The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The network is tied together and meeting is fate.

Translated by Beanie


When Yue An stayed in the clan, it was not that he had never been online.


There were a few cats in the clan who were not stingy with spiritual power. They became humans all day long and bought messy games from the outside. They also pulled a network cable for the clan and each cat was equipped with a computer.


Those humans who play games will never know that their teammate and chat partner was actually a cat.


Therefore, Yue An still knows a lot about human society. For example, there was a period of time when there was a lot of noise on the Internet such as “Anchor Live Eating and Earn Millions a Month”.


Yue An felt that he could follow suit.


The small white hairball looked at the interface that emerged from the light brain and walked around the holographic projection of its image with small steps. The cat in the projection made the same action as him and the two cats walked around each other face to face. Then came out of a circle that joined end to end.


On the premise of not blocking the screen, bubble comments continue to emerge from the periphery of the projection screen, densely covering the entire comment area and the thickness is still growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The overwhelming number of people are all personally touching and hugging and screaming.


Various commentary bubbles surrounded Yue An’s holographic projection and circles a round frame that looked like a blossoming flower.


It turned out to be round frame!


Yue An took two steps back – he almost jumped toward the round frame!


He tried his best to resist the cat’s instinct that wanted to hide in when he saw the circle. Yue An looked at the growing number of comments and viewers on the round frame. He shook his tail happily and then turned his head towards another place. A dinner plate exuding a tempting fragrance.


The comment bubbles came out one by one.


[Dame it! Why can’t the tactile sensing be turned on when the olfactory sensing turned on!]


[Wow ah! Want to touch the cat! Crying bitterly!]


[Want to know the difference between the feel of a cat and the artificial beast at home!]


[Those artificial beasts are iron-clad creatures. Cats are fluffy!]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Now it’s food! Food!]


[Ah, it smells so good, the food in front of me looks dull.]


Yue An ate the food on the table, looking up at the bubbles from time to time.


The VIP and privilege money is probably the eternal truth about money.


Yue An watched as several bells and whistles were sounded. All the bubbles below were firmly suppressed. Above the user name of the bubble, a huge overlord-level member was placed there.


And beside the bubble bar, there are two lists, one is the member ranking list and the other is the current gift ranking list.


With the rapid changes in the lists of these two lists, the balance of the Marshal social account grew exponentially at a terrifying speed.


[I don’t know how to go to the Imperial Star. Who knows well and can talk about what these dishes are? I want to eat the same money when I go to the Imperial Star after a while.]


[I know the dishes on the table. The signature of the Imperial Floating Restaurant, and the price is proportional to its deliciousness. I remember that dish he eats now is 30,000 yuan.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



[Eating not as good as a cat QAQ]


[Of course it’s not as good. I don’t want to think about what status this cat has now… I have maximised the live broadcast interface. Wow, I really want to bury my face in the fur! Want to roll in the fluff!]


[The last cat in the universe known so far. Look and cherish.]


[Don’t call it a cat. This cat’s name is Yue An.]


Upon seeing this sentence, Yue An licked his little nose and gave a soft “meow” in agreement.


Although he is not angry at the term “this cat”, he still prefers to hear others call him by his name.


[What!! Pink and tender little tongue! Medical soldiers! Medical soldiers!]


[This cry, this sugar content… I’m dead. Don’t save me o<-<]


[Yue An, right, the wallet will give you a few more calls to you, ok!]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An guess and he could understand the general meaning of the comment. He looked at the pile of gifts that came with him and didn’t hesitate to meow several times at the camera.


He even tilted his head and stretched out his paws to reach the camera. The pink soft tender pad was close to the lens and the holographic projection was like a soft tender pad stuck to his face.


[Ah ah ah ah ah ah! Little meat pad! Pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch!]


[Spiritual power -99999]


[The HP is cleared.]


[You. Are you the angel sent by God to receive me o<-<]


[Woo — Wow! The wallet is here for you! This month’s pocket money is also given to you! Give you! Give it all to you!]


[Wait, can Yue An understand our text?]


Yue An gave another “meow”.


[Can understand?]


Yue An shook his tail and looked proud, “Meow!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree





[Wait, isn’t it a life of wisdom if you can understand words and communicate?]


[So what! This is a cat!]


[What’s the matter with the cat! So it’s… No, his combat power is really scary…]


[What’s wrong with the strong combat power! This a cat!]


