The Haunted Chapter 96 Seeking Help

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Chapter 96 Seeking Help

Translated by Nessie

Today, I might have to rely on this porcelain bottle to save my life.


Chi Yan wasn’t sure how strong this earthbound spirit was. He only felt that that spirit would not be easily frightened by the evil aura on his body.  However, this earthbound spirit could reveal it’s human figure at midnight.


He didn’t dare to show his back to that thing, so he could only look at that “person” and inch towards the door.


The “person” under the shower head was still washing his hair very slowly. It slowly turned around.


Chi Yan didn’t dare to look at its “face”, yet he didn’t dare not keep eye contact with it. He could only watch that thing turned around, lifted his head to reveal the front.


It was a pale and numb face with thin facial features like woodcuts, so thin that it was unrememberable. The ceiling lights in the bathroom were flickering, reflecting the mottled lights and shadows. In the dim lighting, that thing seemed to be… laughing.


The corners of the wood-carved mouth raised upwards, like the red lips of a clay statue enshrined on the altar of a temple. There was no trace of blood on this thing’s face.


It moved slowly towards Chi Yan and Chi Yan suddenly found that he couldn’t move.


The wet floor of the bathhouse seemed to turn into an abyssal quagmire in an instant, and he was stuck in it and couldn’t escape. This feeling was different from falling into a swamp – the more one struggled, the more one sank into the mud. It was more like being pressed down on the bed by a ghost. He was conscious, but was unable to control his body to react. He was very anxious and struggled desperately, but he couldn’t do anything.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan felt water rushing down from above. The shower head that he had already turned off turned on again. The water flowed down pouring on him and washed away the ghost-expelling charm which he had painted on the palm of his hand.


He watched as the black string entangled in his hand got washed away under the flowing water. His hands were hanging there, unable to move. Finally, the small porcelain bottle fell onto the ground gently with a “ding”.


The feeling of regret at that moment overwhelmed his fear.


Chi Yan looked at the porcelain vase. Suddenly, the evil aura emanated from his body. In the blink of an eye, that thing disappeared when he raised his head again.


Chi Yan was a little puzzled. Did the earthbound spirit disappear because it feared the evil aura of his body? No, he still couldn’t move so that thing should still be around.


At this moment, he felt a chill around his right ankle. Chi Yan slowly looked down from the corner of his eyes and saw a hand grabbing his right foot, that thing was crawling on the ground, looking up at him…


Song Jin got out of the bathroom and put on his clothes quickly, but he was still uneasy. He planned to go back to save Chi Yan after finding the staff. He was careful not to mention that there was a ghost in the bathroom, otherwise the staff would definitely not believe him. Instead, he lied that someone had sneaked into the bathroom to steal their things and his friend was blocking and preventing the thief from leaving and had asked him to come out to get help.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Unexpectedly, the staff still didn’t believe it, insisting that he had been staring at the bathroom and he didn’t see anyone sneaking in, so he wanted to go in and check it out by himself.


Song Jin was uneasy when he saw that Chi Yan was not coming out, and wanted to go back to see him. So he called one of his best friends with his mobile phone to be on standby to call the police to save Chi Yan, then he followed the staff back to the bathroom.


The bathroom was very quiet, with only the ticking of dripping water. At a glance, Song Jin saw Chi Yan leaning against the bathroom wall with his eyes closed. It was as if he had passed out.


At that time, there was a lump in his heart. He wasn’t sure if his friend had encountered an accident in order to protect him. He was so scared that he didn’t even dare to approach his friend to make sure he was alright.


He was afraid of waking him up. What if his friend opened his eyes but was no longer his good brother, Chi Yan whom he spent day and night with in high school, but was that thing that Chi Yan said wanted to “go out” as a person?


In the end, his worries about his friend overcame his fears. Song Jin stepped forward and patted his shoulders and said, “Chi Zi, Chi Zi , are you okay? Wake up, wake up, you must wake up!”


