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Chapter 88 Countdown

Translated by Nessie


The person he loved leaned softly towards him, took the initiative to hug and kiss him, saying “I am yours” and other romantic words… Such wonderful things could only be in the dreams of this vampire in this lifetime.


He couldn’t resist Chi Yan behaving like this at all. He felt as though he was flying in the sky. He couldn’t help holding his lover and sucking his blood; kissing and pecking him passionately. He didn’t even notice the strange behaviour of his lover.


He was really happy these three days. At first he was cautious and didn’t dare to be too presumptuous. Later, he was pleasantly surprised that his lover was indeed really very accommodating to all his whims and fancies and he felt as if flowers were showered all over him and he almost forgot who he was. He had no scruples and only wished that he could swallow his lover entirely.


His love for Chi Yan was so deep that he felt an impulse to pull off the black ribbon on Chi Yan’s eyes. Just imagining his lover looking at him with a soft, affectionate and bewildered gaze, he felt that his heart was soft like honey, as if there were hooks and tiny claws scratching it. Fortunately, he was still a bit sane and reminded himself to endure it for a while. There would always be opportunities in the future. It wouldn’t be good if he overdid things in the heat of the moment and made his baby Ah Yan cry and get scared.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

On one hand, Ye Yingzhi grabbed the person into his arms, kneaded and bullied him. On the other, he pampered and coaxed him with utmost gentleness. He couldn’t wait to lock his lover by his side just like this forever.


In the afternoon of the third day, Chi Yan went to sleep. Ye Yingzhi brought him for a bath, changed his clothes and stuffed him into the quilt. He knew that he had overdone things and didn’t bear to continue to overwork his lover. A feeling of guilt surged in his heart and he did not dare to stay any longer. After covering Chi Yan up with the quilt, he went to cook porridge and took this opportunity to calm himself down. He returned to Chi Yan’s side with the porridge in a porcelain cup, sat beside the bed and waited for Chi Yan to wake up. Seeing that he was sleeping soundly, the Prince couldn’t help but teased him, kissed his eyelids, squeezed his nose, touched his lips, and deliberately poked his finger into his mouth and fiddled. If Chi Yan had a slight response in his dream, made a grunt or two of dissatisfaction, or twisted his body, he would feel sweetness swelling in his heart. There was only this person in his heart and nothing else. This was precisely what it meant by “to lose one’s head over lust”.


In the end, Ye Yingzhi got into the quilt and embraced his lover in his arms.


When Chi Yan woke up, he found that he was in the arms of the Prince. Three days had passed without him knowing if it was day or night. Anyway, his eyes were covered with the black ribbon, so there was not much difference anyway. He couldn’t see anything and he didn’t care anymore.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Suddenly he became nervous and grabbed the Prince’s arm, “…Eymer, what time is it now?” His voice was a bit low and dull, but it was not dry. The Prince must have already fed him some water when he was sleeping.


“It’s half past ten.” The vampire answered after looking at the clock on the wall. He put some warm porridge into a bowl and spooned a small portion to Chi Yan’s mouth, “Be good, have some porridge, you’ve always liked this. You haven’t eaten much in the past few days.”


It was half past ten, and there was only one and a half hours left.


Chi Yan swallowed the porridge, “How long have I slept?”


“Not long, only six or seven hours.” The vampire filled another spoonful of porridge and brought it towards Chi Yan’s mouth, “Drink a little more.”


Six or seven hours, so much time wasted again… Chi Yan was annoyed in his heart, but he ate the porridge and then raised his head without waiting for the Prince to feed him again. He opened the collar of his shirt, revealing his neck completely. He moved closer towards the Prince on the bed and hugged his waist, “No, I don’t want to eat anymore porridge. Eymer, I only want you now.”


He murmured to himself in a low voice: “I just want to have you for the last time, I just want you to possess me completely.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He tilted his head and pressed his right cheek to the left chest of the Prince, where he was closest to his heart, but he couldn’t feel any fluctuations in his heartbeat. Chi Yan smiled and slowly pressed a kiss on his heart.


The Prince froze for a moment, turned around and put away the porridge bowl and hugged Chi Yan into his arms.


Chi Yan shut his eyes lightly, only one and a half hours left.


In the last less than two hours, he quietly felt the existence of the Prince and quietly counted the passage of time. He could feel that the remaining time was getting lesser and lesser. When the vampire’s fangs pierced his body for the last time, he suddenly had an idea – he wanted to see what Prince Eymer looked like. He was about to forget soon, but at least before his memories were erased, he wanted to see what the Prince looked like.


This idea was so powerful that it quickly took root in his mind and thrived. Chi Yan couldn’t resist this temptation at all. His desire to know what Prince Eymer looked like instantly overwhelmed all reasons and worries that he had. He knew that his actions must be fast and he must quickly take off the ribbon before the vampire noticed him.


The vampire’s fangs were still buried in his front neck near his collarbone. The Prince was the most satisfied and relaxed when he pulled out his teeth just after sucking blood. Chi Yan thought for a while, deliberately uttering a low nasal sound and pretended to be addicted to having his blood sucked and then naturally taking his hands away from the back of the vampire.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The vampire chuckled and asked in a low voice, “Is it so comfortable?” At the same time, his right hand stroked the back of his neck greedily.


