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Chapter 107 Warm Up 

Translated by Nessie Lee

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The Xu family had prepared accommodation for the Taoist masters who came from other parts of the world to participate in the praying ritual, but Ye Yingzhi brought Chi Yan and returned to the Ye family. It was not the other garden where he had recuperated, but the main house of the Ye family. The locations of the Ye’s family house and the Xu’s family house were not very close and were not far away either. They were both in the same area but it took about half an hour to drive there. As Ye Yingzhi didn’t live here in the past, Chi Yan remembered that he rarely came here, and only came here a few times to participate in some activities with Chi’s family.


At this time, the sky was completely dark. The car drove in all the way. Only the black outline of the building with orange lanterns hanging under the eaves could be seen vaguely through the car windows. The entire Ye family mansion was shrouded in silence.


“Why aren’t there anyone around…” Chi Yan couldn’t help muttering while looking out of the window.


“After my two elder brothers passed away, their kins and relatives moved out of the main house, and the other relatives of the Ye family did not live here, so many houses were vacated.” Ye Yingzhi explained.


The car drove into the inner courtyard and stopped in front of a two-storey building. Ye Yingzhi got out of the car with Chi Yan, opened the door and walked in.


“So now Yingzhi ge ge lives alone?” “Yeah.” Ye Yingzhi answered while taking off his coat, “I’m afraid of noise, so I live here alone. The housekeeper, maid, and doctor live in the outer courtyard.”


Chi Yan thought of Ye Yingzhi’s illness, which indeed needed a quiet environment to recuperate. For his illness, he must not get angry, must not be too overjoyed and must not have mood swings; must not be tired, and must not do strenuous activities. That was why he lived in Bie Yuan in the past to recuperate.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi took off his coat, turned around and led Chi Yan upstairs. He pushed open the door of a room, stood at the door, put his hand on Chi Yan’s waist, looked down at him and said, “Ah Yan stay in this room today. You clean up this room by yourself, and then go to ge ge’s room. My room is just next door.”


Chi Yan nodded and replied in a low voice, “Okay.”


He saw Ye Yingzhi narrowed his eyes and smiled, then released his hand, turned around and entered the room next door.


The house seemed like no one ever lived in it before, but it was very clean. Chi Yan didn’t bring many things over so he went to the bathroom to take a shower. His luggage was still in Xu’s house, and since he came back in a hurry with Ye Yingzhi, he did not bring a change of clothes. He originally planned to make do with the clothes he had just changed out of, but when he came out of the bathroom, he saw a neatly folded white shirt on the bed. He didn’t have to guess whose shirt it was.


Chi Yan suddenly felt amused. Ye Yingzhi really still regarded him as a child. In his younger days, objectively speaking, he was only five years younger than Ye Yingzhi but he looked much smaller than him. When he was nine years old, Ye Yingzhi was already a youth whose body was undergoing puberty and growing rapidly. And when he gradually grew taller and became a teenager at about fifteen or sixteen, Ye Yingzhi already looked like an adult. So sometimes when he lived in Bie Yuan and had no clothes to change into, Ye Yingzhi would lend him his shirt as pyjamas. At night, there were only two of them in the room and no outsiders, and it didn’t feel too strange.


Although there were only two of them in this small building now, after all, he had already grown up and felt that it was not very appropriate. Chi Yan took the shirt in his hand, hesitated for a moment and finally put it on while harbouring some secret thoughts that he didn’t even dare to speak of – in the bottom of his heart, he hoped to be more intimate with Ye Yingzhi.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The door in the neighbouring room was closed but the warm yellow light in the room could be seen through the gaps of the door.


Chi Yan quietly pushed the door and entered. He stood at the door for a moment, feeling lost and not knowing where to look.


Ye Yingzhi was lying on the bed in a black pyjamas, flipping through a book. When he saw Chi Yan standing by the door, he raised his head, smiled and patted the empty place beside him, “Ah Yan, come over. . Come here to ge ge.”


Chi Yan walked over obediently, climbed onto the bed and sat on the other side.


When a person reached a certain age, the impact of the age difference would become smaller and smaller. There seemed to be no difference between the age of fifty and fifty-five; but when a person was young, one year of difference would be very obvious, not to even mention five years difference in age. In Little Chi Yan’s heart, his Yingzhi ge ge was always the stronger one, someone who would protect him and never harm him. So during his younger days he would always listen to Ye Yingzhi’s words, just like in the natural world when the ignorant little beast would follow the bigger beast. Moreover, Ye Yingzhi was in poor health and Chi Yan liked him, so he even dared not to make him angry. He was always very obedient in front of him.


And this habit continued to the present. He would still follow Ye Yingzhi’s instructions subconsciously and would not develop any thoughts that would go against the other party’s wishes in his heart.


His obedience certainly pleased Ye Yingzhi. Ye Yingzhi stretched out his hand and pulled him to his side next to him. He couldn’t help but gently caressed the back of his neck and said, “Ah Yan is really obedient.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

His fingers were cold and chilly, making Chi Yan’s neck itch and trembled. He subconsciously wanted to hide, but seeing Ye Yingzhi squint his eyes, he stopped hiding. He leaned closer towards Ye Yingzhi and let him stroke his neck.


Ye Yingzhi stretched out his brows, put the book which was on his knees on the bedside table, and leaned towards Chi Yan, still gently stroking his neck and his back through his shirt, “I heard it was the brother and sister of the Xu family who brought you here? How did they bring you here?”


Chi Yan dodged his eyes subconsciously, “Just, I just pretended to be Xiao Xin’s boyfriend, and naturally followed them back.”


