The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: What’s the difference between a cat who can’t save enough food for himself and a salted fish?

Translated by Beanie

There are two big news stories in the Hinters Empire today.


The first one is that their Marshal, Ji Xiuyun, who has broken black hair for thousands of years, trimmed his hair.


The second is a video about cats leaked from the military.


The huge star network has no secrets. No matter how strict the legion is, it can’t be completely airtight.


The Marshal’s photos were released by the media. The sharpness of his head didn’t ruin his image. Instead, he looked sharper and more masculine than with his previous soft hair. A few photos let the thousands of men and women who look at it unable to close their legs.


In an era of disputes, people are always full of a sense of crisis. Such a sense of crisis makes them particularly prefer a strong and masculine male appearance that can bring people a sense of security and oppression.


Such as Ji Xiuyun, Ji Xiuyun and Ji Xiuyun.


As soon as the photos were sent out, they received a lot of praise from countless fans.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After the video of the cat’s battle that was not classified as classified was leaked, it caused countless waves on the originally unstable star network.


The physical fitness of the cat is amazing!


Breaking the myth of the Marshal’s zero defeats, not to mention, he also defeats a legion commander under the Marshal in a fight!


The speed that is hard to see with the naked eye, the amazing bite force and the sharp claws that almost flash out cold light are simply too handsome!


Ordinary people didn’t want to think about why the Marshal was defeated. They were just very excited by seeing the result.


The unbreakable myth is just a myth. Progress can only be achieved by it being broken and surpassed.


Their Marshal will go further after that!


Although this cat named Yue An is not comparable to the size of the big cats mentioned in the information.


Although this cat is just one of the pet cats mentioned in the information.


But so what!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Although he looks petite and cute, he is powerful!


Do you know what is the essence of their concentration!


You know what a person who values both beauty and strength… no, kitty cat!


Do you know what contrast cuteness is!


This is!


Little ball!


With explosive power!


It is so cute that it will confuse the enemy!


Maybe it can pass the level when you encounter its natural enemies!


A multi-purpose appearance!


Our ancient earth creatures are awesome!


Now this little cat belongs to our Marshal’s family!


Just think about it and be happy!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Must applaud wildly to show respect!


The Starnet users happily licked the screen three hundred and sixty degrees seamlessly and were happily jumping around.


Don’t stop!


It’s best to have these photos come out every day!


It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch it and can’t raise it. At least let us see more!


Looking at the cat in front of the light brain every day, our mood will become very good all day long!


The group of users who saw the Marshal and cat on the Star Network were as crazy and brainlessly blowing as if they had overdosed on medicine. Their demons fluttered across the sky but the offline situation was much more serious.


Many people thought Ji Xiuyun’s new hairstyle was because today Marshal Ji would attend the Imperial Military Court.


Regarding the Marshal’s attendance at the military court, two cases are involved.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The first one is about the case when the Marshal was attached and disappeared after the spy leaked out a military plane’s location.


The second is the case in which the former deputy of the Marshal accused the Imperial Ministry of Scientific Research, which required the presence of the top leaders of the two sides.


The first one is basically to execute the death penalty for the spy, which is basically like a cutscene.


But the second thing is almost always to turn into a long hard battle.


The Imperial Ministry of Scientific Research has a very good external image and has made many outstanding contributions to biological sciences. Although the Marshal’s discord with them is well known, it is because the image was quite popular in the past. The accusations of them being convicted of rebel crimes led most people to hold an attitude of distrust.


Without definite evidence, this lawsuit is not easy to fight.


Ji Xiuyun did not choose to withdraw the lawsuit.


His idea is very simple. Anyway, his Silver Blade is still being redesigned and it will be inseparable from the Imperial Star for a while.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Now that there is a chance to disturb the Imperial Research Department and let them worry about his every move for a few months, why not do it?


The Marshal is very happy about this and even expected it.


The expectations are high enough to overwhelm the unpleasantness of changing hairstyles.


Ji Xiuyun’s heart is wide, but his heart is also small.


He can openly accept positive, well-founded questions or comments. But if he is offended, he could remember it for a lifetime and he will be happy to find trouble with the other party.


He didn’t like to kill others with a stick either. After all, cutting meat with a blunt knife was the most painful.


Of course, the Imperial Research Department was the type that he wanted to kill with a stick, but couldn’t kill.


Therefore, Ji Xiuyun will disturb them when he catches the opportunity, just like how the Imperial Research Department will attack him or disturb him when they get the chance.


Ji Xiuyun’s mood is quite wonderful. He looked at the head of the Imperial Research Department who had a stinky face and his mood became even more wonderful.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He noticed that the Minister of Scientific Research looked at him without the slightest fluctuation on his face and assumed a calm posture of strategising.


The commander of the First Corps, who was sitting next to him as his secretary handed him a stack of documents in cooperation.


The Marshal stretched out his hand to take it and shook the thick contents in his hand gently at the minister.


