The Haunted Chapter 100 Dolls

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Chapter 100 Dolls

Translated by Nessie

When Chi Yan was eating his lunch, he reminisced about what happened in the morning, recalling every detail. He always felt that there was something weird that he had overlooked. Then just now, he suddenly realized one thing – the old woman who talked to him was clearly wearing a shroud.


He once organized his grandmother’s funeral with his grandfather and his mother. He also personally managed his mother’s funeral together with his grandfather. He remembered the styles of those types of clothing very clearly, but he didn’t pay attention when he saw the old woman. Then just now, he suddenly realised this.


So he didn’t misheard what the old woman said after all. She was really telling him that she was already a dead person, and warned him to get him out of here.


“What about the people in the village?” Song Jin’s face was tense and he looked very nervous. He didn’t doubt Chi Yan’s words.


Chi Yan said, “You go to the room upstairs to fetch our  belongings, I will tell the boss, then we will leave once you get down. We can’t take care of the others in the village now. There is nothing we can do with just the two of us. We can go back to discuss and seek help from the experts.”


Song Jin nodded and replied, “Okay, you wait for me here, I’ll be down in two minutes.”


The owner just cleaned up the dishes and returned to the kitchen at the back. Chi Yan stood in the dining room and called the owner twice. The owner came out from the kitchen at the back with wet hands. It was obvious that he was washing the dishes just now.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan settled the bill with him and checked out of the room. He was left waiting for Song Jin to come down and hand over the keys. In the end, Chi Yan waited for ten minutes and didn’t see his friend come down.


They didn’t have a lot of things, and it shouldn’t take so long for Song Jin to come down. Even if he went to the bathroom, he should be out by then. Chi Yan couldn’t sit still. He took the spare key from the owner of the guest house and went to the second floor to find Song Jin.


The door of their room was concealed (usually with a door curtain). As soon as Chi Yan went in, he saw that everything had been packed and placed in their bags, but Song Jin was on the bed, as if he was in a coma.


Chi Yan strode up, sat on the side of the bed, shook his friend and called him, “Song Jin, Song Jin, what’s the matter with you? Wake up!”


However, Song Jin did not respond.


Chi Yan felt cold and looked at his phone. It was 12:30 noon. After twelve o’clock at noon, the Yang Qi would become weaker and Yin Qi would become stronger and stronger. If they didn’t take advantage of this time, they might not be able to leave. With Song Jin suddenly falling into a coma, it was obvious that something wanted to keep them here.


Chi Yan thought about it and made a decision right away. He took their belongings in his left hand, and propped Song Jin up with his right hand, and helped him out the door. He focused all his attention on his friend, and didn’t notice that one of the crudely crafted dolls on the table was missing.


Chi Yan took Song Jin downstairs. The owner was surprised when he saw Song Jin who was unconscious. He hurriedly came over to help and suggested that they should stay for a while. He offered to ask Dr. Wang to come and take a look.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan did not dare stay for a while longer. Song Jin became like this was not because of any sickness, but because of some evil spirits causing some trouble. It was best to leave the village as soon as possible.


He declined the kindness of the guest house owner and only asked the other party to help him find a thicker and longer rope. And then with the help of the other party, he carried Song Jin onto the back seat of the motorcycle and tied their two bodies together with the rope. Song Jin’s head rested on Chi Yan’s shoulders so that he would not fall off.


After all this hard work, the time displayed on his phone was one o’clock. There was only one road in and out of the village. Chi Yan bid goodbye to the owner and left on a motorcycle along the road where he came from.


It was a cloudy day. He hadn’t seen the sun since he got up in the morning, and the mountains became foggy again. The fog got bigger and colder and the whole road was shrouded in grey.


Chi Yan knew that the weather and the fog were not simple and it was not a coincidence. When he first came, he had ignited a guide talisman at the fork of the road. At this moment, he felt like being led by a thread, showing him the direction clearly so that he would not be confused and misled.


After riding for about ten minutes, he saw that he was approaching the place where they found the tricycle. Chi Yan suddenly felt that his neck was cold. Song Jin pressed his hard and cold body against him, and the weight on his body was getting heavier and heavier. Due to the very cold weather, Chi Yan’s whole body was freezing cold and his senses became less sensitive. Still, he noticed that something was wrong.


He yelled “Song Jin?”. He controlled the speed of his motorcycle and  turned his head back. He almost fell from the motorcycle at that moment – where was Song Jin? Lying behind him was a little ghost with bulging eyes and a long tongue. That kid held the back of his neck with both hands and smiled strangely at him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After Chi Yan found that something was wrong in the village at noon, he prepared a stack of ghost-expelling talisman and put it in his pocket. At this moment, he quickly stopped the motorcycle, took out two talismans with each hand holding one. He stuck one on the little ghost’s forehead, and another on its heart. That little ghost obviously didn’t have much experience dealing with this. It got angry and used two small hands about the size of a child to pinch the back of Chi Yan’s neck and at the same time, he opened his mouth to bite him.


The little ghost’s mouth became huge in an instant, stretching until the base of his ears, and his mouth was covered with dense triangular sharp teeth.


Chi Yan saw it clearly and hurriedly bit his left index finger – his blood was the most evil and purest substance in his whole body. The evil aura in other parts of his body just seemed to be watered down, floating on the surface and not controlled by him; but the evil in his blood was like integrated into his blood veins, concentrated and domineering that ordinary ghosts couldn’t bear.


Just before he bit his fingertips, a thick black air suddenly gushed out from his chest, and it suddenly pushed the little demon away and threw it down onto the ground. At the same time, a black flame ignited on the little ghost. The little ghost fell onto the ground and wailed painfully in the flame. His cries were sharp and pitiful, and soon there was no more sound.


