The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Our Marshal was defeated?

Translated by Beanie


Yue An looked at the vast sea of stars around him.


The virtual training room can simulate any geographical environment, including the sense of weightlessness in the universe, and the vacuum state. But the vacuum state has not been turned on today.


The weightlessness made Yue An feel like it was very novel.


After adjusting the state according to the method Ji Xiuyun told him before, and trying to adapt to the sense of weightlessness, Yue An stabilised his body which was floating in the sky with the gravitational pull from nowhere.


He even learned how to roll around in a vacuum very wisely.


The stars in the distance exuded a strong light. When there is no atmosphere, the cat’s pupils of his azure blue eyes shrunk into a thin line, while curiously approaching the mecha that is not far away from him.


He tentatively stretched out his paw and patted the behemoth in front of him with a sense of mechanics.


The main body of the silver mecha did not start at this time. It was quietly floating among the stars of the universe. The beautiful streamlined main body had perfect proportions, with some black lines spreading on it.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

On the surface, the outer coating of the mecha is tightly integrated and there is no trace of spicing.


Yue An stretched out his paw and touched the lines and found that the texture of the lines on the top felt no different from the texture of the shell next to it, probably just a painting pattern.


Yue An followed the arm of the mecha to the top of the mecha’s head, poked his head out and looked at the window. Pressing his two small paws on the complete large screen, he found that he could not see the inside of the mecha. 


He leaned over, pasting his entire face on the screen, looking around, full of wonder.


As soon as Ji Xiuyun entered the mecha, he saw the curious little head dangling on the top of the window as soon as he looked up.


The little pink pads under the two front paws were sticking to the window, pressing it into cute little plum blossoms.


The Marshal looked up for a while and after admiring his cute cat enough, he raised his hand to cover the sensor board in front of him, activated the mecha and chose to enter the empathy mode.


This is a mode that completely integrates him with the mecha, from the spirit to every nerve ending.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

— Every part of the mecha will act like the driver. When the mecha is damaged by external forces, the pain will be transmitted to the driver without any reduction.


After the mode was confirmed, the surrounding consoles shrank back in an instant, giving Ji Xiuyun ample space for activity. Several key sensing devices were attached to the Marshal’s body as if no part was left out.


The window under Yue An’s paw suddenly lit up with a dark red light and the whole cat turned dark red.




The petite cat was taken aback and took two steps back. The next second, he was caught by the arm of the mecha extending from the side, held in its palm and taken from the top of the mecha.


The Marshal looked down at Yue An, who was obediently sitting in the palm of the mecha and withdrew his hands. He narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw him steadily stopping in a weightless environment.


The Marshal didn’t expect him to adapt so quickly.


His cat is really smart.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal couldn’t help holding out a finger and poking Yue An with a knuckle as big as the silver blade.


The white kitten was poked by the mecha and turned around in the vacuum environment several times. After finally stabilising, he furiously waved his pink paws at the behemoth.


It’s really pitiful. The Marshal thought, moving his body, making sure that his mecha could still perfectly accompany him to make the smallest movements and hooked his finger at Yue An.


His voice was distorted through the mecha, but it was still clearly heard by the other three people and the cat present.


He announced, “Start.”


Yue An suddenly disappeared in the space when his voice just sounded.


Within a second, he suddenly appeared again, the snow-white fur radiating a little white aura and his two fragile hind legs collided with the hard alloy mecha shell!


So fast!


All three spectators held their breath.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Although they marvelled at the amazing speed of this little guy, in their hearts, this little kitty was about to be forced out of the training room when it collided with the mecha.


The military virtual training mechanism is completely different from the ordinary civilian semi-entertainment virtual training mechanism.


Military mechanisms are directly connected to mental power and the pain and fear of facing death will be conveyed to the user through mental power.


Of course, virtual training will not lead to the real death of the users. They will be forcibly kicked out of the training room before they felt their real death.


It is precisely because of the bone pain that the growth rate is extremely fast.


It is precisely because they clearly understand the fear of death that they have a natural intuition about crisis.


This mode is very effective for cultivating combat intuition, skills and tactics.


Before the vast majority of soldiers went to the battlefield, they trained vigorously in this virtual training mechanism and were quite clear about the decisiveness needed.


They think that Yue An will lose to Ji Xiuyun in this meeting.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Because the little guy’s speed is fast, but in fact, even those with A-level and S-level genes can clearly see the trajectory of his movement with the naked eye, let alone manipulate the sympathetic mecha and genetic level for Ji Xiuyun at the SS-level.


The three legion commanders have almost seen the disappearance of the little guy with the bright and soft light.


But the scene they imagined did not appear.


Everyone, including Yue An, did not expect that Ji Xiuyun would withdraw at this moment!


There is no reason to withdraw!


The three legion commanders were incredulous.


Yue An was also surprised for a moment. At that time, he aimed at the muzzle in the hands of Ji Xiuyun’s mecha and didn’t know when it would open.


Ji Xiuyun’s hands were steady and fired without hesitation.


