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Chapter 106 Going Home 

Translated by Nessie Lee


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The two of them were close together, and the others couldn’t hear what they were talking about. They could only see them standing together in an intimate manner. Ye Yingzhi was naturally known by everyone, even if anyone didn’t know who the young man who made grandfather Xu stand up to greet him personally, could know by asking the person next to him or by looking at the person at the main table and guessing it. If you are not reading this novel from The. Red. Oak Tree, then this translation is stolen.


However, few people knew Chi Yan. If they asked the people who were familiar with the Xu family, they could only get an ambiguous answer like “It looks like he’s the boyfriend of Xu Er Ye’s daughter who had just brought him back from outside”. Even the people who answered were beating drums in their hearts. They were not sure as the young master of Xu Er Ye’s family had just introduced this young man as the lover of his younger sister, but looking at this posture now, this young man didn’t look like Young Mistress Xu’s partner; he looked more like the little lover of the Ye Family Patriarch. Having said that, how could an ordinary person from outside be so familiar with the Third Young Master Ye?


Because of Ye Yingzhi, everyone didn’t dare to talk too much, so they just asked a few words about it. However, some of the people there suddenly remembered that this young man seemed to be the eldest grandson who left the Chi family many years ago. Calculating his age, the Chi family’s eldest grandson should indeed be this age now. 


Seeing that Chi Yan agreed, Ye Yingzhi gave a satisfied “um” and then gently kissed his outer auricle secretly before he released him and returned to the seat reserved for him on the main table. Chi Yan sat down in a daze and moved the chopsticks in his hands nonchalantly, ignoring the stares from all sides.


Suddenly he felt a very different stare, one that made him feel uncomfortable. Chi Yan raised his head and looked back along that line of sight – it was Chi Rong. He was sitting on the table where everyone from the Chi family was. After meeting Chi Yan’s gaze, he turned away and started talking with a person next to him. If you are not reading this novel from The. Red. Oak Tree, then this translation is stolen.

#Translated #by #The #Red #Oak #Tree

Chi Yan also turned his gaze to look at Xu Rui, and opened his mouth. Xu Rui glanced at the brothers and sisters who had different expressions at the table, and then pointed to the squirrel mandarin fish in front of him, “Young Master Chi, your favorite dish.”


Chi Yan understood what he meant and didn’t speak any more. He would occasionally say some trivial matters to Xu Rui and his sister. If you are not reading this novel from The! !Red! !Oak! Tree!, then this translation is stolen.


Chi Yuan Shan had a panoramic view of the scene just now, and continued to socialize calmly. In fact, as early as Ye Yingzhi walked over and when Chi Yan stood up, he had already recognized his son, but pretended not to know him. His countenance was expressionless, but his heart was far from being calm.


Of course he knew from before, about the good relationship between Chi Yan and Third Young Master Ye. He had reminded Chi Rong to pay attention to this and not to overdo certain things, at least not to leave evidence that could be found to cause trouble for himself. But he didn’t take it too seriously. After all, at that time, he thought that Ye Yingzhi was just the youngest son of the Ye family. He was born weak and sick and was recuperating in Bie Yuan by himself. He was young and his mind was not mature enough. When he was lonely and bored, there was Little Chi Yan to cling onto him, pester him, please him and keep him company and have fun, naturally he would not refuse. But now Ye Yingzhi was the head of the Ye family. His temperament was unpredictable, he was cold, alienated and indifferent, and no one could get close. When the two separated for many years, he had not taken the initiative to pay attention to Chi Yan’s matters. He might not have too deep affection for his son. Even if there were some friendships during their younger days, the current change in their status and after not seeing each other for a long time, their friendship would have diminished to almost nothing.

!Translated !by !The !Red !Oak !Tree

At that time, he guessed that the Ye Family Patriarch might not take charge of matters related to Chi Yan, so he reminded Chi Rong to pay extra attention out of caution.


However, the situation today was far beyond his expectations. In a crowd full of friends and guests, he didn’t even notice that Chi Yan had mixed into the circle again. And Third Young Master Ye went straight to see him as soon as he came in, his manners and demeanors were intimate, it was so obvious that the feelings were still there. Thinking of this, he felt uneasy. He knew all the things that Chi Rong did but pretended not to know. He just opened one eye and closed the other. It seemed that he still needed to remind Chi Rong a little bit to prevent him from being anxious when seeing Chi Yan. It was better to watch the changes first and not act rashly.


An hour later, Xu Rui got up and went to the bathroom. After waiting for ten minutes, Chi Yan went out to look for him.


