The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Number of viewers: 49.6 billion

Translated by Beanie


Thousands of waves were caused by one stone!


The media issued news reports like crazy. In their news, the appearance of ancient Earth creatures far outweighed the missing and returned Marshal.


The entire Hinters Empire was plunged into a strange fanaticism.


Even if there are only photos released by the media about the creature named “cat”, there is no way to affect the masses’ enthusiasm.


They picked up all the cat records from the star network’s database.


In the information that can be released to the public, there are only a few records about cats because most of the information is about the evolution of the Earth and the evolution of humans.


Most of the other Earth creatures are nothing more than a cold name and a simple introduction, followed by a sentence that said that they perished and disappeared with the ancient Earth as the end.


There are so many kinds of living things on Earth and such a rough summary of items is enough to be dazzling.


But after being targeted, everything became clear and the scarce information made the people who desperately want to know more dissatisfied.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

They are fortunate to witness the creatures of the ancient Earth in their lifetime. Even if they really cannot come into contact with it, they hope to see this little guy a lot. Even if they didn’t see it, people can search for more information and understand it better!


Looks so petite! So cute! So fluffy!


Even the Marshal with a terrifying aura cannot refuse the kitten’s closeness. The cat’s character must be super cute and soft!


People began to find various channels to send petition letters to the department in charge of this information, hoping to disclose more information about cats.


When the information security department responsible for data confidentiality was working hard to sort out the cat’s data from various databases, Ji Xiuyun took Yue An back to his residence in Dixing.


Probably no one in the interstellar world would have thought that Ji Xiuyun, who was so famous and restraining several neighbouring countries did not own a mansion like people imagined.


Even in the interstellar era when land resources are not too scarce, Ji Xiuyun, who has a lot of money in the hands of a high-ranking authority, still lives in an ordinary duplex building that is no more than 200 square meters and similar to most interstellar buildings today. There is no difference in the residence of the people.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The only peculiarity is probably the boundary where this house is located. It is a place where high-level military officials and their relatives live. In terms of safety, it is second only to the royal palace.


Ji Xiuyun’s parents are martyrs and he has a cold personality and few visitors.


He didn’t stay in the Imperial Star for a long time in his early years and in this short time, he stayed in the barracks most of the time.


This house is left by his parents. Although he doesn’t come back often, as the only real estate the Marshal currently has, it is also cleaned and tidied by the orderly on time. It can barely be called the Marshal’s home.


Because of the peculiarities of the disappearance after being attached, Ji Xiuyun is probably inseparable from the Imperial Star for some time recently.


So he simply drove back home with a small milky white hair ball in his arms.


Ji Xiuyun’s authority is different from ordinary people. He has the right to browse information that ordinary people cannot see.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The first thing the Marshal did when he arrived home was to use his light brain to enter the confidential database and retrieve the detailed information of the cat and read it.


And Yue An jumped out as soon as he entered the door.


— Visit the new territory and remember the structure and fun placed of your territory.


Even a nine-tailed cat cannot resist such instincts.


The decoration of Ji Xiuyun’s home is unexpectedly simple and warm. Although we can perceive the feeling that no one has lived in for many years, the overall decoration is quite homely.


The spacious hall at the bottom can be seen at a flance after passing through the entrance. The morning sun, with excellent lighting is open and bright and the sunlight can directly shine through the floor-to-ceiling windows and fall into the room.


It is a good place to bask in the sun.


It is also a completely different place from Ji Xiuyun’s style of decoration.


Yue An glanced at the photo of a family of three on the wall, wandered around in the living room a few times and stepped up the stairs leading to the second floor. 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Then he was shut out mercilessly by a door.


Yue An walked to the edge of the stairs and rushed downstairs to Ji Xiuyun and meowed.


Ji Xiuyun was stunned, turned his head to look at him and did not understand what it meant but got up and went upstairs.


“Meow~” Yue An patted the door with his soft paws beside the door of the master bedroom.


Ji Xiuyun leaned over and hugged him, “I don’t stay here.”


Yue An was taken aback.


Ji Xiuyun opened the side door, “I live here.”


Yue An stretched out his head and looked inside, “Meow.”


Sure enough, it is Ji Xiuyun’s indifferent style.


“There is the study room.” Ji Xiuyun pointed to the room at the end of the second floor.


Although it is a study room, Ji Xiuyun has never used it a few times.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An jumped from Ji Xiuyun’s arms, walked into the bedroom and went straight to the bed.


Ji Xiuyun watched Yue An jump onto the bed and test its softness as he bounced around on the bed while sitting aside to browse the information.


