The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Fate is wonderful

❤️ Translated by Beanie ❤️


[?? He blacklisted them without hesitation!]


[The list of blacklists flashed by just now. Is it neatly and completely the side accounts of the Imperial Research Department?]


[Anyway, the name is the Imperial Research Department…]


[Does a creature like the cat protect the lord so much… Damn it, so envious, that unbelievable artificial beast in my family.]


[Artificial beast is very embarrassed. It can become an iron ball with every movement.]


[My artificial beast too!]


[To be reasonable, except for the wild animals on the barren star that have not yet experienced development, the animals that have been domesticated have evolved because they have to go through wormholes.]


[Yes, practicality and aesthetics cannot be combined, so they both look ugly.]


“Meow!” Yue An looked at this comment and meowed unconvinced.


This time, someone immediately understood what he meant.

[Beanie translated this chapter]

[Yue An, who has both practicality and beauty expressed dissatisfaction!]


Yue An straightened his cheat and shook his tail, “Meow!”


[Yes, cute… This word is tailor-made for creatures like cats.]


Yue An snorted proudly and sat at the dining table licking his paws.


The little pink tongue licked the fluffy paws and then the paws curled up slightly and rubbed his snow-white face and the soft flesh pads were looming in the movement.


[None, no resistance…]


[Oops, I seem to have a disease that will kill me if I don’t have a cat!]


[Terminal illness.]


[Is it only me who is still looking at the dish? Not eating anymore?]


[Maybe he wants to leave it for the Marshal.]


[The Marshal is in court.]


[Let’s wait for it to come back to eat 😀 , really good.]


[It’s a long time before court ends. It’ll be cold after he comes back…]

[Beanie translated this chapter]

Yue An’s ears trembled and the cat’s eye, which was beautifully pierced like a good sapphire, exposed the obsidian-like pupils wrapped in it.


The restaurant is very bright, but there is no direct sunlight.


A pair of cat eyes are very round. They look innocent and pure and kind. A soft “meow” made people unable to help but associate him with words like “warm”, “beautiful” and “pure”.


Beautiful and pure is like a little hairball in the first snowfall. After reading those comments, he slowly put down his paws, arched his back and stretched his waist then turned his head and ate the last dish.






[Laugh to death]


[Hahahahahahaha! Can’t think of it! The cat is just taking a break!]


[Killing me.]


[Yue An: I ordered takeaway with my own ability! Why should I leave it to the Marshal!]

 .The.Red.Oak.Tree translated this

[Beanie translated this chapter]



That’s right!


Yue An stretched out his two paws and snapped the last take-out plate. After throwing it into the trash can, he ran to the cat climbing frame that he hadn’t had a lot of fun with.


The little hairball randomly threw the light brain aside and went straight into the small tunnel. The tracking camera fellow left and right at the entrance of the small tunnel. In the next second, the little white hairball slammed it on the ground and pressed it under its paw.


[Ah ah ah ah ah! Come on me, come on me! Crazy sucking pads!]


[From a wide angle, the curvature of the chin is really cute and you can see the pink and tender kiss >/////<]


[Hey, you can still see the little fangs! So little and cute!]


Yue An fiddled with the camera without struggling twice at random, then retracted his paws uninterestedly and turned his head to look at the soft toys hanging under the small platform under his head.


Cats have no resistance to things that shake when touched.

[Hard work of Beanie’s]

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For example, cat sticks, hanging plush toys, jumping bugs and frogs or birds flying in the sky.


Oh, and the laser pointer invented by humans before.


Yue An opened his hand, turned his head and jumped on the first step of the cat climbing frame and them jumped to the second step, sitting on the edge, stretching his paw to fiddle with the little toy mouse.


To be honest, it was a bit ugly.


But it is also difficult for Ji Xiuyun to distinguish the toy mouse on the cat climbing frame from the blurry photographs so early and he made it by himself.


Yue An patted the green toy mouse and his little head shook with the toy.


[Big brothers… Have you smelled the smell of calming wood?]


[Hey? I have been smelling the cat without paying attention.]


[Yes, and the smell should be quite strong.]


[As soon as you say that, I suddenly felt a little sleepy.]


[As witty as I am, I have already notified several elders who are disturbed by insomnia to come to smell the calming wood.]

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

[Uuuuuuuuuu want to touch him QAQ]


[I want to touch it, I want to raise it! When will there be a second cat!]