Xu Rui was standing outside in the pavilion leaning on the railing and enjoying the breeze. Chi Yan walked over, a little embarrassed, “Um… I just couldn’t hold back. He asked me and I agreed without thinking too much. Sorry.”


“It’s okay.” Xu Rui smiled bitterly, “I also didn’t think it would happen this way. At first I was afraid that he would ignore you and yet you would think of ways to attract his attention and anger him. After all, that person was famous for not liking to be close to anyone, especially when others approach him deliberately. In the situation just now, you would be finding trouble if you had gritted your teeth and declined.”


Chi Yan nodded but said nothing.


Xu Rui continued, “Young Master Chi, but think about it, that person really seems to treat you differently. Did you see that when my grandfather went up to meet him, he didn’t show much expression, but when you called him ‘Yingzhi ge ge‘, flowers were almost blooming on his face. This, he couldn’t pretend, and there was no need for him to pretend.” When it came to the end of his sentence, his voice had traces of joking and teasing.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan smiled and chided back, pretending to be calm, but he was actually feeling very embarrassed. He had learnt this skill of not letting out his feelings on his face from Chi Yuan Shan. He thought the conversation between him and Ye Yingzhi was low enough, but he didn’t expect to be heard by Xu Rui who was sitting next to him, maybe Xu Xin had also heard it.

(If you are not reading this novel from The. Red. Oak Tree, then this translation is stolen.)

At such an old age, he still called another adult man “Yingzhi ge ge“… and it was heard by an unknown number of people… Chi Yan covered his face and followed Xu Rui to the meeting hall.


When he stood at the door, he subconsciously raised his eyes and looked at the main table. There was an empty seat there, and the person was no longer there.


Xu Rui followed his gaze and explained in a low voice, “Patriarch Ye has always been in poor health. He rarely shows up. Even if he shows up, he won’t be able to stay long. Grandfather was probably very surprised that he attended the banquet this time. Five years ago, he only appeared on the day of the ritual.”


Chi Yan was a little sad and at a loss when he saw that Ye Yingzhi had left the venue. He clearly said that he would “come home with ge ge tonight”, but the other party left without a word. After hearing Xu Rui’s words, that trace of sadness turned into worry in an instant.


Of course, he knew that Ye Yingzhi’s health was not good. He was ignorant and spoilt when he was a child. It was not enough to sit next to each other and hold hands. If possible, he must be hugged and carried by Yingzhi ge ge. Once he insisted that Ye Yingzhi carried him around in the yard to look at the flowers. Ye Yingzhi didn’t say anything. He smiled and agreed. After carrying him out for an hour, Little Chi Yan kept his arms around Ye Yingzhi’s neck, clinging to him and refusing to come down.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He was shorter than his peers at that time, and he looked smaller, but he had some weight after all. Ye Yingzhi spoiled him all the way and said nothing, but after returning home that day, he became ill, his face was blue and white, his eyes were closed tightly, his eyelashes were constantly trembling, and he could barely breathe.


Chi Yan was frightened. After the doctor left, he kept lying on the other side of the bed and held Ye Yingzhi’s hand, feeling that his fingers and palms were like ice, and trembling slightly. He put Ye Yingzhi’s right hand on his stomach, trying to pass the heat, until later he couldn’t hold back lying beside Ye Yingzhi and fell asleep.


Fu Bo got angry with him because of that incident. On one hand, Chi Yan felt aggrieved for Ye Yingzhi and on the other hand, he felt that he deserved his sin. He was worried about Ye Yingzhi that he cried quietly and fell asleep. After waking up the next day, both his eyes were swollen. When he was about to wake up, he felt Ye Yingzhi’s arms around him lightly, seeming to be talking to Fu Bo, “Don’t scare Ah Yan, Ah Yan is still young, it’s me who is willing to pamper him.”


He heard Uncle Fu replied with a helpless voice, “But Third Young Master, after all, he is a child from someone else’s family, and you can’t be pampering him forever.”


Ye Yingzhi paused, and then calmly said: “It doesn’t matter whose child he is, I’ll just pamper him for the rest of my life.”


Those hands were still not warm, but they were much better than when the young master got sick the night before, and they were no longer as cold as a dead person’s. While pretending to be asleep, Chi Yan quietly buried his face in the palm of one hand, feeling sweet and beautiful in his heart. Thinking about it carefully, Ye Yingzhi was only five years older than him, but he was indeed like an older brother who always pampered and spoiled him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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