The black flame continued burning. Chi Yan saw clearly that a familiar crude rag doll was burnt in the fire. In just a little while, the rag doll was burnt into black ash and was scattered away by the wind. The black flame was extinguished.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan touched the small porcelain bottle with his hand, lifted it to his lips and kissed it gently. He knew that this porcelain bottle and that person saved his life again.


He looked down at the place where the black flames dissipated. His expression suddenly changed. He quickly hopped onto his motorcycle. Ignoring the fact that he had just escaped death, he quickly turned his motorcycle around and rode back in the direction of He Jia Village.


If he analysed correctly, Zhu Hui’s family and the two police officers should already be dead by now, and if he didn’t go back immediately, Song Jin might not even survive past this night.


Chi Yan rode back to the guest house. The owner was a little surprised to see him coming back alone, “Why are you back? Did you leave something behind? Where is your friend?”


Chi Yan looked at the guest house owner who came out after hearing the noise made by the motorcycle. Chi Yan’s eyes darkened and was silent for a moment. Finally he replied, “Yes, I dropped my charger, my friend didn’t feel comfortable so he didn’t follow me back.”


The guest house owner took the room key and gave it to Chi Yan, “Then you go up and have a look. Luckily I haven’t had time to clean up the room yet.”


Chi Yan nodded and took the key upstairs.


The room was empty without Song Jin’s figure. Chi Yan turned his gaze to the only table in the room. There was one more rag doll left on the table.


Chi Yan did not hesitate. He strode forward, bit his left index finger, dripped his blood and drew a resurrection talisman on the doll’s body with his blood, took out a lighter and lit up the doll from the bottom up.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After all, the fire from the lighter was ordinary fire. It did not have the power of the black flame. In the orange-red fire, a little girl’s heart-piercing cry was heard faintly, and then the rag doll turned into a little girl’s figure in the fire. Its appearance was very similar to that little ghost who was lying on Chi Yan’s shoulder before, with the same terrible looking bulging eyes. It struggled and wanted to rush towards Chi Yan, but it was held rooted by the blood talisman painted on its body, unable to move. It stared vengefully at Chi Yan.


Chi Yan took a step back and glanced towards the door. There was a small figure standing there.


It was the shop owner’s daughter, Ying Ying. She looked at the extinguished orange flame and laughed eerily. Her words sent chills down Chi Yan’s skin making his hair stand up, “Uncle, I’ve let my younger brother and sister accompany you, why did you kill them?”


Chi Yan stared at her, his hand was already touching the ghost-expelling talisman in his pocket, “I didn’t kill them, it was you who killed them. Why did you kill your own younger brother and sister and turn them into your ghost puppets?”


The little girl’s face looked aggrieved, “My parents promised that they would take me to the playground and buy me a doll, but after having younger siblings, they ignored me. One day I discovered that no matter how I cried or shouted, they just wouldn’t bother about me. But whenever my younger brother and sister cried, they would quickly go take a look. So I made my younger brother and sister into my dolls, and then have them make my parents become like me. So they obeyed obediently and did what I told them to do.”


After saying all these, “she” raised her head and smiled sweetly, “This way I will have dolls, and my parents will see me again and will take care of me.”


Sure enough, after he discovered that the dolls were ghost puppets, he guessed that the child who gave him the dolls was not a human either. The shop owner and his wife who had been living with her were probably no longer human, and the rest of the villagers did not realize the weirdness of their only guest house. They probably did they know that this family was already dead…Was there anyone alive in this village?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The little girl raised her head and smiled at him, “Now that younger brother and sister are gone, will uncle stay here with Ying Ying, okay?”


The wound on Chi Yan’s left index finger was still bleeding. He rubbed his blood on the two ghost-expelling talismans in his pocket, and walked towards the door step by step, “Tell me, where is Song Jin?”


Ying Ying did not answer. She smiled and persuaded, “Uncle, please stay here, otherwise you will be made into a Nuo mask when they catch you.”


Chi Yan’s heart skipped a beat.


Made into a Nuo mask…


He shook his head and walked towards the evil ghost by the door. Then he speedily stuck a ghost-expelling talisman on Ying Ying’s forehead and quickly got out of the room and closed the room door. Then he stuck another ghost-expelling talisman on the door.


He could hear the blood curdling screams and cursing of the evil ghost from inside the door.


Chi Yan was not sure how long those two talismans could trap the ghost. This was its house and its home. And it had already taken the lives of at least four people. Its hands were stained with the blood of its next of kin.


The guest house owner heard the commotion and asked, “How is it? Have you found it?”


Chi Yan looked at the man in front of him and shook his head.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The guest house owner didn’t know that he himself was a dead man. In this village, he had forgotten that he was killed and turned into a ghost by his pair of children and he was still “living” like a human.


Chi Yan didn’t tell him the truth. He wanted to find Song Jin as soon as possible before the evil ghost on the second floor got released from his trap, and then quickly leave this village with his friend. Ghosts also retained their habits when they were still alive. Song Jin was eighty to ninety percent still hidden inside the guest house.


At this moment, Chi Yan saw a familiar figure standing on the grey and foggy street just outside the guest house. The figure was hunched and wearing a neat black satin shroud, had grey-white hair and leaned on a black cane — it was the old lady whom Chi Yan met outside the Nuo Temple in the morning.


The old lady saw him, waved and beckoned him to come out.


The owner’s back was facing the door of the guest house and did not see any movement outside the door.


Chi Yan hesitated for a while, then gave an excuse and walked out of the guest house.


The old lady didn’t stop. She quickly walked to another corner of the street and stood there, still beckoning Chi Yan to go over.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Translator: ML should be appearing soon….

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