The Last Cat In The Universe Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 Naughty Fellow

🌸Translated by Beanie 🌸


Ji Xiuyun did not commit any act of sabotaging the laboratory.


Everything here is to be used as evidence in court.


Even if he is in a very bad mood now, he won’t lose his mind and destroy this place.


Yue An got out of the Marshal’s arms and jumped onto his shoulders, rubbing his little head against his cheeks, meowing with a soft and tender sound.


Ji Xiuyun turned his head slightly, gently rubbed the small hairball on his shoulder, turned and walked towards the end of the floor.


People in the Scientific Research Department soon discovered that the facts that shocked them were far more than this.


The Marshal on the big screen threw the two middle-aged people into the empty safe area, put a law enforcement device there to monitor them, and then stepped into the depths of the hall.


He seemed to be quite familiar with the internal structure of the Ladder No. 1 laboratory, the most confidential of the Ministry of Scientific Research.


The scientific researchers looked at the big screen in the lobby, watched the Imperial Marshal walk to the Ladder No. 1 laboratory in a light car. After looking at his position from the left and right, he took three steps to the right, and then raised his foot again to kick the wall hard.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Three cracks appeared on the originally perfect round wall immediately, neatly forming a door for two people to pass through.


Ji Xiuyun kicked this perfectly hidden door open and walked in with long legs.


It was a long and pale passage, and it was not spacious. The paint on the walls was so white that there was no trace of dust. A little light could make the passage dazzlingly white.


The Marshal walked a few steps forward and couldn’t help stopping.


He was very familiar with this place.


He knew that at the end of this hallway, you will see a neat row of prison cells.


There are twelve intelligent creatures with special talents inside. When he ran away decades ago, those creatures were also released. None of them trusted anyone, and they parted ways as soon as they got out of the building.


But Ji Xiuyun knew that there must be people in those prison cells now — or other intelligent races.


Cloning technology is strictly prohibited confidential technology to the outside world. But in this laboratory, it is not. 


Ji Xiuyun didn’t expect to come here directly after holding real power, but he has been protecting himself. He also holds the seven legions, and he has a big family. After mastering his real power, he couldn’t find the cause of the trouble.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Many things point to the fact that he was famous.


Ji Xiuyun waited for so many years for such a development. If he didn’t seize the opportunity, he would just blame them with one thing. It would be a shame to him.


What is the most important thing in a war?




Strike at the most opportune moment and defeat the enemy.


Beat them to death!


Ji Xiuyun took a deep breath and closed his eyes slightly. When he opened them again, he saw the pale walkway had grown clusters of flowers, and the green grass under his feet seemed soft, and the faint fragrance of flowers was refreshing.


The whole hallway had become a round arched flower gate passage, as if they had strayed into some fairytale world.


At a glance, you would know who did it.


The Marshal lightly poked the cat sitting on his shoulder with his small chest erected.


“I’m fine.”


Yue An stretched out his paw and held his finger, “Meow.”


The Marshal tickled his little paw pad, “Really.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An thought for a while and removed the illusion in front of Ji Xiuyun’s eyes


There seemed to be a faint fragrance of flowers in the icy hallway, and the law enforcement instrument could not capture the mental illusion, so it was still when the person and cat had been unmoving in one spot for a long time.


When Ji Xiuyun started walking again, his steps seemed a lot easier.


Turning a corner at the end of the hallway, the goal is indeed a dozen or so imprisonment rooms.


Ji Xiuyun looked calm, and violently broke the doors one by one.


The people in the Scientific Research Department were dumbfounded.


The external image of the Imperial Scientific Research Department is very good. Whether it is the small inventions that benefit people, or the breakthrough scientific research results in the biological sciences that are of great significance to the entire industry and era, they have always shown the cutting edge and excellence of research.


Countless top geniuses in the empire wanted to enter, even if they can only leave a light impact in the development of human beings, it is still the most perfect impact in their lives.


They couldn’t imagine that under the laboratory where they had worked for many years, there were still experiments which violated the law and human rights.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

It’s not that there are no prisoners on death row!


It’s not that people who are not life-threatening voluntarily contribute their bodies to science!


It is not the special people without excellent genetic level who are willing to provide them with blood samples and skin tissue cells for research on a regular basis!


