The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 Livelily Deduce What It Means To Lead A Cat Into The Room

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


The commander of the Fourth Legion, who had just squeezed the small meat pad, pulled the panel floating next to him over very cooperatively.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at the panel, his passing gaze paused on the screen, and then he looked back at it.


Because he found that the words on the panel were spelled incorrectly, there were a lot of typos, and even the title was overwhelming at a glance.


“Who did this…” The Marshal started talking, and looked down at the little hairball sitting in front of him.


The little cat also raised his head, staring at him with his beautiful blue cat eyes.


The Marshal: “…”


Okay, I know who wrote this panel.


It is also difficult for Yue An to tap so many words with his paw outstretched.


After all, his claws are small and short, and Yue An himself has no patience. It’s okay to poke a few buttons and type a word that can be thought of. But a long string of sentences can almost kill him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It was very encouraging to be able to barely write such a panel.


You must know that on weekdays, even if you put the panel in front of Yue An and let him type a few words, he will push it away with a paw and continue to meow at you.


While looking at the panel, the Marshal corrected a few unbearable typos and confusing sentences. It was very difficult to understand how the three legion commanders under him could endure reading such a file.


“Mahjong rules?” The Marshal said while correcting the panel.


The Fourth Legion commander nodded, “Yes, it is probably a small entertainment game on ancient earth. It is very interesting. It can exercise mental arithmetic and shorthand ability, as well as observation and anti-reconnaissance expression management. The rules… were written by Yue An this morning.”


Yue An puffed out his chest proudly, his tail stood up and his eyes gleamed at the Marshal.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at his cat, met the cat’s eyes that were full of expectation, swallowed back his disgust and petted Yue An’s head.


“Not bad.” said the Marshal. “There are still a few books to study at home.”


Yue An: …


I just want some praise.


I don’t want to study.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Studying will make a cat thin.


The Marshal looked at him.


Invalid objection.


Yue An turned around and faced his butt towards Ji Xiuyun.


The Marshal looked at the tip of Yue An’s tail dangling in front of him, judging from the frequency and strength of the wagging, Yue An was not upset at the moment.


Swinging leisurely, the little one looked up, obviously in a good mood, and his angry look seemed to be fake.


Ji Xiuyun turned his head and continued to look at the panel.


Generally speaking, the game rules had typos and poor expression of logic. It is a perfect cat-style masterpiece — write what you want and play freely.


You can’t understand it because your IQ is too low.


The commanders of the legions do not have low IQ. after being defeated by Yue An’s rules for two hours, they finally understood what kind of game this is, and Yue An faced brutal defeat for the following four hours.


For four hours, Yue An felt that he was going to be bald.


However, the scene of Ji Xiuyun playing mahjong with the three legion commanders did not happen.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Because after the Marshal finished editing the document that was full of typos and sentence errors, he clicked to save it, then stood up, turned and left with his cat.


Yue An: ???


Three legion commanders: ???




The script is not written like that!


Yue An was carried, and four claws kicked in the air, “Meow!”


The Marshal paused and reached out to support his butt, “What?”


Yue An sat on the Marshal’s hand and pointed at the group of the three legion commanders.


Fight for me!!


“No time to play.” Ji Xiuyun put Yue An into his pocket.


As soon as Yue An wanted to struggle to crawl out, his paws gently touched a small hard object.


He moved for a while, slipped back into his pocket and took a look. The two chips he picked up last night were lying there peacefully.


Yue An felt better.


After all, this is about his future catnip.


The Marshal took Yue An back home.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After a night’s rest today, he will take the Scientific Research Department to court again — of course, this will be a targeted lawsuit against Ladder One.


This time it will not be the military court, but the Supreme Court of the Empire.


It is known as the supreme court, which is absolutely strict, fair and open.


As usual, after the court has conducted some verification and investigation on the evidence of the case, and accepted his application for prosecution, the court will officially open three days later.


Ji Xiuyun did not specifically mention his affairs to the Military Propaganda Department and his lawyers’ team, because the Military Propaganda Department and the lawyers’ team will definitely investigate to get to the bottom of the matter.


