passage of time.


When the main body of the cat climbing frame was finally built and Ji Xiuyun was finally willing to look up momentarily from work, the sunlight falling in the house had already moved a lot.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal watched Yue An roll around twice in a daze, putting himself in the sun again from the shadow.


He even kicked out his legs, his nails unconsciously stretching out in his sleep, directly breaking the sofa cushion he was on.


Ji Xiuyun, “…”


This probably meant that he would need to buy another sofa cushion.


It seems that the testing of Yue An’s strength level has to be added to the schedule.


The Marshal added this to the memo, then looked at the time before immersing himself in the production of the cat climbing frame


Ji Xiuyun’s mental power level was very high and he was surrounded by calming wood for an entire afternoon without being affected in the slightest.


On the other hand, Yue An, this little fur ball has already kicked the sofa cushion into pulp, lying on the soft carpet, sleeping with his belly spread out on all fours.


Ji Xiuyun’s work efficiency is very high, seeing that the sun was about to sink, he finally completed the last step.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The furry super-luxury assembled cat climbing frame exuding the fragrance of calming wood and flora is eight meters wide and one and a half meters high. There are tunnels, small holes, square fake boxes and several disc-shaped cat litters and cat climbing poles. There are a lot of plush toys hanging from above, occupying most of the wall of the living room and part of it extends to the side of the French windows.


The Marshal felt quite satisfied, turned his head and woke up the cat.


Yue An turned over in a daze, hugging the harassing hand with all four claws and opened his eyes with difficulty.


He yawned, revealing his little white jade teeth, “Meow…”


Ji Xiuyun picked him up and scratched his chin, “Look.”


Yue An turned his head and looked over, his eyes widened in surprise in the next second.


“Like it?” The Marshal squeezed his cheek.


Yue An’s two paws hugged Ji Xiuyun’s hand, and the pad patted the back of his hand with a face full of excitement.




Are you an angel?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

You must be an angel!


Yue An was hanging in the air, kicking his legs. He couldn’t wait to have fun!


The Marshal squeezed his paw pads again, looked at the anxious Yue An and asked him, “Is it exactly the same as the design?”


Yue An was speechless.


I hope you wake up and don’t escape reality.


The Marshal’s eyes that seemed to have no change looked at the cat’s eyes that were like a blue sky, “Huh?”


Yue An rubbed him, acting like a baby, “Meow~”


It is rare for Ji Xiuyun not to continue his bad taste anymore but to glance at the time.


“Come back and play again.” He said, “Take you out for dinner.”


Yue An’s eyes lit up. Without hesitation, he leapt onto the Marshal’s shoulder and rubbed his cheek.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal didn’t change his uniform or bring his personal guards. He went out with a combat power stronger than ten personal guards.


It is the first time that Yue An has carefully observed the conditions of this era.


When he drove back to Ji Xiuyun’s house before, he took a special military tunnel and the surroundings were deserted and uninhabited. At this time, they walked on civilian roads. Various vehicles of different models shuttled between the ground and the air. 


There are still roads on the ground, but the air is divided into several tracks from top to bottom. Although they are called tracks, there is actually only one translucent line with lights flashing.


There are a total of six such thin lines, cutting the mid-air above the highway into six non-interfering driving lanes.


The flow of traffic on the ground and flying in the sky is high but orderly.


Yue An sat on the console at the front window, curiously watching the vehicles occasionally flying past their heads.


The Marshal glanced at the instrument, chose track number 1 without even thinking about it and then turned on autopilot.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An watched as the car that he and the Marshal were riding in floated then slowly ascended to the uppermost track.


There is very little traffic on this track and Yue An feels that this is probably a track that can only be used by the privileged class.


After all, it is an empire. Naturally, there are many places where the peculiarities of the noble class will be reflected.


Yue An looked out of the front window, his eyes full of wonder.


Every time he saw something new and strange, Yue An felt that human beings were really amazing.


Because they walked slowly, humans learnt to domesticate horses.


Because horses were uncomfortable, they made carriages.


Because carriages were bumpy, they made automobiles.


Because they wanted to soar into the sky, humans conquered the sky.


Because of eagerness to explore the seabed, mankind went deep into the sea.


Now, mankind has stepped into the boundless universe of the Interstellar era at the end, where many monsters were hiding.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An once heard from the seniors in the clan that after humans occupied the living space on the ground, it is inevitable that the technology side will replace the spiritual side.


After all, human beings are creatures blessed by heaven and earth.


Yue An raised two paws, lay them at the window and looked closer at the tall buildings.


Everywhere around them were buildings with a mechanical feeling, but the architectural style is not as solemn as mechanical ones. It is unexpectedly full of free-spirited humane elements.


The vehicles on the highest track are getting more and more remote.


After leaving the track of the city, it turned to manual operation.


Yue An watched Ji Xiuyun inputting instructions continuously and then watched as a dense cluster of trees disappeared suddenly. What was displayed on the front window was a flat and vast settlement floating in the air.


To be precise, it is a military station hidden above the imperial capital.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An jumped down from the window platform and got into the pocket of the Marshal’s coat. Only a small head peeked out. Two paws were placed under his head, which looked very small and cute.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t stop him either, manipulating his vehicle and landing on the parking lot.


His clearance level was very high and he didn’t alarm anyone except the soldiers on patrol.


The Marshal took his cat and got out of the car like this. Without anyone’s notice, he walked into the station.


After seeing Ji Xiuyun, the soldiers in charge of the patrol saluted simultaneously and their eyes inevitably looked at the little cutie with his head poked out of the Marshal’s pocket.


Yue An looked up at them and let out a soft “meow”.




The soldiers had a sullen face. Those who should be patrolling had to patrol and those who should be training went to train, but their hearts were as excited as graduates from the Central Academy of Fine Arts!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It’s a cat!


It’s a cat!


So small!


So cute!


The little one is so good!


Its meowing killed us!


The fur looks so soft and smooth!


It makes people want to rub it like crazy!


However, Yue An who made people want to frantically rub him, brushed his face in front of some soldiers and was finally taken to his destination by the Marshal.




The snow-white kitten was sitting on the table, his beautiful eyes widened and he looked at Ji Xiuyun who was also seated in disbelief.


To be honest, the Marshal was a person with no interest in life.


He can only make barbecue and other cooking methods are too difficult for a busy marshal at work.


On weekdays, either the orderly made a small meal for him alone or he went to the canteen with a few army commanders.


He didn’t know which food on the Imperial Star was delicious and no one would chat with him about this aspect.


Therefore, the place where Ji Xiuyun brought Yue An to is where his army is stationed in the imperial capital…


… The army canteen.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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