[Cloning is prohibited by law :)]


[Shut up!]


[Cultivating life forms based on genetic sequences is also prohibited by law :)]


[You are so annoying!]


[Stealing pets is also… Forget it. No one can steal a cat from the Marshal…]


[…Woo, what’s wrong with wanting to have a cat!]


[Yes! Although we can’t keep cats, we can make money.]


[Right, yes, make money! Make money!]


[That said, it suddenly occurred to me that the takeaway money spent by Yue An might be the one we paid last time?]


[Yes, the Marshal will never steal money from a cat.]

Translated by The! Red! Oak! Tree!

[I want to emphasise that cats are intelligent creatures. When it is determined that an intelligent race is not hostile, we must treat each other in a friendly and equal manner. This is written in the Basic Law you learn as soon as you go to school!]


[Actually, the platform has also announced a lot of copyright information about the image of Yue An. But the specifics should be negotiated with the manufacturers – this is also money.]


[So in the final analysis, we are actually raising Yue An.]




[Oops, lousy! I can’t help throwing money!]


[Then little Yue An can turn on tactile sensing! It won’t affect you! You can set the places that are not allowed to be touched.]


[Please activate it… I have been working overtime for three consecutive months. My A-grade genetic physique can’t bear it. The pressure is so great that I will explode. I have vaguely seen the ultimate death. I beg the cat boss to heal me. o<-<]


Yue An jumped down from the second step and was slightly startled when he saw such a comment.

Translated by .The. .Red. .Oak. .Tree.

“Meow?” Yue An tilted his head, looking around the light brain page for a long time, but couldn’t find where to open this setting.


[What are you looking for?]


[Sensing settings?]


Yue An shook his ears at the camera, “Meow~”


[The holographic sensor setting is only for olfactory sensor by default. I remember the sensor setting is the third icon on the upper right corner.]


Yue An clicked it and then made a hige cross on his body model and his tail.


Then he sat there obediently and clicked to confirm.




[I’m dead!]


[Don’t save me! Don’t anyone save me!]


[Uhhhhhhh! Mom, I touched a cat!]



Translated by .The. .Red. .Oak. .Tree.

[Ah ah ah ah ah! I didn’t come here in vain in this life!]


[So soft, so soft QAQ]


[Ah ah ah love! Do not! Release! Hand!]


Yue An squatted for a long time and didn’t sit until the next comment from the person who said that he was working overtime until he was dying.


He sat on the spot and didn’t move. The plush carpet was so soft that he couldn’t help but step on it with his paws.


Yue An is very sensitive to the term overtime.


His first master, the little girl’s father, finally got tired from working overtime all year round. He lay in the hospital for a few months before he recovered.


The little girl had to study and went to bed early. When she slept, her father had not returned. When she woke up, her father had already left. Sometimes, her father even worked at the company all day and night, all week.


The little girl hugged him and cried under the covers several times, muttering complaints about her father working overtime. Every time the parent-teacher meeting was with her mother and her classmates said that she had no pain from her father.

Translated by !The! !Red! !Oak! !Tree!


The little girl who smiled so much that he couldn’t see her eyebrows on weekdays hugged him and cried, leaving a very deep impression on Yue An.


Yue An was very grateful to the little girl who took him home and raised him who was abandoned in a cardboard box for a year.


Had it not been for her, he would have died in that cardboard box.


So when he was sent away privately by her parents, Yue An didn’t feel resentful either – he went to see her later.


The little girl has a younger sister, a British short hair and a big golden retriever and her dad was successfully promoted and did not need to work hard overtime. The family is harmonious and lived happily daily.


Yue An is satisfied with this.


He has always remembered the reason that caused the little girl to cry very deeply.


His tail was dangling on the fluffy carpet, the white hairs were distinct, slick and shiny, almost reflecting light when sitting in the sun.


Yue An stared at the interface, his eyes focused.


[Wow! There is such a big surprise when I came back!]

Translated by !The! !Red! !Oak! !Tree!


[After the interface is enlarged, my face is buried in the fur, so happy! The cat feels so good, he can roll and the warmth of the sun! Recently, it has beenr aining for more than three months in the rainy season here in my house. I feel that I am lost when working overtime and when it is raining together.]