The experience of fighting with others was zero, but Yue An, who was experienced in hunting suddely shrank and did not hesitate to obey instinct and chose to retreat.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

One person and one cat returned to the stalemate.


The three legions were stunned.


“Did you just see it clearly?”




“The SG-94 superluminal light cannon fired within three meters… it was dodged?”


The three people watching the game looked at each other and immediately corrected their attitudes.


Sure enough, the Marshal would hide for a good reason.




Yue An got angry.


Didn’t you say that I’m here for a strength test!


You hide and test what!


The Marshal inside the mecha also guessed what Yue An was trying to express.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But if the kick was implemented just now, the entire mecha arm would be shattered. Out of an instinctive sense of crisis, the Marshal reflexively avoided and counterattacked.


Ji Xiuyun moved his neck and said, “Let’s change to a comprehensive test. Come and try to kill me.”


Yue An heard these words and immediately became energetic.


Before entering this virtual room, Ji Xiuyun had already told him about the mechanism inside. It was completely possible to fight to death. Although it would be painful and uncomfortable, there would be all the difficulties encountered in actual combat, but no real death would come.


What does that mean!


This means that the opportunity to avenge his ninth tail was here!


Yue An became excited all of a sudden. He didn’t even sway his tail and his nails popped out like a cannonball!


The three legion commanders standing aside gradually changed from solemn faces to shocked until they couldn’t breath.


They found that it is not unusual for that little guy to be able to pass the so-called “invincible” light.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Because they saw that this little hairball stretched out his nails and two paws to directly tear open the shell of the Silver Blade’s forearm!


That’s the Silver Blade!


Gathered by the most cutting-edge technology in the entire military!


The whole shell is made of Formazan alloy!


In today’s era, the hardness is second only to the alloy made from energy stones!


It was picked and torn by hand straight up!!


The commander of the Second Army held his face, his face full of horror, maintaining the shape of a shout.


This is not over yet.


This little hairball… no, this cat can even evade most of the attacks in the Marshal’s empathy mode!


The reason for not being able to dodge the attack was mostly because he took the initiative to exchange injuries and the other half was because the Marshal used some fighting skills to confuse his sight and senses, causing him harm.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The three legion commanders stared at the mecha and cat entering the high-speed meteorite belt from space. These two guys with outstanding physical fitness, reaction ability and instinct confronted the enemy in what was called the tomb of warriors. Fighting in the high-speed meteorite belt that has never had people return from was extremely lively.


Ji Xiuyun finally got the upper hand perfectly, and the reason was not only the Marshal, but also the three legion commanders who were watching.


Yue An can only hunt prey and has extremely low combat experience.


After clearly understanding the little guy’s inherent routines, let alone the Marshal who grew up on the battlefield, the three army commanders next to him were sure to be able to take this little guy down.


The Marshal felt that it was almost time. He carried the canon barrel in the mecha arsenal, blocked Yue An’s retreat several times and easily forced Yue An out of the meteorite belt.


After breaking away from the meteorite belt, he used a few tricks and finally took the cat with many injuries on his body into his hand.


The Marshal was also successfully attacked by Yue An in early prodigy. At this moment, the mecha was scratched and simply torn apart by the cat’s claws everywhere and the main energy tank was also damaged. The twelve-layer protective shell of the cockpit was torn to eight layers.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The overall look was extremely tragic.


In the empathy mode, the Marshal was also given the mecha’s pain sensation. At this time, he was also sweating several layers of pain from the nerves of the mecha.


But the result is good.


“You lost.” After the Marshal finished speaking, he was ready to reset the data in the virtual training room, so as to eliminate the pain for himself and Yue An.


But Yue An refused to admit defeat, he stood in the palm of the mecha with his fur puffed up.




The three legion commanders who had originally planned to step forward to discuss it just took a step when they saw the hairball that was carefully held in the palm of the hand by the Marshal burst into a strong light.


There was thunder in this virtual training room instantly, countless electric lights appeared out of thin air, crackling. When everyone did not react, countless sparks rushed with lightning, gorgeous electric lights occupied the entire world, everywhere was bright white light, making people feel blind instantly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

When the light dissipated, the three legion commanders protected by the spectator system looked into the battlefield, only to find that only the snow-white kitten was left in the battlefield.


The scars on his body at this time had been completely renewed and he is proud of himself, puffing up his chest and pointing his tail almost straight up to the sky!


The commander of the Second Army, who was the first to react, checked the account status of the Marshal’s official account and found that the indicator was gray and couldn’t help but click on the message. He saw the number of defeats marked under the name of Ji Xiuyun who had maintained zero defeats change from zero to one.


The three legion chiefs looked blank.


Our Marshal was… defeated?


The three people looked at each other and then opened the communication page in unison.


What are you waiting for!


Tell the other four colleagues the good news quickly!


Ji Xiuyun was also at a loss for a moment after being forced to withdraw.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He actually was defeated?


Ji Xiuyun felt lost.


But when you think about it, it’s not wrong.


He didn’t say at the beginning that Yue An was prohibited from using his special talents – but his impression was still at the level of Yue An’s fried fish. He didn’t expect that Yue An’s special talent could have such a powerful force.


