The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Young man, I’ll burn your hair for free!

Translated by Beanie


Ji Xiuyun looked at his four army commanders and was not surprised by their reactions.


He just looked at the four people one by one and finally looked at the talking young man.


“I remember that you were on vacation.” The Marshal said.


The Seventh legion commander’s eyes were still shining and he didn’t have the cold and dead face in front of the Marshal at all.


There was a joyful emotion visible to the naked eye coming from him.


“Yes, sir!” The commander of the First Army raised his hand to cover the mouth of his young colleague, with a gentle smile on his face, he said, “We just wanted to see what kind of character is capable of defeating you.”


Ji Xiuyun didn’t feel annoyed by saying this to him. These subordinates who followed him all the way and have been bullied by him for so many years, this state was normal.


Anyway, after the gloating is over, they still have to work obediently and be bullied by him.


Relaxation can last for a long time.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal thought and then replied simply, “In the virtual training room.”


As soon as his voice fell, Ji Xiuyun nodded slightly at them, turned and left.


The commanders looked at each other and couldn’t believe it. 


“Just let us go?”


“Did the Marshal’s loss hit him that hard?”


“No, I think there must be a secret.” The commander of the Seventh Army was determined to find out.


“Defeat is defeat. Anyway, eight or nine out of ten times, the attacks are directed at you.” The commander of the Third Army stretched, turned around and left.




The commander of the Sixth Army pushed his young colleague who had jumped up and urged him, “Go to the training room and walk around.”


Listening to the movement behind him, Ji Xiuyun walked on the quiet walkway and narrowed his eyes slightly.


What a joke.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Do you still need me to do it?


Do you really think Yue An is a decoration?


The Marshal was in a bad mood and the coldness from his body increased.


As he walked, he opened the interface of his notes and opened a new page to record the bad habits of Yue An when he fights.


The problem of trading injury for injury must be corrected!


When fighting, you must look at the surrounding terrain and have the consciousness of taking advantage of the terrain!


Shooting and avoiding are all based on instinct. It must be changed!


In the future, he is going to put Yue An on the battlefield. When he gets to that kind of place, this is a terrible mistake.


Even if Yue An is unwilling to go to the battlefield and fight, staying in the Imperial Star requires him to be careful of the endless schemes of others.


After all, the research value of ancient earth creatures is even higher than the value of his SS-level gene.


Even if Yue An has a very powerful killer move, as long as someone still yearns for his existence, one day he will be captured too.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After all, human beings have spent hundreds of years fighting with other intelligent races in the universe after the end of the Earth Age and finally won to become the race with the largest living space.


Once there is a certain purpose, it is basically a matter of time for humans to achieve it.


Unless you grow up as fast as those smart humans.


The Marshal thought of Yue An’s future situation and looked at the entries on the memo and his determination became firmer.




Must be changed!


No snacks are allowed!


Yue An in the virtual training room suddenly felt a chill and sneezed.


The commander of the Second Army who was analysing and explaining the previous battle video turned his head to look at him and asked in doubt, “What’s the matter?”



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An looked left and right. There was no abnormality, so he shook his hair and continued to sit and listen to the lecture.


Probably he has a natural talent for fighting. Yue An understands the little tricks and inducements mentioned quickly. Sometimes, he already knows what to do before the legion commanders tell him how to resolve it.


Any technique and inducement will become ordinary after being seen through.


Yue An and the legion commanders quickly finished the video and both sides were ready to fight.


The commander of the Second Army looked up for a while. “We don’t have the control authority of the Marshal’s Training Room. Yue An can’t use it. Go to mine alright?”


The remaining two have no objection.


Yue An jumped onto his shoulder and took a look at the avatar of the other part not wearing a military cap and regrettably stayed on his shoulder.


As soon as the left the room, they ran into the other four army commanders who ran over in a hurry.


The four people had seen Yue An stick a camera into the wall with a paw and couldn’t pull it out.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Come here!” The commander of the Second Army greeted happily, “Walk to my place.”


“No…” The commander of the Third Army realised something. “It was not this cat that defeated our Marshal right?”


Yue An shook his tail, “Meow!”


Are you dissatisfied?


The commander of the Second Army corrected him, “He is called Yue An.”


Out of a certain instinctive caution, the commander of the First Army calmly asked, “Is there a combat assessment?”


“Yes, but I won’t show it to you.” The commander of the Second Army brought a group of people and a cat into his virtual room. “Let’s do it. Which one of you will go first?”


Except for the Seventh Army Commander who looked at Yue an curiously and failed to react, the rest took three steps back.


Just kidding. The Marshal was defeated. What’s the difference between them and delivering food?


Do they really not want face?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The commander of the First LEgion did not hesitate to betray their youngest colleague.


“Go on little seven!”


Let’s look at the situation first.