Just as the thick material in his hand is the key evidence he has that is not conducive to the Imperial Research Department, it gives the other party the illusion that “I have the evidence, so I insist on opening a case in court to overthrow you.”


Reminiscing that the opponent this time is Ji Xiuyun, who has always treated them with humility and even some hatred, the minister’s face suddenly turned blue.


The Marshal looked away and opened the information slowly.


The words are densely packed. In fact, they are all the ancient earth data picked from the database of the Ministry of Information Security. The main content is the experience of raising cats.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But the world knows, the Marshal knows, the legion commander knows, but the Minister of Scientific Research sitting opposite does not.


While waiting for the court session, Ji Xiuyun turned two pages of information and looked at the minister sitting opposite him.


He was expressionless and indifferent, as if looking at a dead object.


The Minister of Scientific Research on the opposite side was frightened by his posture as if he really grasped some key evidence and thin beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead.


He had experienced Ji Xiuyun that year. The first time the Scientific Research Department was defeated, it was due to Ji Xiuyun. If he really had any incredible evidence at this time, he will definitely put them to death.


When the time comes, the senior level of the Scientific Research Department will surely not be able to escape.


Ji Xiuyun slowly turned a page of tips on raising cats and the sound of turning pages fell on the ears of the opposite person, like a loaded gun.


The Marshal looked at the other party’s face like a blank paper and tapped on the table lightly. The mood of having to change a haircut with a bunch of hair curled by his cat instantly became clear.


You covet me, and even dare to covet my cat!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This Marshal can’t scare you to death!


Yue An, who didn’t even know that in the eyes of some people he had become a sweet and delicious treat, gnawed away more than 30 pieces of energy stones in one breath.


He still wanted to continue chewing, but he glanced at the remaining energy stones and licked his paw.


Cats can never see that their food bowl is empty. It makes them feel very insecure.


So he left the last dozen pieces, jumped out of the box with an energy stone and tried to feel the aura flowing inside.


He had accumulated aura for so many years before staying on the barren star and he didn’t accumulate as much aura as the 30 or so energy stones he ate today.


Yue An is a cat with a sense of crisis. He has always been accustomed to saving energy stones for emergencies.


But he is a young cat and his control of emotions is completely different from those old cats in the clan. For example, when he had a fight with Ji Xiuyun previously, he used up the aura he had accumulated for many years on impulse.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

— Although most of the aura was actually provided by the dozen or so energy stones that Ji Xiuyun offered in those few days.


Now that more than 30 energy stones had been eaten, it had returned to the previous level and even increased.


Yue An straightened his upper body and grabbed the side of the box, leaning over and looking at the ten or so energy stones left in the box. Finally, he still failed to defeat the cat’s instinct and left some food for himself.


He patted his belly and after scratching the walls of the box containing the energy stones as a cat scratching board, he shook his tail and retracted his paws.


He put the disc-shaped light brain firmly on his head, walked on his four short legs and went downstairs.


Yue An hasn’t played with the cat climbing frame downstairs yet. The petty Marshal Ji had his head burned today and hair shaved with a cold face. Before going out, he not only did not remove the cover that hid the snacks but also added a few more questions in the question bank.


It’s not that Yue An can’t destroy the protective cover, but it’s not necessary.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Learning tasks with a reward system are actually very effective. At least for Yue An, he is quite motivated with snacks as a reward.


Yue An sat down neatly all morning, memorising the “900 Common Sentences of Hinters” given to him by Ji Xiuyun and finished the questions on the switch panel of the protective cover by the way and took the snacks inside.


The small milky hairball got into the large packaging bag with his tail dangling out.


He finally finished eating the last candy in the bag and took two steps back, but stomped his feet and even the cat with the bag and the light brain beside him rolled off the sofa.


Yue An’s whole body was put into a packaging bag that exuded the sweet smell of candy. After rolling several times, it stopped. After a few seconds, Yue An stuck his head out from the inside and raised his ears alertly. He looked around and found that there was no one and no cameras, so he licked his nose and slowly crawled out of the bag.


Snacks are finished.


The first book is also finished.


Yue An bit onto the snack package he had thrown onto the ground and put it in the trash can, then bit the trash bag and dragged it out the door.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An is a cat which loves cleanliness.


He sat on the circular platform on the top of the cat climbing frame, shaking his fur and licked his paws and fur that was still stained with snack debris and smell.


If he can’t lick it off, he would wave his hand to produce a small stream of water to clean his own fur.


The little white hairballs sun bathed and the edges of his face was illuminated by the brilliant light, as if they were shining.


Next to this small platform is the floor-to-ceiling window and opposite the floor-to-ceiling clock.


Yue An looked at the time, touched his belly and thought of the small of the staple food of Hinters last night. The cat’s azure eyes looked left and right and finally landed on the light brain he left on on the ground.


The word takeaway is in the book he learned this morning.


