The Haunted Chapter 89 Coffin

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Chapter 89 Coffin

Translated by Nessie


Chi Yan woke up in a dark, confined space. The space was not large, it was completely enclosed and he could touch the barriers on all sides. He could feel the air flowing in and out and breathing was not difficult. So this place should not be sealed, but psychologically, he still felt suffocated.


He seemed to be… locked in a coffin?


An arm was placed on his waist.


Chi Yan felt a person lying on his left side, a “person” with a cold body and no heartbeat.


He suddenly thought of the folk tale, Bluebeard.


The vampire seemed to be playing a game with him. While using the identity of a vampire hunter to provide him with information and gain his trust, he also used the identity of the vampire prince to force him into a trap step by step. If Chi Yan played along with the vampire honestly, then everything would be easy – the game would be over and he could escape successfully. But if he was too curious and wanted to reveal the truth of the game, then the vampire would kill him.


So now he was imprisoned in a coffin by Prince Eymer and waiting for death? The one next to him was his ancestor who died for the same reason?


He carefully placed his hand on that arm, trying to push it down first. In any case, even if he was in the same situation as the other party,  being hugged by a dead person in a coffin was really creepy.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

However, Chi Yan did not succeed in pushing down that arm. Instead, the corpse clasped him harder. At the same time, he lowered his head, pecked and kissed his neck, murmuring hoarsely, “Be good baby, sleep with me for a while.”


Chi Yan froze. He didn’t even know what to call the other person. After hesitating for a moment, he opened his mouth and asked tentatively, “… Ye Yingzhi?”


He suddenly thought of something. Prince Eymer was Ye Yingzhi, so he could speak Chinese, but he tricked him into speaking English with him for a month. Just thinking about this made him so angry that he even forgot to be afraid.


Chi Yan felt that he was really stupid. When he had that dream for the first time, it was because he accidentally saw a hand exposed by the vampire. The object of his dream was only the pale and fuzzy hand; after seeing Ye Yingzhi, that fuzzy looking hand became clearer, and it changed from the vampire’s hand to Ye Yingzhi’s hand. The person in the dream also became Ye Yingzhi. His instinct had already recognised that these two people were basically the same person, and he had been told the answer in the form of a dream very early on, but he himself hadn’t realised this and was kept in the dark.


Thinking of this, he couldn’t help nudging the person beside him and asked, “Ye Yingzhi, I had a lot of dreams about you before. Did you make them?”


If all these were designed and laid out by the other party… he closed his eyes, that would be too terrifying. He wouldn’t know how much this vampire prince wanted to ridicule him.


“It’s not me.” The vampire got up and kissed his eyes gently in the dark. “Baby, don’t be so suspicious, those were just your dreams.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After thinking about it, he added, “But what happened that night was not a dream. What you saw was the real me. You pounced on me so deliciously that I couldn’t resist.” there was a smile in his voice.


Bastard. Shameless bastard.


Chi Yan felt hot on his face and turned his head away, not wanting to recall the past.


He was obsessed with Prince Emer, but he really trusted Ye Yingzhi from his heart. However, it turned out that the existence of the vampire hunter was a sham from the beginning. He didn’t dare to ask for anything else now and only hoped to leave His Royal Highness safe and sound.


“What do you want to do?” He asked bluntly, “You can do whatever you want even if you want to suck blood. If three days are not enough then thirty days. I can belong to you and fully meet all your needs. You can do whatever you want.”


Then his voice choked slightly, “But can you not lie to me this time and let me go once this agreement is over?”


The Prince was silent for a moment and said slowly, “Ah Yan, are you angry with me? I swear to God, other than not telling you that I am not a vampire hunter, none of what I have said to you before was false.”


It sounded like it was useful for a vampire to swear to God.


He turned the human over and embraced him completely, “Really. I didn’t want to lie to you at first. You said that you hated me,  hated me for sucking your blood. I don’t want you to be afraid of me and hide from me. So I impersonated a vampire hunter.”


“You hated me for sucking your blood, then you can come and drink mine? You liked to drink my blood last time. Ah Yan, don’t be angry with me, I was wrong. You can tell me to do anything, please don’t be like this.” He pleaded, handing his wrist to Chi Yan’s mouth, forgetting that Chi Yan couldn’t bite into his skin.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“I don’t want it.” Chi Yan turned his head aside and stopped talking.


Ye Yingzhi couldn’t understand his thoughts and tried every means to please him, but didn’t know what to say. After thinking for a moment, he asked, “Do you like this coffin? Do you feel comfortable? This is my coffin. The other vampires are very envious, we will live here together in the future.”


Chi Yan didn’t understand what the vampire prince was trying to do after using so many tricks on him, but he didn’t want to stay in this coffin anymore, so he took the opportunity to ask, “It’s too dark, I want to go out. Can you let me out?”


It was still a cold and respectful tone, the tone was even colder than when he first faced Prince Eymer.


Ye Yingzhi was at a loss. He would rather Chi Yan scold him or punish him in any ways than treat him so distantly. Such a lover made him feel so helpless.