Ji Xiuyun took out the box containing fifty energy stones from his private storage and put it in the car.


Then he strolled back slowly from the tarmac, went to the office to read the documents that he had thrown aside before, stamped it with the pass stamp and finally returned to the training room slowly, put on the helmet and entered the Second Legion commander’s virtual room.


As soon as he entered, the Marshal, who was accustomed to the big scene was also startled for two seconds by the crowds that suddenly appeared in front of him.


Here are all soldiers from vaiours corps, wearing different uniforms but they are very orderly, like when arranging troops, they are sitting in accordance to their respective corps distribution and different duties, even consciously leaving aisles.


The virtual room has the characteristics of unlimited extension and occasionally two or three legions would conduct multi-party actual combat exercises together. So the number of people it can accommodate is considerable.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But now this amount…


The Marshal looked around.


Probably all those who have no tasks to do now will be here.


No one noticed the arrival of the Marshal. Everyone attentively looked at hte large screen in the virtual training room for close observations and occasionally communicated very quietly.


The Marshal stood in the rear, looking at the Seventh Army commander who was still in front of him and was caught off guard by Yue An tearing three energy compartments. The main energy and backup energy were all emptied and the power was overwhelmed and declared defeated.


When the battle assessment was being settled, Ji Xiuyun heard a soldier whispering in front of him.


“This is the eighth time that the commander of the Seventh Legion has lost…?”


“Yeah, after losing the second time, he reacted and won the cat twice… Isn’t it called Yue An? But in the middle, the commanders of the army seemed to have told Yue An something and the commander of the Seventh Army has since been defeated.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Cats are so powerful! I read the latest information released by the Ministry of Information Security and it said that this is one of the most popular and common pets among the ancient earth people! Pets!”


“To be able to use cats as pets, the ancient earth people must have a high combat effectiveness, probably like the Marshal.”


“I also read the information. Although they are pets, cats are fierce carnivores, but they are very close to humans.”


“But I feel that the way Yue An defeated the commander of the Seventh Legion, cats don’t seem close to humans…”


“I think this is normal. I checked a lot of ancient earth information before. Do you know there is a kind of aquatic animal called mantis shrimp? It is one of the foods that the ancient earth people liked very much.”




“Mantis shrimp can make sparks in the water with a single punch! But it is still served on the table and it is said that it is still one of the large-scale fished and farmed species.”



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“… Hey?”


“It’s terrible, our ancestors.”


“… Sorry. I am ashamed of my genes compared to my ancestors’.”


Although their ancestral home is the Milky Way, the focus on ancient earth is more inclined to the cultural type. The Marshal quietly listened to these soldiers discuss.


If he hadn’t read the complete information and backed up a copy, he would almost believe their thoughts.


The Marshal looked at the battle assessment on the big screen and was very surprised that Yue An was able to improve his skill from D to C in just an hour.


Then Yue An seemed to use C-level skills and explosively S-level or even SS-level physical fitness to defeat the Seventh Army Commander cleanly.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at the rest area and felt that his young subordinates were about to doubt life.


The Marshal finally recovered his remaining conscience and after entering a series of commands on the translucent panel in front of him, he appeared directly at the front of the spectator stand.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

His appearance made the scene suddenly quiet.


Everyone knew about the Marshal’s defeat due to Yue An.


After all, the Marshal’s record panel has been public and never hidden. The 0 for his record of defeat on the top has become 1 and it is displayed brightly, as if it is clearly telling everyone that their faith has been broken.


But instinctively, these nearly 100,000 soldiers stood up as if they had received instructions and saluted. “Nice to see you Marshal!”


Nearly 100,000 people greeted him in unison, especially when they are still full of energy.


It was deafening and almost made people deaf for a moment.


Yue An was so frightened that he went straight into Ji Xiuyun’s pocket, leaving only the tip of his tail outside.


The person who defeated the army commander… No, the cat doesn’t have an imposing demeanour.


The Marshal first returned a military salute to the soldiers, then looked down at the tip of Yue An’s tail that was exposed in his pocket and felt the little guy in his pocket huddled together. Then, he turned his head to the first person who consciously stood next to him and gestured at him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The legion commanders announced the dismissal of their legions one after another, asking them to go back and reflect on the video of the battle.


It wasn’t until the surroundings calmed down that Yue An poked his head out and raised his head to meow angrily at Ji Xiuyun.


The Marshal dug him out of his pocket when he was coquettishly inviting praise, rubbed his head and scratched his chin with an unusually skilled technique.


Yue An’s anger and fright quickly disappeared under Ji Xiuyun’s proficient and superb cat-coaxing skills and then slowly softened into a white fluffy cat cake on Ji Xiuyun’s hand.


There is no dignity of a cat at all.


There was even a purring sound that represents comfort and safety.