[Even if it’s a cat… It’s too… anyway…]


[This is a cat! Can you guarantee that ancient earth creatures do no have such a strong combat power?]


[But if you follow the biological science gene chain back…]


Yue An couldn’t understand the content after that and he was also relieved. Seeing that the number of gifts had been increasing crazily, he didn’t care to turn his head and continued to eat.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An knows that human beings could always break through all kinds of extremes and will desperately research science to pursue the origin in order to resist the growth of the spiritual side.


Yue An has never understood these scientific things. As a monster on the spiritual side, he didn’t bother to think about these things.


When Yue An finished eating all the dishes on the table and raised his head, the topic on the comment bubbles was already a thousand miles away from the previous one.


[It suddenly occurred to me that the only public SS-level gene in the universe so far and the last cat in the universe are all in our country…]


[So that seems to be the case. The Chosen Empire? Hahahaha.]


[Speaking of the SS grade genes, where is the Marshal?]


[Is this the takeaway that the Marshal ordered?]


[No. compared to this, is the thing next to the dining table a closed dining car?]


[Speaking of such a small one, the six dishes on the table have all been eaten…?]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[The belly is not bulging a bit! This is unscientific! Where did you put the food? Are the digestive organs special? It’s not written on the information…]


[Wow, stop the science madness. Don’t you look at the cat? It’s annoying to get to the bottom of everything.]


Yue An looked up at the comment, then lowered his head again.


Talking about science with a monster?


Don’t be a fool.


[Is it try that the truth about the death of the ancient earth was eaten by a cat _(:з」∠)_ ]


[Wow, our ancestors were too powerful. Not only can they live in harmony with another intelligent race, but they can also stand up to such a powerful combat power and keep them as pets. Let’s look at us again…]


[Looking at the information, some people have adopted more than a dozen…]


[QAQ I’m sorry. I, with only A genetic level, embarrassed my ancestors. I will quickly throw a few gifts to suppress my shock.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The little hairball in the picture fiddled with the empty dinner plate in front of him with his little paws.


Yue An looked at the dinner plate, thought about it, then jumped off the table with a clean dinner plate in his mouth, walked to the side of the trash can and patted the fully automatic trash can. The plate was thrown into the bucket.


[So obedient…]


[I also use the trash can QvQ. My children like to litter and push it to the housework robot to clean up. They don’t listen to any teaching, and they are self-willed…]


[People are not as good as cats, in various ways.]


[The child is not obedient? If his genetic level is enough, he will be fooled into the army. After he comes back, he will be obedient and not like my own :)]


[No one of you tells Yue An the correct way to pack the takeaway dishes?]


[He is not next to the light brain now and he can’t see it after we say it.]


Yue An returned to the dining table, looking at the other plates with soup left and didn’t know what to do.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He stretched his paw and touched the side of the dinner plate and decided to ask the audience watching him.


The little white hairball sat on the dining table obediently, turned his head to meow at the camera and then pushed the plate with the soup left in his hand towards the camera.


[Unexpectedly, he didn’t protect the food. Although only the soup is left, he is willing to share it!]


[My artificial animal has been raised for more than 30 years! All of them protect food!]


[You push to us, we can’t eat it. Burst into tears.]


[Yue An probably means to let us smell it…]


[No. I think you are all wrong. He is probably asking us what to do with this stuff.]


Yue An quickly “meowed” when he saw the comment bubble.


[Use two claws to press the two sides of the dinner plate and fold it forcefully. The protective film of the dinner plate will crack and absorb the residue.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Meow.” Yue An obediently stretched out two paws and slapped them on both sides of the dinner plate.


The take-out plate is very light and the material is mainly made of a special kind of odourless plant fiber which is thin, tough and biodegradable.


As his claws moved, the extremely thin and brittle film on the surface of the plate suddenly cracked and the plant fibres inside quickly absorbed the remaining soup and residue. Then, as if it has been stimulated, the entire plate suddenly shrank. It automatically became a quarter of a palm-sized one, making it very easy to clean up.


Yue An folded all five remaining plats on the table and then put them into the trash can one by one.


[You probably won’t use the dining car next to it. Do you see the handle on the top? If you can’t pull it up, press it down and the dining car opens.]


After seeing this message, Yue An stood on the edge of the dining table, sticking out his butt and extending his paw to reach the handle of the dining car delivered by the robot. After pulling it over, he slapped the dining car and saw the robotic arm inside. The hot food was delivered to the table again and he turned his head to meow proudly at the camera flying next to him.