Partly because of curiosity and partly because of professionalism, they have to match every confession with evidence.


In the next time they meet with the acting minister of the Scientific Research Department, they will get relevant evidence and seek professional help to prepare for the trial.


Although the outside world will know about the Marshal’s experience as an SS-level genetic experiment body sooner or later, knowing that knows is not the same as directly and nakedly playing the experimental records as evidence before them.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This is the same as the difference between someone telling you “I hurt my foot” and “My big toe accidentally kicked a nail and it pierced my toe.” The former is vague and will only make others want to comfort you. For the latter, even if you don’t hear it, just reading about it will make people think that it is incredibly painful.


Ji Xiuyun still has a reputation for his position in the hearts of the military and the people.


If you really want to get rid of the text and audiovisual records in the experimental records, it will be over. Not to mention that the few people in the laboratory on Ladder 1 will explode, even the image of the entire Scientific Research Department and all scientific researchers will instantaneously fall to rock bottom.


The Marshal did not want to see this happen.


Exploring life, pursuing the mystery of the universe and origin itself is a thing worthy of appreciation and recognition.


However, ordinary people who are misled by anger and a sense of justice will not see as clearly as he does. They will only kill the scientific research group and have aversion and fear towards this group


When the Marshal drafted the prosecution documents, he also emphasised the details of the experiment that were not allowed to be disclosed as evidence.


Ji Xiuyun returned home with Yue An, rubbing his eyebrows tiredly and relaxing on the sofa for a while, before he took the two chips that Yue An had picked out in his hands.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An didn’t bring the box when he took the chip, and he himself couldn’t tell which was catnip and which was Ji Xiuyun.


Within the chip for Ji Xiuyun was all about his experimental records.


–Up to this moment, Ji Xiuyun still believes that Yue An rushed to the Scientific Research Department because of his anger and attack on him. In adidtion, the comments on the SS-level gene body were angered by the comments on the live broadcast. Yue An probably went to beat up those people.


The Marshal never doubted that the chips that Yue An picked would be a useless thing.


Although his cat is lazy, he is very clever.


While thinking, Ji Xiuyun took a chip and inserted it into the light brain.


Yue An turned over from the carpet, jumped onto the sofa, sat on Ji Xiuyun’s legs, spread out to show his stomach and held one of the Marshal’s hands with his front paws.


Ji Xiuyun is tall, and his whole body is a circle bigger than ordinary people, including his hands.


With his hands open, he can cover more than half of Yue An — leaving only a small head outside.


Yue An held his hand, patting his little paw lightly on it, as if he was tapping to test a watermelon’s maturity before buying it.


While waiting for the chip’s code to be decoded, the Marshal looked down at the small hairball on his leg and moved the palm held by the soft and warm body from time to time. His index and middle fingers straightened, occasionally scratching Yue An’s chin.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An opened his mouth and bit on his index finger without force.


White jade-like fingers and a soft pink little tongue gently rubbed the fingertips, with a slight itchy feeling.


The Marshal let him gnaw, reached out and took the second study booklet from the tabletop.


“If there is nothing to do at home, just learn this.”


Yue An raised his head and took a look, then shrank into the palm of the Marshal’s hand, pretending that he hand’t seen it, his tail was still outside, dangling leisurely.


Seeing his reaction, Ji Xiuyun put the book aside, glanced at the interface that had been deciphered, and pulled the hand held by Yue An back, and clicked on the main page.


Then he frowned.


“Catnip reagent?”


Yue An’s voice was sweet and greasy, “Meow!”


The Marshal looked at the cat who was acting cutely towards him meaningfully, pulled the experimental record aside, clicked on the data backup of the information of cats, searched for catnip and then brought the cat up onto his lap.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“You went to the Scientific Research Department for this?” The Marshal asked. “The reagent they tried to use to catch you was this?”


“Meow!” Yue An replied simply and neatly, then stretched out his two front paws and touched Ji Xiuyun’s face, acting like a baby, “Meow~”


The Marshal didn’t know what to say.