The Marshal looked at him with his little belly exposed.


The biggest advantage of the SS-level gene is this — You can learn any skill quickly, including petting cats.


The commander of the Second Army stopped the battlefield and replaced it with the decoration of the reception room.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The young man who had been defeated several times by Yue An lay on the sofa for the first time, looking like he was about to die.


The Marshal glanced at him, sat on another single sofa, put Yue An on his leg, raised his head and asked, “Have you fought?”


“Only little seven has fought.” The commander of the First Army caressed his young colleague’s dog head. “We are going to do it in private.”


Ji Xiuyun turned his head and glanced at the young man who was lying on the sofa and didn’t move even when he heard this sentence.


Yue An also turned to look at the commander of the First Legion who was stroking the man’s head and then at the commander of the Seventh Army, who was being petted but sat still on the sofa.


Yue An was speechless.


You humans really have no companionship.


Like us cats, we will lick each other’s fur in this situation.


Yue An thought about it and lay down comfortably on Ji Xiuyun’s leg, lying on his belly and biting, kicking and having fun.


The whole cat is soft, tender, sweet and very cute.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It is not at all the fierce look of defeating people during the previous fight.


However, the several legion commanders have no intention of admiring Yue An. they watched with trepidation as Yue An’s four claws, which looked extremely fragile but could easily tear apart mecha, kicked the Marshal’s hands, very worried that the Marshal could just disappear from the virtual room in a second.


However, the Marshal was accustomed to Yue An’s play and he didn’t even see the reason for his subordinate’s worry. Instead, he directly opened the previous battle video and began to reanalyse the game.


By the time they analysed all ten games and criticised the Seventh Army Commander’s mistakes and his inability to quickly adjust his state in the face of non-human enemies, Yue An was already sleeping on Ji Xiuyun’s leg. With all four feet up to the sky, he slept.


Yue An felt confused when someone picked him up.


It was a big hand full of thick calluses, warm and familiar, gently supporting his body.


Yue An’s blue cat eyes opened slightly and after a glance at the person holding him, the tips of his ears trembled slightly and he fell asleep again.


He is really tired.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The virtual training room consumes a lot of energy. His spirit is tense during the battle and the nerve pain that the virtual room acts on mentally is a great comsumption spiritually.


The Seventh legion commander’s condition was getting worse and worse and finally, he fell directly on the sofa and he didn’t want to move. There was also such a reason.


Ji Xiuyun took his cat into the car, put Yue An on the soft cushion and drove back home.


Yue An was not awake and went to sleep until the next morning.


Apart from a human figure, there was a small bulge in the light gray bedding.


The bulge took two steps around, finally found the direction and a small milky white hairball came out from the side of the pillow.


Yue An turned to look at Ji Xiuyun who was gradually waking up and slapped his paw on the Marshal’s face.


Wake up service from the cute kitten!


Be grateful, human!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal reached out and grabbed his paws, pulled him over and brought him back into the quilt.


Yue An was dumbfounded.


He crawled out of the quilt again, sorted out the messy fur on his body, licked his paws and washed his face. Then he jumped on the Marshal’s chest through the quilt.


The Marshal found it unbearable, opened his eyes and pointed his hand at the box in the corner of the room.


“Energy stone.”


Ji Xiuyun’s voice was hoarse and low when he woke up, with a little nasal sound and the ending sound was elongated, making it particularly sexy.


But his sexy voice didn’t bring him any benefit.


The only person who heard his voice, Yue An, jumped out of bed with a kick, leaving the Marshal who was almost kicked to roll over in pain on the bed and finally no longer have the thought of continuing to sleep. He finally sat up and got up.


Today’s Marshal is about to start his busy day of work.


This means that only Yue An is at home alone.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An gnawed on the energy stone, watching the Marshal put on his clothes without shying away after washing. Feeling that there was a trace of spiritual power on his body again, he moved towards Ji Xiuyun softly, “Meow.”


Hearing the sound, Ji Xiuyun walked over with the light brain and stuffed it into Yue An’s arms.


The previous communicator was actually still in the living room downstairs, but he was staying at home all day with nothing to play with. Thinking about this, it seemed like cat abuse.


So the Marshal left the light brain with him — he still has a remote bracelet anyway.


Yue An lay on a box of energy stones and looked up at the Marshal. “Meow!” Yue An stretched out a paw to him.


The Marshal was finishing buttoning his collar and cuffs. Hearing Yue An meowing loudly, he responded, “Huh?”


Getting a response, Yue An sent a flash of light from the tip of his claw, which was thinner than the tip of a needle and the next second, he curled a handful of the Marshal’s hair.




Yue An flicked his tail and his two azure cat eyes looked at Ji Xiuyun brightly.


Young man, for the sake of you giving me so many energy stones, I shall scald you for free!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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