How can they do such a thing like illegal imprisonment!?


More than ten!


There are more than a dozen different intelligent races!


Ji Xiuyun looked at the intelligent beings dragged out by him, each of them looked sluggish and they couldn’t speak – they didn’t even know how to move.


The Marshal held their hands one by one, facing the law enforcement device, and showed the inside of their wrists to the camera. After seeing the mark above, he raised his eyes to the law enforcement device and said, “Ke Long body, the sixth batch.”


Researchers: … Wait a minute.


When Ji Xiuyun was pulled up by the personnel of the Scientific Research Department who had prepared rescue tools. He brought the dozen or so cloned creatures and the two middle-aged scientific researchers who were exposed as criminals by him.


The soldiers hurriedly took the two criminals over. If it weren’t for the eyes of the crowd, they wanted to kick them hard. The Marshal saw the people around him facing him with eyes full of sympathy and distress.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“I want to take a copy of the record of the law enforcement instrument.” The Marshal pretended that he did not notice their gaze, “It won’t affect you.”


No, no, it doesn’t matter if it affects us!


They vaguely guessed that the experiments below were unethical, but never expected that the acting minister to be panicking.


“Marshal Ji.” His lips moved, as if he had a lot to say, but in the end, he could only bow deeply to the soldier, “I’m extremely sorry.”


Ji Xiuyun didn’t look at him either. He reached out his hand to take the cloak handed over by the soldier next to him, without speaking.


“We will record and count the illegal experiments below, and we will also explain the whereabouts of Ke Long.” The acting minister paused, “If necessary, we are willing to testify for you in court.”


Hearing this, the Marshal finally turned his head to look at him, his eyelids twitched, his lips pursed slightly, as if he wanted to put on a gentler look, but ended up in failure as usual.


“I have no problem with those who are pragmatic and seeking truth and knowledge.” He just said in the end.


The acting minister was stunned for a few seconds, until Ji Xiuyun was about to leave. Then he suddenly came back to his senses.


— This, this is a sign of reconciliation!?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal took the soldiers and left the Scientific Research Headquarters, ignoring the prescribed procedures, and directly sent the people to the military prison.


The two middle-aged people inside are still clamouring.


Standing at the door of the prison, Ji Xiuyun looked at the two men with eyes so cold that they could freeze to death.


“None of you can run this time.”


Ji Xiuyun did a series of follow-up treatments. After checking the time, the sky is already slightly brighter.


Yue An moved around all night, and he had already slept in his pocket.


The Marshal looked at the white dumpling in his pocket for a while, and before going to the office, he went to the cafeteria first.


Yue An was awakened by the aroma of food.


He opened his eyes, stuck his small head out from Ji Xiuyun’s pocket, stretched his neck out, sniffed with his pink little nose in the air, and then stumbled along Ji Xiuyun’s coat all the way to the table.


The Marshal still eats in his office. In addition to his own food, he deliberately ordered a lot more, obviously for Yue An, who has a bottomless stomach.


Yue An looked at the small meeting table full of delicious food, and he was sober in an instant.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

What can make a cat happier than just waking up and eating food with an empty stomach!


The Marshal watched the little cat hurriedly grooming and washing his face, and reached out to put a piece of food in front of Yue An.


“Eat.” He said.


Yue An’s ears trembled, and after a pause, the brain that had just woken up started to work, recalling the big thing he had done before falling asleep, and it was immediately persuaded.


“Eat.” The Marshal said again, “Let’s talk when we are full.”


Yue An, “…meow.”


It sounds like there is no difference between a full meal now or later.


“It’s okay, eat.” Ji Xiuyun rubbed Yue An’s folded ears, “You can talk while eating.”


Yue An looked down at the bowl of orange-yellow sweet soup, and thought for a while. Still upholding the spirit of not wasting food, he immersed himself in drinking the soup.


The Marshal looked at the milky-white cat in front of him, and spoke very calmly.


“Don’t do this in the future.” He said, “At least, tell me before you do.”


Ji Xiuyun remembered the panic when he realised that Yue An was missing, she couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to pinch Yue An’s ear.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Don’t disappear suddenly,” said the Marshal.


Yue An obediently meowed.


“Don’t do big things without saying a word.”