He wanted to be tougher on Chi Yan, for example say things like, “Don’t even think about getting out of the coffin if you don’t promise to be with me forever”, but he was reluctant and dared not; he could only obey his lover’s wishes and dared not violate any part of them. So after hearing those words, Ye Yingzhi hurriedly hugged him lovingly, “Alright, alright my little darling, please don’t get angry anymore, hubby will take you out. If you don’t like it, we will continue to sleep on the bed.”


In fact, he really wanted to take Chi Yan to sleep with him in the coffin and not to deliberately scare him. It was traditional for a blood clan member to have a preference for coffins. The Prince just loved to put his lover by his side, enclosed inside his own small space. It could only be like this that he felt there was nothing else other than just the two of them.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He felt that sleeping in the coffin was very warm and comfortable, but since his lover didn’t like it, there was nothing that he could do.


But there was still a long way ahead of them, so there must surely be a chance to let Ah Yan appreciate the warmth and beauty of staying inside the coffin.


Ye Yingzhi pushed the coffin board aside and carried Chi Yan out. His coffin was taller than usual and the walls were smooth. He was worried that his lover would have trouble climbing out.


Chi Yan began to look at the surrounding after being placed on the ground. The ground and the walls were all stone, and there were iron candlesticks on the left and right sides of the wall with orange candle flames. The space here was small and empty with only a dark and heavy wooden coffin placed in the middle. There was a stone staircase winding upward on the side.


Chi Yan looked back at the solemn black coffin again. That was where he had been lying inside.


Ye Yingzhi pointed to the stone steps leading upwards, “We are now underground. From here we can go directly to my bedroom, but we have to climb more than a hundred steps.”


He glanced at Chi Yan cautiously, “Ah Yan, shall I carry you up?” In his eyes, ordinary humans were really weak and crumbly and he didn’t want to miss any opportunities to please his lover. 


“No, thank you, I can walk up by myself.” Although Chi Yan felt a little weak after waking up, he still had no problem climbing stairs.


He really didn’t understand which drama the vampire prince was play-acting. He called himself his hubby and was so eager to please him. Could it be that his performance in the dream had pleased the Prince and aroused his interest, so that after having play-acted the drama, “The Friendly and Incompetent Vampire Hunter”, he was now play-acting the new drama, “Twenty-Four Hour Filial Husband and His Little Wife”? Should I play-act along with him? If he didn’t cooperate, would he get angry and kill him?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan’s mind was full of such thoughts as he climbed up the stone steps until he reached the exit which was a large bedroom. The layout of the bedroom was very similar to the bedroom he had seen in his dreams. There were very few decorations, only bedside tables, a bed, a wardrobe and a fireplace. This made the room look a lot more spacious. There were two small windows on the wall, so there was not much light coming in, making the room look particularly cold.


Ye Yingzhi led him out of the bedroom and walked to other parts of the castle. “It has been here for some years. The interior layout and architectural model are relatively old. The bedroom here was expanded by me later. I haven’t moved anywhere else. This castle is routinely upkeeped and maintained every year. You can renovate and decorate it to your liking in the future.”


Chi Yan was led by the vampire to tour the entire castle. Sure enough, as Ye Yingzhi mentioned, many bedrooms in the other parts of the castle were very small in size, and they were all unused. It could be seen that the owner did not visit these places often, and there were very few visitors in the castle.


Finally, Ye Yingzhi took him out of the castle and into the courtyard.


In the flower bed, hidden among the layers of dark green branches and leaves, some white flower buds could be seen swaying gently in the breeze.


Chi Yan walked a few steps further and looked back at the building. It was already daytime, and the black castle looked very solemn and majestic under the blue sky. The spires of the east and west towers pointed upwards at the sky, like black knights in a chess. At a glance, he recognized that the building in front of him was the old castle in the photo that Ye Yingzhi had shown him before. At that time, he nonchalantly commented that he hoped to visit this castle one day. He didn’t expect that his wishes came true and the castle’s owner really brought him here.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Presumably what Ye Yingzhi said at the time was indeed the truth, and he did not deliberately exaggerate his words. After all… he was actually the Prince of the blood clan.


Ye Yingzhi took a few steps to catch up with him, “I live here most of the time. You said that you like it here, so I brought you here. If you don’t like it, we can change to other places.”


Chi Yan raised his head and looked at him. “But I just want to go back now, I have to go back to class.”


The vampire held his hand and stared down at him, “Sorry, Ah Yan, this is the only thing that won’t work for the time being. I won’t let go of your hand easily until I can be sure that I have grabbed you.”


“I will ask for leave for you from the school. You can watch course videos online, or you can communicate with your classmates and submit homework through the internet. If you still feel that this is not conducive to your studies, I can also hire professors in the related majors and have them come directly to the castle to teach you.” The Prince added, “I will try my best not to set limits for you, nor delay your development.”


Chi Yan was taken aback. The time of these professors from well-known universities was so precious and it was extremely difficult to invite them, but he believed that this wouldn’t be a problem for the prince.


Being caught by a vampire and locked up in the castle was already scary enough. He didn’t want to be locked up in the castle to take up professional courses every day.


Chi Yan refused without even thinking, “Thank you, this is not necessary. But…can you think of a way to get rid of all my coursework?”


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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