[Are the creatures of the ancient earth so cute?]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Hey I actually saw balls just now >/////<]


[Hahahaha I saw it too! Blush >/////<]


[>///< Stop talking. I want to pinch.]


[The pets of the ancient earth are so cute! Look at our current pets, what are they? QAQ!]


[The fluffy type is expensive to heaven and the iron-clad type is not much better. It takes so long to tame and does evil…]


[I don’t accept it…!]


[If the artificial beast is fluffy, I would like it very much…]


[Lost the dignity of the most popular pet of the Interstellar, artificial beast.]


[Tell you in a small voice. I can ignore the aroma of the dishes and smell the milk on the cat’s body by enlarging the picture to the maximum. Ah… this is probably haven o<-<]


[Are you perverted?]


[F***, I didn’t even realise it!]


[Yes, I turned on the sense of smell, am I stupid?]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Take a deep breath!]




[Are you all perverted?]


[Damn it, smelling a nose full of vegetables. This must be a placement advertisement for the floating restaurant! I cannot stand it anymore! Order their takeaway!]


[I placed an order too! Hemp eggs are so expensive! I threw out half of my living expenses this month!]


[It turned out to be only half. Really rich.]


[I am embarrassed to say that others are rich people with the title of overlord VIP!


[Addicted to smelling cats. I’m going to die in the fluff. Don’t save me.]


[I went to look at the price… I feel sorry for the Marshal’s wallet.]


[Looking at Yue An’s dishes, I found that he bought it according to the most expensive and best selling list in the Imperial takeaway list… After adding all the price, it is more than 360,000…]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[… I have good reasons to suspect that this was not ordered by the Marshal.]


[So it seems that I didn’t see the Marshal.]


[The Marshal is going to attend military court today. He is not at home.]


[So takeaway is…]


[Yue An ordered it himself.]


[Marshal: I may not be able to raise a cat.]


Yue An finished a few more dishes, looked up at the comments and suddenly became unhappy.


He stretched out his front paw and patted the desktop to express his dissatisfaction, “Meow! Meow!”


He didn’t want to raise him!


[Zero-level learner for cat language asks for help. What did Yue An say?]


[Maybe it’s saying you guys hurry up and give me money. I want to buy food!]


[I actually think what you said makes sense.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Isn’t it just money! Here to you! More than 90 billion viewers give one dollar each…]


[… F*** over 90 billion? That’s it… Hey!]


[Huh! Shut up! Never want to lie to me to start a live broadcast!]


Yue An watched them talking while giving gifts madly, especially unwilling to meow at them.


You see, I made nearly 100 million yuan after eating a meal!


Who wants Ji Xiuyun to raise?


[Ah, this cry, please turn on the tactile sense. I just want to bury the whole person in the fur and roll around. It must be very good to destress. Looking at cats makes me happy. o<-<]


[Yes, yes. Next time you turn on the tactile sensor, ok, little Yue An >////<]


[Eh heh heh heh yeah >///<]


[These two must be trying to squeeze others shamelessly.]


Yue An agrees, “Meow!”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

That’s it!


Do you humans have any special feelings for the cat’s balls!


So is Ji Xiuyun!


Is it possible that humans try to attach each other’s balls as soon as they meet as a special hobby developed in the interstellar age!


Yue An was eating while watching the comments and chatting. When he cleared the three dishes again, a red dialog box suddenly popped up on the light brain interface.


Yue An was stunned, licked the soup sticking to his mouth, walked over with his short legs and sat in front of the interface while looking at the information on the dialog box.


Yue An passed by and the camera naturally flew over.


More than ninety billion people watching the live broadcast in the interstellar clearly saw the words on the dialog box.


62 accounts from the Imperial Research Department were detected, with a latency of 35:13. Will they be added to the blacklist?


[Hahahaha. How much does the Marshal hate the Research Department? This kind of system was even deliberately set up in the light brain.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[It can be seen that it is disgust from the heart.]


[Speaking of which, wasn’t the lawsuit this afternoon in which the former deputy of the Marshal accused the Scientific Research Department?]


[Rebel criminals, can his accusation be believed?]


[The Marshal insists on the accusation. Maybe there is really something we don’t know…]


Yue An tilted his head and even after trying to understand the meaning of the information in this dialog box, he turned his head and looked at the comment bubbled then raised his paw without hesitation and pressed it.


The network is tied together and meeting is fate. 

For Yue An, you are first blacklisted then respected.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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