“Xiao Xin’s boyfriend…” Ye Yingzhi repeated it softly, his tone was flat, and Chi Yan couldn’t figure out his thoughts. “Ah Yan has a good relationship with them? Have you been in contact with them all these years?”


“No, we didn’t really keep in contact. I just happened to meet them.” Chi Yan lowered his head and said softly. Within his vision, he saw Ye Yingzhi’s exposed collarbones from the collar of his black pajamas. They seemed to glow softly under the warm yellow bed lamp. He didn’t dare to look any more, and turned his gaze around. His actions looked as though he was guilty of something. 


“Oh.” Ye Yingzhi’s expression and tone were still calm, but he exerted a bit of strength, slid around Chi Yan’s waistline and squeezed the soft flesh on his waist. “You just met them and so just pretended to be someone else’s boyfriend. Two days later, your fake drama becomes a reality and then get married for real. Till then will you remember to send a wedding banquet invitation to your ge ge ?”


Little bastard, looks thin from the outside, and after touching it then realised that that soft flesh on his waist which had been there since young had never disappeared.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan who was pinched by him, groaned in pain. He raised his head and looked at Ye Yingzhi. Then he lifted the hem of his shirt and looked at the place where Ye Yingzhi had pinched on his right waist, then raised his head to look at him again, “…It’s red.”


Ye Yingzhi couldn’t stand his look and expression, as if he had bullied him. He couldn’t resist wanting to hold him in his arms and bully him. In fact, he just wanted to relieve the itch in his heart and didn’t exert too much strength.


“It’s my fault, be good, come here, ge ge will rub it for you.” He compromised.


Chi Yan replied from his nose, and this time it was a matter of course to nest into Ye Yingzhi’s arms and quietly stretched out his arms to embrace Ye Yingzhi’s waist.


I’m already in my twenties, and still wanted to be pampered like a nine or ten-year-old doll, I’m just so shameless. Just let me be pampered for a while. I haven’t seen him for nearly eight years. Isn’t it normal to see him and get intimate again after a long time …


Chi Yan swallowed, suppressed the chaotic voice in his heart and said, “I didn’t mean to hide from Yingzhi ge ge, but I couldn’t find you outside and couldn’t contact you. I could only get Xu Rui and Xu Xin’s help. Xu Xin and I were nothing more than just good friends. She wouldn’t like me, and I wouldn’t like her either. If it weren’t for the fear of Uncle and Aunt Xu being angry at that time, I almost pretended to be Xu Rui’s boyfriend and let him help me.”


“‘Pretend to be Xu Rui’s boyfriend let him help you’…Ah Yan is quite open minded.” Ye Yingzhi’s hand stopped and chuckled, “Then you can be a couple with anyone, eh? “


“We are really just friends, really.” Chi Yan hesitated for a moment, and whispered, “I will not hide anything from Yingzhi ge ge. If, and if I really have a lover, I will surely tell Yingzhi ge ge.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Judging from the current situation, he was unlikely to like anyone else anymore.


“Okay.” Ye Yingzhi laid on his back, his eyes darkened, “Who does Ah Yan like?”


“…I don’t like anyone.” Chi Yan closed his eyes and unconsciously held Ye Yingzhi’s pyjamas tightly with his hands. “I only like Yingzhe ge ge.”


A little liar, a little liar who only knows how to please others with his beautiful words. Did he deceive the Xu brother and sister like this until they were so willing to pretend to let him be their boyfriend?


He thought of this in his heart but outwardly, his eyes softened and replied gently, “…um.”


Chi Yan quietly opened his eyes to see what Ye Yingzhi’s reaction was. He saw the man lying on his back with his eyes half-closed. His long eyelashes were hanging down and it was obvious that there was no response, and he didn’t take his words seriously.


Although Chi Yan knew that this reaction was normal, he couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed. He knelt and sat on the bed, leaned down and lightly pecked Ye Yingzhi’s lips.


Ye Yingzhi opened his eyes and looked at him. There was not much emotion in his dark eyes, but he was obviously surprised, “Ah Yan?”


Chi Yan flinched suddenly, not knowing why he was so embarrassed just now and where he got the courage to do this. He knelt down beside the man in a panic, searching for excuses, “…That is, Yingzhi ge ge’s body is too cold and Ah Yan wants to warm ge ge up.”


This was the rhetoric of that thing in the Nuo Temple that day. It had asked him to “warm him up”, and Chi Yan said it subconsciously at this time. But Ye Yingzhi’s body was really cold, his hands were cold, and his lips were also cold.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan knelt down and sat there, secretly observing Ye Yingzhi’s reaction. After all, he was already in his twenties and was a normal young man. He was not an innocent and cute little doll. He didn’t know if it would still be useful to pretend to be ignorant and stupid, or if this would be annoying.


Ye Yingzhi raised his eyes to look at him, curled up his mouth and smiled, “Really? Then Ah Yan will warm ge ge again?” In his tone, he continued to indulge and pamper him.


Chi Yan suddenly raised his head and widened his eyes. Of course he knew that he himself was no longer a kid, and he had nothing to do with being cute and obedient. He would blush in embarrassment when calling the other person “Yingzhi ge ge” and especially when he referred to himself as “Ah Yan” – but this matter was largely determined by that person he was facing. He was willing to spoil him and indulge him, so no matter whether he grew up or not, no matter what he became, he would still treat him the same as before.


In front of Ye Yingzhi, he could always be that Ah Yan who opened his arms asking for a hug. He could also never grow up.


Chi Yan lowered his head, pressed close to Ye Yingzhi’s face, stretched out a soft and warm tongue and gently licked his cold lips like a small animal, “…Okay.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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