–Who would have thought that Yue An entered the Scientific Research Department not because he was offended and angry, nor because he guessed what happened to him to vent his anger, but instead went to find catnip, which few people knew about?


Ji Xiuyun didn’t believe this when he thought about it.


Those in Ladder No. 1 would surely be so angry if they knew about this.


After all, before leaving the military prison, the two people were still angrily saying that he used Yue An to enter the Scientific Research Department to plant and frame them to blame them.


The Marshal didn’t expect this to happen.


The people in Ladder No. 1 simply used their lives and prospects to deduce what it means to lead a cat into the room, what it means to be caught off guard, and what it means to be unpredictable.


Yue An was still rolling around and acting like a baby, “Meow~”


The Marshal put the chip aside and made a mark on it, “I will hand it over to the science department.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An was satisfied. He turned over and sat upright on Ji Xiuyun’s lap to tidy his messy fur.


The Marshal looked at the other chip and asked him, “This one?”


“Meow.” Yue An pushed the chip toward Ji Xiuyun.


“Mine?” Ji Xiuyun asked, putting the chip into the light brain.




Yue An raised his head and raised a front paw.


Then when the Marshal pinched his paw with some doubts, a handful of flames appeared on the tip of his paw.




Not only did I bring the chip back for you!


I also burned the remaining muscle tissue and blood samples!




The Marshal with no cat language skills really did not think of it.


He glanced at his sleeves where a small amount of flames had burnt a hole, and said, “Don’t play with fire.”


There is quite a lot of content in the chips that recorded the SS-level genome.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal was not interested in seeing the painful look of himself when he was young. He skipped the audio-visual materials and scanned the text again.


The result disappointed him.


After such a long time, they were still only at the level of a conjecture, and they didn’t even have an accurate conclusion about the SS-level genome.


Ji Xiuyun glanced through the record, took out the chip, and extracted the part that could be used as evidence in case of emergency, then rubbed his eyebrows, looking a little tired.


He hasn’t closed his eyes since yesterday.


He had to get up early tomorrow.


The Marshal looked at the cat who was lying on the sofa and dozing off, about to fall asleep and he carried the cat upstairs very simply.


The next day, the media of various galaxies with different time zones in the Hinters Empire received an explosive news.


–The Imperial Marshal Ji Xiuyun, who withdrew the lawsuit because of his cat’s accident, once again took the Scientific Research Department to court!


This time, it was not because of other accusations, but from Marshal Ji himself, and the goal was quite clear.


He told all the scientific research personnel of the Ladder No. 1 Laboratory of the Imperial Scientific Research Department, with a total of six people, including the three who were suspended for investigation before and the former Minister of Scientific Research who resigned.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The public prosecutor chosen this time is no longer the military court that accepts the military’s accusations, but the Supreme Court of the Empire.


This is an absolutely rigorous, fair and impartial court, not shielding nor swayed by public opinion. It is absolutely handled in accordance with laws and regulations. Non-major unjust cases cannot apply and a large number of detailed investigations into the case will be conducted before the formal hearing of this special court.


It has been three years since the Supreme Court had its first session.


This time, the court accepted the accusation of Marshal Ji very quickly, and announced the first court hearing three days later on the same day.


The investigation only lasted one day. This compared with the efficiency of the Imperial Supreme Court’s previous frequent detailed investigation for more than a month is almost the same as driving a rocket!


But what does this show?


This shows that the prosecution’s evidence is sufficient enough to only need to be verified instead of opening a new investigation.


Everyone knows that the night before, Marshal Ji broke into the Scientific Research Department with his soldiers very angrily!


What happened in the middle??

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The media went crazy, rushing to the Supreme Court of the Empire, trying to learn something from the staff.


Some were paying attention to Yue An’s live broadcast, which was open as usual at this moment.


In the picture, the little white hairball was curling its tail into a box of small stone cubes carved with strange patterns, raised its soft paws, and knocked on the door of Marshal Kevin’s house.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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