The more he looked at the information, the more the Marshal feels that something is wrong.


To be fair, if it were not for genetic testing, he would have thought that Yue An was another creature in cat skin.


According to the information, cats were a family genus in the AD era, which included some large carnivores and small omnivores.


The highly similar gene to Yue An is the cat of the cat subfamily.


There are many species of cats everywhere, some are domesticated as domestic cats and some still survive in the wild.


But no matter in the data records of the cat genus, the cat subfamily or the entire cat family, this creature does not have any special talents.


Some cats are constrained by their physical fitness. Every hunt ends their life. Many of them starve to death in the wilderness.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

No matter how you look at it, it is impossible for any kind of cat to have the physical fitness and combat effectiveness of Yue An.


Ask if you have any doubts.


“Yue An.” Ji Xiuyun turned to look at the milky white hairball on the bed. 


Yue An turned over the lay on his stomach, the whole hairball sunk into the soft quilt, only his ears trembled slightly.


Ji Xiuyun knew that Yue An had heard his shout, so he asked, “Are you really a cat?”


Yue An flicked his tail and meowed.


Looking at the messy information, Ji Xiuyun had no choice but to accept the results of genetic testing.


The Marshal no longer struggled and searched about information about raising cats, neatly ignoring the description and analysis of the recipe and combat effectiveness.


Yue An seems like he could eat anything. There is no reference for such things as recipes.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The combat effectiveness is even more non-referenced. Yue An’s physical fitness and combat effectiveness are so much higher than ordinary humans that he didn’t know where it is.


The Marshal looked at a bunch of things like cat litter, cat door, cat food, cat scratching board and so on. Ji Xiuyun, who was too lazy to think simply gave Yue An permission to his house.


In the end, the Marshal’s eyes stopped on the photos of various vat climbing frames.


It seems interesting.


The Marshal called out the stack of photos and turned to ask Yue An, “Which one do you like?”


Yue An turned his head and took a look. His beautiful blue eyes lit up and he turned over and sat up.


He jumped to Ji Xiuyun’s leg and pointed his little paw at some of the ultra-luxury ones, “Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow!”


The Marshal nodded and lifted Yue An from his lap. Just as he wanted to give him an energy stone, he found that there was no such things at home.


So the Marshal thought for a while and handily gave his light brain to Yue An, selected a few permissions and left the room.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun, who is accustomed to the light brain, completely forgot to consider whether this kitten from the ancient Earth know how to use the light brain. 


Yue An poked the main page of the light brain floating in front of him curiously. He didn’t recognise any of those colourful icons, so he simply poked and turned them on and off one by one.


When he hit the last green icon on the main page, the light brain was no more than a palm-sized gray disc and a crack broke in the middle and something familiary flew out of it.


The camera that was shot out by Yue An on the space craft before looked like this.




Yue An sat on the bed and lookedat the miniature lens of the camera. As there was no sound coming from the device, he tilted his hed and gave a soft “meow” at the camera.


But there was still no movement.


Yue An yawned, turned his head and looked at the light brain that was densely packed with unknown characters and found that after poking and poking, he couldn’t get anything out and licked his paw boredly and jumped out of the bed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The camera which was not as big as his paw followed him closely.


Yue An turned his head and looped at the lens following him, then turned his head and continued to walk towards the door, raised his claws and patted the door.


The little guy who got permission to enter and exit the house smoothly opened the door, walked to the edge of the corridor and rushed to the Marshal who was drawing something downstairs, meowing.


Ji Xiuyun put down the light pen in his hand and when he saw Yue An, he waved to him blankly.


Yue An ran downstairs with the camera that didn’t give up and jumped onto the Marshal’s leg and rolled around, revealing his soft belly.


Ji Xiuyun drew a cat climbing frame — he was thinking about the proportions of the large living room and wanted to combine the cat climbing frames that Yue An liked and divide half of the living room for Yue An.


Although he wouldn’t stay there long, he was definitely staying for a few days.


Ji Xiuyun hopes to help his life-saving cat live a happier life.


It’s just that such kindness and expectation were not reflected in his standard indifferent face.


“Is there communication?” Seeing that Yue An had brought a camera down, the Marshal rubbed the belly of the little white dumpling on his leg and opened the remote bracelet on his wrist.


As soon as Ji Xiuyun’s voice fell, he saw the image projected by the bracelet, which was a social platform page that he rarely used.


At this moment, he and the cat on his lap are being broadcast live on this page.


Number of viewers: 49.6 billion.


Ji Xiuyun: … ????

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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