The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Yue An: Cat Abuser. Reported.

Translated by Beanie


The Marshal is back at the station!


The Marshal not only returned to the station, but also brought the cat!


The Marshal took the cat to the first cafeteria!




The first canteen?


The soldiers who received the news looked at each other for a few seconds and then put down what they were doing. Under the envious and jealous eyes of their working colleagues, they swarmed to the first canteen.


When the first canteen was surrounded and filled both inside and outside, the people who could not get out after eating were blocked in the canteen and shouted angrily, “What is this squeeze! The Marshal already ordered his food long ago and took his cat away!”


The Marshal did run away with his cat.


He still has to worry about his external image. After all, the Marshal of a country is not a Marshal who is stationed in the rear. He is a general who runs on the frontline all year round. The external image should not be too cordial.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It would not be conducive for deterring the enemy.


Although he himself did not want to be rumoured to be a murderous god, as a result, few people in the seven legions under his hand, except for high-ranking generals, dared to look at him directly. However, the media was not up to date and this matter was a foregone conclusion. He didn’t want to. No way.


Yue An was very well-behaved outside, giving the Marshal a lot of face.


Then the moment when the Marshal took him into the office and closed the door, he jumped to the desk, tail patting the table and even the things on the desk were moved to make a jingling sound.


He looked very unhappy.


The Marshal looked at his trembling desk. Naturally, it was impossible not to know why Yue An was angry.


But the Marshal felt that you can’t look down on the cafeteria just because it was a cafeteria!


The cafeteria in their residence is  notoriously good.


“The taste of the cafeteria food is very good.” The Marshal only explained that, without admitting that he didn’t know anything about the cuisine of the Imperial Capital.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An narrowed his eyes, the movement of his tail gradually slowed down.




“Really.” The Marshal poked the white hairball’s head lightly.


He basically ordered all the more popular dishes in the first cafeteria, a total of 22 dishes, not afraid that he could not stop Yue An from eating.


After the Marshal sat at the desk, he picked up the two paper documents placed on the desk.


Most of the materials that will be delivered in paper documents are handwritten and inconvenient to be sent over the Internet.


After all, if you use the Starnet to send information, you always have to go through the hurdle of the information security department. Although there is a confidentiality agreement, there is no guarantee that no one will steal the information instead of guarding it.


The content of the document in hand is very simple, and what is written on it is the confession of the detainee who was arrested before during the interrogation.


The other party did come for his blood sample, but not out of selfish intentions.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He was threatened by people from the Imperial Research Department with his family.


At present, the military has convicted him of rebel crimes. He was lightly charged because he revealed the Imperial Research Department in court. His family will still enjoy military subsidies, but he himself would be exiled to a remote mining star until his death.


Extremely boring.


The Marshal threw the documents in his hand on the desktop.


Suffering is not the reason for betrayal. There are obviously many better solutions to this matter, but the other part chose the clearest and most disgusting one.


The Marshal is no stranger to the fact that the scientific research department was working around his security measures. After all, the only SS-grade gene in the Hinters Empire, the research value was high.


Even the Marshal intentionally left a few small gaps around him for someone to inset something in, so as to not let them jump over the wall in a hurry.


— Well, he admitted that the gap left last time was a bit big, which directly caused his extremely tragic backfire.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But to be honest, the Marshal’s deputy has already been replaced and he didn’t know how many times. There are basically few who can stay with him for more than three years.


Those who stayed for three years have either changed jobs and ran away or were instigated by strange people. It is not a problem to put Ji Xiuyun here on the matter of changing his deputy again.


After all, the work that should have belonged to the deputy was the toil of his subordinate. The commander of the First Legion was doing it and the one who had the name of the deputy became an orderly soldier serving his life.


This incident had little effect on the life and work of the Marshal.


But it still makes people very uncomfortable.


Especially the group of lingering bugs from the Imperial Research Department.


Ji Xiuyun looked at the documents on the desk with a sullen face, glanced up at the monitor at the office door that had popped up suddenly, reached out and clicked the button to open the door.


Yue An watched the orderlies from the cooking squad push a large dining cart over, stood up suddenly and stared at them unblinkingly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The two servicemen stared at the cat on the desk unblinkingly and then stopped at a small conference table in the huge office.


Yue An turned his gaze to them, tilted his head, jumped off the desk lightly and jumped onto the long conference table, sitting on the main seat of the long table, watching the orderly serving dishes one by one.


They put down one and Yue An made a “meow”. He walked around the plate they put down like a kind patrolling his territory, occasionally bowing his head and sniffing.


The Marshal twisted his eyebrows imperceptibly. Seeing Yue An who was meowing in front of the two orderlies, he felt a little uneasy because of the bad mood from reading the documents.


But after sensing this mentality, the Marshal realised that he shouldn’t think that way and quickly adjusted his mood. The wrinkle in his eyebrow disappeared before it stayed for long.


Although they really wanted to know why the Marshal would order so many kinds of dishes, the ethics of being a soldier still caused the two orderlies to keep quiet. After the dishes were set, they looked back reluctantly, stretched out their hands to leave one more dish and turned around and walked out.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun got up, looked around at the food, reached out to take one of the dishes for himself then sat on the main seat.