Yue An remembers that he agreed to a lot of copyright applications before, as well as the money he earned from live broadcasts.


Ji Xiuyun said that the money is Yue An’s.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The witty kitten jumped off the cat climbing frame and trotted all the way to the light brain. Following the instructions in the book, he stretched out his furry paw and fiddled with the light brain twice. After finding the button, the soft pad pressed down.


The Marshal didn’t need to call takeaway, so Yue An didn’t find the software icon with the word takeaway in its name after searching for a long time.


Now that he could understand most of the commonly used vocabulary, Yue An discovered that the Marshal’s light brain was full of news, fight records, virtual military online battle platforms, virtual interstellar battle platforms and some event records…


Yue An was speechless.


An indifferent style of military madness is here.


No wonder he was taken to eat in the cafeteria.


Yes, there is nothing wrong with it. This is Ji Xiuyun.


Yue An finally shifted his sight to the green picture at the end.


He now understands how powerful the platform software of Jinjiang was.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

If you have a thought helmet or biological cabin, you can connect to this platform and enter the virtual community. Almost everyone has an account on this platform. It was like a second society.


If you don’t have the helmet or cabin, you can simply perform a few operations through the light brain page.


For example, publishing various types of works, such as live broadcasts, online transactions, recording life or… ordering takeaways.


Yue An doesn’t know what is delicious. The names of the dishes in the takeaway list were literary and complicated.


In the end, the annoyed Yue An chose to sort by price and sales volume very simply — he chose the most expensive page with the best sales.


Yes, a whole page.


Yue An didn’t know that although he did deduct the platform income balance, the light brain will send a notice to the bound account.


The Marshal was waiting for the trial.


The Marshal felt his remote bracelet vibrate.


The Marshal glanced down at the interface on the bracelet.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal saw that his account was instantly deducted 360,000 yuan.


The Marshal saw that the name of the three hundred and sixty thousand yuan he had been deducted was: Takeaway.


Ji Xiuyun: …


Ji Xiuyun: ???


Only Yue An can use the money in his account.


I haven’t seen you all morning, but my cat has even learned how to order food??


Yue An knew nothing about the Marshal’s loss when he suddenly received the notice.


After ordering the takeaway, he took a look at the back-end balance and found that it had increased a lot compared to before.


Calculated based on the price that he could only buy more than a dozen energy stones when he reached eight figures, he could now buy more than twenty of them.




Yue An happily rolled on the fluffy carpet.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Then he remembered that he had gnawed more than 30 pieces of energy stones in the morning and his rolling motion stopped instantly. Two front paws curled up on his chest with his small belly exposed and looking at the beige ceiling. The whole cat felt stupid.


How could I eat so much?


Twenty energy stones is not enough for a day!


— What’s the difference between a cat who can’t leave enough food for himself and a salted fish!


Yue An also knew very well that it was impossible for Ji Xiuyun to supply him with unlimited energy stones.


After all, he played so many games with the mecha yesterday and he could clearly see that a mecha has at least one main energy compartment and two backup energy compartments and at least two energy stones should be placed in each energy compartment to supply energy.


With so many soldiers under Ji Xiuyun, he could promise to give him fifty energy stones a month. It is estimated that he could open his own small vault.


Can’t use the military warehouses!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Although a mine owner’s own small vault is certainly quite impressive, after all, he is leading soldiers to fight. What if there is an urgent need?


And he promised Yue An fifty energy stones, but he was an honest and friendly cat!


The small hairball that was paralysed on the carpet lifted up his two front paws and rolled his head for two times in distress. Finally, he lifted his head, shook his ears and looked at the page that emerged from the light brain.


Countless people were crying under the Marshal’s only social account and begging him to let the cat out. Some people even secretly came over from countries outside the domain of the Hinters Empire and perfectly integrated into the ranks of people begging


At this moment, the holographic projection above the center of Civic Plaza, the largest shopping plaza in the virtual community suddenly cut into black. 


The sound of music stopped abruptly.


People chatting around the square stopped in doubt.


After a brief period of darkness, a little fluffy head appeared above the center of the square.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It was looking up at the camera, stretched its head and moved closer to the camera. It was so close that they could clearly see the delicate white fluff and pink nose, even shyly and clearly revealing a small pointed white jade-like fangs.


It seemed to have some doubts about the current situation and little “mi woo” came out. The voice was delicate and tender and people’s hearts trembled.


He tilted his head, raised his head and craned his neck as if he was lookin at something and then jumped onto the dining table next to him, which was filled with all kinds of food and a light brain.


The light brain was also playing the scene of this little hairy ball jumping on the dining table.


The little guy seemed to have confirmed something because of this, tilted his head while facing the camera and let out a meow.


The people in the Civic Square and people who were watching the Marshal’s social page through the light brain felt their breath stagnate, as if they understood something in a quiet and silent atmosphere.


Then there was a burst of violent screams.



It’s a cat!


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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