The Marshal still wanted to say a lot, and he thought about things Yue An was not supposed to do.


In the end, he sighed and squeezed all the prohibitions he wanted to place on Yue An back into his stomach.


“Don’t do this anymore. I will worry.”


Ji Xiuyun is not worried about Yue An going to the battlefield, nor is he worried that Yue An will fight, and even less worried when Yue An goes out for food.


In terms of ability and physical quality, Yue An can be called a BUG, the unlucky one would definitely be the other party.


He was only worried that Yue An would encounter someone who approached him with malicious intentions and eventually cheat him.


But there are still a lot of good people in this world. You can’t stop others just because there are bad people around… No, you can’t not allow cats to go out to play, right?


It’s not like it’ll be a waste of food.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The Marshal felt that since Yue An saved his life, he should do his best to ensure that Yue An would be able to happily and freely like. As long as Yue An does not do anything evil, he can do whatever he wants.


Ji Xiuyun really couldn’t do such a thing because he was concerned about the possibility of being used to restrict Yue An’s movements in some conspiracy.


What’s more, failing to keep an eye on Yue An can’t stop Yue An from doing things. It’s because of his lack of strength.


Ji Xiuyun had never blamed others’ flaws. His parents taught him to be strict with himself and to treat others sincerely.


If he is strong enough, he won’t lose sight of Yue An.


If he is strong enough, he won’t be disgusted with those people for so long before finally having a chance to retaliate.


The Marshal thought about it, no matter how he felt it was because of his shortcomings.


Yue An looked up at Ji Xiuyun, rubbing his little head on his write casually.


The Marshal looked at the grease rubbed onto his wrist.


Little naughty fellow.


Ji Xiuyun wiped off the grease expressionlessly, stretched out a finger and poked the small hairball sitting on the table, causing it to fall over.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An stood up and got up. After realising that the crisis signal was lifted, Yue An regained his spirits, and meowed at the Marshal confidently to show his dissatisfaction with being prodded.


The Marshal listened for a while, then stretched out his hand to knock him down.




Yue An stretched out his paw and smacked his hand, sat down on it, using the Marshal’s hand as a stool and immersed himself in eating.


Yue An is also sensible. He knows that recently, it is best to sit within Ji Xiuyun’s line of sight to reassure him.


Ji Xiuyun will be very busy after such a big event. Yue An decided to find some relaxing and enjoyable leisure activities for himself.


Ji Xiuyun is really busy.


The affairs of the Scientific Research Department were originally very sensitive in public opinion, and Ji Xiuyun’s movements in the Scientific Research Department with his troops was not small. At this moment, it directly detonated the topic on the star network, and the public are all speculating about what happened.


Ji Xiuyun is definitely going to fight this lawsuit.


But in the face of the people, what information should be released is a topic that the Military Propaganda Department and the Imperial Propaganda Department needed to discuss together.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After a full day of meetings with his lawyer team and the head of the Military Propaganda Department, Ji Xiuyun returned to his office, ready to send Yue An home first.


As a result, as soon as he entered his office, he saw three of his legion commanders and his cat sitting at the four sides of a cube-shaped hard-shell box with a solemn atmosphere.


“One barrel.”


“Hit! Three sticks!”


“Eat this! Fifty thousand.”


“Meow meow meow!”


“Wow! Hahahaha!”


Yue An angrily jumped up, “Meow meow meow!”


“You lost the gamble!” The commander of the Fourth Legion smiled and stretched out his hand to the little cat beside him, “Come one, let me squeeze my paw.”


Yue An reluctantly stretched out small paw, and when he was squeezed, he retracted it in seconds, turned his head to meow at Ji Xiuyun, his little paw patted the box and walked to Ji Xiuyun’s feet. His little head tilted up and pushed him to the only vacant position.


Ji Xiuyun looked down at the randomly carved squares with different patterns placed on the hard shell box.


The patterns were very ugly and uneven. At first glance, Yue An used his nails to scratch it out at will.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An’s little head rubbed Ji Xiuyun’s hand. 




Avenge me!


Otherwise, don’t even think about rubbing my belly anymore!


Ji Xiuyun: …


Ji Xiuyun patted his cat.


Ji Xiuyun picked up a square.


I understand what you are saying, but what is this game?

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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