Chi Yan whispered “um”. He knew that the Prince was about to finish sucking his blood and he was already greedily thinking of the back of his neck. He had no doubt that after licking the wound in front, the Prince would turn him around and have another bite on the back of his neck. These three days he had already increased the vampire’s appetite for blood. Sucking blood from only one part of the body could no longer satisfy the vampire.


“Eymer.” He deliberately called the name of  the vampire and asked, “Hold me.”


“Hold me with both hands, hold me tighter.”


He heard a helpless and indulgent sigh from the vampire who obediently held him firmly in his arms with both hands, while slowly pulling out his fangs from his body.


It’s time, this is the best time.


In this instant, Chi Yan could hear his nervous heart beating loudly. He was eagerly looking forward to it.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He didn’t hesitate anymore. He reached out his hand and quickly pulled off the black ribbon from his eyes.


He was very nervous. To be honest, he was both obsessed with this vampire and afraid of him. He never dared to imagine how special he was to the Prince and the status and position he occupied in his heart. He had been very obedient all these while and hadn’t messed with anything. As long as he maintained his good behaviour and fulfilled this agreement, he could return to his normal and ordinary life. He was not sure how much trouble this action would bring him or if it would anger the Prince. He was also not sure if it was worth taking this risk for such a naive and useless desire. It was almost twelve midnight and the agreement was about to end. He would soon have his memories erased  and Eymer’s appearance wouldn’t even be kept in his mind for long.


But he still did it. He just wanted to see if his stubborn thoughts could surpass everything.


Eymer, I pray for your forgiveness and your compassion again, please make an exception for me, and…pity me one more time…


He opened his eyes and looked at the vampire whom he was so obsessed with, waiting for his response.


The Prince wore a well-tailored white long-sleeved shirt. The neckline had been wrinkled during the intimacy just now. He had just removed his fangs from the human’s body, and before he could even retract it, his sharp teeth dripped bright red blood. Chi Yan knew that it was his own blood.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The clock chimed at the hour in the living room, and the pointer of the wall clock in the bedroom pointed to twelve o’clock.


The one and a half hour that Chi Yan had given the Prince whole-heartedly, came to an end. And it ended by giving him such a big surprise. 


The appearance of His Royal Highness was as handsome and outstanding as he had imagined, with a unique elegance and mysterious temperament. However, Chi Yan stood completely frozen in place, looking at the long and sharp blood-stained fangs. His face was full of disbelief.


“… Ye Yingzhi?” He whispered, tentatively calling the familiar name, the name of his vampire hunter friend.


The vampire prince and the vampire hunter had the same face and identical figure. The only difference was that the peaceful and amiable appearance of the vampire hunter had disappeared. Prince Eymer was strong and calm in front of him, as though everything was under control. Even if Ye Yingzhi didn’t have that powerful aura to kill and let out blood, when he stood with the law enforcement team members, a discerning person could see at a glance who was the real king who ruled everything.


If that was the case, then Chi Yan would never have considered Ye Yingzhi as an unqualified “non-staff” to join the law enforcement team.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The vampire prince quickly reacted to what had happened.


He looked at the person in front of him cautiously and fearfully. He slowly raised up both of his hands, like a criminal who was surrendering to the police.


“I can explain it.” His throat trembled. He stared at Chi Yan with dark eyes, not missing any slight changes in his expression, “Ah Yan, don’t be afraid, I can explain everything to you.”


He finally started to speak in his real voice. His vocal timbre was the same as that of the vampire hunter, but his tone was that of the vampire prince.


The Prince’s response had undoubtedly admitted to that name. That name which belonged to the “vampire hunter”.


The situation seemed to reverse immediately. The human who was initially trembling and awaiting sentence from the vampire prince for breaking the rules, became the person who set the rules for the vampire prince instead.


Chi Yan stood there motionless. He heard what the vampire had said, but he just didn’t know how to react. There were two small wounds on the upper left side of his collarbone and blood was still dripping outwards. The revelation happened so suddenly that the Prince did not even have time to deal with the wounds for him. However, Chi Yan could no longer focus on the wound on his body. Everything in front of him was so ridiculous that he couldn’t even understand what happened.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

His dazedness gave Ye Yingzhi a chance. Ye Yingzhi no longer gave him time to understand, think, make decisions, and make judgments.


The vampire quickly flashed in front of the human, wrapped his arms around the human’s waist, extended his fangs and pierced the soft side of his neck. The human was instantly relieved, closed his eyes and leaned onto him weakly.


The fangs of the vampire secreted a venom that made the prey temporarily lose consciousness.


Ye Yingzhi stretched out his hand with the body fluid to heal the two small wounds on his lover’s collarbone. He hugged his unconscious lover’s body in his arms, feeling a little loss. He knew instinctively that this matter was a bit tricky, and the first thing that crossed his mind was to carry his lover back to his den.


Take Ah Yan home, and then slowly beg him. Some people said that couples fought but ended up making peace in bed. There was nothing that cannot be solved. Don’t be afraid.


He took out a coat from the closet, wrapped his lover and walked out of the bedroom carrying Chi Yan.


Mr. Butler was baffled when he saw His Royal Highness was about to go out. He didn’t know what had happened. Hadn’t His Royal Highness been having fun in the house these days with his prospective Duchess ?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The vampire prince instructed flatly, “Prepare the plane and get ready to go back.”


“Go back? Now? Your Highness, is this what you mean?” Gray confirmed cautiously.


“Yes,” the Prince stretched out his hand to smoothen the frowning eyebrows of the human. It was as though nothing had happened, he said calmly, “Return to the castle immediately.”


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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