[Thank you little Yue An. I feel that I can live on from tomorrow. Can I borrow your belly again and let me have a nap? o<-<]


Seeing these few comments appearing, Yue An was inexplicably relieved and uttered a “meow” at the camera in front of him and walked to a place where he could enjoy the warm sunshine for a long time.


It’s not just people who want to sleep when they are full, but also cats.


Coupled with the role of the calming wood, it makes people even more sleepy.


When the Marshal returned home after a day of disturbance, he saw that there was an extra dining car in the dining room, not to mention his cat sleeping around under the cat climbing frame in the living room.


A camera was parked next to the cat and the light brain was thrown on the edge of the sofa played the scene of the cat falling asleep as it was and countless new comment bubbles kept popping up.

Translated by !The! !Red! !Oak! !Tree!


Ji Xiuyun was not surprised. On the way back, he knew that his cat had made another big news.


For example, he opened the live broadcast and ate a takeaway worth 360,000 yuan. For example, the live broadcast blocked the Imperial Research Department. For example, it was confirmed as a smart race. For example, when tactile sensing was turned on, it benefitted tens of billions of cat-sucking monster…


The Marshal walked into the room, gently put the two different styles of thinking helmets in his hands, walked to the sofa and leaned over the pick up the light brain.


He glanced at the length of the live broadcast.




The Marshal turned off the live broadcast, took the light brain and squatted next to Yue An, picked up the camera and stuffed it back into the light brain.


Yue An moved his ears, opened his eyes lazily and shook his tail with his belly exposed.


“Get up when you wake up.” The Marshal rubbed his head.

Translated by !The! !Red! !Oak! !Tree!


Yue An turned over, got up and shook his fur, turned his head adn glanced at the light brain in his hand and poked him with his paw, “Meow!”


Ji Xiuyun suddenly understood what Yue An meant.


He clicked on the platform account very cooperatively and saw that the balance above was close to ten digits and he was deeply aware of Yue An’s ability to attract money.


Yue An had bright eyes and he was very happy, “Meow!”


“It’s all yours.” The Marshal stuffed the light brain into Yue An’s arms.




Yue An is holding the light brain like holding a big baby.


The Marshal took the two thought helmets he brought back, “You can order takeaway if you don’t want to eat in the cafeteria, but the fighting skills must be practiced.”


“This is for military use.” The Marshal shook the black one in his left hand and then picked up the right one in his right hand, “This is for civilian use.”


Yue An had no opinion. The cat who made a lot of money happily flung his tail, “Meow!”

#Translated by !The! !Red! !Oak! !Tree!


He put down his light brain, turned over and sat up, walking to the gate under Ji Xiuyun’s gaze.


“Meow!” Yue An turned around and meowed at Ji Xiuyun.


Ji Xiuyun asked, “Want to go out?”


Yue An opened the door directly.


He saw a lot of food recommendations in the comments on the live broadcast. It is said that there is a very good restaurant in the residential area of this military estate.


Ji Xiuyun didn’t know where Yue An was going, so he simply followed Yue An and watched the little guy picking the route looking forward.


Yue An looked like he was confirming his territory, the Marshal thought, walking slowly with his two long legs.


The Marshal spends most of his time on the battlefield and legion camps. It is rare to have the opportunity to wander around the residential areas in such a leisurely and comfortable manner.


In all fairness, this residential area for high-ranking military relatives has a pretty good environment and convenient transportation.

#Translated #by #The #Red #Oak #Tree

Everything that needs to be entered into this residential area must first be inspected by the guards responsible for protecting it and the security level is also very high.


The Marshal was very familiar with the terrain here and the entire map was memorised. But if you really go shopping, after his parents sacrificed their lives, there is no longer any will.


Ji Xiuyun looked at the little hairball leading the way and looked at the surrounding environment where life is quite rich and found this kind of leisurely life feeling a bit strange.


Yue An led Ji Xiuyun through three forks.


The Marshal didn’t tell the cat in front that they had passed through this fork twice.


Rarely in a good mood and leisurely opportunity, the Marshal is also willing to waste a little time with the soft little guy.


When Yue An finally cleared the complicated route constructed by human beings and headed for the destination with great grace, the Marshal stopped suddenly.


At the same time he stopped, the head of the Scientific Research Department walked over from another road.


The two people who had just fought in the military court looked at each other from a distance, one with a pale face with gritted teeth and the other with a cold expression.


Fate is wonderful.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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