He called Chi Yan’s name several times before he slowly opened his eyes. Chi Yan’s eyes were clear and they looked normal and familiar. Song Jin let out a sigh of relief slowly, yes, this was still Chi Yan and that thing had disappeared.


The first thing Chi Yan did after waking up was to look at the ground. He looked all over the floor as if looking for something. He looked nervous and at a loss when he couldn’t find it. Then he lowered his head and saw the small porcelain bottle hanging on his chest. He lifted the porcelain bottle with his hand and looked at it for a long time. He breathed out slowly after confirming that the porcelain bottle was intact.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After that, the two packed up their things and helped each other get back to the school together.


In the past when walking along the dimly lit road, Song Jin didn’t have any special feelings, but now it looked spooky to him. He couldn’t help walking closer to Chi Yan.


“Chi Zi, how did you recognize that kind of thing… and still draw this talisman?” He raised his left hand and asked. The shower gel had dried up on his skin, but he still didn’t dare to rub off the charm that Chi Yan drew for him.


“My dad and his family are all professional taoist masters, so I know a little bit.”


After Song Jin heard this, he was very curious and suddenly became more courageous. He wanted to ask Chi Yan more questions, but he stopped when he saw that his friend was reluctant to mention it. He knew Chi Yan’s father had divorced his mother and he didn’t have any affection for Chi Yan. Come to think of it, Chi Yan should dislike his father very much and so naturally he also didn’t like the “Chi family” that he mentioned.


Still, he couldn’t restrain his curiosity, so he asked Chi Yan in a different way, “Chi Zi, then was it you who exterminated that thing just now ? You drove it away?”


Chi Yan touched the small porcelain bottle on his chest and shook his head, “No. This amulet saved me just now.”


When that thing grabbed his foot, he vaguely saw a black mist emanating from the porcelain bottle that had fallen on the ground. Then he lost consciousness until Song Jin came back to wake him up. But when he woke up, that thing had disappeared and the porcelain bottle was hung back neatly around his neck. So there must be something in the porcelain vase that could save his life at a critical moment.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Chi family’s techniques followed the Heavenly Dao (Taoist), but the Ye family’s inheritance was Demonic Dao. Although both families were Dao families, the way in which they practiced differed. Chi Yan knew that his knowledge and cultivation skills were far less than that of the other person. The small porcelain bottle was completely intact and integrated. Other than the gap where the black string was tied, there weren’t any other gaps, so Chi Yan could never see the mysterious contents inside this porcelain vase.


Song Jin didn’t care whether Chi Yan exterminated the thing by his own ability or the power of the amulet. After learning that his friend came from this level, he always felt that Chi Yan was unusual and could solve some problems that ordinary people couldn’t solve. 


After many years, Chi Yan successfully helped Tao Juan Juan get rid of the evil spirit that haunted her this time, and Song Jin felt that his friend’s ability was extraordinary.


This time, he came to look for help again.


After sitting down in Chi Yan’s room, Song Jin took out a stack of photos and case documents from his briefcase, pointed to one of the normal looking photos of a family of three, and said to Chi Yan,  “Chi Zi, take a look. This is the Zhu Hui’s family of three in Feng Shui Town, Ping Gu County, just below R City. This family originally left Feng Shui on a three-wheeled motorcycle during the Chinese New Year to visit relatives in Qing Yao Town not far away. But it has been a month since there was no news of them. It was as if they had disappeared into thin air. Neither Feng Shui Town nor Qing Yao Town had their traces. There were no obvious clues along the way.”


“Of course this is not the most weird.” Song Jin paused and looked at his friend. “The two police officers in Ping Gu County who were in charge of investigating their whereabouts, decided to set off from Feng Shui at the same time the family had set off. They rode motorcycles and took the path that the family might have taken in an attempt to find a clue. Then…these two police officers also disappeared.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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