He tilted his head and glanced at Yue An, who was still in the helmet, thought about it, put on the helmet again and entered the virtual training room.


As soon as he entered, Ji Xiuyun saw the hesitant expressions of his three army commanders.


The Marshal was also very calm. He nodded slightly, “I lost.”


The commander of the Second Army didn’t believe it, “Are all cats so powerful?”


“Yue An is more special.” After the Marshal said this, he turned his head to see Yue An who was coming over.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An jumped to the Marshal’s side, holding his hand, meowing proudly.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t get annoyed and after rubbing his belly, he said, “Use that one more time.”


“Hey, can you communicate with each other using language?” The three legion commanders were all curious.


“Yue An is very smart.” The Marshal explained perfunctorily, then said to Yue An again, “Use it again?”


The three army commanders rubbed their hands in excitement.


Such an awesome attack!


It’s almost comparable to the main guns of the generals!


Yue An was stunned for a while, then spread his paws, turned around and faced his butt to the Marshal, expressing an ugly rejection with actions.


He wants to use it too.


The problem is that he just refused to accept defeat and made a big move, using up the aura that had been accumulated with difficulty for so many years.


Where is he going to find aura for Ji Xiuyun to use spells now!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An hummed, got into Ji Xiuyun’s pocket and became a ball.


The Marshal was startled slightly and he didn’t understand why he was rejected.


But since Yue An was unwilling, Ji Xiuyun wouldn’t have to let him do it.


The Marshal rubbed a handful of Yue An’s hair, shook his head at the three legion commanders who were looking forward to it and then called out the battle assessment under their disappointed gazes.


Yue An’s agility, speed, strength and destructive power are all rated A and above. Only his fighting skills are rated at a poor D.


The skill rating of a pure novice, the Marshal and the three legion commanders are not surprised.


“He’s a novice when it comes to fighting people.” The second legion commander interjected.


“The information said that many people on the ancient earth regarded cats as pets? And the relatives of cats would naturally not fight with humans.” The commander of the Fourth Army followed by expressing his opinion, “The hunting skills of wild beasts are very obvious.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The commander of the Fifth Army opened the video and began a routine post-war analysis.


The Marshal listened quietly to the commander of the legions. Feeling that Yue An’s paws were on his hands again, he looked down at him.


Yue An poked his head out of his pocket and listened attentively to the analysis of the fight between him and Ji Xiuyun by the three legion commanders. With his little ears erected, he even pressed the Marshal’s hand rubbing his head very disgustedly.


But the commanders of the legions said more about Ji Xiuyun’s skills and judgment.


They can’t be blamed. After all, Yue An’s fighting skills really have nothing to single out.




Yue An was annoyed and meowed, the soft little pad patting the palm of the Marshal’s hand.


Say that I won!


Why don’t you praise me!


Yue An felt aggrieved.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The legion commanders turned their heads after hearing the sound.


The Marshal scratched Yue An’s chin. He didn’t understand the meaning of his meowing, but the meaning of feeling aggrieved by Yue An could be clearly noticed from the cat’s face.


The Marshal thought a little and said, “Probably because you think you have no skill in evaluating him so he felt wronged.”


Yue An was speechless.


I’m not.


I didn’t think like that.


Don’t praise me.


Just shut up.


But the Marshal has a kind of confidence that he is absolutely right.


So he turned his head and looked at Yue An, “Then, play with them to learn?”


Yue An retracted his head into Ji Xiuyun’s pocket.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

I’m just a kitten with a long tail and I want to just sleep and eat.


Why should I fight with you humans.


Are you stupid?


Anyway, I am not stupid and won’t fight.


“I just went to get fifty energy stones this month…” The Marshal paused, looking down at Yue An’s small head that came out again in an instant. “The one that we don’t have at home.”


The Marshal didn’t tell them about the energy stones after all.


If people know that Yue An can eat the energy stone as a snack, maybe one day when he is not paying attention, Yue An will be taken away and killed.


Thinking about it, he felt miserable.


“And you really should learn these skills.” The Marshal said, “This era is more terrifying than you think.”


Yue An’s sense of crisis is very serious. Otherwise, he would not rush to steal the teleportation formation in the clan when he had just grown five tails.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

So he thought about it and finally shook his tail under the expectant eyes of the three legion commanders and agreed.


After Ji Xiuyun explained that Yue An should not use his special talents, he withdrew from the virtual training room.


The Marshal took off his helmet and put it away. After looking at Yue An under the helmet, he sighed before getting up and walking to the door.


The Marshal never expected that as soon as he stepped out of the door of the training room, he was burtally watched by the other four commanders of his own army.


The Seventh Legion Commander, who was the latest to join the company and the youngest, had been deeply poisoned by Ji Xiuyun’s evil taste and was full of excitement.


It’s been so many years!


Been bullied for so many years!


Finally caught the Marshal being defeated!


He was excited and slightly raised his head to look at Ji Xiuyun who was a head taller than him.


“Marshal! I heard that you were defeated!”


Finally, there is someone who can bring down this evildoer!


This is really great news!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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