Crouching next to the main seat, Yue An who was licking the food in front of him lowered his head as if he had detected something. He raised his head with a sigh and stared at the Marshal who had picked up the fork.


The Marshal poked a piece of meat with a fork and looked up at the claws picking the plate in front of him. But when he turned his head to look at the meat in his hand, when the meat in his hand shook, he saw that Yue An’s head would also sway in the same rhythm and stopped without expression.


Just when Yue An had completely turned around, his two front paws had taken a step forward and his little head tilted up with his face full of longing…


The Marshal ate the meat without hesitation.




Yue An angrily jumped three feet high. He stretched out his paws to reach the dinner plate.


The Marshal’s eyes were quick and he raised the plate up.


Yue An smelled the fragrance of the dish, but couldn’t reach the plate and rushed to the Marshal anxiously.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



He put two paws on the Marshal’s chest and the one paw stuck to the Marshal’s face.


“This is mine.” Ji Xiuyun grasped the paw on his face and put the whole cat back on the table, poking Yue An’s head, “No food for you.”


Yue An was prodded two steps backwards, looking at Ji Xiuyun’s serious eyes, his little paw stepped on the table and he whimpered and groaned aggrievedly for a while. Seeing that the marshal was unmoved, he groaned. Turning his head, he fiercely punched on the other dishes.


As the Marshal said, the taste was really wonderful.


Yue An has never looked down upon humans in terms of food. In order to enjoy life, humans can always achieve so many things that make other creatures shocked.


The little creamy white hairball let his tail rest and feasted.


The Marshal raised his head and glanced at Yue An during the meal, scanning his little belly, which had not changed at all, without much surprise.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He had discovered when he was in the deserted star before, Yue An can eat dozens of times his size.


“Yue An.” The Marshal seemed to have thought of something and spoke.


Yue An licked the sauce on his mouth, turned his head and responded, “Meow.”


“After eating, go take a strength level test.” The Marshal said.


Yue An turned his head indifferently.


The Marshal did not hurry him, “By the way, we are bringing back the fifty energy stones of this month.”


“Meow!” This decision immediately received a positive response from Yue An!


Ji Xiuyun lowered his head in satisfaction.


The Marshal can always get what he wants.



The strength level test is in the Marshal’s personal training room.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

In order to reduce the loss of materials for super powerful people, like Ji Xiuyun, who can punch through the deck of a frigate with a vigorous full punch, in addition to infrastructure, the private training room can only be used virtually.


The Marshal thus taught Yue An how to use the virtual star network.


He put on a helmet for Yue An — to be precise, he caged Yue An’s entire cat in the virtual helmet.


After obtaining Yue An’s consent, Ji Xiuyun conveniently measured his mental power level.


Then the Marshal looked at the mental power data of Yue An with the value of the top of the SS level and did not hesitate to cut off the network, quickly opening several blocking walls, blocking this piece of data to be filed in the data library then sent a few instructions to delete it cleanly.


… This is really terrible.


Yue An’s SS-level peak mental strength, coupled with the physical strength that is basically comparable to him, if exposed, wouldn’t they be chased by the mad dogs of the Imperial Research Department?


The Marshal watched the entire cat in the helmet. Yue An was poking his head out from under the helmet with a dazed expression. He stretched out a finger and scratched Yue An’s chin, “It’s okay.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The hand rubbing Yue An stopped. “Meow?”


The Marshal withdrew his hand and decided to put the strange things aside for now.


Knocking on Yue An’s helmet, he asked, “Will you be able to use it?”


Yue An retracted behind his helmet and meowed.


So the Marshal put on another helmet in the training room and said, “That’s the beginning.”


This year, they didn’t go out with the Marshal for patrols, but the second, fourth and fifth legion commanders who had been cleaning up space pirates everywhere or guarding the garrison did not get the same vacation as their other four colleagues.


At the moment, they landed on the virtual room conscientiously and conducted one-on-one drills with soldiers belonging to their legions.


After seeing the virtual account of the Marshal light up, the three of them did not even think about it. They all abandoned their soldiers, went to the Marshal’s virtual room and knocked on the door.


They wanted to fight the Marshal very much, even if they will be ruthlessly crushed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But after allowing them to enter, the Marshal did not intend to let them be his opponents.


Today, the Marshal’s virtual training room is a vast starry sky.


To say that there is something special, that is on the right hand side of the virtual room, there is a meteorite belt running at high speed. This kind of meteorite belt is called the soldiers’ tomb in the space war.


The entity of the Marshal’s mech “Silver Blade” has been damaged and there is no possibility of repairing it.


Therefore, after confirming the safety of the Marshal, the military scientists have already begun the restoration and upgrade design of the Silver Blade.


But in the virtual room, the Silver Blade was still as clean as new and it was standing silently in this sea of stars.


The three legion chiefs looked solemn.


In their memory, this silver figure is always at the forefront of the war, as the beacon and the tip of the sword, leading the army of the God of War to destroy all the way, extremely invincible!


But today, standing in front of the Silver Blade as his opponent this time, is a kitten licking its paws and cleaning its fur.

Commanders of the Legion: ???

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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